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Woodson Needs To Play More, Talk Less

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Woodson Needs To Play More, Talk Less

A lot of hey was made after the Viking game about Charles Woodson's statements regarding Dom Capers not blitzing enough and how the cutting of Anthony Smith had left the secondary vulnerable. And while I agree with both those statements, I'd hope that Woodson would talk a bit less after a game in which he played so horribly.

Which he most certainly did.

No, he wasn't a target the way Al Harris obviously was. And no, he didn't get near enough opportunities to rush the passer. But going back and watching just Woodson it's very clear he needs to do more with the chances he IS given. If Woodson is going to live up to the hype that was generated this preseason (and I fully admit to being on board that bandwagon) he needs to play much, much better than he did Monday night.

Below is possibly the most ergergious of his offenses against the Vikings. I remember watching it live and wondering aloud (with many profanities thrown in) how, on a 3rd and 9, the tight end can be left so wide open for an easy first down when the Packers had the Viking offense pinned deep in its own territory. The answer? Woodson blows the coverage. Take a look: He clearly has the tight end in man coverage, shadowing Shiancoe as he's going across the formation. Unfortunatley, Woodson gets caught looking at and being drawn up by the playaction, allowing Shiancoe an easy release into the flat and a completion for the first down. Unforgivable.

The Packers have few truly exceptional players. Woodson is one of them. When your blue chip players play badly, you usually lose. Woodson needs to refocus on his game, shut the hell up about everything else and get back to playing dominating football.

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Packsmack's picture

His shadowing of Shiancoe could just as easily have been a disguised blitz. He never even made an attempt at coverage there, which would lead me to believe it was some sort of designed run blitz in case of a draw play. On that play, it looks like he might have been Chillar's responsibility, as well. It's just hard to tell who goofed without ACTUALLY knowing the play call.

AndrewInAtlanta's picture

Wow, you learn a lot when you can watch film after the fact. He really did blow that one - badly. Good stuff

packeraaron's picture

PS - We can't know for sure, that's correct. But it's pretty clear that Chillar has Kleinsasser in man and Wood has Shiancoe.

Packsmack's picture

Or, like I said, it could be a play where Woodson was supposed to have a disguised, delayed blitz and Chillar was supposed to have that zone. It looks like NO ONE is playing man on that play. See how they are all just sort of drifting? I don't really see anyone actually turn and run with one guy. Harris made the tackle, and the guy he should have had in "man" just ran straight down the field. Although the play happens so quickly and the camera angle doesn't really show the whole defense, so it's difficult to decipher.

Aaron Rogders's picture

You hater Aaron. I never thought you would be haten on our best defensive player though... I now have no doubt you are an undercover Bears fan.

packeraaron's picture

Think it's a man-under combo coverage with zone over the top. That's why Harris' eyes are on the qb and sees the throw enabling him to make the tackle. Either that or it's just mass confusion and it's a completely busted defense. Nahhh, not in Green Bay! ;)

Robert Greenfield's picture

Watched it like 10 times. Hard to say. Seemed to think Shiancoe would be covered - there were a lot of Packers there.

IronMan's picture


Packsmack's picture

I'm gonna go with an altogether busted play, and say it's Derrick Martin's fault. Please don't try and make me admit Woodson is capable of wrong-doing, because that's simply impossible. :) That said, I was more playing devil's advocate than disagreeing with you. Still, Woody wasn't the problem. Like I said, Martin (and Williams) royally screwed the "D" all day.

packeraaron's picture

Un. Forgivable. At least that's what Coach Engen used to say back at Appleton West ;)

Robert Greenfield's picture

Nagler, do you remember Shawna Vanden Heuvel (class of '95)? I saw her in a bikini once - it was awesome.

PackOne's picture

Oh my god. I don't believe this post even exists. It came across my phone and I immediately dropped what I was doing to comment.

So the guy POSSIBLY missed an assignment. For what, the first time this year? Big deal.

More disturbing for me though is the fact that anyone would want Woodson to quit talking. For once, we have a vocal leader who isn't afraid to tell things the way they are. I personally find it refreshing to have a passionate enough player willing to speak his mind with the sole intention of winning games.

If anyone should be talking it IS Charles Woodson. He is the heart of a defense, a dominating player, and not to mention future Hall of Famer.

