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What Offensive Linemen Are Worth it at 12

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What Offensive Linemen Are Worth it at 12

The Packers offensive line already looks better than it did a season ago with the addition of Billy Turner and arrival of last year’s fifth-round pick Cole Madison. Both will be immediate upgrades over Byron Bell and Justin McCray. 

Turner offers a versatile skill set with the ability to play both guard and tackle. Seemingly, he will be the front-runner to start at right guard come training camp considering Green Bay handed him a decent deal of four-years, $28 million. 

Also, Madison’s arrival last Monday was a pleasant surprise. The former right tackle out of Washington State sat out last season coping with the death of a former teammate and close friend. Coaches and team personnel evaluators were high on Madison because of his athleticism and ability to play tackle and guard. When he left, Green Bay had to scramble and ended up signing Bell who went on to play 12 games in 2018, starting nine. As we now know, disaster ensued.

Keeping Aaron Rodgers healthy is a top priority and his risk of injury only heightens as he gets older. Last year was a good example of how not to do it as he was a victim of 49 sacks. The Packers had a revolving door along the right side of the line with injuries to Bryan Bulaga and unstable play at guard. The result was Rodgers playing the entire year on a sprained knee and broken leg. 

This team can’t afford a repeat of the 2018 offense if they expect better results this year. Quite frankly, last year’s performance was as bad as it’s ever been under Rodgers. A culmination of poor offensive line play, inexperienced receivers, and a broken system led them to only six wins. Unfortunately for first-year coach Matt LaFleur, the idea of a rebuilding year doesn’t exist in Green Bay. As it shouldn’t with a quarterback like Rodgers.  

If the Packers want to get back to the playoffs next season, it will start up front and Green Bay shouldn’t be done adding to their group of offensive linemen. In less than two weeks, general manager Brian Gutekunst will be on the clock with two first-round selections. Yes, taking an offensive lineman in the first goes against the Packers mantra. However, they face enough uncertainty along the line that nothing can be ruled out. For the moment, right guard is still a question mark and Bulaga has only played two full years in his eight NFL seasons. Couple that with the fact that the 30-year-old tackle is entering the final year of his contract.   

Using the 12thoverall pick on an offensive lineman would send shockwaves through the fanbase but fans should prepare themselves now for the unexpected. After all, it’s a new era in Green Bay.

Here are three lineman prospects that might warrant a top-12 pick:

Jonah Williams, Alabama

A three-year starter for the Crimson Tide, Williams probably has the best technique and fundamentals in the class. He started all 44 games of his college career with 29 at left tackle and 15 at right. Williams might be the safest bet among offensive lineman prospect due to his size, lateral quickness, and functional play strength. His main knock is that some scouts project him to move to guard in the NFL because of his smaller frame and shorter arm length. Feel free to consider that a negative trait because in Williams a team will get a guy that can potentially start at three different positions and would be rock solid at all three. Him falling to 12 could be a blessing in disguise as the Packers might be able to grab a 10-year starter. 

Jawaan Taylor, Florida

Taylor is generating so much buzz, it would come as a complete shock for him to fall out of the top 10. However, this is the one of the most unpredictable events in sports we’re talking about in the NFL draft. Taylor started 33 games at right tackle with a few sprinkled in on the left. He’s the true definition of a dancing bear standing at 6-5 310 pounds with feet as a nimble as a ballerina’s. Taylor helped Florida’s offensive line surrender only 18 sacks in 2018. His longs arms and powerful punch at the point of attack has scouts drooling over his upside. Expect Taylor to be starting in the league for a long time and probably the first lineman off the board come April 25th. If he is still around when the Packers are on the clock at 12, you would be hard pressed to argue against him as the best player available. 

Cody Ford, Oklahoma

Even though he started all 14 games at right tackle last year, Ford is a guard through and through. This is where things start to get grey as his stock best projects somewhere in the late teens of the first. However, if he goes only a few picks after 12 then it’s hard to call it a reach. His biggest concern is inexperience with only one season as a full-time starter. On the other hand, scouts believe he has a high ceiling and a bright future as an NFL guard. Ford is a massive prospect that possesses an even-cut frame and nasty strength to finish as a blocker. His feet tend to get him into trouble which is why he will likely move to guard. This isn’t a knock on his abilities, though, as he still has the tools to develop into a productive interior lineman on the next level. 



