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5 Big Thank Yous

5 Big Thank Yous



As the Green Bay Packers knocked the stuffing out of the turkeys known as the Detroit Lions, Packer fans everywhere were surely in a thankful mood. After watching the game, here are five things this Packer fan and writer is thankful for. Feel free to add your own in the comments section.




Thank you for the 2009 NFL Draft

Clay Matthews, BJ Raji, T.J. Lang, Brad Jones, Quinn Johnson, Brandon Underwood. Six Packer draft picks have made significant contributions in just their first year in the NFL. Clay Matthews has shown he can be a star in this league. Watching him beat two players easily in a three-man rush and then chase down a scrambling Stafford for a sack showed me the kind of will he has to be successful. I have no doubts that he will. BJ Raji, has been coming on strong and making an impact as his ankle injury has healed and his play count has increased. Today he crushed a Lion running back in the backfield, knocked down a pass, and was a force in the short yardage defense. T.J. Lang once again stepped in at left tackle today when Chad Clifton pulled a hamstring. The line did not miss a beat and Mike McCarthy called lang's play, "impressive." Lang, Jones and Johnson are all potential starters next season.

Thank you for making it through a game with Jarret Bush as the nickel back

I've never seen a defensive back look more confused in coverage than Jarret Bush. Now, this is his fourth season with the Packers, shouldn't he know who to cover by now? On the Tramon Williams interception, he first ran at the receiver Williams was covering, turned and ran at another receiver, turned again and realized he was covering nobody. Fortunately, Williams stuck with his man and Stafford made a poor decision to throw it to the wrong receiver. Had he looked down-field, he would have seen the receiver Bush should have been covering wide open. Did I forget to mention that a punt hit Bush in the back?

Thank you for Jermichael Finley still having a head

Finley took a vicious hit after an incomplete pass, as Lions rookie Louis Delmas  took a run at him in what was very nearly a direct helmet-to-helmet hit. Only a slight turn of the head at the last minute prevented what could have been a serious injury. Finley did stay on the ground for a while holding his head, causing me to fear a possible concussion, but luckily, he just had the wind knocked out of him. Regardless, it was a scary hit that is sure to draw Delmas a fine from the league office.

Thank you for Donald Driver

Like Old Man River, Donald Driver just keeps rolling along. Driver caught seven passes today for 142 yards and a touchdown, For the season, that gives him 53 catches for 845 yards and five touchdowns. With 5 games to play, Driver is sure to reach the 1000 yard mark for the sixth straight season. Driver is on a mission to disprove the perception that he is getting old. After the game, as he was awarded the "Golden Gobbler" as player of the game from Fox, Driver commented, "I may be old in age, but I still play young." Yes you do Donald, and thank you for that.

Thank you for Charles Woodson

A multi-dimensional player like Woodson, who can do so many things, and all in an outstanding manner, is a rarity. It was just another day at the office for Woodson, with 7 tackles, 1 sack, 2 interceptions, 1 touchdown, 1 forced fumble and fumble recovery, 4 passes defended and he also returned a kickoff. Even more significantly, it was announced before the game that Woodson has donated two million dollars to a new children's hospital at his Alma mater, the University of Michigan. Clearly, Charles Woodson doesn't do anything in a half-hearted manner. Hopefully, other multi-millionaire players will be inspired to follow his example. After all, how many millions does one need to be able to live a good life?


So those are the five things from the Packers Thanksgiving Day victory that this writer is thankful for. I'd like to hear yours...

You can find more of Jersey Al Bracco’s articles on several sports websites: Jersey Al’s Blog, Packers Lounge, NFL Touchdown and Bleacher Report. Jersey Al is the Green Bay Packers Draft Correspondent for

You can also follow Jersey Al on facebook and twitter.

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Alex Tallitsch's picture

I am thankful for Jersey Al saving me time.

Jersey Al's picture

I am also thankful for Tivo, which allowed me to properly watch the game at night, after everyone had left.

IronMan's picture

Thank you Carrie (my sister) for preparing an excellent Thanksgiving dinner at my Dad's house yesterday. (I get another Thanksgiving dinner at my Mom's tomorrow) Score!

