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Youth Is Served

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Youth Is Served

With all the talk of injuries and issues, I thought I really should take a moment to counter my dourness from yesterday with a few things from the Redskins game that, I think, haven't gotten the attention they deserve.

First of all, Desmond Bishop played a whale of a game. Near as I can tell (and I don't have the time Brian has to break down the tape) Bishop wasn't ever truly taken advantage of in the passing game. The guy was extremely active, all over the field and had what I think is the first hit by a Green Bay defender all year that stopped a ball carrier in his tracks.

Second of all, no one, and I mean no one, is talking about how well Pat Lee played as the nickel corner. Yes, he got beat a couple times. That's what happens when you play corner in the NFL - you get beat. The good ones shake it off, bounce back and get better. It's only one game, but I liked what I saw from Lee.

Finally, I was close to shocked at how well Andrew Quarless played. It's clear they intend to groom him as the heir to Finley if they can't resign the emerging star, or as a serious compliment down the stretch. Yes, there were one or two plays where he looked like a rookie - which is completely to be expected. But he made some great catches in tight spaces and seemed to have good snap at the top of the few routes I could see.

These are encouraging signs going forward. Now let's just hope some of the veterans pick up their play to go along with the surprising play from the youngsters.

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PackJoe's picture

You know what the diff between Us and any other team. Every year we can expect a good team, despite of all setbacks and injuries. Unlike some purple team who will stare at blank after 2010.

Bryan's picture

I don't like the idea of "heir to Finley" so soon in his career even if it was just speculation haha.

Wiscokid's picture

I like the idea of Quarless and Finley being on the field at the same time. We haven't had two good receiving tight ends since Chumura and Jackson. A total nightmare for defenses to match up against.

DP's picture

It is great to see a positive assessment of the game/team. I am getting sick of hearing and seeing all the doubt and negativity surrounding this team, no matter how much of it is deserved. IT IS OUR TEAM people and nothing POSITIVE is going to come out of being NEGATIVE towards them. I believe we can overcome the majority of set backs and continue our march towards Dallas.

Call it faith.

bomdad's picture

Dont know if you mentioned it in another post, but Raji was impressive. On the Skins last drive he penetrated the interior line and nailed Torain 5 yards deep.

Josh's picture

We have probably 2 of the best and most underrated defensive players in the league this year...B.J. Raji and Tramon Williams

corey jenkins's picture

Yes on Lee, I was really suprised how active he was. He didn't look lost out there-- for once.

Did he "start" the game at nickel, and what happened to Bush? I can't imagine Lee has passed both Underwood and Bush on the depth chart? Peprah was at safety, so.... Whadya say Brian?

packeraaron's picture

Lee did indeed start at Nickel because they had Bush practice mostly at safety all week.

Jersey Al's picture

You shouldn't be shocked by Quarless. I've been screaming from the rooftops that he has a ton of talent. Watched him at Penn State. Excellent hands, runs good routes and a better blocker than you would expect. Still very young, needs to fill out physically and mature mentally. (Just like Finley did...)

Bishop backed up his big talk. Let the Hawk watch begin...

Lee did well, but lets reserve judgement until they go up against a team with top-tier receivers and a more accurate passer.

packeraaron's picture

See, I love that last part. While I agree, it just gets maddening that we can't give out praise without qualifiers each and every time. First its "Our secondary sucks." They play well. "Our secondary sucks against veteran QBs" They play well against a veteran QB. "Our secondary sucks against good receivers" And on and on and on.

I KNOW this is not exactly what you're saying Al - but I see the mentality from fans all over the internet and it drives me bonkers. I'm giving praise when its due (and its due Lee after that game) - if and when he has a stinker, I'll say that too.

Jersey Al's picture

So you agree, but you don't? I have no problem with qualifying performances. it's part of the evaluation process. I also call it being a realist.

packeraaron's picture

I agree that it was only one game against sub-par receivers. But it's still a good game by Lee.

bleedsgreen's picture

I'm not ragging on Quarless overall, but did anyone else think his endzone route on 4th and 1 was less than stellar? A shorter angle, going more down the end line would have gotten him more separation and perhaps an easier pass from AR. It was a play where I thought, "damn, Finley would have made that work."