Brandon Carwile is a Packers writer who also enjoys watching and breaking down film. Follow him on Twitter @PackerScribe.

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Johnblood27's picture

Hard PASS on Ford anywhere, especially at 12.

GBP and MLF need great feet and superior mobility.

That is NOT Ford. Just a bad fit.

Value. Value. Value.

The best value would be getting a few (thats right, 3 or so) OL later in the early draft by trading out of 12 if a transformational player does not drop to that point (very unlikely).

I like a lot of guys who could be had later on, Lindstrom, Risner (a little off athletically, but NASTY), Dillard, Bradbury, McGary.

Later on; McGovern, Jordan, Evans, Scharping.

I am certai that the GBP new personnel man from the Ravens has waaaaaay better scouting eye than mine and has identified even more talented and available OL prospects in this draft class.

I hope GBP draft 3 OL this year, The OL depth needs to be completely re-stocked and all the turnstiles shown the door.

Campen is gone and a new outside zone scheme is being installed.

The low arm spread hold technique now resides in Cleveland and GBP need to grow into a new scheme.

jannes bjornson's picture

Believe Both guard spots need to be upgraded and a backup center drafted to compete with Patrick. Do not believe they need to draft three guys with Turner a starter and Madison trying to back up a guard spot. OT in the first three picks makes too much sense to ignore. Dillard has the best feet as a LT, and some have him above Taylor who is mocked to Jax-ville. Ford is
capable to go to RT. Mc Gary is a RT with third rd value.

Coldworld's picture

We also have a couple we picked up in season, including Nico Siragusa, who was a 2017 4th round pick. He was derailed by injury but since he was on the roster to end last year, I have to consider him a legitimate contender.

That means we have at least 2 young potential upgrades at guard in addition to the FA we just signed. I do not think early interior OL is likely to be a priority. Given the above, a developmental tackle seems to be the biggest OL need, and I don’t expect that to be an early pick.

Dragon5's picture

11 life path Andre Dillard is without question the most athletic OT and he backs it up with the highest OL SPARQ [email protected] as well as the highest OT RAS score from Ross's 2.0 Big [email protected] for first round talent....why he was not included with the author's 3 choices leaves me head-scratching.

Monsmoy's picture

Dillard could be the best pass protecting LT in the draft, but he is deemed to be a LT only, which is the 1 position on the OL we (hopefully) don't need. His run blocking is untested as Washington S didn't really do it and my understanding is that this is a part of play MLF is going to increase. So, those two factors may suggest, whilst a top OT in this draft, he is not the best fit for GBP.
McGary, on the other hand, is a bona fide athletic, with a mean finishing streak, RT who should be got at 44, or a risky 76.
Another consideration is that Brian Bulaga is still here. He may be susceptible to injury, but he is the starting RT. Therefore, do we need to spend our 1st pick on Jonah or Juwaan who are immediate starters? Surely someone who can be developed in their first NFL year, and is a later pick, is better? Again, McGarry could start but he would benefit from a sound rookie year behind BB.
This in turn allows Hockenson to be picked at 12 who, as a true Y TE, also adds OLine value.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Awesome point with lots of great commentary. Only thing I disagree with slightly is needing another 3 OL after essentially picking up 2 in the past month. I am all in with two OL drafted and pick-up another unsigned FA or two after draft. I personally think the Packers will have a good OL this year and with the new offensive system Rodgers will not be holding onto the ball so much. If up to me I would not draft an OL until at very earliest #44, but preferably in 3rd & 4th rounds. I think there is good value to be had there and would much rather have the Pack use the first say 3 rounds to draft BPA amongst DL, DE, Edge Rusher, ILB, TE, and WR talent.

jannes bjornson's picture

My view is OT by #44 latest. We don't know how the QB frenzy may affect positioning? I believe TAylor and Dillard are off the board before twelve. J Williams future is guard as well as Ford, Pack has those spots covered. I mocked over on the other mock1.0 post. I am really only looking at the OT who is capable of covering both spots if necessary and then filling in for Bulaga when he moves on.. I would like some center/guard types brought in as UDFA to compete for backup center. Lindlesy as good as he is can be bull rushed. THe OT is in place 2019 without another project on board. McGary has question marks regarding his health. He is a beast at RT but does not move as well as Greg Little who I mocked to #44. He is a LT that will transition to RT or may prove everyone wrong and be a LT. This bias is driven by my complete lack of faith in Spriggs.

