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Why the Packers Make Sense for Dez Bryant

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Why the Packers Make Sense for Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant to the Green Bay Packers seems kind of crazy, but when you really break it down and consider what could motivate both sides, the pieces seem to fit together. 

Obviously, the money would need to get figured out. The Packers have $13 million in cap space right now according to spotrac, but the NFL draft is also coming up soon, which will bite into the limited space Green Bay has to work with.

That means Bryant is going to have to take something modest to get a deal done. Jordy Nelson, who is of similar skill and stature at this point in his career, signed a two-year $15 million deal with the Raiders after being released by Green Bay. That could be a good barometer for a deal, if not, there really is nothing to discuss. 

If the Packers can afford him, the fit couldn’t be any better. Dez didn’t have a great 2017 season, but he still caught 68 passes 838 yards and six touchdowns. He would be an ideal fit across from Davante Adams and with Randall Cobb in the slot, as well as Jimmy Graham at tight end, Bryant would get some favorable matchups. Defenses would be forced to pick their poison. 

The long-time Cowboy would also get a chance to play with Aaron Rodgers. The Oklahoma State product has gotten a chance to play with Tony Romo and Dak Prescott, but the idea of playing with Rodgers would have to be alluring. You would think the chance of winning a Super Bowl would be too. 

Certainly, the Packers have some work to do to catch Minnesota and Philadelphia in the NFC. However, with Rodgers, they remain one of the few teams capable of winning the Super Bowl, even with a defense that is being rebuilt on the run.

Signing Bryant could help in that process. The defense needs young talent and Green Bay should use as many early draft picks on that side of the ball as possible. Signing Dez could help make that happen, as wide receiver would no longer be a need early in the draft.

Those are a couple reasons why it would work for Green Bay, but would it work for Dez? For starters, he would get to play for a contender, which is probably on his wish list.

Bryant also said he wanted to play for a divisional rival and while none of those teams have been interested yet, the Packers have got to be the next best thing. What Cowboys fan wants to see Dez catch touchdown passes in the playoffs from Aaron Rodgers? 

After the Packers beat Dallas in the playoffs in both 2014 and 2016, it seems like a nightmare scenario, which could make Dez love it. He seems like a guy that wants to dish up a little revenge to his old organization.

In doing so, he would put himself in a great position to rebuild his value, while also having a chance to play for a contending team that is a long-time rival of his former club. It's the perfect match and that's why Dez to the Packers isn't as crazy as you might think. 


Chris is a sports journalist from Montana and has been blogging about the Packers since 2011. Chris has been a staff writer for CheeseheadTV since 2017 and looks forward to the day when Aaron Rodgers wins his second Super Bowl. Follow him @thepackersguru

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Royalty Free GM's picture

Collecting more and more old leftovers? No thank you. We are not getting any better by doing so.

But I wish he could stay in NFC so we might have a bigger chance to beat him again at playoffs.

Oppy's picture

I don't particularly care for Bryant, and I don't think it makes any sense for the Packers to go after him considering a number of factors..
But you can't seriously believe that Dez Bryant would not improve GB's WR room.

Gforcetrivers's picture

I agree. Then we should have kept Jordy.

kevgk's picture

Semtimentally sure it could work, but not with the production for the price. Some other team will offer him a fat contract that the Packers shouldn't match for another declining receiver, that I don't see as an upgrade to Nelson. He doesn't have the deep ball speed anymore, and Adams gets more seperation. What the Packers need is another top speed rookie that can ride out the rest of Rodgers career for cheap, and keep safties deep to open the field.

zeke's picture

Jordy was a great teammate, had a decade of experience in the offense and a unique chemistry with Rodgers, but they decided to let him go because he can't run anymore.

Dez is similar in that he can't run, but that's where the similarities end IMHO. Pass.

Tundraboy's picture

Exactly. No thanks.

DThomas's picture

"If the Packers can afford him, the fit couldn’t be any better." Wrong: He's obviously not a fit in the locker room and the "perfect fit" would be a WR who can stretch the field. As others have written, if they're interested in Bryant, they should have kept Jordy - for cheap.

jyros's picture

More interest in the development of Michael Clark than watching Bryant play out his career in GB. I see him signing w/ west coast team, Seattle or

dobber's picture

I wonder how many people who say similar things about Clark are the same people who said they were tired of basketball and baseball conversion projects taking up space on the roster at CB and wishing the Packers would sign an established vet?

croatpackfan's picture

Dez is everything but "established" vet....

