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Yes, The Packers Should Win It For Driver

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Yes, The Packers Should Win It For Driver

I'm not one of those observers who thinks that the drop in production from Donald Driver is due to his advancing age or his "wearing down" in some way. Yes, he missed a game for the first time in forever earlier this season - and his overall numbers when he has been on the field have taken a noticeable dip from his usual steady output.

But watching plays like the incredible touchdown against the 49ers and seeing his ability to still make plays up the sideline and his continued fearlessness over the middle tells me there's still some gas left in the tank.

That said, there is no question Driver is nearing the end of his career, and while he has spent the week telling reporters he doesn't want to make this week about "winning one for Driver" - it is most certainly time for the Packers to win one for Driver.

All the guy has done since coming into the NFL as a 7th round pick is entrench himself as the heart of the Packers franchise. He's gone from being on the bubble (I remember arguing with friends about how Charles Lee would outlast Driver on the roster. Oops.) to being the all-time leading receiver of the most venerable franchise in NFL history. Not bad for a guy who comes from a pretty rough background and who has become a shining example of possessionalism and the elder statesman of the locker room. From the quality work he has done through his foundation to his foray into writing children's books, Driver represents the Green Bay Packers in the best ways possible when away from the team.

The Packers have flirted with the Super Bowl several times during Driver's career, most recently in 2007 when Brett Favre's throw to Driver in overtime was intercepted and all but destroyed the best chance Driver had had up to that point in his career.

When the Packers made the decision to move on from Favre and go with a young, untested Aaron Rodgers, Driver would have not been human if he didn't begin to think that maybe his window to get to the Super Bowl had closed. Of course, the opposite has turned out to be true, with the Packers once again one game away from playing on the biggest stage in the world.

Charles Woodson has gone and lost a Super Bowl and wants nothing more in his life than to play for another championship. Ryan Pickett, Chad Clifton, and Cullen Jenkins are also respected veterans that deserve a shot at a ring.

But no one on the Packers current roster deserves the chance to play for the Lombardi Trophy the way Donald Driver does. The man came into the NFL as a member of the Green Bay Packers and will no doubt remain a Packer for every day of his professional life.

Win it for Donald Driver.

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FraijNT's picture

Couldnt agree more... Driver is one of the greatest Packers of all time... I'd love nothing more than to see him get a championship before he goes out.

Satori's picture

Do you remember when GB tried to trade Driver to KC ?

I believe it was when Javon Walker was around, but there were significant talks about moving him at that point.

Thankfully, it never came to fruition and we reap the benefits of a truly special player and person in GB

I don't care who they win it for so long as the Lombardi Trophy returns to its rightful home

Kathy W's picture

Nicely done, Aaron, and I couldn't agree more. I would add that if I had written an article, it would have been 1000+ pages long - so great is my admiration for Double D both as a player and as a man. Starting with his infectious grin, even after hard hits (when it's even bigger - take that defender!) to his awesome Foundation and his tireless acts of giving back. This man truly represents all that we fans hold as the standard for Packer excellence.

ZaphodBeeblebrox's picture

I remember watching training camp in '99 and Driver caught everything. He put on a clinic on making the team as a 7th round pick. Often wondered why he never got a shot - still remember, in October of '01, his clutch leaping 3rd down grab against the then-world champion Baltimore Ravens to help ice the game. He started getting more reps and passes after that.

Also remember being at Lambeau the day that Terry Glenn arrived. Across the parking lot came flying this black Escalade w/Driver's personalized plates - he came in to meet Terry. Good, team-first guy, class act. I desperately want the Packers to win one for him. I agree that his time is not up, but it's getting closer...

hyperRevue's picture

Oh, man...the Terry Glenn era...ugh.

Jeff Pieters's picture

Ugh, indeed. Terry Glenn. I still remember watching the 2002 Week 17 loss to the Jets, a meaningless game where Glenn caught some passes, surpassed some statistical milestones, and upped the Packers' compensation to his former team. (Would it have been the Pats?) Vintage Mike Sherman.

Now, Driver. Yes, they must get the man a ring!

