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Woodson Wants to Keep Playing, Preferably for a Contender

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Woodson Wants to Keep Playing, Preferably for a Contender

The Green Bay Packers may be on the verge of releasing veteran defensive back Charles Woodson, but the future Hall of Famer isn't ready to start his five-year clock towards Canton, Ohio just yet.

According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, who spoke with agent Carl Poston, Woodson sounds like he has "a lot of football left" and wants to continue playing for a contender.

Woodson, who will turn 37 next October, spent seven years in Green Bay, where he won a Super Bowl and 2009 NFL Defensive Player of the Year. He intercepted 38 passes with the Packers, including league-leading totals in both 2009 and 2011.

Green Bay has won 74 regular-season and six postseason games since signing Woodson in 2006.

Some potential fits for Woodson could include the New England Patriots, Denver Broncos and Houston Texans.

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Evan's picture

Nagler also tweeted about Atlanta.

If I was a betting man, I'd put money on New England. They need all the DB help they can get.

CSS's picture

I would guess they sign Vollmer, Talib, Welker and others before dropping money on Woodson. No way Woodson plays for veteran league minimum. Assuming the Patriots up for any of the above players, in addition to the cap room their 8 total 2013 draft picks consume, I can't see them taking on Woodson.

Again, I would look at Seattle. They already have the corners and safety. Would deploy Woodson like an extra linebacker in nickle.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Brock and Salk were talking about Woodson coming to Seattle today... For whatever that's worth...The local media seems to like it.

Point Packer's picture

Of course they do, they'll kiss (insert Seattle sports teams here)'s butt no matter what they do. Can't stand those guys.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Richard Sherman was on NFLTA... Begging Woodson to play there too.

Jamie's picture

I don't get that move at all. They've already got Chancelor and Thomas back there at safety and Sherman and Browner at the corners. So where are they looking to put him, lined up against the slot? He can't play there anymore. He got absolutely smoked by Reggie Wayne.

RayRhodes's picture

He is a shell of his former self. I would love to see him succeed but I don't think he has anything left in the tank.

Denver's picture

He'll probably still get in, but another ring would cinch him in the PFHOF I'd think. Too bad that didn't happen with the Pack.
Remains to be seen if he ends up on a contender, but how awesome would it be if the Pack played his team in a big game? I'd take #12 in that match up at this point, that's for sure.

Point Packer's picture

I hope he goes to the AFC so I don't have to root against him.

bryce's picture

Agree Point Packer.

Derek's picture

"He'd like to go play for a contender, win another Super Bowl."

No, I think I'd rather play for KC or the Raiders or the Lions. I don't want to make the playoffs or play in a SB. I'd rather start golfing sooner.

No brainer there.

Mojo's picture

What was interesting to me about CWoods release is, it seems apparent the Pack are not interested in him at any price. It appears to me that it was CWoods play - more so than pay - that cost him a roster spot.

Evan's picture

It was also reported that Woodson and his agent weren't interested in paycut because they believe there will be plenty of interest in him.

Derek's picture

we'll see how true that is. My bet, not that true.

MarkinMadison's picture

Someone will pick him up and overpay him, but probably not a real contender. Love him. Not sure who will lead this D without him. But it was time.

NoWayJose's picture

I think it was a matter of respect. There probably was a price that Ted was willing to pay for Woodson next year. But Ted respected Woodson too much to make a low-ball offer.

If I had to guess, I'd think Ted wishes he could find a way to get 21 on the roster and that he doesn't think he's totally out of gas. But it would have been in a supporting/backup role and combined with the injury risk, it didn't warrant an offer worthy of Woodson.

We will miss his leadership. Someone needs to step up. Looking at you, CMIII.

redlights's picture

TT didn't offer him the chance to re-structure because CWood hated Capers' (lack) of adjustments. He hinted after the loss, but is too professional to say it. $10M will keep my mouth closed, too.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

He'll go back to the Raiders

imfubared's picture

I'm sure your correct but I wonder just who would want him? Teams cannot discount his performance or lack of the last two years. We all know that football is a 'what have you done for me lately sport' and to me that is his downfall.
There are just too many talented people and younger people out there now who have the legs and stamina this guy does not have.

tundravision's picture

LOL..."he caught that ol' Super Bowl bug"? Yeah, that's been going around.

I'm somewhat surprised (maybe just had gotten my hopes up) that he'd take a cut and play full-time FS, but all I needed to see was Colin Kaepernick easily putting distance between he and Woodson to make me resentfully come to realize that CW's days in GB were numbered.

Add to that the need to clear cap space, and its clear that Packer players will be evaluated by their contribution on the field versus their cap hit this offseason. Don't think Thompson is going to be paying mediocrity big-time money when he has Rodgers, Matthews, and Raji to get under contract.

dawg's picture

Thank you Mr Woodson, you are a true Pro!
The Queens are drooling over a GJ-CW. Ha.
Sorry to say, teams will over pay for these to veterans!
Our back end is ok, it's the front end and lb's that need work! WE need speed, and or power!
TT, big D draft didn't work to his favor last yr!
This team needs trench help, both sides!!!!
BUT, I do agree w/ drafting best man up!
Perry was an over reach!
Someone please keep TT out of the draft room until the 3 round!, then he scores!
Thats why he trades down!
Exception #52.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

'when he has Rodgers, Matthews, and Raji to get under contract."

Those guys have contracts coming up, eh? I hadn't heard! :-)


dawg's picture

We lost Schneider, Mckenzie and Dorsey last couple ys. in front office!
And when you lose front office, what about scouts?

dawg's picture

Yeah, they are signed per team, BUT there is a buddy system, right?

dawg's picture

TT's legacy hits a new spectrum.

imfubared's picture

Maybe Chucky is looking for another pay check to keep his winery going? I've followed his career from Michigan, via Oakland to the Packers and what a player.
I've also see wayyyyyy too many athletes, especially boxers, embarrass themselves staying beyond their abilities. Some just for the money others foolishly thinking they still had it.
Don't embarrass yourself Chucky, take the cleats off and enjoy retirement, You've got nothing to give. Your legs and shoulders are shot and if anything the last two years should have proven to you your done.

xuyee's picture

Have we ever heard someone say, "I'm not interested in playing for a contender. Just make me a cap-eater on some loser team."? Maybe Larry Fitzgerald? Hey, maybe we can pick up Dwayne Bowe for cheap by just pointing at Larry Fitz and saying, "You don't wanna be like that guy."

James's picture

Good luck Woodson. Where ever you go. Thanks for the great years, the points, and the leadership. We know you are at the end of your career and wish you would have retired as a Packer, but we understand. You have bills to pay and retirement contracts to firm up. Don't worry about what team to play for next. It doesn't matter. Finish up and have some fun in retirement. Good luck!

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