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Arrigo League

Arrigo League

There's a fine line between a rumor and a flat out made up story. According to Joe Arrigo, he heard a rumor that the Green Bay Packers were fielding offers for Nick Barnett. Who'd he get it from? As usual, no one knows, and most likely it came from no one at all.

It's funny that I got done watching Shattered Glass last night. It's a movie about Stephen Glass, a journalist for New Republic Magazine. Glass made the front page of the New Republic nearly every week in his short and young career. That is until they found out he made up every single story.

Enter Joe Arrigo, from On The Sidelines. The name Joe Arrigo is familiar to many. He is the perhaps the biggest rumor monger in the blogosphere without a known source. Although he admits that his material is rumor, many people (three) take it as the Gospel. The only problem? He never once says where his information is coming from and rarely, if ever, has called a rumor correctly.

Let's take yesterday's rumor for example, in which Joe claims he "heard" that the Packers were silently fielding offers for Nick Barnett? Seriously? With no source? Come on Joe, who told you this? Was it your drunk buddy, that chick at Hooters, or that kid behind the counter at Subway? God only knows, but this is pretty serious material to just throw out there. You are basically saying that someone, supposedly in the know, told you that the Packers were taking offers on one of their star players. I would call that pretty major rumor-age there.

Now Joe has since recanted to Barnett stating that two AFC teams called the Packers and were told that Nick was not on the block. This said, there is a big difference between fielding offers (which essentially says the Packers are interested) and someone just called to check it out. Which one is it, and how does a phone call equate to Barnett being shopped silently by 1265?

It's simple Joe, and we all know how sensitive you can get when criticized, but give it up. If you indeed are hearing these rumors, let's get a verified source. Until then, you are, and always will be known as, the guy who makes shit up. If it is indeed the guy who runs the hot dog cart three blocks down, so be it. At least we know it comes from somewhere. I mean I know it's pretty Bush league around here, but at least I don't create fiction and pass it off as something I heard.

Do yourself a favor and spill the beans. Chuck Lane is on to you.

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cousin fred's picture

Couldn't agree more.

What a clown.

Paul W's picture

What kind of writer would out their source? If you do that then the source will probably get in shit, and good luck getting them to give you any other news. If they received calls then thats still at least listening to an offer, even though it's not likely they'd actually take them seriously so he has some basis, just could've used better wording for it.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

We don't even know if the call story is true. How come NO ONE and I mean NO ONE except for one lone dude, that's not even around here, knows anything about any one of those rumors?

The answer? None. Because they are made up.

Joe Arrigo's picture


I have people I know that are scouts for various teams. Two of my closest friends work for the Jags and the Chargers. They told me (via e-mail) that their respective teams called the Packers about Nick Barnett. The Packers took the call, listened but told them they had NO INTEREST in trading Barnett.

THIS IS EXACTLY what I put in the rumor report:
"An interesting rumor surfaced that has the Packers (quietly) listening to offers for Nick Barnett."

LISTENING and not SHOPPING. There is a big difference there. Let me also point out that I am a HUGE Barnett fan, and have been since he was drafted.

This time of the year A LOT of teams call about a lot of players. The inquire, but nothing happens. This was one of those cases.

Look, I respect ALL the people that run and have their Packers websites. I never have taken a shot at anyone publicly or privately. I wouldn't do that out of respect for those people. We all have a passion and love for the Packers. If you don't think the rumors I post are real, fine, you are entitled to your opinion and I respect that. But if there is no validity then why did you post them on your site?

Ok, what I will do, (since who ever wrote that piece about me doesn't think I have sources) is I will blog about what I have gotten spot on from my sources.

Finally, I will never name my sources. They asked to remain nameless, and I will respect their wishes.

God bless,


Alex Tallitsch's picture

Quietly listening to offers implies that there is an interest in hearing offers. Fielding phone calls that come in randomly is a much different story.

That being said, thanks for leaving a rebuttal. Ill look forward to seeing if any of these pan out this season.

Asshalo's picture

Hi Joe,

I am not familiar with your or your website, I only read that first post. Don't take this personal, but from the standpoint of reading your website cold that main post seems like BS. Most if not all the "rumors" could be plausibly inferred based upon packer needs and grapevine stories.

