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You\'ve Got To Think It Will Be Moss

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You\'ve Got To Think It Will Be Moss

Why else would Joe Whitt Jr. have been promoted to Secondary Coach (Hat-Tip Packers Lounge) before a new coordinator was hired? What sense does it make to say to prospective coordinators "You can pick your staff! Oh, except for the secondary coach. We've done that already."

This would appear to signal that McCarthy will name Winston Moss his Defensive Coordinator and will try to expand/morph the scheme that is already in place. It would be a gigantic mess for them to start trying to fit their existing personnel into a new 3-4 scheme and Moss has indicated he is not married to any one philosophy. No doubt he has some ideas on how to throw in a wrinkle or two.

More and more, it looks like Lombardi will beat Florio in the 'Guessing Who the Packers Will Go With At Defensive Coordinator' game of 2009.

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Ron La Canne's picture

The decision on the DC will be made with one and only one condition in MM's mind. The unit must improve enough to get back to into the playoffs. As a fan it would be nice to know enough about Moss to say he is competent enough to do that. We don't. MM may have confidence in him from what he sees everyday. Is he a dynamic leader who will take charge and become innovative enough to change the 380 points given up in 2008 and move it back to the 281 given up in 2007? Even more important will the defense move from being ranked 31 in the league for points scored against in the 4th quarter? That last stat kind of tells it all about 2008, doesn't it?

As fans we have to trust that MM will be motivated by keeping his job. If he makes the wrong choice, he will be gone. After this year's performance MM has no more Mulligans.

Also, I find Leroy Butler's comment on the 3-4 interesting. He seems to believe that a switch to the 3-4 is easier than trying to change the 4-3 schemes in place. According to him the 3-4 is the easiest defense to teach and is more forgiving of minor coverage errors. An interesting perspective.

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

You know. I was initially opposed to Moss. But little by little, I think that this move would make sense. Mainly (as I argue on my blog) I hope McCarthy takes a page out of Holmgren's book and fills his coaching staff with you up-and-coming talent with ambition. (No more 50 year old position coaches for a while.)

Hiring Moss might be s step in that direction.

Keith's picture

Packergeeks and Fanhouse think it will be Nolan.

But I agree with DDD. I wanted Nolan because I was very familiar with his work with the Giants (who haven't run the 3-4 since Parcells, if memory serves.) However, after some thought and some reading, I don't mind the idea of Moss.

packeraaron's picture

If it were to be Nolan, Thompson's degree of difficulty for the off-season would grow exponentially.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

Without the benefit of much discussion of my questions in the Nolan post, I am also thinking Moss might be the best move. I simply don't see how a major change in the defensive scheme can be re-tooled with the right players and adopted quickly so that we see major improvement next year. I have to believe MM and TT feel the same. It just makes sense that they would

Franklin Hillside's picture

Moss! Moss! Moss! Then get started on fixing

Franklin Hillside's picture

AIA, much more eloquent. Agreed.

packeraaron's picture

Andrew - to answer (some) of your questions on Nolan - yes, he played what he termed a 'Big Nickle' or 4-2-5 quite a bit with the Niners. He obviously felt that was what the personnel warranted. And yes, the defense improved once Singletary took over, but I don't think that was due to any big coaching difference. The players had simply tuned Nolan out. Why wouldn't they? He was a dead-man walking and they knew it.

The thing that excites me about Nolan is that he is a professional that knows what the hell he is doing which, following the Bob Sanders Amateur Hour, is an exciting prospect.

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

Keith, I think these rumors are just recycled and taking on a life of their own. Some lock disk jockey reads PFT then reports what he reads. 1000 people hear it and email Florio that local radion personailities are reporting Nolan is the guy. And on and on.

Aaron's reasoning is compelling. I think Moss is the guy.

Keith's picture

DDD, you may be right, however Florio has been right quite a bit in the past. I wouldn't necessarily dismiss him. I personally trust Lombardi more though.

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

He might be right, but I supect that all of the Nolan rumors are coming from one place. I doubt that the other sites are "confirming" his rumor so much as (knowingly or unknowingly) recycling his rumor.

Nick's picture

Yo dog(s) when are we getting a new podcast? I need my fix especially with all these happenings.

And make it longer. If your podcasts are going to be 20 minutes long you might as well not bother.

That is all. Peace.

Evan Brunell's picture

Hunted for an e-mail address for this awesome site but couldn't find it, got a question to ask... mind shooting me an email at Thanks!

packeraaron's picture

Evan, you can email me at [email protected]. Thanks for your kind words.

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