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With Lions Loss, Packers Control Own Playoff Destiny

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With Lions Loss, Packers Control Own Playoff Destiny

Following the Detroit Lions loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football, dropping their record to 7-7, the Green Bay Packers now control their own playoff destiny and their path to winning the NFC North division.

For that matter, so do the Chicago Bears. The Packers (7-6-1) and the Bears (8-6) play in Chicago in the season finale.

The Ravens won the game on a 61-yard field goal by Ravens kicker Justin Tucker with 38 seconds remaining.


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jack in jersey city's picture

what a game and i still haven't fully recovered from yesterday. GO PACK GO!!! also, go giants and eagles!!!

jmac3444's picture

This week was insane.

Walty's picture

Thank you to Romo, Stafford, and Justin Tucker for the early Christmas presents.

chris k's picture

They were in Calvin Johnsons head!!! He was getting nailed! Go Pack Go, keep the magic going :-P

4thand1's picture

Rodgers just kicked in MM's door. I'm playing, fuck the doc.

Lucky53's picture

Stafford made some real bonehead throws. Another choke job by the Lions. Confidence and momentum are powerful forces. It would be fantastic to have this come down to Packers v Bears on the last day. Classic football.

Idiot Fan's picture

It won't be easy, with the Steelers and especially the bears coming up, but to control our own destiny with two to play after all this team has been through is amazing.

Mojo's picture
WKUPackFan's picture

Stafford's receivers may be waiting for him outside the locker room. He darn near got some guys killed out there.

Bearmeat's picture

GB is going to win the division! Send the Bears home crying in their beers AGAIN!


PackerBacker's picture

Nihao from China.

Needless to say, me and my two other co-workers (Bears fans, yikes) were all very interested in this game. Couldn't watch it, but were all very happy to see the outcome. My co-workers seem to think the Bears will win the division. They're adorable.

GBFaninCA's picture

I'm so happy!!! Go Pack Go!!!

WiscoKid's picture

Something is beginning to feel special...way down deep (probably in my balls) may go away, but i really hope it doesn't...GPG

RunAndHyde's picture


Tundrabum's picture

Be sure to tell your doctor if it lasts longer than 4 hrs.

cLowNEY42's picture

This is cool and all, but... Packers still can't stop the run for shit.

I mean, like, NOT AT ALL.

If Dallas wouldn't have played "stupid ball" for an entire half...

fish and crane's picture

With Rodgers and Cobb back...hmm..

four wide Boykin, Cobb, Jones, Nelson and with Lacy in the backfield... what team matches up against that? How do you match up against that?

We won't be worried about the Packer run defense...

Idiot Fan's picture

With the way Jeffrey, Marshall, and Forte are playing, they're probably thinking the same thing about themselves.

Evan's picture

Their offense is clicking for sure...let's just hope Cutler is under center.

fish and crane's picture

true dat but it's Cutler

cLowNEY42's picture

"With Rodgers and Cobb back…hmm.."


He ain't comin' back.

Stop with that.

Buster's picture

More like Flynn & Boykin than Rodgers & Cobb. No bets for me this weekend.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Cobb is running routes as I type. Bill Michaels just received a text from Packers inside source that this week is slim yet possible but next week is likely for a Cobb return. So you stop with that, negative Nancy!

Bibbon Hazel's picture
Idiot Fan's picture

The Bears offense is really good and will not be easy to stop, but if there's any defense in the league worse at stopping the run than ours, it's the bears'. Their run d is historically, epically bad.

Idiot Fan's picture

To put it into perspective, PFF has the GB run defense ranked 27 out of 32, with a rating of -32.9. The Bears run defense ranks 32 out of 32, with a score of -114.8. The 31st ranked team (the Redskins) has a score of -63.4.

Ours is not good, but holy crap that Bears run D is shockingly bad.

RC Packer Fan's picture


Packers win in a game in which they were down by 23 points.

Packers are now in control of their destiny due to a 61 yard field goal by Justin Tucker, in which made it by 1'?

Insane last couple of days. Hopefully we get good news tomorrow that Rodgers will be able to play.

packsmack25's picture

Look out. The only team to go into Seattle and win in the last two years is Green Bay.

Norman's picture

I see what you did there.... Yeah!

cLowNEY42's picture

Packers would have ACTUALLY won if they would have played 2 halves of football... seems to be a trend.

PackerBliss's picture

People might actually care what you have to say if you weren't such a douche!

Seems to be a trend!

cLowNEY42's picture

But am I wrong?

RC Packer Fan's picture

Or... if the replacement refs wouldn't have f'd up...

cLowNEY42's picture

I still think that was a TD.

RunAndHyde's picture

Don't you daaaaaaare say that was a td.

RC Packer Fan's picture

As a Seahawks fan, I'm sure you did...

Bibbon Hazel's picture

AFter all the disappointing, under performing shit shows it comes down win and in. I must have written off this season a half dozen times and now they control their own destiny!! Arodge gets healthy, the defense gets a few key stops and turnovers while remaining stingy in the red-zone and anything can happen! No matter what happens its been quite a roller coaster ride and I just pray to everything holy that the Lions don't fire dirty Jim Schwartz!

Arlo's picture

Neither the Steelers or Bears are great by any means. Still wish AR was playing (for sure) and the defense would show up big for the next several games.

Morgan Mundane's picture

Bears. Your talking Bears when a very tough, very angry, very back to the basics Pittsburgh team is coming to town. They just kicked a very good Cinci team in the arse last week so lets not thing Bears.
If our non existant pass rush gives Rothelesburger time, he will pick us apart. Home field or not and they play in nasty weather as well so that's not an advantage.

Idiot Fan's picture

True enough. Bears also have the Eagles next week, so this isn't easy for anybody.

RunAndHyde's picture

Eagles are gettin a win this Sunday to help us out a little more!

Idiot Fan's picture

I was thinking about that - an Eagles win actually doesn't do much for us, does it? The Bears are a half-game ahead of us, so if they lose to the Eagles and we beat the Steelers, we still have to beat the Bears to win the division. If they lose to the Eagles and we lose to the Steelers, then we need to hope (I think) for the Lions to lose to the Giants.

Nevertheless, being a transplant in Philly, I'll be at the Eagles/Bears game rooting for the home team on Sunday.

Evan's picture

I think you're right. If the Bears lose next week and we win, we'll be 1/2 game up - so we need to win out no matter what.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Only way the Bears losing helps us is if Packers lose this weekend. If Packers lose and Bears win, Packers season is over.

RunAndHyde's picture

Not if the vikes beat the lions in two weeks ...which is happenin.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Bears will have the edge over the Packers. Packers are 1/2 game behind the Bears right now. If they lose and the Bears won, they would be 1 1/2 games back entering the final game.

Phatgzus's picture

33 straight made field goals and the 33rd was a 61-yarder that just "tucked" itself over the very corner of the goal post-heckuvva kicker ya got Balty, shame you didn't have him 2 years ago. Regardless, thank you.

Ranch Tooth's picture

Packers 2013: Team of destiny? What a great story this would make..

Globalpack's picture

Can we stop using the phrase "control .... Destiny". Destiny by definition is pre ordained and not controllable. I know it's picky, but it kills me. It should also at least bother you all.

fish and crane's picture

The one and only Destiny I ever knew was in total control...and I thank the stars to this day that she wasn't a packer.

Uncle Louie's picture

Was she pretty? Lol

fish and crane's picture

Pretty? You bet....
pretty frikin frightening...thunder bolts of lightning

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