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When Finley Went Down, So Did Production from Packers Tight End Position

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When Finley Went Down, So Did Production from Packers Tight End Position

October 20. That was the day Jermichael Finley was struck by an opponent, his spinal cord bruised and his season ended.

Not coincidentally, that was also the day any hopes of the Green Bay Packers getting significant production from their tight ends ended.

After undergoing spinal fusion surgery in mid-November, Finley's future as a professional football player is in doubt, and so is the future of the tight end position in Green Bay.

According to Finley and his agent, they aren't giving up hope that the injured tight end will be able to play again. But in the game of roulette that is the NFL, Finley is essentially placing all his chips on one number, a long shot at best––38 to 1 odds––that he'll be able to resume his career.

Whether or not Finley is able to play again, he will be a free agent at season's end. Maybe, just maybe, some team will be willing to give him an opportunity to play again, and maybe that team will be the Packers.

Regardless of what happens, the Packers can't afford to bank on Finley's successful recovery. They must move on, because they're sure not getting anything out of current collection of tight ends.

It's not as if Finley was putting together a Pro Bowl campaign through the first six games of the season when his injury occurred. Still, finishing the year with 25 catches for exactly 300 yards and three touchdowns was no small contribution either.

Compare Finley's statistics to those of the other tight ends on the Packers roster.

Andrew Quarless has 17 receptions for 130 yards on the season, good for just 7.6 yards per catch and hasn't found the end zone a single time.

Ryan Taylor has just four receptions for 23 yards, averaging a measly 5.8 yards per catch. He too doesn't have a touchdown.

Jake Stoneburner hasn't caught a single football since being elevated from the practice squad, the coaching staff clearly not yet trusting him, having taken part in just six offensive snaps.

Only Brandon Bostick has found paydirt among the Packers other tight ends, and even he has caught only five passes since Finley's departure, but they have gone for an impressive 18.4 yards per catch covering 92 yards.

In just his first true season in the NFL, it's possible Bostick develops into the type of receiving threat the Packers hope he can be, but he also clearly has a ways to go, and even in a best-case scenario, Bostick will never be a dominating blocker.

As far as blocking goes, Quarless is the best the Packers have, but two years removed from major knee surgery, he's not the player he once was in 2011.

Quarless' grade as a run blocker ranks 45th in the NFL, according to, and his overall grade is no better, ranking 46th.

It's true that the entire offense has floundered with a mishmash of backup quarterbacks leading the charge, but even with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, production from the position figures to only marginally improve.

The Packers essentially have no choice but to address the position in the offseason, either in free agency or the draft. It's really only a matter of how much priority the team places on trying to upgrade at tight end.

Top-notch players likely to be available in the upcoming NFL draft include Eric Ebron of North Carolina, Jace Amaro of Texas Tech and Austin Safarian-Jenkins of Washington.

Hoping any of these three would be available in the second round or later would be a gamble, but it's still far to early to make such projections with any degree of certainty.

For a team with plenty of other needs, including but not limited to safety, it will be interesting to see how the Packers address such needs with currently only one first round draft pick available to them.

Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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jmac34's picture

GB has so many holes to fill after the season that Thompson may have to actually pick up a couple of players through free agency.

UP-Packer's picture

Only way GB uses the free-agent route this coming off season is if Teddy decides to call it a career come January, 2014. A new GM in GB may very well (hopefully) be bold enough to use all the tools afforded him to improve a roster including free agency. It's unfortunate that GB has so many needs at this point because the GM has some peculiar beliefs about obtaining talent. Thompson's last 3 drafts are suspect. If you can't find at least some impact players in the draft, you have to look elsewhere.

4thand1's picture

Why do you hate Ted? All he does is win.

cLowNEY42's picture

I think you meant to say... "All Aaron does is win."

TT hit it out of the park on his first draft...



Since then??????????

Buster's picture


RC Packer Fan's picture

Mathews, Lang, Raji in 2009. 3 Starters, can't beat that.

This year, Datone Jones (role player), Eddie Lacy (OROY candidate), David Bakhtiari (only starting rookie LT to start in every game this year, that includes the 1st and 2nd pick of the draft that were OT's). Micah Hyde has been a good find.

