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Winston Moss To Interview For Rams Job

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Winston Moss To Interview For Rams Job

I know a lot of Packer fans are suspicious of Winston Moss because 'his linebackers aren't anything special'. Well, yes, you're right, they're not. But that's not Moss' fault. He coaches the position, not the schemes. He teaches technique. And there's a reason McCarthy made him Assistant Head Coach, namely because he knows a hell of a lot more about Moss' coaching ability than any fan does.

Well, it seems some other NFL people have taken note because Moss is apparently going to interview for the Rams' head coaching job.

Now, this could simply be a case of the Rams trying to appease the NFL's ridiculous 'Rooney Rule' (don't get me started) but I think the word is getting out that Moss is the real deal. It will be interesting to see how this affects McCarthy's decisions with the defensive coaching staff, because it seems quite obvious that things are going to change this week. It will also be great if Moss gets the job because, low-and-behold, the Packers play the Rams in St. Louis next year.

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Ron La Canne's picture

Good! I'm not sure where he fits long-term in GB. Don't see him playing second fiddle to MM much longer anyway.

packeraaron's picture

Oh I don't know - I wouldn't mind seeing him at defensive coordinator. I know everyone wants to bring in some 'name' from outside, but I think a competent replacement could do just fine in areas Sanders is deficient.

Good Fellas's picture

I love this blog! I just wish Brett Farve was still on the packers...

Ron La Canne's picture

Aaron, that's a possiblity. My question is this: Is he more like Jim Johnson or Bob Sanders in philosophy? No more soft defense schemes. After reading Wilde's article this morning the spin spewing from Sanders was so bad that I couldn't eat my second Krispy Kreme.

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

I'm trying hard to stay on the fence about Moss for the reasons you list. That said, I think a lot of fans are going to be disappointed if he is promoted. And I suspect some of those fans will be hyperventilating in disgust. What can you do?

packeraaron's picture

DDD - completely agree on the inevitable fan-overreaction. But Thompson and McCarthy can take anything from the fans after the Favre saga.

Ron - Moss had some very telling quotes this year suggesting that he had some major philosophical differences with Sanders. Time will tell...

PRC's picture

I for one will be very disappointed if he's "promoted" to DC and to me this whole thing just screams of the Rams doing the Packers a favor by raising the percieved demand for a player so we "look" ok promoting him to DC.

Someone please tell me what really good, tough, physical D's that Moss has coached...Oh wait, thats right he's never been a DC before has he? What has he ever done to give anyone the idea that he would be a good DC let alone a good HC?

I'd love to see some evidence that he has the experience/ability to be good at either. He was in charge of perhaps our worst unit on D this year.

PRC's picture

And speaking of technique...when was the last time you saw our LBs CONSISTENTLY play physical D with good solid tackling...they don't, their soft, they don't chuck crossing WRs, they don't tackle well, their "pad level" sucks because their always grabbing guys shoulder pads instead of lowering the shoulder and driving through the tackler. I want someone from the outside who will provide a fresh set of eyes, and from a D that plays good fundamentally sound, physical football.

I don't want the guy that was coaching the unit that even when they were in position tackled at the shoulders and got dragged for 2-5 yards every time.

MM, Just say no to Moss as DC...keep him as your assistant HC if you want but just say no as a DC.

packeraaron's picture

PRC - You have no idea what you are talking about. What had Steve Spagnola done before he became DC for the Giants and basically won a championship for them? You and I had never heard of him, he was some no-name guy on Jim Johnson's staff in Philly. Now, he's the hottest coordinator in the league. What about Harbaugh in Baltimore? He was a Special Teams coach for God's sake. What did you know about him before he was a Head Coach?

We have no idea what Moss is capable of - McCarthy does.

packeraaron's picture

The LBs inability to tackle is on the LBs. That and McCarthy's non-padded, non-tackling Training Camps. That's not on Moss.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

Frankly, I don't know much about Moss so I'll trust MM on whatever he decides. I do have a strong opinion about Sanders tho (think Mike Singletary at the microphone)...Can't work with him, Can't coach with him, Can't win with him. Can't do it.

PRC's picture

Aaron, I have not idea what I am talking about? Really, you yourself said it: Steve Spagnola was "on Jim Johnson’s staff in Philly". And he was not just some "no name" he was the DB coach and their DBs have/had a reputation for being very well coached. What scheme has Moss ever worked in thats been ranked top 10 in anything? I am not saying we have to have a guy who's been a DC, I am saying I want a guy from a D scheme that is tough and physical and has consistantly had decent success in the NFL. Moss's only "credentials" are that he coached LBs with the Saints under Haslett and worked with "longtime NFL assistant Rick Venturi".