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

Clark wasn't a second round pick and no vets were released to make room for him. Big difference than Rollins. If he turns into a player that would be awesome, but he could just as easily wind up out of the league in 6 months. I wish GB would think outside the box a little more but we aren't in the position to do that before round 6 or 7 anymore

DD's picture

Zeke: right on. Jordy about the same in speed, and taller, plus chemistry built with Rodgers. Big mistake releasing him for his willingness to restructure and his loyalty to the Pack. Where's his replacement as of April 16? Not there is it. Why? Gute and Ball blew it. Dumb ass MM didn't even go yo bat for him. My respect gor current management and head coach has really soured. Really poor!!! My feelimgs still. They better prove me wrong.

Oppy's picture

How would anyone outside of closed office doors in Lambeau have any idea if MM "went to bat" for Nelson or not?

Oppy's picture

How would anyone outside of closed office doors in Lambeau have any idea if MM "went to bat" for Nelson or not?

DD's picture

Zeke: right on. Jordy about the same in speed, and taller, plus chemistry built with Rodgers. Big mistake releasing him for his willingness to restructure and his loyalty to the Pack. Where's his replacement as of April 16? Not there is it. Why? Gute and Ball blew it. Dumb ass MM didn't even go yo bat for him. My respect gor current management and head coach has really soured. Really poor!!! My feelimgs still. They better prove me wrong.

stockholder's picture

Sad. Very Sad! Sad that packers are even considering wasting money on this guy. Do they really care about what the average fan thinks now? Or just signing big name players, that rob the team of it's youth. My other problem is they didn't have the money for Nelson. And now it's burning a hole in Gute's pocket. Dez is not Hope. Dez is a Loser now. He's a Bennett. You think they would have learned their lesson. What suckers; and were bigger suckers if this is the product that they want to put on the field. ( Without condemning it!) Gute's got his wires crossed on this one!

The TKstinator's picture

“Wires crossed”? Has Gute shown any interest in Dez?
The money is “burning a hole in Gute’s pocket”? Who says so?

Nick Perry's picture

Excellent point and I haven't saw one shred of evidence which suggests the Packers are interested. There was one piece on ESPN where Demovsky thought he be a good fit but I can't even get on board with that. Bryant would make the Packers offense almost unstoppable in the Red-Zone but they'd still be lacking a speed WR to get them to the Red-Zone.

If Bryant was signed and Nelson wasn't even offered a respectable contract to stay then I'd immediately begin to question the Packers new GM. Hopefully Gutekunst is finding Braynt to GB as humorous as I am.

No Thanks!

stockholder's picture

According to Adam Schefter on twitter the packers have shown interest. Throwing money at another Bennett, is money burning a whole in your pocket. Wire's crossed: At some point, Gute needs to be more serious about who's he contacting. One Last say; Megatron was hinting to come back. Let's stay in the news!

Nick Perry's picture

If that's true then I stand corrected.....Thanks for the update.

Edit.....Here is the Tweet I'm assuming you're talking about...

Adam Schefter

Verified account

Apr 13
Four teams that some believe could show varying levels of interest in free-agent WR Dez Bryant:

*Arizona - Issue is little money left.
*Baltimore - Room even with Michael Crabtree.
*Buffalo - Wouldn’t be NFC East, but AFC East.
*Green Bay - A replacement for Jordy Nelson.

IMO that in no way suggests the Packers ARE interested in Dez Bryant....

stockholder's picture

It was posted on Roto World. A little different.

stockholder's picture

The Cardinals, Ravens, Bills, and Packers have shown interest in free agent Dez Bryant.
All four teams Schefter lists have adequate cap space to sign Bryant. The Bills would be an interesting landing spot if only because Bryant would immediately become the focal point of a passing game that saw LeSean McCoy lead the team in both targets and receptions from the backfield last season. Joining the Packers sans Jordy Nelson would still give Bryant the best fantasy outlook for 2018.
Source: Adam Schefter on TwitterApr 14 - 12:47

Nick Perry's picture

Again if you click on the "Source" of the story it's the same tweet I posted earlier. But lets just say it's true, I can't see the Packers ponying up the money needed to sign Bryant AND have to deal with his personality. THAT'S a player who could really divide a locker room. I'd like to think the Packers locker room is strong enough to deal with a Dez Bryant but why even risk it?