4thand1's picture


cLowNEY42's picture

So your comeback includes...


The only people who have heard of any of these guys are Packer fans. They are the definition of JAGS.

I'm supposed to be impressed with that?

If any one of those guys never played another down for the Packers no one would even notice.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Ohh yeah, you Missed Clay Mathews on my list. Along with Lang and Raji. All 3 are starters. Lang has played at a pro bowl level this year.

Glad to see you leave out certain players on lists to make your point.

Same as this years draft. You managed to leave out Lacy and Bakhtari...

Great job ass clown!!!

Morgan Mundane's picture

Gee I'm shocked. Stonebrenner, Quarles, Bostic, three guys who lit up the college circuit (not) and were highly rated (not). What's the problem, you have a tight end called Findley who will carry the load, no chance of him getting hurt so he is the go to guy anyways.
Not to mention no need for some top O line picks in the first and second rounds to shore up the line. Belaga is coming back from hip surgery and expect Sherrod to bound back by pre-season so lest get us some rush and a running back in the second. Even though there were some very good running backs taken in the third round, one a talented guy from Wisconsin.
and people laud the management of this team and our drafting abilities? Hopefully the Lions game is starting to open their eyes.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Do you purposely misspell players names? I'm just wondering?

Are you talking about Montee Ball from Wisconsin? He was drafted in the 2nd round. Just ahead of where the Packers took Lacy.
Ohh and btw, Lacy is one of the front runners for OROY. So what is the problem with that pick?

UP-Packer's picture

Actually, no one I know had a problem with drafting Lacy in the 2nd. But (at draft time) many had a problem with (then) drafting Franklin in the 4th round. There was zero need to draft another RB that high.

Classic case of overkill by Thompson.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I had absolutely no problem with drafting 2 RB's. It was overdue. Remember they were coming off a few years of having to survive with Starks and Green and a washed up Grant.
During the draft there was still injury concerns with Lacy. I had absolutely no problems drafting Franklin in the 4th. He proved to be an explosive RB during the 1 game he got extensive playing time.
He will hopefully be used more in the future, and will have an impact in the future.

No, he didn't overkill drafting 2 players at 1 position, especially since he hadn't spent many draft picks on that position in the past.

And if you want to go there what about drafting 2 OL in the 4th round? Was that overkill?

markinmontana's picture

I couldn't see picking a tight end in the early rounds as justifiable, unless it was a best-player-available type of deal. The best course of action for next year may be to move the offense toward more multi-WR sets, continue to develop the young guys, and hope you hit on a a late-round steal at TE. Of the current crop, I don't see a lot of hope for Taylor (but you never know).

Longshanks's picture

I don't agree at all. A few holes maybe but this team is oozing with talent. I see tight end and safety as our main weaknessses. Both can be filled next season. On the coaching front, replace Capers and Slocum.

QB- solid
RB- solid
OL -Overflowing when Bulaga and Sherrod come back.
TE - Glaring need but ok if Bostick continues to improve
WR - Need another one. Charles Johnson would have been nice but got away.

DL - Solid
LB - Fine if Lattimore starts and they get rid of Hawk
CB - Solid if Heyward returns to health
Safety - Glaring Need!!

Kicker - Solid
Punter - Solid

GM - Solid
Head coach - Solid
Defensive coordinator- Glaring need
Special Teams coach - Glaring need
Training Staff- Glaring need


MarkinMadison's picture

I appreciate the optimism, but I think there are more holes here than just at S and TE.

OL - Sherrod is back, and he is a hope, not a plan. If a quality OT is avialable in the round 2-4 range you have to consider it. May also need a Center (FA).

DL - Lacks a difference-maker at DE. Lots of FAs this year (Jolly, Raji, Pickett, etc.). I don't think Clowney is the answer at all, but there are at least two quality 3-4 DE prospects that could be available in the middle of the first, and a quality NT.

OLB - Jury is still out on the spot opposite Matthews, and, as I pointed out when he got the big money, Matthews normally plays 3/4 of a season. So far Perry is following suit. The depth at the position is really weak. This position has to be addressed by round 3.

