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A Green Bay Packers Bucket List

A Green Bay Packers Bucket List

I hate the off season.

I hate the waiting around for Packers news. I hate waiting for mini camps to begin. I hate waiting for training camp to start. Basically, I hate being bored.

There is the NFL Draft in a few weeks, which should help placate my needing Packers info in my life. Unfortunately, I am the furthest thing from a draftnik. It is almost impossible for me to get into the events which lead up to the draft, and mock drafting is most definitely not my forte. The only thing about the draft I am certain of about the draft is Ted Thompson is certain not to do what we think he should do (see all the trade scenarios which will not happen on draft days), and will give us at least one head scratcher of a pick. As a result, while others are glued to the TV for all 238 hours of the draft, I pay attention only when the Packers draft.

Because of the self imposed time I have during the off season, I have a lot of time to think. And over coffee this morning, I started to think about the Packers.

While I do not consider myself to be "old" I am also not that young anymore. There are things that I would like to accomplish before my time on this planet comes to an end. So I thought to myself: what do I want to see Packers related during my life? A Packers bucket list. So without further adieu, here are the 5 items I would most like to experience as it relates to the Packers.

5: Attend the NFL Draft. Maybe if I attend the draft, I'll "get it" more. Watching it on TV probably does not do justice to the atmosphere inside inside Radio City Music Hall. The swirling emotions of the players waiting to be drafted, the teams trying to determine the best players to add to help them, and the crazy fans doing their best to prove their team is the best there is. Maybe if I see this up close, I'll develop a new sub-obsession in the draft which goes hand in hand with my obsession with the Packers.

4: See the Packers play on the road anywhere but Chicago. I've seen the Packers play at Soldier Field. It sucked. Beyond getting beer dumped on me and every profanity thrown my way, I watched the Packers lose to the Bears in 1988 along the Lake Michigan lakefront. I've always wondered what it would be like to venture into enemy territory, dressed head to toe in green and gold, and cheer for the Pack. As much as I would want it to be a cold weather city, I would not be opposed to a trip to California or Florida during the winter months. One addendum to this item: no domes. Real football teams play outside, in the elements. Being inside in 68 degree comfort watching football when its single digits just isn't right.

3: Witness a record setting performance. I could have gone to the Matt Flynn game this past January. I wish I had. Games like the one he had this day do not happen often. You have to get lucky and happen to be in the stands when games like this take place. Flynn was a machine this day. To set a record for most touchdown passes and passing yards in his second career start is incredible. To have done it for a team as rich in history as the Packers is even more astounding. Much like a no hitter in baseball, you have to have great luck to witness a rarity in sports like the day Flynn had in January. I hope I am lucky some day.

2: Attend the jersey retirement for Brett Favre. One of the biggest sports related regrets I have is I never got to see Favre play in person-for any team. As someone who was part of my life for almost half of it, I feel that this would be a nice, personal tribute to the man. If I could not see him play, the least I could do is watch his number be retired in honor of what he did on the field. That will be a truly special day.

1: Witness a playoff victory at Lambeau Field. I thought for sure I would have been able to take this one off the list this year. Unfortunately, we all know ended. To say it was tough to sit in the stands and watch the unstoppable machine that was the 2011 Packers season come to an end is an understatement. So I can only imagine what the vibe would be inside Lambeau during and after a playoff win there. It must be surreal. If a regular season win can evoke the pure joy from fans as they exit the stadium, it must be amplified many times over. That is something I have to experience in my life.

Now I know what some of you are thinking-what about seeing the Packers win a Super Bowl. Is this something I want to see? Most definitely. It is the dream of all Packers fans. But the cost of attending the game is ridiculous. If anyone wants to supply me with the funds to experience this, I will gladly accept it, and cross this off the list on your tab.

There you have it, my Packers bucket list. I hope to start scratching off some of these items soon. I bet most everyone who reads this has their own Packers bucket list as well.



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ZaphodBeeblebrox's picture

No "Attending the Super Bowl w/Your Team Winning" ? That was #1 for me - done! When it comes to #2 on your list, if I'm still alive whenever that happens, you can have my ticket. I won't be going #stillbitter #donotlikethatman #atall #noway

JohnRehor's picture

I edited the post based on your comment. Not that seeing a Super Bowl victory would not be something awesome, but my list is things I could accomplish without needing a second mortgage to finance.

