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Week Four Gut Reactions

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Week Four Gut Reactions

  • This is a poorly coached Packers team, on both sides of the ball
  • Please tell me Frost was cut after the final whistle
  • My wife just said - "When is the defensive coordinator going to get fired?"
  • Bob Sanders just got out-called by a rookie quarterback
  • Aaron Rodgers is not making more than two reads - ever - and he has not looked on the backside of a play once, other than by design
  • I'm going to the park with my kids to erase the sinking feeling that the Packers are done from my mind


  • 1987 called. It wants its version of the Packers back...
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Stanislaw's picture


I've weaned myself off of the NBA and MLB but somehow the GBP's are still stuck in my craw like some crazy 25 year monkey curse and why? Why do we care? Following sports with this intensity is ridiculous and yet I can't help it when they lose and the bile roars up my throat at some stupid gaffe by a coach, player, etc.

I guess i don't have a point but I have to question why the performance of some overpaid athletic goons dictate how I feel on fall Sunday afternoons is beyond me.

Just so stupid . . .

Mr.Man's picture

Aaron, what happened to your confidence in the coaching staff and their ability to overcome all the injuries?
The offense is going to take awhile to develop with Rodgers at the helm, but today was a decent performance on the whole. The defense, as you intimated, was iffy, with Collins and Williams being the only standouts. I don't blame Sanders for the absolute lack of pass rush, which I think is the biggest problem. I blame Thompson for undervaluing pass rushers.

packeraaron's picture

I have the utmost confidence in McCarthy. I have zero confidence in Sanders.That said, it's a poorly coached team that spends the entire week working on fundamentals and execution and then comes out and starts the game on offense with two three and outs. That's just pathetic.

dustybricks6's picture

Most interesting stat of the game: we lead the league in offensive penalties.

Andrew's picture

Well, I agree. Except for Rodgers making some nice throws despite the pain, Tramon Williams looking solid, and the running game showing a little life, a poor performance all around. But it's a long season and the NFL appears mired in parity this year.

packerhigh's picture

When is Mike going to "Clean it up?". I have heard that all season. By this time of the season a pro team should be playing like a pro team for four quarters. Game summary? Defense looked tired, poorly coached, and got pushed around. Green Bay's secondary was good and made most of the tackles. Offensive decided to play just part of the game. Some plays Atlanta only rushed three defensive lineman and still got to Rogers. What?

dustybricks6's picture

I know we have much more pressing concerns in the packers organization but why do we have MALE cheerleaders? And the ladies wear turtlenecks for god's sake. A little skin please, mr. murphy. I implore you.

packeraaron's picture

dusty, talk to Corey. That's his personal crusade.

PackerBelle's picture

Speaking as a woman, the fact that the Packers don't have slutty looking cheerleaders is a good thing.

lostinutah's picture

I don't have a problem with more skin, but as PackerBelle says, slutty = not Wisconsin. Or good.

That said - this is looking way ugly guys. TT and MM may have a come to Jesus meeting with the board after this season.

dustybricks6's picture

i take issue with the word "slutty". They are cheerleaders. We pay them to get the crowd and common fan into the game. It's a sad commentary of our times, but come on -- pretty ladies accomplish this very well, given the typical football fan.

do you really think Chad, the packer cheerleader, is getting the crowd more into the game? there's a reason 31 other NFL teams have appropriate cheerleaders. it works.

He Who Is Right,'s picture

SKimpy, Dolphinesque "outfits" for the leaders of cheer? Might work for preseason and the first few games. Besides, how can one be a Packer fan and not appreciate the female form clad in a sweater oor sweatshirt? And besides besides, who needs leaders of cheer when one is surrounded by the glorious history of Lambeau Field. For Pete's sake, goto dumpstersluts,com or somewhere simlilar for that type of gratification.

PackerBelle's picture

IF people need scantily clad women to get into the game then they aren't there for the football.

packeraaron's picture

THANK you, PackerBelle.

packeraaron's picture

dusty - "there’s a reason 31 other NFL teams have appropriate cheerleaders" - yes, and there's a reason the Packers have more championships than anyone else. Because it's about football. Not all the auxiliary crap.

Mr.Man's picture

Pat Lee needs to get elevated ahead of Blackmon. Blackmon needs way, way more practice before he should be allowed on the field again. This is what happens because of the Harris injury-- the dime back (Blackmon) becomes the nickle back and gets picked on like crazy. Lee has looked substantially better. Let Blackmon focus on being a kick returner.

packeraaron's picture

Mr. Man - was just writing a post on that very subject. Could not agree more.

coreyb's picture

Dont get me started on Cheerleaders people.

My main argument for them is this. I want the Green Bay packers to compete with 31 other teams on EVERY level. I agree they should not look too slutty BUT by using college cheerleaders I think it sends a signal to everyone else that there are no hot women in Green Bay. That's not good for PR.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

If Coach doesn't "clean things up" real soon, the slutty cheerleaders might be the draw for the rest of this year. Bring on the skin!

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