CB - Is Williams still a starting caliber player, or is he just better than the rest of the crew? The Packers get killed by larger, more physical receivers. Chicago has loaded up on larger receivers. They play against Megatron twice a year. If a prototypical CB is available when the Packers pick in the 1st they may well bite.

Evan's picture

OL - TT always seems to grab an OL at some point. On paper they seem deep, if everyone is healthy, but another quality guy wouldn't hurt.

DL - I'd bet Jolly and Pickett will be back. Raji, probably 50/50. Hopefully not for $8 mil a year, though.

OLB - Definitely could use more depth, but I don't buy into any "injury prone" talk. But next year will be a big make-or-break year for Perry.

CB - Yes, Williams is still a starter. Didn't he completely shut down Marshall last season? And Shields locked down AJ Green and Torrey Smith earlier this year. I dunno. Obviously he's not the player he used to be, but it seems like it's hit or miss with them. Either they'll shut down a big-time WR...or a Boldin/Wayne will run wild.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

If EDS walks, glaring need for C and back up C. Need back up G too unless GB thinks it can be handled internally by one of the losers at T. Remember Bulaga is a FA after next year and Sherrod has a club option of average of 3rd to 25th highest paid Tackles. So agree that GB needs to consider an OT in Rds 2-4 if someone interesting is there.

UP-Packer's picture

You're absolutely crazy, LongShanks.

"Oozing with talent" cannot be used to describe the Packers. Of course, you're the one that believes GB has 3 Pro-Bowl caliber QBs on the roster also.

You do realize that GB is presently 5-6-1 and 0-4-1 in their last 5 games? They need alot of help.

You & Strohman need to dial down abit. You're choking on your kool-aid.

Longshanks's picture

They are oozing with above average talent UP Packer. The problem was this season they were also oozing gallons of blood from all their injuries.

Teddy Tee is one of the best if not THE best GM at what he does and what he does is draft and develop. What he is bad at is good luck meaning the past couple years alot of this quality talent has been injured and in four cases (Finley, Nick Collins, Jeremy Thompson and Terrance Murphy) forced to retire.

One of these damn years Ted is going to have a full fucking deck of cards and when that happens nobody will be able to stop them. They were headed that way this year having a roster of riches but I'll be damned if the injury bug didn't hit them again. Rodgers, Cobb, Finley, Harris, Bulaga and Sherrod were huge hits on offense. Matthews, Perry, Francois, Neal, Hayward, Shields, Jolly, Burnett being all out at times this season also killed us.

You lose that many quality players and your team is going to suffer especially when one of them is the best player in the National Football League.


UP-Packer's picture

All you're doing is making excuses. The Pack gave up 40 points & 561 yards to the Lions just a few days ago. Who were they missing in the starting line-up on the 'D' ??

I'll let you figure it out.

Kool-Aid & excuses go together very well.

RC Packer Fan's picture

coming off a 5 quarter game 4 days prior...

Defense created 4 turnovers in which the offense did nothing with...

Buster's picture

Sorry RC but all you did was offer up another excuse. It's called shooting yourself in the foot.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I guess you forgot that the Packers are 05-4-1 while missing Rodgers. Arguably the best player in the league.

Also during that stretch they were without Cobb, Finley, Mathews, Perry, Hayward, they lost EDS 2x's during games shuffling their OL around.

In those 5 games they have lost their 2nd string QB, and are down to their 4th string QB... Name 1 other team that can win games with their 4th string QB......

Packers are very talented. Fact is if Rodgers doesn't miss any games they are anywhere from 8-4 to 10-2 for record, and they are playing for home field advantage. No one would be talking about how bad they are then...

Do the Packers need to upgrade some areas, yes. But they don't to completely rebuild, like some are saying...

Longshanks's picture

RC, I think UP was one of those Ted Thompson haters from 2008. You know.. the ones that picketed outside Lambeau demanding TT be fired for trading Brett Favre. He probably signed the petition on the Fire Ted Thompson website.

He's been quieted since 2010 but with the Rodgers injury it allows him to once again bring out his hatred for Ted and blame him for all that is wrong currently at 1265 Lombardi. UPPacker is a no doubt a Teddy Tee hater. He's not the only one. The hatred for him never left some of these people. They just kept it hidden. Now it's coming out again. These people are quite disturbed to think they way they think in my professional opinion. They actually want to fire and get rid of Ted fucking Thompson? The greatest GM in Packers history. The hate here for him is unbelievable.