Rumor has it many of the Cowboy players were tired of Bryant and wanted him gone. Not exactly an encouraging endorsement for a guy who hasn't done much since 2014. But hey, if they could get him for $4-5 million a season plus incentives like Big Mo I'd be much more interested.

dobber's picture

...but not sourced. The only references are Demovsky and Schefter which provide only speculation. I'm not going to worry about it until there's something more credible.

Tundraboy's picture

Buffalo? Lmao.

HankScorpio's picture

"Throwing money at another Bennett, is money burning a whole in your pocket."

Bennett wore out his welcome in 4 stops prior to arriving in GB. Bryant was released from his only career stop because he had a huge cap number.

I'm not saying the comparison is completely invalid. Just that the warning signs are much more clear with Bennett than Bryant.

DD's picture

Stockholder: Ccorrect. If Gute blows this he will be done, as will MM after this year is my prediction.

DD's picture

Stockholder: Ccorrect. If Gute blows this he will be done, as will MM after this year is my prediction.

DD's picture

Stockholder: Ccorrect. If Gute blows this he will be done, as will MM after this year is my prediction.

MarkinMadison's picture

"Sad. Very sad."

Is this Donald Trump?

worztik's picture

Well... being from Madison, I presume you’d be extremely happy if the witch were President now instead of someone that doesn’t carry a big, red button around like a loser child!!! Keep your “inane” Trump comments to yourself Marksucksmadison!!!!!

worztik's picture

No to crooked HRC and NO TO DEZ BRYANT!!!!!!!

zeke's picture


Oppy's picture

Talking politics is a real bad look on a sports website.
Kindly refrain if you value having a place where people can talk sports.

Bearmeat's picture

thanks, oppy.

fastmoving's picture

the wig is potus. thanx russia and the smart guys like u..........

Finwiz's picture

Aren't you the bright one.....

Good lord.

Handsback's picture

Route running and speed are not his strong suit. If he could learn to adjust his route according to the change of coverage....he would be a good addition. That was what Jordy could do in his sleep.

Rossonero's picture

The Packers have seen firsthand Dez Bryant's emotional outbursts and sideline meltdowns. This would be akin to signing Terrell Owens. Taken together with his high salary, so-so production and Packers limited cap room, I can't see the Packers signing him.

Now, if Gutekunst wants to be in every conversation as he previously said, it can't hurt to call Bryant's agent just to see what his asking price is. Realistically though, this won't happen.

kevgk's picture

I would be completely on board for a 1yr 4mil deal, but no way would Dez swallow his ego like that

Rossonero's picture

Yeah, he would laugh at an offer like that.

worztik's picture


croatpackfan's picture

I do not understand what you are telling us. You mean if Dez Bryant pay 4 mil to Packers for chance to play 1 year in Packers uniform? Is that correct?

worztik's picture

Good one Croat...!!!

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"Dez didn’t have a great 2017 season"

Or, a great 2016 season...
Or a great 2015 season...

So it's a pretty severe trend. Maybe he'd do better with a QB that had more Romo like skills. But, he's also a head job, and will be 30 in November. So I'm not a fan of the idea.

Bearmeat's picture

Dez is not elite anymore. But in 15 he was hurt all year, and 16 and 17 he had a QB who had no deep ball and couldn't throw in tempo. Dallas' entire offense switched to Zeke and Dak's RPO. Dez didn't fit anymore.

Dak will never be a probowl QB until he learns to throw in the pocket on schedule. And he'll never have successful outside WRs until he does so.

LambeauPlain's picture

Unless Bryant wants to play for around the same salary cut Jordy turned

Maybe the Pack could load it up with incentives. But there is risk there too. Dez is the kind of prima donna that Jordy never, ever was. Bryant could easily be a cancer in the locker room publicly complaining he’s not getting enough attention on the field from ARod.

There will be some very good WRs available in the draft in Rds 2-4. And Gerinomo, Clark, Davis and Yancy will all be expected to challenge for the #3 WR.