Alex has every right to think these stories are BS, and he has every right to write about it. Other bloggers may have perfectly legitimate and objective reasons for valuing your posts that a less familiar reader is unaware of. Then again, these bloggers could have personal bias. IMO, from the standpoint of an objective read, I would guess at least some if not of these "rumors" are manufactured according to a plausible story-lines.

There are quite a few rumors on that one post. Were your AFC scouts really able to provide information of those 50 some players the packers have met with, or are you gaining that information from legitimate stores--in which case, why not give a shout-out to the original source? It's just there's so many little tidbits, that you have to wonder where all these "rumors" are really coming from and if you're really in fact keeping tabs on your sources. Saying your sources are ALL anonymous seems like a lazy way of classifying your information.

With that said, the story was a decent read that would have been better had you classified your information better. For example, when talking about all the players you said the packers have met with, perhaps don't label this as rumor, but players you've heard have met with the packers from other media sources.

Globalpack's picture

My thought exactly on the way listening was phrased. the action in the sentence was focused on the packers. After what the rebuttal, the action should have been on the other teams. It should have been phrased "teams have called inquiring about barnett, but the packers showed no interest" but while being more accurate it would have been less sexy. I do understand annonymous sources though.

Paul W's picture

Like I said any good writer won't call out his sources, that's just unprofessional. I do have to say I'm impressed with your rebuttal Joe, you stayed on the high ground.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

No one is asking him to "out" his sources. However, saying an AFC scout gave you the information is hardly outing anyone.

Asshalo's picture

Paul, this is true as a lot of political stories wouldn't get published without anonymous sources. But those political stories properly classify their information with an attributed anonymous source. Joe has a pretty extensive post that most readers would guess didn't come from one unnamed source. It's like he dumped a bunch of information together and then said, "Here you go. I know a bunch of guys." There's almost no level of due care in handling his anonymous sources.

It would be different if only a portion of the article were rumor, backed up by legitimate fact. But 100% of that story is rumor. That's far from professionalism-- it's just lazy.

Brendan's picture

Let's tackle the fact that Joe outright tried to plagaurize someones USC Pro Day photos from last year. I outed him by contacting Ben Malcomson from and Joes photos were removed from the two Web sites he posted them. Pure BS is all this guy spews.

GBP4EVER's picture

Rumors are just rumors. It is the readers choice if he or she wants to belive them. I have read his rumors and on some I have thought they could be true and others not. But this nothing to get in a tisy over. If you think he makes them up ok your entitled to that but it seems kind of childlish to go and write up a story bashing a guy for it and putting it on your front page. Also telling people to suck it through tweets is not very professional. If you want to run a site like a professional please do so and avoid the childish name calling in blogs and tweets.

Gumbah's picture

I have a friend of a friend... My girlfriend lives in Canada.... That rumor guy is a clown ass- look it up in the urban dictionary.

ThinkICare's picture

This was really childish, I agree with GBP4EVER. Why do you have this personal vendetta with the guy?

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Your name says it all. And no, I don't. Not a single bit.

Brendan's picture

Here's the difference. I could start my own blog tomorrow and make up rumors like, "The Colts are quietly listening to offers for Peyton Manning." Now, people would say, "Well, that's clearly BS" which, would be correct. What's funny is, that same scenario would have an equal chance at happening as any other rumor he's posted.

But the difference is in the way he positions himself. Sure, he qualifies everything with, "it's just a rumor", but let's crap through the crap, Vaughn. I only got one thing to say to you: Strike this (Arrigo) motherfucker out. He has said that he has sources and inside information several times. And he writes these rumors as if they've come from a legitimate source. Now, some of you might think the tooth fairy or a Magic 8 ball is a credible source. But me? I prefer something a bit more concrete. But hey, keep believing in the guy if you want. Maybe if you all band together, one of his rumors might actually come true. I just wouldn't hold my breath or gather in some sweat tent or anything.

ThinkICare's picture

I'm not saying his sources are "legitimate". They might or might not be. This blog post just seemed unnecessary and has been beaten to death.

PackersRS's picture

Ah, the rants and personal attacks... Amidst all the mock drafts and draftees pleasantries, as well as the usual Taylor Mays bashing, there's allways room for something sharp to break the monotony.

Enters the rage and overreaction of rants.

I love it.