UP-Packer's picture

Love it --- I was a stauch Thompson supporter from the day he was hired. Unfortunately, Thompson has demonstrated that he has little flexibility. It's his way or the highway. It's obvious that he's riding an elite QB. --- 0-4-1 is all you need to consider.

Longshanks's picture

"Thompson has demonstrated that he has little flexibility. It’s his way or the highway. It’s obvious that he’s riding an elite QB. — 0-4-1 is all you need to consider."

UP - I would hope it's his way or the highway. He's the G.M. He makes all key decisions. I thank my lucky stars he's calling all the shots vs. a guy like you who graduated from Mike Sherman's School of Hard Knocks.

You are also correct that Teddy Tee is riding on Rodgers just as Ron Wolf rode on Brett Favre. You do remember Rodgers was his first ever pick right UP? 0-4-1 is all we need to see to understand why Teddy Tee picked Rodgers as he like Ron Wolf understands that you can't win in the NFL without an elite quarterback.

As for Ted's flexibility. You also underestimate his ability to change on a dime when he did the unthinkable and got rid of Harrel and Coleman in exchange for Wallace and Tolzein then Matt Flynn who were all upgrades. Had he sat on his ass you would be complaining why he didn't go out and get Wallace, Tolzein or Matt Flynn who were all available. Teddy Tee is plenty flexible when he has to be.

You just need to admit that losing your elite qb is the main reason why we have not won a game since. It has nothing to do with Teddy Tee's ability to get quality talent.

UP-Packer's picture

Thompson has completely blown the back-up QB position. GB's season is a lost one because of this.

GB still doesn't have a competent back up QB on the roster.

Ted Thompson's picture

Wait doesn't ever team have pro-bowl back-up QBs? FIRE TED!!!!!

4thand1's picture

I don't believe Buster or UP are Packer fans at all. I think there are here to get a rise out of us real Packer fans.

A Dude's picture

Nailed it.

UP-Packer's picture

Mix up another glass of kool-aid!!
You're only making excuses. Every NFL team deals with injuries.

40 points & 561 yards, just a few days ago. And everything will be fine?? --- Pure BS.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Name one NFL team that could start their 4th string QB and be better then 0-4-1.

A couple of years ago Peyton Manning got hurt and his team wound up with the first pick in the draft. The year before Manning got injured they went to the Playoffs, the draft Luck and then they go to the playoffs last year... Was the Colts that bad or was it that their QB?

Elite QB's make the difference in this league. When your team is built around one, and he misses time. Your record will reflect that...

UP-Packer's picture

You're taking one example (the Colts & Manning) & deciding that it applies at all times.

It doesn't. (except in your head)

Longshanks's picture

The Manning comparison to Rodgers does apply UP. Both are elite qb's and both teams didn't win a game the second they got hurt. Both of these teams were heavily reliant on their qb not only to make the proper reads and throws but also to provide them with a leader and another coach on the field. You can't underestimate how losing those two affects EVERYTHING to a team.


RC Packer Fan's picture

I came up with a perfect example of an Elite QB getting hurt and what it did to the team.

I am still waiting for your example of a team that is on their 4th string QB that did better then 0-4-1...

I think I'll be waiting a while...

Buster's picture

UP - there's really nothing you can say to convince either Shanks or RC. Both are extremists. It's easy to see that AR has been carrying this team since 2008. My bet is both MM & TT also know this.

RC Packer Fan's picture


I am being honest... Am I right or am I right?

He starts talking about me drinking kook-aid because I said that the reason why the Packers are where they are is because Rodgers got hurt...

How in the HELL is that not the truth???

Explain to me because i'm confused...
Also I said to name another team that has been able to do better then 0-4-1 while losing their Elite QB, and playing their 4th String QB....

I gave a perfect example of what losing an Elite does to a team with the Colts losing Manning. That is an apples to apples comparison...

I am stating FACTS.... Perhaps you dumb-Asses wouldn't know pure facts or the truth if it hit you in the faces...

