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What I Don't Get...

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What I Don't Get...

...about people like this (thanks Corey) is the following:

Favre has made it abundantly clear, with his actions if not his words, that he wants to play for the Minnesota Vikings. THE MINNESOTA VIKINGS. HE WANTS TO PLAY FOR THE MINNESOTA VIKINGS. And still, these poor misguided souls continue to collect their signatures for petitions that will do nothing whatsoever except feed Favre's already overstuffed ego, with their "at times lengthy and eloquent pleas from fans who want to see Brett stay in Green Bay."

Here's a newsflash people: You are in an abusive relationship with a man who will throw anyone and everyone, including you, under the bus to get what he wants. The Green Bay Packers are bigger than any one player. Put down your signs, take off your #4 jerseys and get behind Rodgers now.

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manolito's picture

TESTIFY! That's really been sticking in my craw as well. On the bright side, if it happens, we can look forward to Atari Bigby knocking Favre's helmet off with an unimpeded blitz from the corner. Ladies and Gentlemen, start your Tivos...

lambeau41's picture

If the petion dont work then the fans dont own the team, the board of directores does, and Brett never showed he wants to play for the Vikings he just said he would. Get the facts straight!!!!

packeraaron's picture

Lambeau41 - Yes, the fans 'own' the team. If you actually read the bye laws, you'd know those shares that you 'own' entitle you to absolutely nothing. They look really nice on your wall though...As for the Vikings - the FACT is that Bus Cook contacted the Vikings in April. The FACT is that Favre was calling and texting both Bevell and Childress all offseason, and it wasn't to ask if they thought he could still play (which is about the biggest crock of shit I've heard throughout this whole thing) The FACT is that he has refused to provide a list of teams he would accept a trade to, all while demanding his release. Why does he want his release? Hmmm...I wonder...Probably so he can go play for the Lions...

lostinutah's picture

I feel that I'm entitled to support Brett as I have for 16 years and support Aaron as he starts down a new road. I get a little tired of being told I have to pick sides.

PRC's picture

No body has to pick sides though its really hard not to feel like you have to support either Farve or the Packers here.

Personally my stance is and will continue to be that Farve needs to be traded sooner rather than later and that I will ALWAYS support the Packers and I will still cheer for Farve as long as he is not playing the Packers.

But that doesn't change my disgust with how Farve and his camp have handled this from the get go.

And how Mortenson and ESPN and Schefter and NFL network have been "schilling" for Farve during this process really really pisses me off.

ricgrish's picture

I have been a PACKER fan all my life, even before all this went down I was concerned that management was living off Bret. Four awhile we had a good offence Jevon Walker & Donald Driver BUT we had a horrible defense. Then we got our defense together BUT we wouldn’t spend any money on offence. Last year we went 13&3 without a running game & very poor blocking from a front line that changed weekly .Yes Ryan grant came in and impressed some but lets face it nobody new him. What did he do in championship game? 10 yards. Remember SamCon Gotto. If TT & MM are going to move on without Bret maybe they should go without Justin herall (oh yea he is a TT pick). I even went to the point to say if TT wasn’t going to spend any money on the packers then I would stop spending my money on Packer merchindise. I fallow the pack from my computer and rarely visit their web site because they always sugar coat the facts.
I am originally from Wisc I have played a lot of Basketball in my time .I am 48 yrs old and for the last 10 yrs after the seasons were over I would say that I’m done only to be pulled back in a month before the season started. So at 38 Bret should have been given the time to rejuvenate. He missed no time on the field. What would they say if Barry Sanders wanted to come back after missing 3 months?
I will fallow the team Bret goes to and for the people that say I’m not a true fan Screw You. I will not fallow someone with an ego that makes poor decisions It seems TT just wants he’s stamp on this organization. Now I know what Lions fans feel like Matt Millen!

P.s. I have a Green bay Packer G on my chimney with a spot light on it .The day he is traded I will turn it upside down!!! Thank you management Rick grisham

leebee's picture

The Packers are and always will be my team of choice, don't get me wrong-But come on We need Ted Thompsons head on a plate-Frankley, I'm looking forward to a season of not caring if the Pack wins or loses!! Aaron Rogers can't throw a pass beyong 8 yards, and hit his man. I will not attend any games this year-I will not buy any Packers merchandise until they are in the playoffs-not just a division winner,(because the division sucks). They can talk marketing stratagies all they want, in the end when the pocker book is hurting they will know they made a terrible mistake by letting a 3 time M.V.P. go!!

packeraaron's picture

leebee - spoken like a true bandwagon fan. I'd say sorry to see you go, but if you don't root for the Pack, I guess I'm not.

ricgrish's picture

I have been a fan for 20yrs Ted has been here what 4yrs. Onlt thing he has done is save money he does'nt no how to help the team win. GOOD lUCK , go Jets go as long as brett plays i will hope the Pack lose.

javaman's picture

Lets not so quickly forget the excitement B F gave us throughout the years at Green Bay. B F now brings that excitement to New York and good for him and the fans there. I love my Packers but now is the not the time to sulk. A R is a good QB but he is not a leader like B F is. It takes time and he may never be or maybe great. I have never been a fan of Mike and if anyone has to go its the coach. He is where the buck stops and I believe he is the reason why our Packers are not as good as last year

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