Donster's picture

"The long-time Cowboy would also get a chance to play with Aaron Rodgers."

That is all I have read about the reason why potential FA wide receivers would want to come to Green Bay this year. It hasn't happened yet. It is always about $$. Bryant is going to want as close to the $12 million or more he was going to make this year with the Cowdungs. He will sign with the Foreskins or the Giants so he can play against the Dungs twice a year. And they will pay him close to what he wants.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

I live in Dallas and have since Dez started his collegiate career at Oklahoma State, where he was in the shadow of fellow Big-12 WR Michael Crabtree from Texas Tech.

I called it right away though, that this Bryant is better than Crabtree.

I wanted Dez in that 2010 Draft badly, and he magically slid down to us.... but so did Bulaga and we needed an OT badly. That pick of Bulaga was great, and without him, who knows if we would have made that Super Bowl that year.

I have watched Dez closely and had him in Fantasy FB the past 4 years.... he has not been the same since he broke his foot on opening night a few years ago vs the Giants. He's got the diva in him. He's selfish. And he doesn't have the same speed.

But he is still a beast and I think he would be a great compliment to Adams, Cobb, and Graham... but only IF he took a bargainish deal with HUGE $$ INCENTIVES for making and winning Super Bowls. If he'd buy into the TEAM concept with his pocket book, then I know I'm getting a Dez Bryant that will make our offense even more lethal.

Oh, I'd add a $1m bonus for every win over the Cowboys too :o)

Where is Russ Ball when I need him....

worztik's picture

No... just NO!!!!

Michael Hughes's picture

If we have 13m ... we probably to carry 6m into the season and 4m or so for draft picks.

Nelsons 15m 2 year deal might be a starting point but the ending point would have to be an APY of half that . Or for someone to agree a pay cut. Or we could mortgage our future and use the rodgers renewal to cut his cap hit this year.

dobber's picture

Very possibly a situation like Mo Wilkerson (although Bryant's a little bit older) where he'll try to leverage a one-year deal with productive play into one more multi-year deal. If he's really about $$, and with the limited money left now, that's the most sensible route. Signing a two-year Jordy-type deal puts him back on the market a year older and further limits his ability to get a bigger bonus and more guaranteed cash...not to mention that Nelson's contract is really two one-year deals when you look at how it's structured.

The only way I'd take a run at Dez is on a one-year deal where you can bet he's going to try to be putting his best foot forward and as a bridge as a 2018 draftee gets up to speed to take his place and buffer the likely loss of Cobb in 2019.

Bearmeat's picture

Yeah. I think that could work. Rookie WRs rarely are difference makers in the NFL. We need a speed WR, but Dez's strength is out of this world. He'd be the #2 to Adams and would get favorable matchups.

Jordy's game and Dez's game were never anywhere near the same. Dez has always been about brute strength. Yes, the top gear is gone (it was never the forte of his game anyway). But he could be effective as a #2 on a 1 year deal with ARod.

Then let him get big money elsewhere next offseason. I'd buy that.

HankScorpio's picture

We don't have to think in terms of cap space they have now. They can make more easily enough.

Ryan Graham's picture

Simply put if BG wanted a veteran receiver who's skillset was regressing, Jordy wouldn't have been cut to begin with. Looking at each situation they are quite similar in how they were dealt with this offseason on the business end of the game.

Neither were offered realistic chances at a pay cut and were released due to declining skillsets and transitioning offenses. Jordy was at least putting up numbers as recently as 2016 and one can argue that he would have produced with Rodgers last year. Bryant hasn't produced anything memorable since 2014. Granted he was operating as a WR1 in Dallas and would be a WR2 maybe even 3rd option in GB. The tape has shown since the start of the 2016 season Davante Adams has been taking on number one corners consistently.

With all of Bryant's baggage, his price tag and considering the release of Nelson I just don't see the sense of adding Bryant.

HankScorpio's picture

"Simply put if BG wanted a veteran receiver who's skillset was regressing, Jordy wouldn't have been cut to begin with."

That's a little too simply put. The Packers are in the market for WR help. That seems rather clear. If they thought Jordy was worth a spot on the 53, he'd still be around.

