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Bad Behavner

Bad Behavner

No need to beat this subject to death, but of course I would not be diligent if I didn't at least put my two-cents in. Spencer Havner, his injury, and the potential charges... what do we think?

I am about as anti-drunk driving as it comes. No doubt, I have been guilty too on more than one occasion in my drinking years. I consider myself lucky to never have killed anyone, as should Spencer Havner if he is indeed found guilty.

Now the interesting thing is the divide on opinion here. There are some calling for his head entirely, and others who say give the kid a break. I say follow the letter of the law.

If Havner is convicted I hope he gets treated like any other drunk driver in this country. He will lose his license, his reputation will be tainted, and hopefully he will learn a lesson. Much like the thousands of people who get arrested for the same crime everyday.

Do I think he should be kicked off the Packers and hung on a tree somewhere, no. Do I think he should pay the same price as everyone else, most definitely.

There is no one who can't call this a dumb move on Havner's part. The nation's stance on drunk driving is both clear and about as in-your-face of a public service message as one can have. Drunk driving kills people and wrecks lives.

If you don't know that by now, you are indeed a dumbass.

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jbeebe1571's picture

Definitely a bad move for Havner. Not surprising when men in their twenties get paid huge money with some time off. I would never condone that behavior, but at the same time, I'd never cast the 1st stone on this one. I've done a lot of dumb things too.

Erik's picture

We've all done a lot of stupid things in our lives, but drunk driving is by far one of the worst. It's illegal, it endangers your life (showing what little regard you have for those that love you) and it endangers the lives of those around you. Few offensives have this many strikes against them. I've done stupid stuff too, one time I joined the Columbia Record Club, but never fulfilled my obligation of twelve regular priced CDs.

Hopefully, as others have said, he'll take his lumps and realize how awful his decision was and learn. But I am going to throw stones here, this is unacceptable behavior from anyone.

EmJayEm84's picture

As a 3rd TE he is always on the edge of losing his job to someone else. Things like this don't exactly impress the management. Dumb move. He better pit in the extra effort at training.

Aaron Nagler's picture

Erik - that Columbia Records thing was hysterical - real belly laugh. Thanks for that.

PackersRS's picture

'I say follow the letter of the law."

Thanks God, someone has some sense. I mean, come on! There's people already crucifying him!


Is there some kind of procedure to convict or acquit citizens who are accused of breaking the law??? And if they're accused, is there some kind of punishment (or correction) previewed for them???

What? That's called the judicial system???

And here I thought that people were prosecuted and convicted by public opinion, those clearly more qualified to do so...

PackerGranny's picture

I agree "follow the letter of the law". For his sake I hope he doesn't just get a slap on the wrist and sent home, but in saying that I don't want to see him being made an example of given the recent news of other NFL players in the news. Hopefully he will wake up and be grateful he was the only one he hurt and make the choice not to repeat it again. In my opinion the Packers shouldn't cut him loose at this point, but let him know in no uncertain terms if there's a repeat he's history.

FITZCORE1252's picture


Uncle Teddy got us a Punter boyz! This MOFO's 6'5" , 215 lbs A-N-D he's coming from the WORLD RENOWNED Collingwood Magpies, YES, those Collingwood Magpies.



Becky's picture

My father was killed by a drunk driver here in Wisconsin, so this subject is a sensitive one for me. While I wish Spencer Havner a speedy and full recovery from his injuries, I also hope that he will be held accountable for his actions, should he be charged with DUI.
Driving home from Lambeau Field after Packers home games has always been a somewhat sobering (no pun intended) experience. I shudder to think of the number of inebriated fans behind the wheel after games. . . . It's the one big negative of the fan experience at Lambeau, in my opinion.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Chris Bryan. 2 first names = can't be trusted.


Asshalo's picture

"If Havner is convicted I hope he gets treated like any other drunk driver in this country. He will lose his license, his reputation will be tainted, and hopefully he will learn a lesson. Much like the thousands of people who get arrested for the same crime everyday."

It won't be just like everyone else, because he has money. But he is far from irreplaceable on the field. Reminds me of Lance Briggs situation a couple of years ago. He was obviously driving drunk and wrecklessly, but then he's during PR functions for the bears less than 6 months later.

Dale Zawada's picture

"Bad Behavner" - I'm ashamed to say I laughed.

As far as the story goes...I..don't care. I'm over getting upset at spoiled athletes being beyond stupid doing these things.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

That title got an 8.7 on the groaner scale from a few people.

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