Lare's picture

I would love to have the best OL in the NFL. It would allow us to run and pass the ball at will.

mamasboy's picture

You might be right about Ford, Johnny, but I've watched video of him and he is a BAD ASS! He follows his man no matter how long the play is extended, and then buries him.

fthisJack's picture

Ford is slower than molasses in January in Michigan. i think he's a true road grader but the Packers tend not to draft these guys.

TheBigCheeze's picture


stockholder's picture

I don't want any of them. You'll hurt the defense. The value and the STARTERS will be later in the draft. Your going to move them to Guard anyway. Take the True Guard! To prove that: @12 Wilkins,@30 Simmons,@44 Lindstrom G ,@75 Jace Sternberger TE @115 Dieter G @ 119 Max Scharping OT, @ 151 Woods S, @ 186 David Long ILB, @ 196 Drue Tranquil ILB. @228 Jeff Smith WR,

JakeDickerson's picture

I really hope they consider Simmons at 30. The guy is a top 10 talent.

dobber's picture

Even though they seem to be building 'for the now' and he'll likely miss most if not all of 2019, the Packers might have a hard time passing on Simmons even at #30--assuming his medicals show he's progressing normally--given the looming loss of Daniels after 2019. I've heard rumors that Simmons is likely to go in the 20s, though.

SpurgeonsCigar's picture

Hope he is there at 30..... Gary, Sweat or Bush at 12 and Simmons at 30.

BoCallahan's picture

Charles Haddon,
Interesting monicker! F. P. del Rio was the last Cuban he enjoyed. I am hoping that we get Shaquan M. Sweat at 12.

Monsmoy's picture

I believe late Novemeber at the earliest

mrtundra's picture

Has Simmons recovered from his ACL? injury?

jannes bjornson's picture

Where's my starting FS to cover deep middle with Speed?

stockholder's picture

I believe they roll with Amos and Jones now. If you want the starting Guard you take Lindstrom. Lindstrom and RIsner are the #44pick. Dieter, C. McGovern, and Scharping in the 4th. Sternberger TE came in. No Top 5 Safety yet!! But truthfully I'd take Rollins [email protected]

Coldworld's picture

I’d love to be wrong but Jones has shown nothing to convince me he has a clue what he is doing except when playing ILB. In my view, he would benefit from time in a much narrower, focused role. I certainly hope he is a safety at most name only this year.

If they don’t sign a safety that is conceivably a starter now, the Amos signing will be devalued unless they can pick up a worthwhile FA. That may be the way they have to go. Ultimately Greene has promise perhaps and we may resign Campbell if he recovers, but behind Amos, Greene, Williams who can play deep is not enough. At the very least we need to be looking at drafting a safety to get ready for 2020.

Guam's picture

Safety is our greatest need. Williams can be our starter along side Amos this year but that weakens our CB group and Williams is 36. If Williams gets injured we will be in serious trouble without a high draft choice.

Your comment on Jones is spot on - he is an ILB, not a safety. Greene and Campbell are developmental players and may or may not be ready for a major role this year. Hard to count on them.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Picking dandelion's and checking out the cheerleaders from center field should the Packers be so blessed to pick-up either Oliver or Burns at 12 and Simmons at let's say 30 or early #2 round. :)

stockholder's picture

Wilkins @12. You must be reading Pittsburgh's thread. They Have Tillery ahead of Wilkins. Tillery is a Attitude Nightmare. He had one great game against Stanford. Wilkins was Rated #14 last year. If he came out. He dominated in the championship game. The scare. ?? Testing for steroids? Lawrence got caught. Was suspended. The whole program is suspect now. It didn't change Tts opinion of Jolly, And others in Green Bay that were questioned. But anybody that wants Tillery can have him. Wilkins won't make it by Pittsburgh. Wilkins has the type of character you want on a team. And as for Safety. Nobody liked them. The combine is the Hype for the position. I have Adderley and Fant being picked before @30. Simmons gives us insurance for next year. Take the better player here. And wait.