He's not gone because the pay cut offer was "insulting". Jordy said he was considering taking it. Until he talked about his role on the team in 2018 and determined they didn't want to make it work. It doesn't take psychic ability to figure out "to make it work" is roughly equivalent to "see Nelson on the field much".

Whether they see Bryant as unworthy of a spot on the 53 is not affected by their view of Jordy.

Ryan Graham's picture

HankScorpio I'm just under the impression they are trying to get younger at the position. Jordy would have been a better fit considering hes unselfish, he has a clear scope of his talents and his would-be position on the roster and most importantly he knows the playbook. I'm not saying they don't need help at the position, but I am saying that adding a guy 2 years younger with an attitude problem isn't the solution.

4thand1's picture

Wow have we beaten this story to death. Everyone started posting about Dez in here as soon as he was released. I have a couple of Cowboy fan friends that are happy as hell he's gone. Talk about complete opposites, Jordy quiet do your job and not complain and loved by his fans. People were sad to see him go, not many people saying that in Dallas. I hope he signs with the Giants and he and Beckham can punch each other in the face.

dobber's picture

"Wow have we beaten this story to death."

Welcome to April.

4thand1's picture

No kidding, less than 2 weeks though.

Chuck Farley's picture

Why did we let Jordy go, moooooney. Dez is even more mooooney. Packers have no moooooney, Rogers has it all. Discussion over

dobber's picture

Outside of the draft, these are the kinds of moves that the Packers have left to improve themselves for 2018: veterans cut by other teams. I think we all want them to look into these opportunities, but hope they'll be smart about it. Most of us agree that they have a little room they can clear salary-wise to make an addition or two that might be a little pricey.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Sportrac is not including the House contract in their $13.8M estimate of our salary cap space. Still, there is enough for one more mid-tier FA. Figure maybe $12M left minus $3M for the draft leaves roughly $9M to spend, save for the season/rollover. If Bryant came cheap, It might be possible.
No idea what taking a run at Breeland might cost.

Tarynfor12's picture

Dez to GB makes sense to the senseless...those that believe because they bought a lottery ticket their odds are automatically higher to win it all even if others have the same numbers.

Signing Dez would justify the Torch and Pitchfork crowd to begin calling for Gute's head.

dobber's picture

It's mostly wishful thinking for the subset of Packer nation who want to see the Packers do stuff.

nostradanus's picture

No thank you - bad team guy

MytQ's picture

Sorry folks but Jordy is gone. Get over it. For months if not years many posters here were screaming for change. Well change is here. If and it's a big IF, this report is true and Gute thinks Dez can help this team win then so be it. Welcome to GB Dez. Question: How washed up was Randy Moss when he left Oakland for NE? His previous three years of stats seemed to show he was falling off. He definitely was a diva with a bad attitude. Sounds familiar. Hmmm.

worztik's picture

You get over it shmuck!!!

MytQ's picture

I have. You most be related to HRC. Acting just like her.

worztik's picture

I am!!! And if you’re not careful, I’ll have her get the FBI after mytq.... dipstick!!!

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I don't think Dez is coming here, but I for one would like the move if it's done right.

Dez is not Jordy. Dez was hampered by injuries and is healthy now, whereas Jordy is showing serious decline in separation. While neither is a blazer, Dez is a much scarier matchup for corners--scary physicality, condor-length catch radius, intimidating swagger, great feel for open spots in coverage.

That said, I wouldn't break the bank. This is another Mo Wilkerson-type situation, so I'd offer a decent 1-year prove-it salary with incentives. Dez might bite for the opportunity to work with Aaron and revive his career.

I consider this a short-term upgrade at boundary receiver, if for the right price. Would I do it? Heck, yeah!

Lphill's picture

Give him a one year deal he wants a ring , Graham and Dez on the field together what QB wouldn't love that ?

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Agreed. No one is calling Dez a savior, but he's a powerful man who actually plays powerful. Most big-strong guys play stiff, lacking natural feel for the game. Not this guy.

Dez can punish a CB, provided the QB has accuracy and abilty to read the route-versus-coverage. No problem there with Aaron.

Finwiz's picture

Well put....he's a very physical receiver who's only downside is an above normal drop percentage.