Still, he's working hard and he's green. Support him 100%.

packeraaron's picture

The problem with this critique is that you don't know what the route is supposed to be. If he's supposed to run a corner, it's a perfect route and a better throw means a TD. While there might have been a spot adjustment available, I can't damn a rookie for running the route he's told to run.

Ruppert's picture

It certainly is hard to fault the receiver on that play when Rodgers' pass never got higher than the defender's helmet.

I really think Bedard might be right that Rodgers got his head rattled on that (stupid) QB sneak. I rewound it a bunch, and from the side, in slo mo, you can definitely see some sudden movement to his head. I wouldn't normally think it was enough of a hit to cause a problem, but it was a hit directly into the side of his helmet. That's the one spot that even a small hit can do damage.

bleedsgreen's picture

I hear you both. It was indeed a bad pass and may have been the route as planned. I was frustrated that, if memory serves me correctly, a big lumbering D lineman or linebacker, smothered Q on the route he did run. That said, a better pass woulda... coulda.... shoulda...

Damn, why are we even in a position to be worrying about such things?

2010 so far is a year of simultaneously oversized expectations and undersized achievements. Truth be told, as much as I hate to say it, Rodgers may be the biggest disappointment after 5 games. (Not that I don't expect him to get multi-game red hot any time here....)

jeremy's picture

Quarless's holding call on the back side of a inside zone running play was inexcusable even for a rookie. Based on the shot of him fuming on the sideline with Brandon Jackson hollering in his ear, I'm pretty sure he knows it too. Hopefully he's learned and will not repeat.

Ryeguy812's picture

Don't forget Mike Neal. Artiss Hicks will be having nightmares about Neal for the rest of the season. He got absolutely abused

packeraaron's picture

Totally agree, but I had included him in the Good Bad and Ugly and wanted to spotlight guys I hadn't mentioned. But again - totally agree.

Cole's picture

This could go down as one of the best drafts in packer history.

Bulaga, Neal, Quarless, Burnett (still think he will be great), Newhouse...

Obviously we have to wait and see on starks.

jeremy's picture

We could consider Shields a part of the current crop as well.

jeremy's picture

Zombo too.

packeraaron's picture

Its early but it does look promising. Then you consider it is coming on the heels of a good 09 (Raji, Matthews, Jones, even Underwood if he ever gets back on the field) and you can see a solid core forming.

zub_a_dub's picture

Bishop looked good, bottom line he made plays where we stopped them with only a 2 yard or less gains, not like Hawk hanging on getting dragged for 2 or 3 yards more.

I understand Bishop takes more risks, but so does Ray Lewis, at times these guys will give up a play or two, but they will make plays that stop drives, something Hawk has not been able to do in the last 2 years.

Morli's picture

Our D#, even without Barnett, could cause havoc down the road. Especially with Pickett, Bigby and Harris returning.
Gosh, there is not a single player on this unit I am unsatisfied with, if CWood can reduce his penalties a bit and B. Jones continues his improvement(he took a step last sunday).
DLine, with Pickett, is best in the league. Period. Point blank.

BrianD's picture

As part of your Pat Lee discussion, it merits mention that he failed to accomplish anything in the return game on Sunday.

packeraaron's picture

This, unfortunately, is true.

Cole's picture

If, and its a big if, starks ever gets healthy enough to play I would like to see if he can return kicks.

CJ in Guatemala's picture

Starks has been 2 years away from football according to reports. I would be happy if he is able to practice and run without having that hamstring re-injured again :)

davyjones's picture

Starks is raw--he is less than a rookie having missed his SR year and pretty much all of training camp and the season. He will not be the answer to the percieved "lack of a running game". I'm not sure they even activate him this year given that they'd then have to remove someone else from the roster. Fact is, in average yds per carry, GB ranks 6th in the NFL .1 yds behind MN and the vaunted AP and .1 yd AHEAD of the Titans and Chris Johnson--GB averages 10 atts less than Titans however. If you want a running game, you gotta try and run. Starks will have minimal impact, if any, on this team, this year.

If youth is really served, is it possible Tauscher sees the IR?

WoodyG's picture

The latest on Starks is that he's ready to go ..... Hard to IR a healthy player who is also your draft pick ..... I could see Nance being shown the door to make room for Starks ...... Nance is only guaranteed a minimum of 3 weeks on active roster so the timing would coincide .....

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