NitschkeFan's picture

Stock, I like your picks and they appear reasonably likely to be available. But at #30 I think a Safety is more likely than waiting a year for that (luxury) pick to play.

I’d be surprised if they don’t go “all in” for this year.

stockholder's picture

The popular vote was Risner, Not Safety (ADDERLEY) @30 . Just like [email protected] @44 you won't get the best safety. But still could get a guard. I question 2 OL.early in the first 3 picks? Don't think thats the Plan. If you take a safety you could lose Simmons, Risner, Lindstrom from what I've seen. (Even though most big boards I've seen have Risner, and Lindstrom together near 45.) Safety @44 won't work / per Start. #2. Dt. doesn't work later. Taking an OL early will screw up the big board. And the packers will have to reach! Losing value, and forcing trades to move back up. My Question is where would an OL Start? Next year to maybe. You then lost 2 possible starters this year. Going all in this year can only happen if you take a DT to replace Wilkerson. Or Bush. And Taking a Safety @30. But thats not what could happen.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

As far as I can tell, pundits and draftniks disagree on who is the best safety, and even who are the two best safeties. Ross Uglem has Thornhill 14th, then CGJ, Adderly and Savage 21-23, SS Hooker 46th, Abram 53rd, Thompson 57th and Rapp 64th. Schimmel, Froelich and Kotnik have different orders, as do others. I do think the first four are the only ones worthy of #30 or #44.

If taking an OL at #12 will "screw up the [Packers'] big board" that tells me you're drafting mostly for need. I am not a purist on that either, but I don't think taking an OT at #12 changes things. We can still get a safety, WR, TE, or a host of other positions at #30 and #44.

stockholder's picture

Your going to draft Box safeties? Amos isn't going to FS full time. Thompson is the only FS. 1 year at the position. (The reason he's at 57 plus 40Time) I have him higher. Abram takes bad angels to tackle.Didn't we see bad angels in a playoff game 2 years ago. Hooker is more like Jones. He'd be a better LB by some. Savage is not even considered a top 5 safety. And your going to pass on a OL @44? Risner and Lindstrom? To fill safety. That is drafting on Need. Wr after drafting 3 is crazy? Reynaoldo understand this. TT made the fatal mistake of drafting Spriggs. He calculated that taking Spriggs would replace BAHK. Then had to sign him. Taking a OT for Bulaga is the same mistake TT made. Bulaga may still get signed. And your @12 OT then sits. Because he won't beat out Bulaga. Same for Hock. I based taking Oliver and Wilkins on Wilkerson. Not replacing Daniels. Simmons was my choice because of Top 10 talent. Thats not need. It's getting the best starter and a top 10 talent.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

The top four alluded to in my comment were Thornhill, CGJ, Adderly and Savage. None of them are box safeties only. CGJ is interchangeable but "He's going to get cornerback love because of his size, but he's a free safety." - AFC Personnel director []. On Adderly, " Plays single-high, in the box and occasionally in the slot for Delaware, showing the ability to do all three at a high level." [Draftnetwork]. I don't have Savage as worthy of #30, but #44 is very possible. "Reasonable upside to play deep middle, deep half, man to man, box safety, nickel defender and as a blitzer." [The draftnetwork.] Has good instincts and ran a 4.36 forty at the combine. Thornhill gets the least love from The Draft Network and (2nd/3rd rounder projection) with both questioning whether he's a FS to some degree, but I like him a lot, and he's routinely mocked in the first or early second. Thompson is a FS only. He can't play SS. So far, no combine or pro day numbers. I wouldn't touch him at #44.

If I took Taylor at #12, then yes, probably passing on Risner and Lindstrom at #30, and they both are unlikely to be there at #44. Probably looking at Dieter in the 3rd or someone in the 4th. I am not so unhappy with Turner, Taylor, McCray, Siragusa and Madison for RG and depth, and Taylor or Jonah Williams both would be RG candidates, Jonah more so. Taylor might not beat out Bulaga, but he might not have to either: he can fill in for RT Bulaga or LT Bakh should either miss time. What a concept.

I've already written several times that I would take Burns, Sweat or Oliver over an OT. So, your point about by-passing Oliver for an OT is inaccurate.

