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Anthony Smith on Strippers

Anthony Smith on Strippers

With popular classics such as:

"You have to import chicks to Green Bay."

"I don't need groupies. I'm the one that's choosing."

"I want to give out a shout to all of them (strippers)."

"I like women."

"I love Strokers."

"I read books."

EDIT: This video was removed by the poster, but the discussion below is quite interesting. Also, here are some clips for the original video, and the hip-hop song that followed.

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Anita's picture

"Fucking Wisconsin?" Wow. Condescend, much?

Brent's picture

Couldn't finish listening to this video. This chick is just dumb. Anthony isn't much of a talker either.

PackersRS's picture

That was incredibly painful to listen to. Is he high? Is she high?

And the sentence is "Strokers' cool". But the best one is "women drive me".

djbonney138's picture

This was trashy and awful.

Wiscokid's picture

Who is this bitch? I say do them a favor and give them both a one way ticket out of town.

FITZCORE1252's picture

That bitch is just annoying. Take your asses to the ATL, don't let the door hit you. It's shit like this that proves, there is some truth to all stereotypes.


packsmack25's picture

Including the stereotypes about racists in Wisconsin. You're better than that, Fitz.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Just stating the facts Smack. I have nothing against any race, I mean, I am black from the waist down (albino)... steryoptype, I know...

If you can tell me there aren't several things in that clip that feed into some common stereotypes, I would urge you to get out more often. If that makes me a racist, whatever, never really been one to get into labels. I just call em as I see em.

FITZCORE1252's picture

FYI - Seriously though (and I'm gonna give the typical white dude response, but mine is true), some of my oldest, closest friends are black (and mexican). And I know they would say the same damn thing... That those 2 aren't doing anything to help certain perceptions, and that's just being real Smack. They'd be embarrassed by those two fools.

snackpack's picture

Fitz, I don't believe that you're trying to be racist. And yes, there are always going to be individuals that fit negative stereotypes (even if the majority don't fit the stereotype). My problem with your comment is that by bringing up stereotypes in reference to two individuals saying some dumb things, you seem to be reinforcing that stereotype or saying that it has merit.
What would you have said if it were two white people making some dumb comments? I'm guessing your response would have been purely targeted at the individuals, not at a whole race or skin color.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I can kinda see where you're coming from, BUT...

"What would you have said if it were two white people making some dumb comments?"

OH, rest assured, if their were an applicable sterotype, I'd be lumping them in.

For instance...

If they had a lip full of Copenhagen, Denim cut-off shorts, and sleeveless shirts that said "R.I.P. Dale" while making said comments... I think I could find a category for them.

I don't discriminate with my stereotyping, all races and creeds are welcome! 8-)

PackersRS's picture

Sorry man. That's not racist. That video was as stereotyped as possible. All it lacked was fried chicken. It was almost as bad as Jersey Shore caricaturing italo-american Jersey natives.

Stereotypes are true. It's racist when you deduct that a person behaves in stereotypical fashion due to it's race. In this case, they ARE behaving like stereotypical african-americans (no, it's not "black" stereotype. The black stereotype in Brazil is very different from the US, per example)

FITZCORE1252's picture

Fucking RS. Amen.

JerseyPackFan's picture

Hope you enjoyed your time in Green Bay Mr. Smith.

CrackerAzz's picture

There's no PC way for me to say how I feel about this. I see it everyday in Atlanta. As the statement Men are from Mars, Women are from Jupiter, so goes Blacks are from Uranus. We're not the same. That's why Packer fans love Jennings and Driver, Men love women into sports, and women love gays; they're closest cross species matches for us.

Oh yeah, the Bitch Carmella Bella is all over a racist site called BlackVibes, sorry, it would only be racist if it were called WhiteVibes. Like her myspace pic too, classy ho.

snackpack's picture

What you've never seen a white person say stupid shit? Now you're the one that sounds like a classless moron.

packsmack25's picture

There are videos on her website of Ryan Grant and Atari Bigby too, and they both come across as having class. Atari Bigby even said what drives him is little kids watching on the sidelines. I was actually surprised at Bigby because of his ridiculous Twitter.

Anyway, just goes to show you that Anthony Smith was cut for a reason out of training camp 2 years ago. He ain't Packer People.

ZaphodBeeblebrox's picture

So, I wonder if Anthony Smith was the one who imported @itstexasthing <-account is protected now, Jason Wilde found her Tweet about going up to visit her Packer boyfriend and hitting up a strip club her first night in the 'Bay...

Max Wegerbauer's picture

Could not finish watching this video. Disgusting. Good bye Anthony.

Pack Attack's picture

I don't know why everyone is getting so upset (and being so judgmental) about this. Anthony Smith is a wealthy young man who likes strip clubs and having sex with women. This shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. I understand that you wish he would show more tact, but (as we now know) he is apt to keeping it "real". He seemed like a nice guy who was just being brutally honest with some very personal questions. I was disappointed with the comments on this post.

redlights's picture

Yes, it was nice of you to stay in GB, Mr. Smith. You have a right to run your life as you see fit; and different races are entitled to different styles of behavior (her laugh was nails on a chalkboard).