JoePackersNYC's picture

Great article, Aaron. Not much else to say. Donald Driver is a class act. It's been wonderful to watch him play all these years. Such a fun guy.

Can't wait for Sunday. Go Pack Go.

jdondlinger's picture

As a sophmore in high scool in 99' I remember going to training camp for a day that summer and getting my Packers mini helmet signed by a rookie WR who at the time wore #13 and I wasn't sure if he would even be on the team come opening Sunday. Well, he has been on the team opening Sunday for the past 12 years. A outstanding player and a class act. Win it for Drive guys!

RockinRodgers's picture

I totally agree. Win it for Driver. Also win it for my sanity. Which is slowly going away.

cow42's picture

i am a basket case right now.
this article did not help at all.

before i read it i was holding on by a thread.

now? i am completely off the deep end.

if there is any justice in the universe, the Pack will win.

Lynn Dickey 12's picture

There's nothing left to read, nothing more to learn. Just block, tackle, and hold on to the football!

Go Pack Go.

Bearmeat's picture

Yep.. me too... PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WIN!!!!

Ruppert's picture

I think it's injuries that have slowed DD up this year. I re-watched the week 1 Philly game before we played them again in the playoffs, and DD was quick, strong, fast, tenacious...just like always. I think he's just a little nicked up right now, but the way he trains, I fully expect him to be back doing the same stuff next August.

I'm about to declare it an official household holiday, starting right now, for the whole weekend. The bar is open.

PresidentRaygun's picture

My friends are mostly Bears fans, and watching the Atlanta game last week, they were telling me how much they love Donald Driver. How can you not?

bogmon's picture

Great interview with Driver on PFT Live today!

You can sense that Driver is feelin' it...he knows this is the shot....
Woodson knows it too!
The time is right...I believe Chicago is the biggest obstacle. Playing on neutral turf in the SuperBowl is an advantage for the Pack.
The team needs to put it all out there in Soldier field and get this one for the 'old man'.


Cuphound's picture

Amen, Aaron. Amen!

AJKUHN's picture

Looking forward to a billboard with his giant smile and the trophy on highway 41. True Packer people. (I am ok if they win it for Woodson too.)

Charles's picture


Nagler at his best, speaking truth to (football) power!

Jim's picture

The first down shimmy!!! And a Million dollar smile. Gotta love double D!

FITZCORE1252's picture

Love me some Driver. Love him. But screw that, WIN IT FOR FITZCORE1252. I mean, It's been since '96 since the guys brought me home a title! So get it for me and DD.


WayneF's picture

Heck, win it for me. I've been wearing the same lucky underwear since 1996. Swore I wouldn't change it until they won it all again.

My wife would appreciate it. Thanks guys.

FITZCORE1252's picture

LOL, you stinky bastard! It's been 14+ years, when do those dingy undies become "unlucky" in your mind? I'da scrapped 'em in '03! Haha

BLACK HAWK's picture

Let's win it for all of us!!! DD wants it, no drops,....that goes for the entire receiving core....let's go get it!!!

FITZCORE1252's picture

Like it

Oppy's picture

In a perfect world, the players on the roster would win it for themselves, because, you know, it's a competitive sport, they're supposed to naturally want to play their best and succeed, and it's their (well-compensated) job.

Of course, if they aren't self-motivated enough to want to put forth their best efforts and justify their pay checks, by all means, win it for Donald Driver. He's a nice enough guy. Whatever it takes.

packeraaron's picture

Can't they be both self-motivated AND want to win it for Driver? Yes, of course they can.

Ruppert's picture

This. One's. For. Don.?

PackersRS's picture

I'd like to think that when they woop the floor with the Bears Sunday, they'll be doing it for me.

packsmack25's picture

Nah, for me. It's my birthday tomorrow.

tramon island's picture

i totally agree with you aaron. along side driver and wood, i would say winning one for dom would be pretty sweet also. i was surprised to find out that dom doesn't have a ring after 25 tough years in the business.

Black Hawk's picture

Happy Birthday PackSmack25!!! I bet all you want for your BDay is a Packer victory!

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