But when you are talking the difference between catching 74% of targets and 68%, it's really only 6 more catches in a 100, or 3 in 50. Relatively insignificant in the grand scheme.

dobber's picture

I don't worry about catch % simply because some QBs will force the ball to WRs and throw what amounts to poorly catchable balls. If you look at 2017, he had more than half again as many targets as the next pass-catcher in Dallas. I think you're right in that drops are what I would look at, and he's been up and down throughout his career.

CDC Dave Retired's picture

0% that he signs with the Pack.
Madonna has better odds to become Mother Superior in any convent.

Oppy's picture

Who knows?

Life is a mystery, after all..

Packerpasty's picture

HAHA...listen, half you people don't like what Rodgers said in his podcast, just wait till a guy like Dez jumps on board!!!! that would be "deplorable"...but it would be hilarious!!!! Sports is so serious!!!

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

There is a difference between a diva and a cancer. Dez is a diva, Martellus was a cancer--both in the locker room and throughout the fanbase.

Different worlds.

Tundraboy's picture

I agree although I think Jason Garrett would disagree.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture


1. Dez would be the split or flanker opposite Adams.
2. Big catch radius and jump balls.
3. Athletic. Can beat press.
4. Pretty good YAC and YPC.


1. Not particularly fast.
2. Below average hands.
3. So-so route-running.
4. Potential for an attitude problem.
5. Cost.
6. Potentially forces a decision on Clark, Yancey, et al a year earlier unless we keep 7/8: Adams, Cobb, Dez, Allison, Clark, Davis, Yancey, Rookie, and call Graham a TE.

dobber's picture

"6. Potentially forces a decision on Clark, Yancey, et al a year earlier unless we keep 7/8: Adams, Cobb, Dez, Allison, Clark, Davis, Yancey, Rookie, and call Graham a TE."

Not being much of a believer in anyone on that list after Dez, I don't see how a signing--Dez or Maclin or anyone else of significance--that forces a decision on the part of the Packers is a terrible loss.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I thought it would be unfair not to mention it. I've been writing for years that keeping 6 or 7 WRs on the roster is a sign of weakness, not strength. It just means we don't have 5 WRs that we know can play in the NFL.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Actually, I agree on #6. Clark, Davis, Yancey, and a rookie would be well-served with maximum roster spots for development, and I find all of them to be potential upgrades on this roster.

Great point, and I'm sold. I hope we don't get Dez.

stockholder's picture

Pros or Con ? = Wants to hit on Danica Patrick.

Bedrock's picture

Dez gets cranky because he’s passionate about winning. Those antics are less likely to happen with a true alpha like Rodgers on the field. Dez isn’t Bennett. But I can easily see the concern.

I’m not in favor of Dez in GB, but it’s intriguing.

Everyone has a price. What would be an acceptable for a “let’s just see” salary? If he would do an incentive laden contract less than what Jordy is making...I’d look harder at it. But given the diva I think he is...I doubt he even considers it.

Also, as much as I have my opinions, I don’t want Packer management giving a rip about what fans want. Those with anti-Packer-player opinions (“he’s not a ‘Packer’ personality”) want their good old boys outclassing the opponent in a game of violence. I want the Packers to win it all.

dobber's picture

Can I make that last paragraph my screen saver?

Qoojo's picture

I read that since his foot injury in 2015 that he is not the same player. I don't think adding a headcase is worth the risk. Just think back to Bennett as an example for behavior.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Dez will keep his talents in Texas, heading south to join the Texans & DeShaun Watson, opposite Deandre Hopkins and Will the thrill Fuller.

With JJ Watt and JaDeveon Clowney on the other side.

Star-studded team on the rise.

But the Packers have kicked the tires on some WRs it seems. Meredith, Matthews.... still wish we could have found a reasonable # to keep Jordy. He with Rodgers was still a great connection.

HankScorpio's picture

The Packers have sent pretty clear signals that they are in the market for WR help. Dez Bryant is a WR.

The Packers took on a risky signing in Muhammad Wilkerson, who is coming off two down years amidst reports of being less than fully professional about his job.

Nothing would surprise me about how Gute operates because there is not enough basis to understand his MO.