At #12, I am looking for an excellent player, one that can start right away if need be, and who has positional value. I'll start looking at need later.

stockholder's picture

Thats better!

dobber's picture

I can see a significant number of ways days 1 and 2 of the draft play out for the Packers that make real good sense from a roster construction perspective. All but a couple of them will piss off a ton of fans.

fthisJack's picture

you're thinking 3 OL men when we have Turner and Madison coming in? how would they feed all these hogs?

stockholder's picture

Yes. Build the wall is the cry for taking an OL @12. I just took the two I think will be NFL caliber. Lindstrom and Scharping. You can drop Dieter. But he is the best pulling guard in the draft by 1 scout. And Scharping is catching on. Might make late 3rd.

JakeDickerson's picture

If those are the BPA at the time I would trade down....immediately.

Coldworld's picture

Which poses a question. How many picks can we accommodate? That might be a good discussion in this year of change.

If we do trade down, it would give us ammunition to trade up if we have targets later.

fthisJack's picture

the meat of this draft is in the mid rounds and a trade down for an extra 3 would be awesome if someone great doesn't fall into your lap.

blondy45's picture

No O lineman has pick 12 value in Green Bay PERIOD! As has been debated here recently, an Offensive lineman may-will take some time for that player to be trusted in Pack land year one. That is a developmental pick, we do not need a developmental pick at 12.
Now if Gute's targets are gone at pick 12, move back and get an impact player with additional picks early prior to pick 118, that will include O-linemen. I seriously believe the Pack will have great options to pick and keep at #12. Pick 30 is where I have no real idea what will happen.
We are in a great position to make the luxury pick @30, trade up to get a Stud and NEED player, or trade back if the draft board is lacking on a value player there.
My best educated guess and hopeful wish list @ pick #12
1.Ed Oliver*
2. Devin White
3. Montez Sweat
4. Rashan Gary
@ 30 through 44:
1. Devin Bush*
2.Brian Burns
3. TJ Hockenson
4. Noah Fant
5. AJ Brown
6. Juan Thornhill*
7. Nasir Adderley
8. Dalton Risner
9. Josh Jacobs
10. Jeffrey Simmons

We do need O-Line help, just not at the top of this draft class. The BPA approach is good, but with the needs we need for back-up-replacement players next year, we must very much consider needs also. The draft is strong on EDGE rushers, TE's & most importantly SAFETIES. Our biggest need-fit this year is for the Safety position. Later, draft two even three O-line prospects. We need to stock the roster with a RB also. No need for WR's, we have good ones on the roster. NO O-LINEMAN at pick #12. Thanks for reading my opinions.

dblbogey's picture

A big no to Oliver or Rashan Gary. Hockenson will be gone by pick 15 and Burns will be gone as well before 30.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Very good! LIke everything but would move Burns up to your #12 category. He is the real deal! Watched him a lot and at the Combine. More upside than Sweat IMHO.

Lare's picture

If the Packers decide to go OL with their first pick, with the exception of Taylor (who'll be gone) they should pretty much have their pick. With Bulaga gone next season they pretty much have to take the next player there, and their insider analysis should end up with a really good player. I have no problem with an OL at 12 or 30.

Archie's picture

Do we pick replacements for Daniels and Bulaga this year or do we take a TE and S in R1?

I admit, the OT that would interest me at 12 is Jawaan Taylor.

dobber's picture

I like Taylor best, too, and I wouldn't be surprised given the contract situations over the next two years if we see multiple DL/edge and multiple OL drafted by the Packers in a couple weeks.

fthisJack's picture

i like Taylor also but i would wait until 30 and take Risner who could play guard or OT. he's a mean man and likes to bury his guy. GB loves guys that can play all along the line.

albert999's picture

Taylor should be our pick at 12 if he’s there I agree

Monsmoy's picture

Fans seem to think you can address everything in one draft but, as you say, it is a choice (often made by BPA)
Personally, I think Daniels will not break the bank and so may well stay in GB and DT is not a priority.
Having said that, if Simmons drops to 30, I would snap him up.
I believe the first pick needs to be an immediate impact player, and Hockenson would do that offering AR12 an additional target as well as welcomed blocking capability.
Assuming Simmons is off the board at 30, I would take one of Adderley or CG-J, who are the 2 best FS or Risner.
At 44 I think you have to take Brian Bulaga's replacement, and that is Kaleb McGary. If he has gone, and I have seen him drafted 1st rd, then Darnell Savage.
One OT I do like the look of who is under the radar is Oli Udoh, who could be picked up very late.

blondy45's picture

I would love Tytus Howard OT Alabama ST. or Max Scharping OT N. Illinois later.

