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Alstott 2.0

Alstott 2.0




People can talk about Jamarko and how he is Greg Jennings 2.0 but I am more excited about the human wrecking machine, Quinn Johnson.





Every year there’s a late round guy that fans fall in love with. People thought Matt Flynn could come in and start in case Aaron Rodgers…wasn’t Aaron Rodgers. Some people got a crush on DeShawn Wynn(me) and others had man love for Ingle Martin, the QB\Punter combo player who could do neither job well. This year for me it’s Quinn Johnson.

His mix of blocking power and destructive short yard ball carrying reminds me of Mike Alstott and I don’t think the comparison is too crazy. Mike was 6-1, 248 pounds. Quinn is 6-1, 250. Same body size. Things could get really ugly in the Green Bay backfield and that will be beautiful!

Quinn Johnson just likes to hit people. He doesn’t even really care about carrying the ball, which he does pretty well. He just likes to get the assignment, find the guy he has to hit, and then knock him down. Basically he’s the waterboy.

Let me hit you with this QJ quote and see if you like it. “That's pretty much what I play for, to get big blocks.”

That excites me considering we didn’t have the best fullback play in 2008. Kuhn and Hall were serviceable but they never changed a game or helped out Ryan Grant out too much, and Ryan needed all the help he could get.

It’s not even his fullback blocking that excites me. I love the fullback dive and so does McCarthy. If his rookie camp comments on Quinn were any indication, we should expect to see Quinn touch the ball quite a bit in 2009.

I’m sure you’ve all seen this by now but let’s take another look!

Let’s face it, Jamarko isn’t seeing playing time unless we suffer injuries that are on par with last year’s MASH unit. Quinn on the other hand, will be playing on the first play of the 2009 Packers season – the kickoff. He is likely to get much more playing time beyond special teams as well.

Get ready to watch this kid mash.

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Toby Hump's picture

I'm gonna enjoy watching this kid.

JustJeff's picture

I like it Dale.

I would only add that as a blocker... Alstott wishes his blocking was near Johnson's level. There's another FB the Mighty Quinn reminds me of - a young Will Henderson.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Good to see you stopping in Jeff. Thanks.

Tyler Bohms's picture

Yeh I was thinking the exact same thing. Johnson's blocking ability will be much better than Alstott's, and to think he is going to run at all like Alstott is a stretch. Alstott was a bruising HB playing FB, I think Johnson is just a knock you on your back type of FB. He may get a couple of carries a game, but not as an impact runner like Alstott.

MrBacon's picture

I kid you not, go take a look at Quinn's picture on the Profiles website, they did all the rookie new mugshots for the team.

With thoose dreds, all he needs is a mask, and he would look like the PREDATOR!


Plus that would mean Aaron Rodgers wont need to hurt his throwing arms like last season, by diviing in past .5 yards of defense.

Asshalo's picture

I thought you were exagerrating. Haha, He does look like predator.

MrBacon's picture

Would i lie!

And you know what, Jesse Ventura was the Gov of Minn.

Jared Allen got nothing on the PREDATOR!

Greg C.'s picture

He has a much better chance of success than the others you mentioned. Flynn and Wynn were seventh round picks, and although Martin was a fifth round pick like Johnson, he always seemed like a longshot to make an impact at QB.

I've thought that our fullback play was good enough the past couple years, but if you want to be a contender, good enough isn't good enough. You need to be constantly looking to upgrade at positions that are merely average. As far as I'm concerned, if he can carry the ball that's a bonus. I would be happy if he just does a great job blocking, and he has the right credentials and the right mentality for the job.

CHTV Fan's picture

Glad to see you on board the QJ bandwagon! ;)

Asshalo's picture

Quinn and underwood should be great additions to special teams.

Jersey Al's picture

Not to boast, but I was on this kid from the minute they drafted him. His bio says he was responsible for 11 touchdown producing blocks last season. Sorry Crosby, this year you don't get to kick chippy field goals because we couldn't score from the one yard line.

Anybody for some pancakes (blocks)?

BobbyOShea's picture

I was pumped when we got him. Funny, because my Carolina Panther fan roommate was complaining earlier that they never get a bruiser, Alstott type fullback. I looked up a couple guys who were still available, and the top two were Johnson and the guy from Syracuse. Not long later they took the 'Cuse guy and we got Johnson.

Dale Z's picture

lol, why did this turn into a "I was into him way before" battle.

BobbyOShea's picture

don't know.. but i was toooootally thinking about saying that b4 you did

longtimefan's picture

I can't wait to see this guy knock Urlacher to the ground

PackersRS's picture

I think he'll def. be a great addition to our goal line situations. Great blocker. But I'm not sure about him carrying the ball, something Alstott was very good at. And he's not good at catching the ball either, so the D doesn't have to worry about that... But that aside I can see the comparison. Good 5th round pick, but then again, FBs aren't picked high anymore...

Dale Z's picture

Not good at catching the ball, eh? There's conflicting reports about that. Very recent conflicting reports. ROOKIE CAMP recent conflicting reports.

Don't believe everything you read.

Unless I wrote it.

PackersRS's picture

"Unless I wrote it."
But about training camp, I allways take it with a grain of salt. Shorts and football just don't match IMHO.
Full pads we'll get a better evaluation of a player's capacity, and even then there isn't the pressure of a real game.

But yeah, it's maybe a little too soon to say he's not a good catcher, even though he wasn't great at it in college...

Aaron's picture

Dale - you're spot on about conflicting reports. Everything I read on Draft Day indicated he had hands of stone. The next week I was reading what a great weapon he would be out of the backfield due to his great hands. Either way, I'm excited just to see him lay the wood...

Jersey Al's picture

equally confused about that aspect of his game. But frankly, I don't care. I just want to be able to score from the 1 yard line and make a third and 1 every once in a while. Keep those ugly kickers off the field. Who's our punter again?

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