ThinkICare's picture

enter the summation of comm-

oh wait, you got that covered bro.

Henry's picture

Perfect post. In general I don't give two shits about Arrigo but ultimately some slowcoach will drag one of his idiotic rumors to the packer board where I nest. In reading some of these colossal mental abortions, I noticed that honest Joe would state his "breaking the story" only to see a AP source printed microscopically at the bottom of his hot rumor. Hell, if you're going to lie about it, find another way to cover your ass for plagiarism/copyright infringement while still trying to pass off the story as your own.

I thought it was dandy seeing Arrigo's "hit list", some which are so laughable you wonder if he's working some monstrous prank. Gee Joe, did you really blow the trade for Reggie Bush because your news sniffer is so keen? Hey Joe, how about a list of the shit you've thrown at the proverbial wall that I've had to listen to via some gullible simp?

Essentially Arrigo, you're a bullshit liar and if challenging a unprincipled thief is "unprofessional" then I'll be your speaker for the "How to cropdust your boss" lecture. Guh, tend the small bus at PackerPosers.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

That was an awesome comment.

Every Kid Boo's's picture

I can no longer post at PC. Is it for rude comments or rule violations? No, I just pointed out that Joe was using web information and calling it his "source." This was when Joe was young to this game, but there certainly was a trend to his rumors.

The act is simple, take every piece of everything you can find on the internet and put your own little rub on it and call it a rumor. No one really follows the 98% wrong, and you can claim the other 2% as evidence that you do have knowledgeable sources within the organization. Some of the claims even come after the fact "Yeah, I knew that" which becomes urban legend that is given a place of honor on his shelf.

Some of it is laughable. "Ted is almost done with his draft board." Well, Joe. No. Not that I can see the board, but neither do you or your sources. You just don't have access to this information. Neither do the journalists with press passes. Saying you do implies an employee is passing the information on to you. That means a Packer employee, high enough to see the draft board, is willing to risk his job to leak this out to you. You. Cause your are so important in the scheme of things. You.


"But it's just a rumor..." Well, despite the disclaimer, that is not how it is presented. "I heard" and the tone in general implies these it protected knowledge at this guys disposal. "I'm not a doctor, but here is why I should still be giving out medical advice..." That protection of rumor is only there to deflect when things come out totally wrong, it all fades away when one of the thousand things he throws at the wall comes about, then it is due to inside knowledge. "It's just for entertainment......" Message boards are great for "what if" scenarios and friendly banter, but misrepresenting yourself to other Packer fans about the nature of what you write, that's disingenuous and disrespectful. If is is all in good fun, why the cloak and dagger? Why the plagiarized articles?

Lastly this, I'm offended that a haven for Packer fans protects the guy, Just because there are ignorant readers who welcome this format doesn't justify being deceptive. And there are apostles out there who eat this up, go to his website, and devour his tripe without consideration. Go mess with Viking fans, they deserve it. I'll stand up for a Packer fan and messing with them pisses me off.

Wrapping up, Joe is a carnival fortune teller. He anticipates what people want to hear and has a fast internet connection. His information can't be proven wrong and he attributes success to his inside knowledge. He's certainly improved how he presents, compared to his younger days, his stuff now could pass as "crappy blogging." More obtuse rumors, creative details, and smatterings of personality really show how Joe has worked on his craft. In another situation, he may have made a very successful televangelist. Is he hurting anyone? I'm not sure, probably not. That doesn't still offend me that he takes Packer fans to get his strokes and feed that feeble ego.

Henry's picture

Excellent post. I find it my personal duty to bitch slap the stupid when it's put in front of me.

Speculation and rumors are good and fine but present it as such. There are other outlets and bloggers that may have a take on a headline or possible speculation on some "inside info" but present it in a logical manner, not lay claim to it.

PackerPosers is safe anchor for other phonies like the resident female "scout". Never mind that there's only been one female scout in the NFL and she works for the Buffalo Bills organization.

That cadre of stupid can proclaim these attacks as some sort of legitimacy, which is laughable in itself, but they need to quit crying when people with critical thinking skills dissect their ridiculous proclamations.

Brendan's picture

Right on the money, Boo's.

Brendan's picture

Now he's saying that the Packers are interested in Brandon Marshall.

Henry's picture

Nailed another one Honest Joe.

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