SpurgeonsCigar's picture

I am against any o-linemen at 12. Way too early when some great defensive players like Sweat, Burns, Oliver and Bush may be around not to mention our biggest need at TE. Take TJ or Fant at 12 and then Simmons at 30. If Lindstrom is at 44 take him. Wait on a safety until 4. Scoop up Andy Isabella as your slot WR and return man .....

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I'd take Burns, Sweat or Oliver (not Bush) over Taylor due to positional value. But I think there are good and sufficient reasons to select Taylor over Hock/Fant/Bush and the other DL. The biggest reason is that Taylor is the best pass blocking OT in the draft.

fthisJack's picture

i'm with you and think Risner or Lindstrom later would be a home run. love Oliver and the diversity he could bring to the D. he and Clark and Daniels and the 2

Dragon5's picture

IMHO this year's draft strategy is simple...either Def stud is [email protected] and you take him...if not trade back 1-3 times in the 1st and get as many 2nd & 3rd round picks as possible...that's where the honey pot resides, in particular this year. There was a mock last month where we traded back to #15 with WAS, got their 3rd, then traded back again to #23 and got one of HOU's 2nds. That gives us 2 picks in each of the first four rounds; have yet to come across a better trade down scenario than that one.

4thand1's picture

OH the dreaded short arms . Remember they said the same thing about Bulaga.

IceBowl's picture


You're not confusing that with small hands are you?? :-)

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Need better pad level as well!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

No he isn't. One knock on Bulaga was short arms.

sonomaca's picture

My understanding is that Spriggs is improving, and has added strength. Maybe he’s getting there.

Demon's picture

Id be more inclined to believe that Spriggs and Jones are more of TT flops. Face it, 2 camps and 2 seasons and they still stink? Doubt either will make the 53

sonomaca's picture

He’ll make it. They haven’t got much depth at tackle and he’s improved a bit over the past 3 years.

dobber's picture

The draft will have something to say about both of these guys, but the change in coaching staff and a scheme that favors mobility works in Spriggs's favor. If he's ever going to show, this will be the year.

As for Jones, I quit trying to figure him out later in the season last year...and with the signing of Amos, he and Burks are even more in competition for ILB snaps.

Turophile's picture

I give players three years to show their stuff. Spriggs is out of time, imo.

Cody Ford is a square peg in a round hole, Packers want athletic guys on the O line, over power guys. DL and Edge seem the most likely takes at #12.

As for OTs, I'd rather go for Yodny Cajuste (W.Virginia), Tytus Howard (Alabama St.), or Dave Edwards (Wisconsin) later in the draft (#75) and give them a year behind Bulaga to mature.

For me, at #12 it's Oliver > Ferrell = Burns = Taylor = Wilkins > Sweat = Hockenson = Dillard > D.Bush > D.White (take the earliest name on the list). With some of the lower prospects listed I'd be looking at a possible trade down for an extra 2nd or 3rd pick.

Coldworld's picture

At tackle and safety you are probably not giving long enough. That said, I agree that the odds are dropping fast.

Jonathan Spader's picture

"The Packers offensive line already looks better than it did a season ago with the addition of Billy Turner and arrival of last year’s fifth-round pick Cole Madison. Both will be immediate upgrades over Byron Bell and Justin McCray."

Justin McCray was the most improved Packer during the 2018 season according to PFF. Before he got injured he had a decent year. Madison has been out of football for a year.

Byron Bell was a bad signing as I said last year when they inked his contract. It'll be easy to upgrade over him. Not sure what we have in Turner.

MarkinMadison's picture

I like Williams as a replacement for Bulaga, but I don’t know if I like him at 12. Not sure I like any of these guys at 12. I’d probably wait until at least 30. Ford has better feet than some give him credit for - there not a lot of men that size who move to the second level as well as he does and he can move laterally. There is no can’t-miss LT prospect in this draft. At the top end at least this is not a strong OL draft.