Longshanks - There is no sense trying to talk reason with some of these people. Obviously common sense has waved bye bye to them long ago....

Buster's picture

RC... This is a place to express opinions. His opinions are just as valid as yours.

Many great Packer fans criticize the state of the Packers. I don't have many years left to root for the Pack. I don't want an inept hierarchy destroying my team, either.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I completely get that Buster... I appreciate everyone's opinions. Probably one of the few that do.

It takes a lot to piss me off. And the fact that I am providing facts. And that ain't good enough or that is considered drinking the kool aid or whatever... Come on...

BTW, I'm still waiting to hear of 1 NFL team that lost their ELITE QB, and had to play with their 4th String QB, that actually won games... I still haven't heard an answer for that.

That is the whole point, I have been making. If it isn't good enough for you, well good luck to you because I can't think of any team that has won multiple games with their 3rd or 4th string QB.

Does that excuse the defense for playing badly no. But this point does. Rodgers is so good that he impacts the Packers Offense, Defense and Special Teams.

Everyone is saying that the Packers have horrible players. But would they be saying that if Rodgers would be playing and we were 8-4, 9-3, 10-2???
I doubt it. That is my point. Take it or leave it. I don't care...

Longshanks's picture

"UP – there’s really nothing you can say to convince either Shanks or RC. Both are extremists. It’s easy to see that AR has been carrying this team since 2008. My bet is both MM & TT also know this."

Buster Brown, RC and I are extremists? lol So are you then because what you just said about Arod carrying this team is what RC an I have been trying to say so you agree with both of us.

You lose your elite qb and there's no one left to "carry the team" so the team loses and loses quickly just like what happened when Manning got injured and this season with Rodgers. Glad to see you are on board with RC and I.

Trying to convince UP the reason we are losing mainly because Rodgers is hurt is a whole other deal. He seems to think TT should be fired for not having a pro bowl backup behind Rodgers. lol


cLowNEY42's picture

"Name one NFL team that could start their 4th string QB and be better then 0-4-1."

I'll give this one a shot...

The answer is none.

No team would put itself in that situation.

The Packers didn't even have a #2 QB at the end of camp. How on earth do go through all of camp and then still not have your #2 QB set.

Yes - Wallace got hurt... but then they had to move on from their #3 to their #4 because their #3 sucked.

The packers did this to themselves.

If they would have had a competent #2 on the roster and a #3 either on the roster or on the PS (who had been in the system for more than 2 f'n weeks) they wouldn't be on QB #4.

Honestly - I think they would have been better off sticking with the horseshit Harrell and the brainfart Coleman. Those guys were not significantly less talented than Wallace, Tolzien, or Flynn and they had been running the Packers' system for the past 2+ seasons.

RC Packer Fan's picture

There is Ass clown to the rescue...

No there is no team that would do better then what the Packers have done.

The reason the Packers are in the mess they are is because the Packers top 2 QB's got injured. And then they had to bring in their 3rd and 4th QB. You tell me how many teams have their top 2 QB's get injured that are still relevant...

LOL. Clown your funny.. You need to read what you write. Yeah, the Packers season is down the tubes because their #3 QB wasn't ready to be as good as Rodgers.

Yeah so. Tell me how many teams in the league even carry 3 QB's on their roster... And out of those teams, how many's #3 QB's would step in and be as good as their number 1 QB.

The whole point is. The Packers are where they are at record wise because they lost their Elite QB. There aren't many teams that can overcome losing their Elite QB.

cLowNEY42's picture

"Overcome" - no.
Win one fucking game - yes.

The QB situation was a cluster when the season started. Not when camp started... when the season started. That's all I'm saying.

Point Packer's picture

Our DL is solid? You must be smoking crack. No, they actually suck.

RunAndHyde's picture

Screw pickin a TE..Bostik will work for now. We need a SAFETY.ClintonDix....Bucannon...Boston...or a guy I like more n more ...Eddie Reynolds from Stanford. I honestly think Reynolds would fit perfectly.

jack in jersey city's picture

i think they will go TE and S in the first 2 rounds

Point Packer's picture

This offense needs a competent TE to be successful. At this point, Bostick is not it. Another dumb Cow prediction, FYI. The Finley loss was huge.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Finley's injury to me has hurt the offense more then any other player, well minus Rodgers of course.