Lare's picture

Agreed. If he fits in the Packers scheme and can help them win games I'm in favor of signing him. The question is if he's still someone other teams will have to gameplan for. If so, I'm guessing Aaron would approve of having another weapon for the offense.

Fordham Ram's picture

Get him in here on a cheap one year deal like Wilkerson's and focus the draft on defense and BPA. A line up with Adams, Cobb, Graham and Bryant sounds quite formidable. Throw in our running game and Philbin as the new OC and we might even be unstoppable.

The guy may be a diva and cry baby but if it's because he hates to lose, I'll take my chances on a guy like that. Rookies are rarely a force their first, Bryant you could plug in right away and he would need to be accounted for day one creating opportunity for the others. I want us to win a Super Bowl this year not in 2019 or whenever. Rodgers isn't getting any younger, nor I, us old timers can't wait too much longer let alone ARod. I'm sure he would know how to counsel this fella. The taste of victory with an eye on the prize and having one of the greatest ever throwing you the ball can change a bad attitude right quick. I thinks it's worth the chance if the price is right and besides I'd like nothing better than to stick it to Jerry and the dough boys right between the eyes should we go on a roll and he's a big part of it.

CheesyTex's picture

Sounds like the argument Belichek will make to bring him to Patriots.

cpitt's picture

I still think dez is a 1000yd reciever and would score a lot of tds in gb. We need to remember that Dak sucks and is a vame manager at best. After that one incredible year with an all world rb and oline, the league figured him out. Dez would be a beast on the field here. The question is whether he'll have an emotional meltdown at some point in the season, and whether he'll run routes to 12s liking.

Packerpasty's picture

oh, he would have a melt down for sure about something, its his make up...and he wants EVERY pass thrown his way...but he does seem somewhat content if he's involved in the game plan....i.e..passes his way..still its an intriguing option...which my bet is won't happen..

John Kirk's picture

Reading the headline tells me the author hasn't watched Dez play in the last 3 seasons.

egbertsouse's picture

We don't need him at all. If we want a receiver who gives little effort, has a bad attitude, and can't shut his pie hole; we can just switch HHCD to offense.

PatrickGB's picture

I am willing to head a group of investors for Dez.

Yep, I want to raise money to fund a project to PAY MONEY TO KEEP HIM AWAY!

lou's picture

It appears that everyone forgets what the Packers biggest need is at WR, some one to take the top off the defense, whether it be a draft pick or a veteran that has the speed to do so. We have a solid young budding star in Adamas who excels with quickness and route running, we have a still young buy in Cobb who when healthy is a factor in the slot and now Graham to run the seam from TE, ALL THAT IS MISSING IS THE SPEED GUY PEOPLE YOUNG OR EXPERIENCED and Dez is not that guy. Imagine the receiving set with the speed guy and a back like Jones that can take it to the house, we could light up the scoreboard.

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Ustabeayooper's picture

The fact that this is a discussion shows that BG is different than TT and will explore all options to improve the team. Dez is 29 and coming off 3 so so years. Everything is blown out of proportion in Dallas. He still has talent and ability. I doubt he will sign in GB but it is worth the time to find out what his mindset is. Either way fans are going to complain cause that's what we do best.

Point Packer's picture

Wanna see the Marty Bennett situation in Green Bay x300? Then sign this under-performing psychopath, Gute.

Allan Murphy's picture

NO !

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Interesting comments. Packers number one need on offense was a TE who could split the seam. They got that. My guess is Dez's agent who contacted the Packers, not the other way around. With the high numbers of draft choices that trends more WR and DB for this team base on need. Dez does not fit the Packers need that could be filled by younger cheaper talent. If Nelson did not fit into the Packers offensive plans, then why think Bryant would. Makes no sense. (Not going to address that even Jerry Jones got rid of this guy. When Jerry Jones doesn't want you.....)

tincada's picture

"cheaper" That says it all.

DD's picture

Fantasy article. Please. Cap money low. Not a good move. Couldn't even sign a couple of good FA receivers!! Lmao.

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Fantasy article. Please. Cap money low. Not a good move. Couldn't even sign a couple of good FA receivers!! Lmao.

tincada's picture

Chris, you're hallucinating or your brain got froze. Not going to happen. Dez would want more than $5.98 and the Pack's budget i about $5.17. And I'm not talking millions.

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thank you so much.

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