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Wilde & McCarthy Have Breakfast

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Wilde & McCarthy Have Breakfast

Great job by Jason Wilde getting us video of McCarthy at the NFC Coaches breakfast. Enjoy.

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foundindaho's picture

Nice. I loved Mike's face when he said he couldn't take that many sacks this year. I think maybe he knows how we feel. Or vice versa.

Ron LC's picture

I guess TJ has got some love.He didn't want to be too commital did he?

Franklin Hillside's picture

Let. Me. Eat.

packeraaron's picture


JerseyAl's picture

Hate the new hairstyle...

Ron LC's picture

MM's a casual kind of guy. The rumpled blue dress shirt and bad tie are really not him. A nice Harley T shirt would have done nicely.

Ruppert's picture

How is it that McCarthy and Campen and Philbin go round and round and round about Lang? McCarthy IS the boss, right? Not saying that he's the most qualified to make a decision, but that comment about "round and round" is a perfect illustration that the coaching regarding the offensive line in general is a mess.

dilligaff's picture

I thought the same thing the first I heard MM say that.

Our O-line has a lack of depth and age issues, things get pretty tricky when next week you face Jerad Allen, thus the debate begins.

If you take our current roster at the O-line, and get the top 5 coaches in the league to determine the starting 5, I bet you get 5 different combinations.

Now you take the same 5 coaches and ask them to pick the 5 starters from the Colt's roster, I bet you get 4 of the 5 with the same lineup.

frosty's picture

I think this is a bit of an oversimplification. A good boss wants you to disagree with him and explain why, despite the fact that he may still go with his plan. Sure, MM has final say, but I would be worried if they WEREN'T having these kinds of discussions. To think that MM would give it 20 minutes and say, "THAT'S IT, we're doing it my way" sounds a lot worse.

As far as who you would have start on the O-line...i think the only real question is at LG and MAYBE RT. You could plug Spitz, Colledge or Lang in at LG and right know I don't think anyone can say who would be the best. RT you could gamble and say Lang should start there over Tauscher. The real question to me is what the heck we do when someone inevitably gets hurt.

My guess is they'll probably get Colledge back in at LG unless he throws too much of a hissy fit. Then they'll keep Spitz as a guard/center backup and Lang as a backup to both tackle spots. Then they'll draft a guy or two. Is Deitrich-Smith practice squad eligible still? Not sure what happens to him in the scenario...

Raj's picture

Great shot of the guy picking his nose in the background.....too funny!

Jack's picture

Oh man, that was disgusting.

Brett Cristino's picture


I wouldn't look at it that way, the coaches work in unison and make decisions that way. The same way i'm sure Thompson consults with his team and Mccarthy before they Draft somebody. Of course Mccarthy and Thompson have the final say but not before they consult with their comrads, could be wrong but that's how I think it works.

Ruppert's picture

Okay, I get the general thought that healthy discussion is positive. And I get that you probably want this type of discussion to some extent. However, I would think that after watching Lang for 3 or 4 years of college, a full NFL season, and and off-season, that a coaching staff would arrive at a consensus and stick with it. At the very least, don't let it get out to the press that the coaches of a team that gave up 50+ sacks can't even agree on which position a guy can play.

dilligaff's picture

Thats the problem with our O-line, we have a lack of talent and age problems. Things are not clear.

Sitton makes it easy, he is good, make few mistakes , and is healthy.

Lang is a lot like Sitton in that regard, just that he was in his first year.

Colledge is not consitant after 4 years and Spitz is still not proven anything in 4 years and now has back problems, pick your poision.

Shootz's picture

When McCarthy is on the podium he can often come off as stoic or disconnected, I always like seeing him interviewed like this because how much he knows about the game and how much he cares about his players can really come through. This interview also works a lot better seeing it come out of his mouth than it does just reading it on paper, I think.

Graffin's picture

Agree on all points

Graffin's picture

This is the first time it hit me, but did McCarthy not sound just like Favre? Are they from the same part of Mississippi or something?

NickGBP's picture

Pretty sure he's from Pittsburgh but I did get a hint of that twang at points.

Brady Augustine's picture

This is where McCarthy's organizational skills come in...I love that he watches so much film and is not afraid to correct Aaron when he needs it. I think this whole team took a big step forward this season, not that I am happy about the loss to the Cards. I think McCarthy's strength is his organizational ability and he has plenty of football genius. It will be interesting to see what this team can do if we get some consistency with the O-line. But McC's comments about Lang make me wonder if we will still be 'playing around' with that come training camp. What is the situation with College? Are the injured returning? I think there are still some question marks but I am glad to see they signed the veterans right up front rather than wait. I know those guys are not long term solutions but hey, they can block....isn't that point?

PackersRS's picture

Is it just me or did MM lose weight? He seems healthier... Good news. I was a bit alarmed last season with how big he was...

FITZCORE1252's picture

Have you seen Douchey McDoucherson lately (A.K.A. Rex Ryan)? Saw him today on the NFL Network, he said he had the 'lap band' surgery... dropped 40lbs in 3 weeks.

He looked better, but until he admits Revis isn't half the "TOTAL FOOTBALL PLAYER" that Chuck is, he's always gonna be just another annoying fat ass with a big mouth to me.


PackersRS's picture

Yeah, I saw an interview where he tried to apologize, saying that statistically Woodson had an amazing year, that what he said during the season wasn't a knock on Chuck...

Bunch of BS. That fat SoB knows we'll face them this season and is trying to calm Chuck from knocking the teeth out of his mouth.

Brett Cristino's picture


Like Mccarthy said though, Lang is VERY young and still has plenty of room for growth. I'm sure they'll come to a conclusion when they need to but right now, he's still in the evaluation process, like a bunch of guys. Nothing needs to be finalized right now, it's the offseason, with another offseason of training on and off the field, they'll most likely figure out where his future lies. No need to pigeon hole him right now, let him prove himself some more...

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