ZaphodBeeblebrox's picture

Cost my nephew and I about $1300 ea (paid face value via winning season ticketholder lottery). 2 days of driving, 1 of them on the surface of the moon, 5 hotel nights, a lot of waiting in line to get into JerryWorld, worth every minute.

ceallaigh's picture

A superbowl would be financially managable. lots of ways to do it on the cheap.

JohnRehor's picture

It's official: you can be my travel consultant for the next time the Packers are in the Super Bowl

foundinidaho's picture

Come out to Seattle! They play would be fun.

And yeah on the playoff game one. Dammit. Might have been the only one I'll ever see in person.

djbonney138's picture

The Seattle game is going to have a lot of Pacific Northwest Pack fans and the stadium and fans are top notch(that is second hand info by the way.) It's no Florida in December but it is a great city.

JohnRehor's picture

How come nobody ever says "Lets all go to Chicago!"

Oh that's right, because its Chicago. And the Bears suck

Sunnie's picture

Seeing #4 being retired is on mine too. Same with seeing them play a road game. The Seahawks stadium is beautiful. I was able to scratch one off my list a few years ago- catching a Lambeau Leap. Greg Jennings did that with Favres 420th TD pass.

JohnRehor's picture

You caught Jennings after that TD? That is friggin awesome! Talk about a memory for a lifetime!

Seems like Seattle is the place to go based on what everyone is saying. may have to look into that

Sunnie's picture

Yup! If you Google the picture you see half of Jakes face :) I have it on my Facebook somewhere too I could find it for you.
I was stationed near Seattle for 4 years its a beautiful area and the stadiums are both nice too. Not as fun as Lambeau but what is :):)

Luna's picture

Sence the packers were pushed aside to not start openning game and the none winning cowboys were these eyes won't be watching openning game..packers should of open against the gaints!!!!

JohnRehor's picture

Agree 100000000%.

aussiepacker's picture

I have a dream (packers bucket list).
1. Visit lambeau field
2. See a game at lambeau field
3. See an away game
4. Tail gate at a game
5. Spend a month in the Wisconsin winter
6. Have a beer with as many packers fans as possible.
the list could go on but i will just keep it at that for now. If all goes to plans i hope to be able to do this in about 3 or 4 years.

JohnRehor's picture

You need to make 1,2,4 and 6 happen ASAP. Trust me, you'll never forget the first game you experience at Lambeau.

Norm's picture

I'm making most of your list happening this year mate, but may have to be EITHER #2 or #3, depending on the schedule...

I have a post over at APC regarding my trip, there is some good info on it if you are interested:

I love being a Packer fan, I couldn't believe the help I got when I asked...

PackerPete's picture

Shake Bob Harlans hand and spend 30 minutes telling him Thank You for all you have done for the GBP franchise...

Done that.

See the Packers beat duh bares in Soldier Field...

Done that.

Be part of a takeover in a rivals stadium when the Packers are on the road...

Done that in Tampa.

Attend Training Camp and chat with players as they arrive and leave practice.

Done that.

To Do...

Tour new Packers Hall of Fame
Tour New Lambeau Field
Attend Packers Shareholder Meeting as an owner
Attend Aaron Rodgers Jersey retirement in Lambeau Field (future)
more TBD...

JohnRehor's picture

Nice list.

I take it you haven't been to Lambeau since the remodel? Have to get back.

I'll be able to scratch the Shareholder Meeting off my list this year. Cannot wait to do that.

jrunde10's picture

Go to Indie this year. It's close by and tickets shouldn't be that bad since the Colts will suck. Even if Luck draws and gives the fans hope, it shouldn't be horribly expensive to get resale tickets.

Jonathan's picture

I got the opportunity to make it to Kansas City this past season. Aside from Lambeau, I feel like Arrowhead is the place to watch an NFL game. The night before we went out in KC and there were Packer fans EVERYWHERE. Then when we tailgated the next day we got to know so many Packer and Chief fans. KC fans are such nice people and even though we lost, it was an amazing trip. Hope to see some of you at Lambeau against the Bears.

Kacie Cardera's picture

Lovely just what I was searching for.Thanks to the author for taking his clock time on this one.

Simon Munir's picture

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Julissa Valerio's picture

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