He takes a lot of grief but he was one of our few players that was a mismatch for defenses. And the drop off behind him is huge. I like Bostick but he is still raw.

I expect the Packers to draft a TE high in the draft. I can definitely see them going with Ebron from NC or Austin Sefran-Jenkins from Washington.
Watching Jenkins he reminds me of Tony Gonzalez. Just seems to have great ball skills.

Ted Thompson's picture

Don't say logical things, someone has to be fired.

chris k's picture

Of Jamal Reynolds is available select him

Andrew Hetzel's picture

Gronkowski was a tight end drafted in 2nd round (42 overall) in 2010. If you see a difference maker like that (or close to that) you should pick him. Finley WILL NOT be back with the packers - no chance.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Exactly. But Gronkowski would have been a higher pick except for he was coming off of an injury and had injury concerns.

TommyG's picture

Sounds like a text book TT pick!

RC Packer Fan's picture

How many of TT's actual picks had an injury history when he drafted them?

Evan's picture


PacMan's picture

Too many medium holes to fill currently. But if you get Bulaga, Cobbs and others healthy - you only need to a major fix for the safety position. One free agent.

Let offense coordinator call plays so MM can be the honest judge at the end of the day.

Slocum and Capers? Very tough call. They are working with too many weak players. Whose fault is that? TT? Or didn't they demand more?

4thand1's picture

LMFAO. With all these GM wanna be's, the Packers should be 19-0 in a season or 2.

RC Packer Fan's picture

closer to 19-0 then 0-19 if they can actually play all their players for 19 games straight...

Barutan Seijin's picture

Well, if they have the greatest GM ever now, why aren't they 13-0? Why didn't they go 19-0 last year or the year before?

Wait, don't tell me... I know!

Bad luck & internet doubters.

UP-Packer's picture

The problem with many fans is they are constantly rewriting history (in their heads). They are always changing reality by tweeking (or ignoring) little facts here & there & then drawing different conclusions.

"Hell, we'd be talking about playoff seeding if AR hadn't gotten hurt".

This is just one example. The kool-aid drinkers create a different timeline that is more acceptable to their delusional thinking.

Everything is not fine with the Packer team. Bold changes need to happen or next season will be more of the same.

4thand1's picture

TT will do what has to done.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Same with the Packer haters who troll on the website especially when the Packers lose...

So your saying if the Packers were 9-3 you wouldn't be talking about trying to get home field advantage? Your saying that you would be talking about how the team needs to be ripped apart and rebuilt? Is that what your saying?

Packers with Rodgers were 5-2. Without 0-4-1. They played the Bears, Eagles, Giants, Vikings and Lions since Rodgers has been out. With Rodgers I guarantee they win at least 3 of those games. That would have put them at 8-4.

How is that being delusional or drinking kool-aid? That is all the truth.

The truth is, if Rodgers doesn't get hurt, we are talking completely differently about this team.

Yes the team needs work, but doesn't change the fact that we would be talking completely differently about them.

Buster's picture

Except ... you can't guarantee anything. You can't change the reality of TT's mistakes. His mistakes have turned the Pack into a losing team.

4thand1's picture

Its his fault all those players got injured. I'll bet you were screaming louder than anyone about the running game last year. Geeze what a turn around, dam rotten pick in Lacy.

ben's picture

2014 53 man depth chart
QB: Rodgers, Tolzien, Flynn
RB: Lacey, DuJuan, Franklin, #6draftpick
FB: #5draftpick, #7draftpick
WR: Cobb(extended4), Jordy, #3draftpick, Boykins, Harper
TE: #2draftpick, Quarless(3year), Stoneburner, Bostick
OL: Bakhtiari, Sitton, EDS(4year), Lang, Bulaga(extended4), Barclay, Tretter, Sharrod
DL: Paul Soliai(Freeagent), Daniels(extended5), Datone, Jolly(2year), Worthy, Boyd, UFA
LB: Neal(3year), Perry, Matthews(MLB), Jones, Lattimore(tendered), #4draftpick, mulumba
CB: House(extended4), Shields(franchised), Tramon(honored), Heyward, Hyde
S: Burnett, #1draftpick, Richardson, McMillian, banjo
ST: Goode, Crosby, Masthay
Let go: Finley,Hawk,Raji,Pickett,JJones,Bush,Kuhn,md,newhouse,&Wilson.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Franchise price for a CB was about $10.6m which is too much for Shields. He might be angry with GB for tendering him last year rather than extending him. Tramon (Honored???) needs to take a pay cut but I still like him overall. Quarles gets veteran's minimum if we can't do better with another player. Why extend Daniels since next year is only his 3rd year? You release Palmer and Barrington too, and are assuming a 4-3 defense.

