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Being a Packers Fan

Being a Packers Fan

Today was a tough day for Packers fans.

heartbreaking 30-27 loss to the Colts dropped the Packers to 2-3 on the season, and has raised the eyebrows of many. A team which was seen as a Super Bowl contender headed into the season is now 2 games behind the Bears and Vikings in the standings. Questions exist on both offense and defense, and answers need to be found soon so this team can get back on track in the playoff hunt.

After today's game, reaction exploded everywhere from everyone. Anger, head shaking, and second guessing were just some of the emotions being thrown around on social media. Little if any of the reaction was positive. It was the abyss of Packers fandom.

There were a few people who even went to the extreme of expressing their frustration over today's game, going so far to say that they were done with the Packers, and would begin the search for another team to cheer for. After one loss and five games into the 2012 season, they had seen enough. They were done.

While it is the right of every individual to best determine their course of action for their fandom, I feel it is necessary to voice a few facts, as well as a few opinions, to the "fans" who announced they were no longer Packer fans after today's gam

  • A Packers fan wears a jersey every game day.
  • A Packers fan celebrates every game day like it is a national holiday.
  • A Packers fan finds a way to talk about the Packers every day
  • A Packers fan will cheer when the team plays well to the point they lose their voice.
  • A Packers fan reserves the right to get pissed off when the team plays poorly

Pretty simple, right? Yet there is one more fact that I would like to remind everyone about as it pertains to being a Packers fan:

If you're going to get so upset about one game that you're not going to be a fan anymore, chances are you never were a fan. 

Today was one game out of 16 this season. One. There are 11 more games to play. Before giving up all hope, let the season play out-because that's what a Packers fan does. They do not give up after one poor performance. A Packers fan sticks by their team, no matter what.

It is perfectly OK to be emotional after a game. That's the best part of being a fan. We invest so much emotionally into following this team, that it hurts when they lose. On the other hand, when they win, we celebrate pure joy. It's this dichotomy that makes being a fan one of the best things a human being can be.

To sum up today's game reaction for me: You bet I'm pissed about today-and tomorrow I'll proudly wear my Packers gear, getting ready for the game against the Texans. Because that's what a fan does.

Go Pack Go!

If I missed any of  the rules of being a Packers fan, please leave them in the comments. 




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Tarynfor12's picture

"A Packers fan wears an article of Packers clothing every day, regardless if it is football season or not".

Thats the dumbest,ignorant,mentally unbalanced description of a Packer fan or any fan ever heard or seen written.

Reading the rest wasn't an option after Sir are out there if you live under that guise.

Jeff Stevens's picture

I have no choice but wear my Packer gear every day, Packer tattoo is not removable! I have been a fan long enough to remember that there were years that by this stage of the season we were already thinking about next year, seasons were wins could be, and often were, counted on one hand. One game does not a season make! I do want to see improvement, any fan that doesn't isn't paying attention. But win or lose, A PACKER FAN FOR LIFE!!

Tarynfor12's picture

I saw your tweet about removing the line as it ruffled some 'delicate feelings' mean 'sane' feelings.

JohnRehor's picture

You know what I enjoy about you Taryn? How you rarely comment unless it's something which attempts to bash the author. I remember you from GPN and you did the same thing to me over there as well. And now you decide to voice your opinion on something here for the first time and trash not only what I wrote, but also question my ability for rational thought.

Do me and everyone else a favor-go troll somewhere else. I've got better things to do then worry about whether you're going to feel all warm and fuzzy after reading something, and I sure don't need to have you question me in any way, shape or form.

And by the way-unfollow me on twitter too, since you're trolling me there too.

Tarynfor12's picture

It wasn't a follow you tweet,it was from assume someone is following you before checking your list is simply a 'loser' thing to do.

dullgeek's picture

One can quibble about the criteria you apply to being a Packer fan. But I think we can all agree that "fair weather" should be excluded.

I'm upset with the season thus far. But who I root for will always be:

1) The Packers
2) Any team playing the Bears or the Vikings

Bearmeat's picture

John Taryn is negative a lot of the time. And she gets personal in her attacks too. It's too bad.

But all in all, I find her less annoying than Cow or Rocky or Pack66.

btw - good article. But I too would change 'wearing packer gear every day' to 'wearing packer gear at least once a week, and 2x a week during the season'.

JohnRehor's picture

What line are you talking about? I don't see that line anywhere? :)

Bearmeat's picture

Sorry just reread the post.

I scanned it too quickly and thought 'wearing a jersey every GAME day' was 'wearing a jersey every DAY'.

My bad.

JohnRehor's picture

That will cost you 5 demerits and a trip to the principal's office

Kathy Kramer's picture

Good article. I have a post like this in me because I think that a lot of Packers fans are spoiled and by spoiled, I mean they don't know what it's like to be on the bottom of the barrel year after year and hoping that next season will get better.

Last week, while listening to Green and Gold today, when asked which Packers season was the worst that they remember and the majority of the answers were post 1992. That was very telling to me.

When I hear people now say that they're giving up on the team, it makes me laugh. People were still fans during the 70s and 80s and didn't stop because the team was bad. They criticized the play, but never stopped being fans. Yes, we got frustrated, but we still stayed fans. Because there was always next year.

Flouncing out of Packers fandom because this season isn't a carbon copy of last season means you weren't a true fan in the first place.

Being a Packers fan is everything you listed, plus one more thing. Being a Packers fan requires unconditional love. You don't love the Packers because they are good. You love them because they are yours, good and bad.

JohnRehor's picture

"Being a Packers fan requires unconditional love. You don’t love the Packers because they are good. You love them because they are yours, good and bad."

Amen Kathy. Amen.

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