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Williams Reportedly Signed His Tender

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Williams Reportedly Signed His Tender

I officially don't care about anything anymore until Training Camp

From Bedard:

A league source close with knowledge of the situation said that Rodney Williams, Tramon Williams' agent, informed the NFL Players' Association late last night that he signed his original tender with the Packers on Monday evening and Williams said "it was sent back to the Packers."

In that case, the Packers should have informed the league in time for Williams' name to appear on the league's internal transaction list.

But Williams' name was not on the list. According to two league sources, the only Packers player that team reported as signed was end Johnny Jolly.


UPDATE: Bedard again:

Tramon Williams signed his tender with the Packers before the deadline and will make $3.1 million this season.

Funny side note: When I visited the NFL, they said they had Favre's much-anticipated reinstatement fax sitting in a machine for several hours before anyone noticed. In fact, they only knew it was there because there was a report that Favre had sent it.

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Andyman's picture

"In fact, they only knew it was there because there was a report that Favre had sent it."

Okay, that is damn funny.

jeremey's picture

No it wasnt.

bigfog's picture

I'd really like to see this guy get extended. He was playing decently last year, and could turn out to be really good.

some_dude's picture

Faxes can be pretty discreet things, at least your answer machine beeps at you, or your email flashes up.

PackersRS's picture

He'll get a contract extention before the first preseason game...

Tarynfor12's picture

They probably forgot to dot some i's and cross some t's.But I feel it's as good as done.

packeraaron's picture

Not as-good-as. It is done.

andrew's picture

im glad this got done.. i had tramon pegged to replace harris as soon as he got picked up.. but im curious as to why blackmon got switched to safety?.. being a mostly special teams.. nickle or dime package corner i dont see why they decided to make the switch to safety especially with the large amount of rookie safeties brought in

greenbowlpackerbacker's picture

Everyone get on board, Whoo Whoo

mark's picture

this is good news. tramon can be a great player in this league if he really goes balls to the wall and works his tail off. the ability is there.

FITZCORE1252's picture



DAWG's picture

MMM, Db's -OL - Rb's- ST worry me about this so called SB team. Anyone feel the same?
Don't get me wrong, we are good, BUT I don't get the 96 SB feeling here!
Players holding back on tenders, and Jolly-Underwood dealings, mmm Peter King curse?

FITZCORE1252's picture

Interesting, I was actually just thinking earlier this week how much certain things related to the current team ARE like the '96 team.

Everyone and their brother knows we have a lot of talent (just like '96). We "should" only get better on both sides of the ball this year (better O-line, J-Fin should absolutely scare people, 2nd year under Capers in the 34, ST's = nowhere to go but up). This is a team on the rise looking to get over the hump (just like '96).

I have an absolutely GREAT vibe going into this season. Some of the off the field things are not ideal, but this is a different era, EVERYTHING is exposed. Guys were doing drugs and cheating on their wives in '96, there just weren't cell phone cams and surveillance cams and every other thing you can think of to catch every indiscretion.

I've said it before - -
and I'll say it again; this team has more talent from top to bottom than the '96 squad. There's not another current team out there that I would swap rosters with, not one. And I will be disappointed if we're not in Dallas come Feb.


andrew's picture

this team has more talent.. but so does everyone else.. i feel like every team has lots of star players nowadays.. even the lions have a few good players its not really about talent.. its more about heart.. wanting to win and sometimes i wonder how much some of the players on the packers want it. i thought we had more talent than the vikings did last year they still swept us.. and the saints arent exactly covered in talent.. they have some star players.. but it was the fact that they wanted it more than anyone else that made them so good.. packers need to find a spark to motivate them to win games.. otherwise itll be like last year where we put up great numbers but dont win games

Ruppert's picture

I've been out of the loop lately due to working wayyyy too much, but...

Does this all mean that Bigby did NOT sign his tender? Wasn't he in the same boat as Jolly and Tramon? Somebody clarify for me..please?

If so, then he's an idiot, and the last fan on his bandwagon (me) just jumped off.

Chris's picture

The difference with Bigby's situation is the matter that he just loses very little money compared to the other two (information from JSOnline: Bigby would lose $54,000 - $1.759 million to $1.704 million.). So that is probably the reason he didn't sign the tender.

CHHQ's picture

Ruppert: Yes, as far as I know, Bigby has not signed anything yet. Apart from that. It's nice to see that the team is pretty much back together officially. Having Bigby would be a nice bonus though.

Go Pack Go!

CHHQ's picture

Fitzcore: Its the off-the-field stuff that really concerns me. Normally Ted is pretty strict on thy kind of stuff, but it seems like we've had somewhat of an epidemic recently. All I can say is that it had better stop when regular season comes around. I completely agree with you on the talent level thing (even though I was 9 months old when the Pack won that SB) but we cannot afford to lose any of that talent for stupid reasons like this recent stuff, like the Havner or Underwood issues. Luckily, the players involved so far havn't been central, starting players.

Go Pack Go!

andrew's picture

id call havner an important player.. he definitly fills a role in our offense.. and i agree about all of the problems i dunno if every girl is just deciding to call it rape when they hook up with a nfl player or what it is thats happening but somethin needs to be done cause its gettin a little old.. people say dont put yourself in that situation.. but unless your married how can you not put yourself in that situation? what are you going to do? just give up sex for the duration of your nfl career?