cLowNEY42's picture

I'm not going to judge any of the current TE's until I see them play with a QB who doesn't suck balls.

The TKstinator's picture

Some of them will pan out, some won't.

Barutan Seijin's picture

I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing, but TT isn't really a BPA guy anymore. He went pretty much all defense in the 2012 draft mainly because the 2011 defense was so bad. I'd argue that Jones & Lacy were need picks, too.

The TKstinator's picture

And as a bonus PS, I hate Golden Tate.

larry valdes's picture

If rodgers dint get hurt we easy in top of the nfc remenber we lost cobb finley matthews heyward.shields for3 games we really ned a safety and we dl that can push the midle of the line and a big fb and a te on the coachig side a oc to macke better calls

4thand1's picture

I've been around a while and have seen this dog and pony act with impatient fans many times. They want everything to perfect or they throw a temper tantrum and whine for days. Its clearly evident in here. TT and MM did there best to put a playoff team on the field and you big babies didn't get your way, whah, whah. This team was a contender coming out of the gates and has been decimated by injuries. Now you can't handle the truth so you do what you know best, point fingers and blame everyone else because your sad. Cry me a fuckin river.

Barutan Seijin's picture

Even with Rodgers, do you think this team was going to beat Seattle or SF in the playoffs?

I think we would have seen the kind of game we saw in Week 1 or in the Divisional round of last year's playoffs or in the divisional round of the 2011 playoffs...

The same thing keeps happening, but everything is OK.

RC Packer Fan's picture

yup, that sums it up pretty well...

I am a huge Packer fan. I live and breathe green and gold.

I get pissed when they lose. But I still have to look at the facts of the situation.

If Rodgers doesn't get hurt they are likely 8-4 to 10-2.

And as bad as this season has gone, they are still only 1 1/2 games behind the Lions. So basically the Packers have to win 2 more games then the Lions and they could be in the playoffs... Not saying it will happen, but the fact remains that they are still somehow in contention.

Red's picture

Pretty interesting to watch New Orleans get DESTROYED on the road on MNF. And that's WITH their all-pro QB.

You think their fans will also lose their minds and start demanding management clean house, fire everyone, etc?

I was sickened by the Thanksgiving Debacle like everyone else. But (on these boards anyways) we've gotten way too reactionary.

Before Rodgers went down we were a very good but flawed team hoping to get hot at the right time. Guess what, when Rodgers gets back we'll still be a very good but flawed team hoping to get hot at the right time.

Barutan Seijin's picture

Yep, when Rich Campbell comes around & Mandarich gets up to speed everything will be just fine in Packerland.

cLowNEY42's picture

"This team was a contender coming out of the gates"

You mean when they were getting lit up by Anquan Boldin?

Dude, their 5 wins came against..

Megatron-less Lions


During this non-winning streak the Packers would have beaten MN w/ Rodgers... the rest... I'm not so sure.

PHI is hot right now.
DET was loaded for bear on Thanksgiving.
NYG always have the Pack's # in NYG.
OK - they probably would have beaten the Bears

So it's very possible that even if 12 hadn't gotten hurt, they'd still only be 7-5, tops.

4thand1's picture

Oh F-off. You had them going 0-4. You are theee biggest whiner of all. Thanks to the cheap shot by Merriweather, Lacy missed the Bengals game. Yes Franklin had over 100 yards but coughed up the winning TD.

4thand1's picture

Only punks call people ,"dude."

cLowNEY42's picture

Only dudes call people "punks".

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