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What Barbre Needs To Work On

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What Barbre Needs To Work On

Pretty much everything.

Below you can see one of the sacks Barber gave up on Sunday night - and it is almost a clinic of what NOT to do as an offensive lineman. The 0:10 mark is particularly instructive as you can see that a) Barbre has terrible forward lean with his body out over his feet and b) NO punch whatsoever with his hands and arms. Really, Ogunleye wins this by his second step, getting his arms into Barbre and then diping his shoulder and just destroying the corner. Plus, look at Barbre's leg bend, or lack thereof. Just brutal. He is simply playing way too tall without any anchor, a recipe for disaster no matter who he's facing across the way.

Now, I recognize that picking apart one play is easy to do and would usually not exactly be completely fair to Barbre. But in this instance, unfortunatley, the video above is an extremely representative sampling of almost every play Barbre was asked to pass protect in the first half. He did improve marginally in the second half, but not to any great effect.

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retiredgrampa's picture

The upside is that almost any little improvement will help. But that's not enough. I keep thinking that if this was to happen to the Patriots, they would have another guy already signed to take over. TT sometimes relies too much on "internal" improvement. Either way is risky but something sure as hell needs to be done. Yesterday was an off day..but was Barbre in there working with a position coach or on his couch contemplating? I'd like to have that answered.

jraugustine's picture

Also, what's with the happy feet. There's something to be said about staying light on your feet so you can move laterally, but dancing on your tip-toes is going to get you in trouble.

Get low, stay balanced, and get the job done. I would expect we'll see some improvement out of Barbre next game.

Keith's picture

Barbre needs to be more aggressive while pass blocking. When pass blocking you can fall into this trap of being too passive and letting the defender come to you. Obviously each time you set up to block will be different, however, what helped me improve as a pass blocker was being more aggressive. It might have been a good idea for Barber to go out and get Ogunleye and throttle him once or twice. Or, take a penalty. I know, I know... we all hate penalties, but, if a guy is ripping you up like that, it wouldn't be the worse thing to drive him into the ground and rough him up a bit. Ogunleye is more of a finesse player, imo, and if Barbre had been a bit more aggressive with him it may have made Wale a bit more tentative. Kind of like letting WRs catch a short pass and then absolutely leveling them. Eventually they start hearing footsteps and start dropping passes.

Holly's picture

jraugustine, are you suggesting that Allen Barbre's nickname be "Fred Astaire"?

bigfog's picture

I'm not ready to yank him out just yet. If he has a bounce-back dominating game against the Bungles (admittedly, not that hard), then all is forgiven. Give him a week of practice and the humiliation of being the most hated man in sports in Wisconsin, and let's see how he responds.

bomdad's picture

Agree with the agression part. What I re-watched last night, when anyone hit Ogun, he went down.

I only counted six really bad plays. But there were 14 where he made a key block. On back to back runs for 20 yards, the right side dominated. The game winner toss, it was actually TE/RB that didnt get the job done blocking Ogun.

If Driver doesnt drop a couple of passes, the Bears stop blitzing and the O looks in sync. There were bad plays all around on the offense.

Jayme's picture

So, it's year 4 of McCarthy's tenure and we're STILL working on pad level? Did I really read that correctly? That, to me, means that we need a new offensive line coach.

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

I agree with Aaron that this should not become the next Derrik Frost situation but, as I said Monday, I also don't want to start seeing musical chairs with the O Line. Give him the next 2 games vs weaker opponents. If he blows up then we need to give someone else a shot and look for (at the same time) a trade.
BTW, is Barbre really as dense as the media makes him out to be?? It's the same offense for the 3 years he's been here. No one can be that dumb, can they??

RockinRodgers's picture

Thank god we face two bad teams to figure this out, before Jared Allen.

packeraaron's picture

AIA - I've heard from more than a couple people who cover the Packers that the coaching staff did not trust him to play guard last year because they worried about his ability to make the protection calls the guards sometimes have to make in McCarthy's system. By all accounts, he is just not very bright.

JoeBuck's picture

Who on the staff has experience playing tackle? Campen and Fontenot were interior linemen. Tackle is a more specialized position on the o-line, much like D-end in a 4-3 or OLB in a 3-4. I think we need a Kevin Greene on the offensive side of the ball. They can hide behind "fundamentals" if they want, but the truth is Babre's effort was absolutely awful.

Ron La Canne's picture

"What Barbre needs to work on?" Everthing! If he can't handle Geathers without help from the TE and FB, it's time to bench him. I say bench him with great reservation, and that reservation is another stiff called Breno.

Bring some veteran help in now!

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