I say let him say what he wants. We had a guy like that once and we didn't listen to him, at all. The last 20 games have proven just how well that strategy worked.

Just sayin'.

John's picture

I'm going to call you out for being ridiculous. Woodson has more than earned the right to be a vocal leader on this team. He has single-handedly carried the defense this year.

Showing one blown play as evidence of your premise that he needs to step it up, is like showing Rodgers' interception and suggesting he needs to play better this year. He's playing great and so is Woodsen. Can they be better? Of course. But should he be called out? It's a big stretch.

mark's picture

What John said.

packeraaron's picture

John - go watch the game again. Watch Woodson. He does not play well - at. all. I could give a flying leap what he's done outside of that game. For him to play so poorly and then spout off afterward is Terrell Buckley-esque.

John's picture

I'm not saying he played well. I'm saying that saying he needs to "play more" after one subpar game is unnecessary.

You don't want people judging this blog on one subpar post, do you?

natedogg's picture

The NFL Defensive Player of the Month for the start of the season may or may not have missed a play and you suggest he should focus more on his play than his mouth. I think his play is just fine as was his criticism. He's a competitor and were his statements really that harmful? It would be different if this was AJ Hawk you were talking about.

packeraaron's picture

John - they do it all the time. Trust me.

packeraaron's picture

natedogg - he didn't "miss a play". He blew a play that would have been huge had he made it. There's a big difference.
And I find it interesting that many have used the "so he blew one play" response along with "you highlight one play". Yes because, as I said in the post, it was the worst of the bunch. And no, I don't have the time to cut up a highlight reel of his mistakes. There are only so many hours in the day. But anyone who cares to sit down and watch Woodson on every defensive snap will see what I'm talking about.
Jeez, here I go killing cats again...

natedogg's picture

Look, we all know what kind of player Woodson is. He takes a lot of chances peeking in. He gets big plays doing that. There will be games where it doesn't pan out. I'm not excusing his bad play, but I think "bad" is relative as I think he is a gambler and I'll take that. His play has been very good this year and I think you can find a better subject to point at. Regardless, I don't have a problem with him being vocal. Honestly, the statements I read weren't that bad. Maybe I missed something. And I really think if you are going to spend the time isolating on one player it would be time better spent to look at our overrated linebacking core and the fact we have a safety playing in the wrong defense.

IronMan's picture

I think Aaron needs to hate less and love more. ;)

packeraaron's picture

Nice IronMan. Nice.

packeraaron's picture

natedogg - And I think your time would be better spent telling me how awesome I am. But I don't think that's going to happen either.

bucky's picture

1. Yes, Woodson blew that play. I don't know if Aaron's right about other plays, but he's right about this one.

2. Watch AJ Hawk on this play. The whole line is looking for a run, but Hawk plays with an intensity not seen since the local senior center checkers tournament.

3. I don't have a problem with guys on the team speaking out from time to time, at least if they generally deliver on the field. Woodson does that, even if he did not on this play (or even throughout the entire game, as Aaron clamis). I liked the attitude of a guy like Andre Rison on the Super Bowl team; I don't want a whole roster full of them, but I like having one or two guys to fire everyone else up.

4. I think I'm going to get Aaron a cat, so he can learn the joys that a cat can deliver.

natedogg's picture

I think you are awesome Aaron. ;-) now can you please focus on Hawk.

NickGBP's picture

I don't see anything wrong with Hawk on that play. It looks almost like a contain for both him in case Peterson goes out for a screen.

Not sure why Woodson would bite on that fake anyway. I mean I know it's Adrian Peterson back there, but still.

VApackerfan's picture

I saw Jarret Bush at the end of the play. I blame him.

Ron La Canne's picture

We wouldn't be talking about this play if TT had gone after Dawkins and/or Sharper before they kept Rouse.

Heh, Heh, Heh.

lebowski's picture

I dream of a world where all the Packers knew their assignments and played with unbridled intensity. I dream...

PackerHaiku's picture

Bad Vike's game for sure
Before that game however
He was MVP

nerdmann's picture

The defense struggled in third and longs, but they weren't the problem.
The problem was the offense, specifically the fact that we had no LT.

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