What Green Bay Fans Don\'t Seem To Understand...

...is that Thompson is building this team in his own image. He wants defense, defense and more defense. Remember that 9-7 win against the Vikings last year? That's Thompson's dream game. If he could find a way, every game would look like that.

Ok, I jest. Sort of.

Nothing we've seen from Thompson suggests that he is going to run panicked to find TE or RB help in light of the injuries on the first two days of camp. But what those injuries have done is thrown a spotlight on just how horrible this motley crew that Thompson has assembled on the offensive side of the ball truly is. With Morency tweaking his knee, we get to see what rookie Brandon Jackson is made of. Which turns out to be 'not much' in the blitz pick-up department. And this is before we even get to the fact that seventh rounder DeShawn Wynn is out with a bad tummy. Really? You've had all summer to get healthy, stay in shape and be ready for your professional debut as a player, and you show up with a bottle of Pepto?

And the Tight End position is even scarier. The fact that old, slow, unable to separate, hands of stone Bubba Franks has taken back the #1 TE spot, speaks to how truly awful this position has become under Thompson. It's as if when they have personnel meetings at Packer Headquarters, Thompson begins by saying "I don't really want to talk about offense today, ok guys? I played linebacker, you know. I hate those guys."

Fans need to come to grips with the fact that Thompson wants a great defense. Those offensive powerhouses from the days of Holmgren and Sherman are history. All I can say is - God Help Bob Sanders. He has been given ample talent - more talent than any defensive coordinator has had in Green Bay since Fritz Shurmur roamed the sidelines. If this group comes out slow at the beginning of the season, the mob will want his head. And Thompson's.

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