As far as Harbaugh he's from a "football" family, he's coached for 25 years including being an assitant HC in colledge and then coaching under one of the NFLs best coaches (andy reid) for 9 years and in that span having the number one ranked STs unit for 6 years running. The guy was not a no name, he had a ton of experience and was well respected.

I'll say it again, I don't care if the guy we bring in has been a DC before but I want him to have experience with an attacking D scheme that is consistently in the top of NFL defenses and that plays physically.

Maybe Moss would be good but I have no indication from his history that he is anything special and I have a lot of indication from his current assignment based on the play of the players he currently coaches that he is not anything special. Guys being out of postion I can blame on scheme. Tackling is a football fundamental and if its not the LB coaches job to teach/instruct/correct his players when they are tackling for shit then yeah I guess I don't know what I'm talking about...(where the hell is the sarcastic roll eyes emoticon when you need it)

BTW, ATLs HC probably would have been a better example for you to use as a "no name"...but then what do I know, right?

packeraaron's picture

Again - don't know what you don't get here, but Moss' job is NOT to teach linebackers how to tackle. Sure, he can reinforce the point that they need to wrap-up, put their head across the chest, lift from the legs, etc. But he can only reinforce that so many times - to borrow from Carville - it's the players, stupid.

Look, I understand your point, but completely disqualifying Moss on your personal 'Wish list' just because you don't think his bio is sufficient is ludicrous. You have no idea what kind of coach he is. No one outside of NFL circles does. I trust that if he's good enough for McCarthy, he's good enough for me.

Now watch - Sanders doesn't get fired and this is all moot anyway. ;)

PRC's picture

Aaron if MM decides he's the guy we're all going to live with it.

Just because Moss isn't on my personal wish list doesn't mean I don't know what I'm talking about. By your criteria we shouldn't even be discussing this and giving reasons because by your criteria none of us have any idea what the hell we are talking about.

And if you think the Tackling problem is "just the players stupid" then what the hell do we even have coaches for? Coaches teach tackling technique, its one of the parts of Moss's, and all the D staff's job. Its a shared responsibility (coaches and players) and if the players can't consistently execute like they are supposed to its the coaches job to put in someone else and its TT's job to supply someone else.

PRC's picture

Hey Aaron,

On a lighter note, how about Eric Mangini for our DC. It would just complete the Farve circle of love. :)

PRC's picture

Also just to be clear, I am not saying that Moss can't be a good DC or would not be a good choice. He might be but I would far rather go for the "safer" pick from a system that has been proven to work in the NFL year in and year out and is known for its physicality.

If Moss ends up being the choice I'll certainly give the guy a shot to earn my trust. I'm just saying that right now given the choice I'd far rather us go with a guy that either A. has some history as a DC and has been successful or B. has a fair amount of assistant experience and is from one of the "reputable" nfl defensive power houses.

Ron La Canne's picture

The defense needs to change its' scheme. Doesn't matter where the change comes from. Change means AGGRESSION 60 minutes a game. The first time the word PREVENT is used fire him!

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I thought everyone wanted Moss.

Nevermind, different season.

PRC's picture

Nicely timed Packone...funny!

Here's a dark horse for you, how about this guy:
Peter Giunta - NY Giants Secondary Coach
Interesting prospect, he was the DC of the very successful Rams D in 99 when they won the superbowl and he currently coaches the secondary for the Giants under Spagnolu

IPBprez's picture

Not sure where you slice the difference of Moss only being responsible for technique, not scheme. Couldn't the scheme be just about anything as long as the Linebackers actually implement good technique? Hawk has ended up being only average, at best, no matter which LB position he played.

I would have to hear from someone just exactly what parts of our (so-called) success that MOSS had a hand in. Someone want to enlighten the masses on this genius of Winston Moss? It couldn't be the Play calling, unless you call conservative the best option ever. From my recliner, I've seen practically nothing on MOSS. Anyone? Bueller?

DC should be an effort to bring back Jim Bates. It would be a huge step to have MAC insist Bates take another stab at it.

packeraaron's picture

Hawk is average because Hawk is average, not because of any linebackers coach. And where in the world did I or anyone else call Moss a genius? McCarthy thought enough of him to promote him. Of course, he didn't check with the 'Recliner Brigade'. Give me a break.

That said - I lobbied for the firing of Sanders and for them to bring back Bates on October 5th...

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