PAPackerbacker's picture

No to an OL at #12. Take a top defensive player or TE with the first pic. Then maybe a good safety at #30. Then maybe a Risner or Ford at #44 or even wait until pic #75 to pic an OL.

Bert's picture

Geez. Our franchise QB gets injured on consecutive years and folks still don't think a top notch OL is worth the #12 pick. Same folks that will skewer Gute if AR gets buried again in 2019 for not picking a stud OL. If an OL happens to be the highest rated guy available at #12 then for God's sakes take him and be thrilled! We need help on the OL now!

IceBowl's picture


This is not a criticism of you, but of the media mantra and those that just blindly adopt what they say. I am so tired of it.

Many, many, many or ARod's sacks were on him. He wanted to make plays, so he held the ball to long or wouldn't throw to his young WRs. Watching games, the announcers would comment on him with the ball for 4, 5 , 6 sec's or more. That is too long. (ref Patriots for ex) OL problem, not in my book. Was his OL the best, not at all, but he could have helped too.

Yes the pack has to plan on improvement/replacement players for the future, but if ARod won't throw the ball, he will get another broken leg/whatever this year.

I dread the idea that ARod can think his protection is so good he holds for 5, 6, 7 or more seconds. Bad for the Pack, IMO. All around.

Bert's picture

IceBowl. Good points. I don't say I disagree with you about AR holding the ball. But lets face it; outside of LT out OL is pretty much middle of the road. Bulaga is playing on a banana peel and can give out at any time. The depth isn't very good. I really believe that an upgrade is much needed. Counting on mid-late round guys to develop in 2-3 years just isn't going to cut it. I know OLinemen aren't nearly as sexy as the edge guys most everybody is clamoring for but a blue chip guy with some real nasty to him can make a bigger impact than most people think.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Guess what that LT was. A mid round pick. The "banana peel give out anytime player" a 1st round pick. Your own argument contradicts itself Bert. We can develop OL depth through the mid rounds in the draft. Linsley was a 5th round pick and is one of the better centers in the league.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Nah, JS. True, centers and guards can be found in rounds 3-5. Not OTs so much. Pointing to Brady doesn't mean we can find a franchise QB in round 6. Looking at the NFL, starting LTs come in the first and second rounds. Starting RTs can be found in rounds 1-3.


Bert's picture

Yep. What JS says may true as the exception to the rule. But premier players in general are found in the upper rounds. Geez. Brady was a 6th RD pick and Brady Quinn a first. Best QBs are found in the 6th RD? You want a blue chip guy you gotta pay for a blue chip guy most of the time.

Jonathan Spader's picture

I'm not talking about QBs. Look at Hundley in round 5. We're talking about OL in GB. With OT we missed with Spriggs in round 2. Hit with Bahktiari in round 4. Hit with Brulaga in round 1. I'm ok with a OT in round 3, 4 or 5. I don't see one worth taking at #12 in 2019.

The point I was making was Bert's examples contradicted his statement.

As for probablitities TGR the more swings you take the better chance you have of hitting.

Bert's picture

You may be correct that "I don't see one worth taking at #12 in 2019." But then again none of us really has a clue how Gute has rated the 2019 draft class. All I'm saying is; If Gute sees a OL at #12 that he feels is worthy of the #12 pick then I have no problem with him pulling the trigger.

dobber's picture

I agree. He's got all the info and supposedly has a plan for how to build this franchise. I'm willing to give him a chance to see how that plays out.

Nick Perry's picture

If Rodgers is holding the ball for 4, 5, 6 seconds of more then Houston we STILL have a huge problem. If that does happen I'll be quite interested to see what MLF does.

Coldworld's picture

Get the skill positions in sync and away from the just beat your man mentality through less predictable plays and calling and Rogers should be able to get the ball out much faster.

At guard we have already got essentially 4th and 5th round picks in Siragusa and Madison. Tackle for the future remains a question, but I still think you are going to see BPA in the early rounds.

ILPackerBacker's picture

You don't know what you are talking about.

Even this SITE, here has a breakdown of the 'sacks' and you should read it before starting this nonsense, untruth; again

draftpete's picture

There is a definite need for OL, but there are more blue chip players early on the defensive side. Still like the idea of a possible trade down to around #15 to get more picks in 2 or 3 allowing a move up from 30 to get the needed OL or S if the right players fall some. Even if no trade there are OL and S options to be had at 2 - 4 rounds. Too many needs to fill all of them with a blue chip player. Here is one of my wish lists for the draft to fall.

