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Barnett Blasts Michaels

Barnett Blasts Michaels




Holy crap, Nick Barnett just went ballistic. Even better, it was right in Bill Michael's face.





Here is the article that sparked the fire.


My favorite...


"You know where am at buddy don't use a blog site to attack a comment I made thinking it was directly towards you with out talking to me."


This is just completely awesome. One, because it's awesome, and two because Bill Michaels blows. I am pretty happy that Nick doesn't read this site regulary though, he would kick my ass.


Here is the full conversation as Nick has recently deleted his comments.


"I was recently attacked again by a certain person!! Bill micheals! Wow.. Ok first of all I was not talking to you when I made that comment (referring to KISS MY ASS)... I dont listen to your post game program ever !! (Classic neither do I, Nick) So for you to think I was talking to you are to write about it seems you are the one wanting

Attention!! Not me. I choyld care less. If you ask around that locker 10 out of 10 guys will tell you that they want me to do that. I also was not backtracking worried about who was following my Twitter account I was dissapointed in the fact that I ever adressed "haters"

Now about me not caring about missing a tackle I care about missing a takle prob more than you care about your show. You should know more Then most that I can not sit there and worry about it! Now if Brett threw a interception Then next drive threw and touchdown would You be mad if he celebrated. I work hard number one and I am nothing but a team player I put it all out there for my teammates and I will

I will never stop doing so. But if you are tripping if you think it was directly to you. If you ever have something to say to me you know where

You know where am at buddy. dont use a blog site to attack a comment I made thinking it was directly towards you with out talking to me.

Now I am done again with Twitter for awhile.."

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Erik's picture

Did he delete it? All I'm seeing now for recent posts is some melodrama about "true fans" or something.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

He deleted it but I saved it. Post updated.

Asshalo's picture

"Now if Brett threw a interception Then next drive threw and touchdown would You be mad if he celebrated."

That's actually a really good point.

TD's picture

<blockquote cite="comment-5656">

<strong><a href="#comment-5656" rel="nofollow">Asshalo</a></strong>: “Now if Brett threw a interception Then next drive threw and touchdown would You be mad if he celebrated.”That’s actually a really good point.

I don't think its a good point at all. There's a big difference between throwing a TD Pass (A play that results in points being scored) and a simple stop in the backfield for a 2 yard loss. A better comparison would be if Brett Celebrated after throwing a completion for 6 yards on 1st and 10 the first series after throwing a pick. Speaking for myself, had that ever been the case, I would have been as disgusted with Favre's over the top display for a menial play, as I was with Barnett's display after doing for the first time that day something he is payed millions of dollars to do with the expectation he won't routinely miss tackles, and will come up with at least 1 or 2 tackles for a loss a game.

Manitowish Waters's picture

What was the "attack" from Michaels exactly?

Asshalo's picture

That's kinda funny that Barnett told Michael's he wasn't responding to him. There were about 100 followers he was responding to.

Manitowish Waters's picture

I just think you have to know people are going to react when you decide upon yourself to send out Tweets the way Nick does. I'm fine with it, it's not going to offend me, but he's crazy to think people don't have the right, especially when it's Micheals job, to comment on it.

He's just coming off a little sensitive for me. What is Nick so damn hurt by? Go play football and shut up. If you want to be a twitter bopper, that's fine I could care less, but don't be shocked when people react to your own rants.

IronMan's picture

Well said Waters.

Stan's picture

He needs to stop Twitterizing. The Pack have enough trouble without him putting more burden on himself. There's a guy named Steven Jackson that needs to be shut down on Sunday, get your mind on that Mr Barnett.

RonLC's picture

Barnett was playing like crap before the injury last year, He is playing like crap after the injury this year. He needs to throw away what ever device he uses to "tweet" with and spend more time on the tackling dummy. Tackle someone for CRiZ sake!
Atthough I find it hard to smack around anyone who puts that pompus Azz Michaels in his place.

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