To show that I care, I suggest that he at least wear a seatbelt when he's being taped, as he's technically breaking the law.

Didn't think he has potential for 2011 anyway.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"her laugh was nails on a chalkboard"

That kinda toddlerish laugh thing she did. Nails on chalkboard, couldn't have said it better myself. I think that has been done by black chicks on T.V. and in the movies in a comedic kinda way for years. It's almost like she was... DUH, DUH DUHHHH... being stereotypical. Whaaaaa?????? Two words for that laugh, Jackee Harry (who I always thought was sexy as hell BTW).

PackersThad's picture

Just because some blacks act like this video doesn´t mean that ALL blacks act in that manner. I´m just as disgusted with the video as you all and I am a young black male.

There isn´t truth to all or most sterotypes...There are just ignorant people REGARDLESS of race.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"Just because some blacks act like this video doesn´t mean that ALL blacks act in that manner"

Agree 100% Thad.

snackpack's picture

I agree as well Thad. What upsets me a lot more than the video itself is all the racist and borderline racist responses to it. I'm white and I see white people say stupid shit all the time. Saying stupid shit has nothing to do with race, it's purely an individual thing.

PackersRS's picture

It's not because Smith is behaving stereotypically that I'm disgusted.

Is because he is behaving like an asshole.

jbergner's picture

Not disgusted. Seems like a nice guy. Different strokes for different folks.

They don't talk badly about Wisconsin, they don't say the team sucks, they don't talk badly about anyone.

It's awfully sad that you guys have so much hate/disgust for someone who enjoys playing football for you.

Oppy's picture

I haven't been able to watch the video- apparently it's been taken down-
But I am completely shocked at a number of posted responses here from some Lounge/CHTV readers that are basically flying their racist flags for everyone to see.

This guy is probably a complete idiot- that was sort of known about him in the first place- and he probably hates living in the city of Green Bay. He's probably a slime ball when it comes to women. And heck, I don't know what was said on the video, but he may or may not be a racist himself.

All I know is it's pretty freaking disappointing that all it takes is one video of a young black man who apparently said some stupid, crass, and unsavory things for so a number of you posters to feel like it's all the reason you needed to say "See, I knew those blacks were no good, there not like us".

Really, really fucking disgusting, people.

packsmack25's picture

Amen. Favre sends his dick to a woman and he's just a guy making a mistake, but Anthony Smith likes strip clubs and his entire race is evil? Who the hell says shit like that?

FITZCORE1252's picture

" Favre sends his dick to a woman and he’s just a guy making a mistake"

Nope, Burt's a scumbag. Had his Douchebaggery coincided with any stereotypes I would have gladly called him out too...

FITZCORE1252's picture

"flying their racist flags"...

LOL, I sure hope you're not talking about me. If so, you couldn't be further from the truth. I'm sure you were referring about another poster though.

NickGBP's picture

To be fair you did use the shittiest excuse one can ever use when defending themselves from being called a racist; "I'm not racist I totally have black friends."

Not going to make judgments on your character because I dont know you but just a word of advice... that comment means jack shit and by saying something like that you are (potentially) further supporting the claim against you.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"To be fair you did use the shittiest excuse one can ever use when defending themselves from being called a racist; “I’m not racist I totally have black friends.”...

Hey Einstein, I think I pretty much copped to that when I said it. See quote below:
"Seriously though (and I’m gonna give the typical white dude response, but mine is true), some of my oldest, closest friends are black (and mexican)."

"Not going to make judgments on your character because I dont know you"...

Judge away slim. As I told you a couple years back, I ascertained at a very early stage that your opinion means shit to me and I would never read another of your posts (which I have stayed true to until I saw you were bumping your gums on one of mine).

Although I couldn't care less how you perceive my takes, I will offer you this - If you're ever in the Seattle area when there's a UFC on PPV, hit me up, I always have my boys over. I'll let you come over and see the kind of people I surround myself with. All really good, educated guys, some white, some not. I guarantee you, if you want to inform them about "the claim against you" one of two things will happen, they will think it's funny and blow it off because it's so off the wall and they know what I'm about - OR - you will be preying this racist can convince them it's all in good fun and you were just joking. LOL


PackersRS's picture

I realy didn't see anyone outside CrackerAzz say that about african-americans, that they're "no good, they're not like us". And he has a -11 negative out of 13 votes.

The majority clearly don't feel that way, so please adress personally the ones you feel did that, as to not limp every poster together. And this is a chicano speaking. No, I'm from Brazil, not from Mexico. No, everything below the US is not just Mexico, goddammit. No, not just Mexico and Porto Rico. There are other countries, too.

FITZCORE1252's picture

LOL, that's hilarious. We had this kid fresh outta school (Francis) come work with us last year as an entry level engineer (they go to an office for a year and then rotate to another one after that... construction to design kinda thing). He was originally from Costa Rica, had a super thick accent. Everyone from day one would just crack on him about being Mexican. At first he would get kinda defensive, but all-in-all he was a good sport about it, he knew everyone was just messing with him... His last day he brought everyone tacos... well played.

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