DAWG's picture

Fritz, I totally understand what your saying, BUT we don't have a Reggie,or a Brent, or a Kieth, or a Howord the return man, or the O- line or Gilbert the grave digger, or Robinson in the Dback, just say'n I think something's missing!
The Butler did it. Santana-Chamura,
we could go on ad on- but- are we ready ?
That's why we play the games!

FITZCORE1252's picture


No we don't have those people. We have a roster that compares very favorably however. Go through position by position and compare. '96 had better areas '10 has better areas, overall this team is more talented (on paper).

And yes, there is something missing that this team doesn't have... the Lombardi. Until they bring it home, it's all just speculation. But if they do, let the comparison's begin.


FITZCORE1252's picture

"we could go on ad on- but- are we ready ?"

Not sure what "are we ready" means? But if you're asking me if I'm ready to back up my take... You know I am.

I'll tell you right now, neither Keith or Chmura scared D-coordinators like #88, not even close. I'll take Collins over Eugene any day of the week. Gilbert was good, I have no doubt BJ can be better. I'll take 2010 #12 over 1996 #4 (just doesn't give the ball away). How many probowlers were on that O-line? Definitely not an 'elite' group. With the depth this past draft provided this group could easily have a huge turn around this year and be one of the best out there... I expect it. Did they have Woodson? Clay? Aaron, Donald, Greg or Finley?

Each team had/has their "Studs". Period.

andrew's picture

i think this is a great debate and i agree with dawg.. we are missing something.. the leader.. the guy who brings the spark we have talent everywhere.. but no one who gets emotionally tied into the game.. thats the thing the sb team that i havent really seen from anyone on the current team.. whenever we get into a close game it feels like we are the ones who lose.. i feel like they just dont have the heart.. its not about the talent.. when the game comes down to the very end who are the guys that are gonna make sure we go home with the win? i dont get the vibe that everyone on the team wants it.. you may be able to argue a few players do have the heart. woodson does for sure but its a team thing. i feel like they either win it by a ton or lose it when its close.. superbowl teams.. win the close games.. havent seen it happen yet

andrew's picture

by the way fitz your statements help prove my point.. the "star players" on the packers suber bowl team.. werent actually the best players in the league.. except for favre.. and i konw this may cause a lot of hate but i would take 96 favre over rodgers any day of the week favre threw picks.. its true.. but he won games.. at least when he was younger.. now that he has gotten older he doesnt have as much of that spark he had.. but thats why everyone loved favre.. he made things happen.. he could make a bunch of decent-good players look like stars.. they all wanted to win.. id rather take the guy who tries the hardest than the guy who is the most talented (assuming the guy who tries the hardest isnt like inept haha)

FITZCORE1252's picture

"superbowl teams.. win the close games.. havent seen it happen yet"

"i feel like they just dont have the heart"

Some young guys are growing/settling into their roles. This team will only get better. Rodgers, Jennings, Mathews, these are some of the guys with 'heart' and they will be the future leaders of this team. But it's nice to have the DD's and CW's around to provide veteran guidance/leadership. You question the 'heart', I don't one bit. I think they were in a transition year on defense and they got reminded of that by the 'elite' QB's. The offense settled in the 2nd half and if they play at that level, there's not a team out there more dangerous. The 2nd year under Dom should really improve the subtleties of his D and guys should be were they're supposed to on the back end. When we rattle off 13-14 W's, I doubt you'll be questioning 'heart'.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"the “star players” on the packers suber bowl team.. werent actually the best players in the league.. except for favre"

Boy, just can't say I agree with that. You have the best player on offense (Brent/MVP). And the best player on defense Reggie. Two of their 22 starters were the best in the league on their side of the ball. What more could a SB team ask for?

And the Favre vs. Rodgers thing is preference. I personally think Aaron is gonna set the league on fire this year. Favre was great back then, no doubt about it, keep in mind he had the #1 D to go along with it. I know we finished #2 last year, but there were a lot of holes. I don't recall the '96 D giving up 51 in the playoffs.

andrew's picture

this is true i like reading your comments by the way i know im late responding to this but i should anyways.. i agree that they did have a few studs.. but every team has some studs.. even the lions have some studs.. i agree that they were in a transition year.. and im not saying we dont have heart on the team.. the guys are all young.. im just lookin to see that guy step up and push the team to win the close games like the vikings games and i agree that our players will continue to grow and get better we have a lot of potential.. i would just like to see more primetime close game wins.. i believe thats why they let up 51 in the playoffs.. when we get to the big show they didnt have that guy.. and despite charles woodson being a star and a leader.. i dont see him as that guy.. if u understand what i mean.. i would love to see some of the young guys step up.. that was why i was so siked about hawk comin in.. he seemed like he could be that guy and lead by example and work hard to win games.. but he doesnt seem to be puttin his heart into it.. we need more talented try hard guys.. rather than try hard guys that just dont have the talent.. (daryn colledge) so im lookin to see the guys who make the big plays in the big games this season.. im lookin to see greg jennings and rodgers.. and hopefully matthews steps up as well to be the big play in big games guys.. but thats the element we are missing if you ask me.. outside of that we are really close to the ring

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