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An Oily Mess

An Oily Mess

Welcome back to another edition of that series you can’t get enough of: why Bears’ fans are morons.

Today’s episode is titled "An Oily Mess"

Yesterday after work, I decided it was time for an oil change. Not being the most automotively intelligent person on the planet, and I was tired from work, I chose to take it to my local quick oil change establishment.

Admittedly, I have a Packers license plate holder and a “G” sticker on the dashboard. During the off season, I tend to take everything off the car except for these few items. My thinking is why bother with trying to antagonize during the summer, especially when all NFL teams are going through the same lockout right now.

Sounds logical, right? Wrong.

I waited for my car to be completed in the waiting area, flipping through Twitter (of course) and minding my own business. After 15, maybe 20 minutes, the employee let me know my car was ready. I paid for the oil change, and proceeded to walk to the car.

As I got closer to the car, I glanced behind me and noticed three of the employees standing around, looking at me. They all had the same stupid look on their face, and I knew they were guilty of something without knowing what it was yet. As I put the key in the door, one of them said,  “You have a nice day…sir.”

Apparently the moron trio thought they would get away with whatever they had done.

As I looked in the car, I noticed the “G” sticker had been removed from it’s home on the dashboard, where it had lived for well over a year. Giggling like school girls, the three employees attempted to collect themselves while I searched for something to say to them.

Sometimes words are not necessary.

I started the car and lowered the back windows. Once lowered, I popped the trunk open with the lever next to the drivers side door. Making my way back to the trunk, I removed two items and proceeded to show the three idiots what I had found.

On the drivers side back door window, I proceeded to put the Packers NFC Champion car flag on display for all the world to see. Walking slowly to the passenger side back door, up went the Packers Super Bowl 45 Champions car flag. The employees just stood there, speechless.

I returned to the drivers side, opened the door, and rolled up  the back windows. Before making my departure, I said in the most polite way I could “You have a great day” and drove home.

They will never learn.

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Chad Toporski's picture

While I loved your response, I think I still would have demanded my money back. It's fun to watch idiot employees get reamed out by their manager (though perhaps they may not have).

JohnRehor's picture

I was fine with my response, although I see your point. They just wont get my business ever again.

Lynn Dickey 12's picture

But, if you told the manager about the incident you could have gotten these slugs fired for messing with your ride...and once that had happened you then could have put up the rest of the merch.

Not much brainpower to try a stunt like this with 9+% unemployment. But, when you say the Bears receivers are the best in the division, that's par for the course.

JohnRehor's picture

"if you told the manager about the incident you could have gotten these slugs fired for messing with your ride…and once that had happened you then could have put up the rest of the merch."

True, but I've been taking the stuff down for years, so it is kind of a habit. All bets are off during the season though-I'll have to take a picture of my car during the season and post it. You'll see what i mean.

As for their brainpower-they have none. Slugs with hair to do something as stupid as they did. And sadly, I'm kind of used to it

PackersRS's picture


Too bad idiot bears fans think they're playing checkers when the game is chess... They'll just ignore that they lost and procede to talk about how awesome Ditka is...

JohnRehor's picture

Doesnt matter what the game is-mention the name Ditka satisfies their fantasies

Dan Scharpf's picture

When is the Illinios Gov. going to make good on the bet he had with Wisc. Gov. on the NFC Champ. Game , go to the food pantry in Packer gear and hand out food. Oh I forgot, Its another LYING politician.

JohnRehor's picture


Packer Hank's picture

I was thinking more like Adam Sandler in Punch-Drunk Love where he gets the tire iron out of the trunk. If nothing else, just to see these losers crap their pants. Your approach was a little more refined. Well done!

Robert Greenfield's picture

Yes! Awesome move, John.

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