Jersey Al's picture

I don't think I could handle two Thanksgivings...

Two Jet Winston's picture

Thank you, Ted Thompson, for your ability to evaluate talent and draft!

Jersey Al's picture

Where is Jeremiah's Johnson when you need him?

Mr. Bacon's picture

I like to thank the Packers for a QB Pass Rush.

Like I said last week.

You can have the worst players (Bush) almost make a great play, when you apply the heat.

Jersey Al's picture

true, but an experienced QB would have burned him a few times anyway.

Mr. Bacon's picture

Very true, which is why he is not a starter. Instead he is suppose to cover the 4th WR in a ideal situation, not the 3rd.

Fortunately they have WR who Bush can match up with, and the only good WR they have is injured with a bad knee.

Jersey Al's picture

Well, when I watch Bush in coverage, he really does look confused. He always ends up 3 yards in front of a receiver and is often seen jumping uselessly trying to deflect the pass. At his height, that's not going to work. He really needs to stick closer to receivers, but he does not seem to be able to.

PackersRS's picture

Thank you McCarthy, for changing the playcall just in time, and for balancing the offense a lot more, and calling more screen plays. Now, this Lions game, you passed a little too much, specially in the redzone. But you did call A LOT MORE short passes. And it was strangely difficult to run against them. Anyway, thank you!
Thank you Capers! Oh Thank you! After that stupid, stupid, stupid prevent vanilla predictable defense you used against the 49ers in the second half, the same one that you used against the Vikings, I was worried. Then we lost 2 key started, and I though "here we go. It'll be vanilla defense all over". Boy was I wrong! You got even more creative! BTW, I absolutely love that call when the DBs on the right side fake a blitz and Dbs from the left side come rushing in completely unnoticed! That's just awesome!
Thank you Jersey Al, Alex and Greg C. for your awesome articles and for this great site. Also thanks to the occasional writers, Mr. Bacon and IronMan. Sorry if I forgot someone...

BTW, I miss the sunday school posts a little bit, don't know if they're only done in preseason, or what...

Jersey Al's picture

Thank YOU, my Brazilian friend...

I also was very happy with what we saw from Capers. You won't see Woodson blitzing as much, but as long as he finds some way to get pressure, that's all that matters.

PackersRS's picture

That's actually a very smart move from Capers. Woodson is by far the best ball hawk and cover guy we have. And if you can find one quality of Bush, is his speed.

I'd rather have Woodson in coverage and Bush blitzing with Harris gone than Woodson blitzzing and Bush in coverage. But he still sent Woodson once. And it was sucessful. Woodson will be less of our Polamalu. He'll be more of our Ed Reed.

Actually, I think he'll be our Charles Woodson. Why compare the DPoY with another defenders? They have to be compared to him...


BTW, I cannot believe Bush is our 3rd best healthy corner... It's just absurd. And it's not like he's an asset at ST play. He's terrible at it. IF you take into account the plays that he give (dumb decisions, penalties) and compare with the plays that he's made (good tackles, and ball placement) the bad far outweight the good.

Maybe if we had Anthony Smith, Capers could use him at nickel... Oh well, it's water under the brigde...

West TX Cheesehead's picture

Charles Woodson - Defensive Player of the Year. Who else could it be!?!?

Jersey Al's picture

Just call him Superman.

FITZCORE1252's picture

They'll find a way to give it to that D-BAG in Minny. But Chuck IS the DPOY, and anybody that knows football knows it!


Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

Thank you NFL for lining up a bunch of "Tomato Can" Opponents (and Dallas) after FAvre and the Vikings whipped our asses to cover up for the deficiencies and pathetic collection of talent that is the GB Packers....I'm sure Ted Thompson is thanking the schedule makers in person on his knees somewhere....

Now is the time for the Packers to come crashing down to earth, and reality, as they face some teams with some actual "winning records"....

Thank you for the ability to TOTALLY DELUDE ourselves about this team and it's GM for years and years...THANK YOU>

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Didn't we just play the Cowboys?

Jersey Al's picture

Ah, the voice of doom has arrived....

Let's all hope the season comes crashing down on us, just so you can justify to yourself your insane ramblings.

Stan's picture


Jersey Al's picture


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