#12 Bush-LB
#30 Adderley-S
#44 Thornhill-S
#75 Deiter-OL
#114 Warring-TE
#118 Bobby Evans-OL
#150 Demarcus Lodge-WR
#185 Darwin Thompson-RB
#194 Brett Rypien -QB
#226 Jalen Hurd-WR

albert999's picture

2 safeties in the top 3 ?

draftpete's picture

Looking at need before BPA here. They are my top 2 safeties for the free safety position. Doubt they would make it to 75.

stockholder's picture

The @12 should come down to to Bush or Hockenson. So Risner T, would have to be taken @30. (For the best OL.) We now must go defense. Thornhill won't be there @44. And I don't like the Safties after Adderley and Thornhill. So I did a fan draft based on write ups, and people's mocks against mine. Chase Winovich is the choice @44. He won't be there in the [email protected] If Hock was chosen you need a ILB. Ben Bir Kirven ILB is a tackling machine. Andy Isbella Slot WR, Max Scharping OT, Ty Summers ILB, to replace Morrisson, M, Crosby Edge, Cole Tracy PK. Ozigbo RB. If you really look at this draft of players, it became about Depth, Potential, and hope. The ingredients to a Bust. vs. Wilkins, Simmons, Lindstrom, Hollins.

fthisJack's picture

what if Gute has DK Metcalf as his #1 at 12 and takes him. everyone is going to go into cardiac arrest...... except for maybe #12.....LOL!

LeotisHarris's picture

Who Do You Know Wants to Buy a Car?

AgrippaLII's picture

Sure would be great to have any of these three...but at what cost? Gutekunst has already invested heavily on the Defensive side of the ball and needs to finish the job. I can see him using his first three picks to do it. Defense keeps you in ball games. He can still get a good OT prospect in the third ,fourth, or even fifth round...hell at this stage I'll be happy if he drafts a guy who actually projects to be an NFL tackle...and not a guard who might be a tackle or a tackle that projects to be a guard. We don't need more guards!

RCPackerFan's picture

At 12 we need a playmaker!

We need a player that can change games. Someone that can take over a game.

We do have a need on the OL, but honestly the biggest need right now is at backups. Someone that could take over for Bulaga next year. And someone that could step in and play for him this year incase of injury.

At 12, I would much rather see them go DL, Edge, ILB, TE. Each of those positions can have a bigger impact on a game with making game changing types of plays.

At 30 or 44 I would be more apt to consider OL help.

Guam's picture

I think Taylor would present an interesting value proposition at 12, but I just can't imagine a scenario where he falls that far. I would not draft an interior O-lineman at #12 even if Williams is available. You can get good interior O-linemen in rounds 3-5.

We need an impact player at #12. Draft BPA at #12.

CheesyTex's picture

Surprised no one has said it here but...

Bulaga is no lock to make it this year with his high cap (vs. Packers limited space) and injury history. Also questionable whether or not he still has mobility enough for zone blocking scheme.

It could very well be that they feel pretty comfortable with Billy Turner at RT in a ZBS -- they certainly paid him like a starting tackle. If so, there is a fairly interesting stable to pick from at guard and they only need one to emerge and have a decent OL on paper.

That said, there may be no need to burn a top choice on OL this year given the absence of true studs ala Quinten Nelson (sp?).

Tundraboy's picture

For us? None. I would love and dream of having a wall of an OL for Rodgers,and dare I dream a road grading lineman,,but we have become a strange team that does not play the middle of the field, on both sides of the ball. For years it has been almost non existent.

Our greatest needs continue to be the lack of a deep Safety, TE and an ILB who can cover the middle of the field. Just so happens that this lines up with this year's draft talent, so it's possible to find immediate contributiors there.

The x factor will be the possibility of a top ten talent falling that would change things,and if a day one starter is there I say go for it. Doubt it's an OL,or TE, but another shot in the arm on the D line ,to add to Kenny,or an ILB is fine with me. Maybe we can finally "fix"the D.

Grandfathered's picture

I think GB should trade down for #12 and pick up Fant in the mid teens.

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