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Why Thompson Didn't Draft A Corner

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Why Thompson Didn't Draft A Corner

The mystery has been solved.

Most Packer fans and observers were shocked when the Packers didn't select a cornerback in last months NFL Draft, especially given the questions surrounding the health of Al Harris, Pat Lee and Will Blackmon.

Well have no fear Packer fans. I have uncovered the secret weapon in the Packers secondary for 2010.

His name is Busari Raji Jr. Behold his awesome power:

You know what the best part of that play is? Barnett appears to turn to the bench once it's done as if to say "What the hell was that?" (Actually, I think he's looking for a holding call...but the first version is funnier.)

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NickGBP's picture

I have that play in Madden for the Pack. It's called Exchange. The OLB blitzs and the DE takes his guy.

It's equally as stupid in the game.

NickGBP's picture

What kind of authority do the players have to audible out of something like that?

packeraaron's picture

Woodson is the one who would change an entire defensive call. Matthews just gets caught by the hard count. The hope is that quick pressure means Raji only has to cover for a second or two. When there's no pressure...well...

NickGBP's picture

I think the two go hand in hand and that's my concern. Once Matthews gets caught on a play like that the "novelty" of the switch becomes completely irrelevant.The entire OLine and the QB know what's going to happen so there's no chance of getting pressure. I mean most of the time they know what you're going to do anyway and you have to beat them anyway...but if I'm Raji Id be tapping Matthews to get him to cover my dude.

packeraaron's picture


Mark's picture

the best part is how that video ends

Jon's picture

Just saying....It's pretty impressive how a NT caught up with a TE from behind

Rockmolder's picture

I actually like the play. It's just that it might not work against the team that is known for its zone blitzes and giving it away long before the snap.

The guy can move, though, for a 330 NT. Like an 80 lbs heavier Brandon Spikes.

Ryeguy812's picture

He should get Tramon to teach him that arm-bar move, then we'll be set

retiredgrampa's picture

Then again, there's a difference between innovation and lunacy, isn't there?

NickGBP's picture

Well this "lunacy" won the Steelers a few Super Bowls.

My criticism wasn't that the fire zone doesn't work...just that if it's recognized and your guy in coverage is even more at a disadvantage, maybe it makes sense to audible out of it.

nypacker's picture

I have to agree with this, I like Dom Capers' vision but it's just insane for you to put a guy who has no coverage ability on a TE. NickGBP the reason why the steelers made it work is because they had the personnel. Instead of making a D-lineman cover the TE, they would put a LB with his hand on the ground.

packeraaron's picture

Not true ny - the Steelers have this exact same concept in their playbook, where the LB blitzes and the lineman drops. The problem here is they get caught biting on the hard count so the Steelers adjust their protection. Without quick pressure Raji is a sitting duck.

Dayne's picture

Do the Packers have rights to Charles Woodson Jr. yet? I think he's only just walking, but I'm sure he's already up on his film study. ;-)

PackersRS's picture

Yeah, I think you've already said it, but the play gets killed because everybody telegraphs what they're gonna do...

That, actually, killed us lots of times last year...

Do you think that it's a solvable problem, Aaron, a side effect of the new D, or do you think these players just can't cut it?

jyros's picture

Huh. Though maybe it was Bush at first.

PackerBacker58's picture

me too

Wiscokid's picture

Nah, he didn't get burned for a huge gain. If only Bush could cover that well.

dilligaff's picture

That play will work once Raji establishes himself as one of the top defensive lineman in the league, until then its just a work in progress.

Leaga's picture

My thing is why did they put a ROOKIE Dlinemen on the TE? I think it makes sense if its Jolly since he is faster and has a better understanding of whats going on sine he isnt a rookie.

nypacker's picture

I thought about that also. Aaron if you're able to, can you find a clip of Pickett covering someone?

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