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Way-Too-Early 2014 Green Bay Packers Roster Prediction

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Way-Too-Early 2014 Green Bay Packers Roster Prediction

The NFL Draft just finished. The newest class of Green Bay Packers rookies haven't even arrived in Green Bay let alone practice, in pads.

Obviously jobs aren't going to be won and lost until these players actually have a chance to prove themselves on the field, but that's not going to stop us from wildly speculating, however.

Here's the 2014 edition of your way-too-early 53-man roster prediction and some thoughts about each position group.


Aaron Rodgers

Matt Flynn

Yeah, Aaron Rodgers' roster spot is safe. The only question is whether the Packers keep two or three quarterbacks on their roster, and it will be an interesting battle throughout training camp because Scott Tolzien has no more practice squad eligibility. He's either on the roster or out the door.

Running Backs

Eddie Lacy

John Kuhn

James Starks

Johnathan Franklin

LaDarius Perkins

The Packers are surprisingly bringing in three undrafted running backs for either tryouts or to sign to a contract. That raises some questions about how Johnathan Franklin and DuJuan Harris are recovering from their respective injuries from last season. The most intriguing of the undrafted players is LaDarius Perkins, who is fractions shorter than 5' 8" but he's lightning quick and has kick return experience.

Wide Receivers

Jordy Nelson

Randall Cobb

Jarrett Boykin

Davante Adams

Jared Abbrederis

Jeff Janis

The best battle in training camp—bar none—will be at wide receiver. The incoming rookie class will be fighting with the likes of Myles White, Chris Harper and Kevin Dorsey for the last few roster spots. It would appear there's a good chance the Packers keep as many as six wide receivers this year.

Tight End

Andew Quarless

Brandon Bostick

Richard Rodgers

Ryan Taylor

The elephant in the room at the tight end position is whether the Packers will consider re-signing Jermichael Finley. But based upon his delicate injury concerns and the team addressing the position on Day 2 of the draft, they may choose not to re-sign him.

Offensive Line

David Bakhtiari

Bryan Bulaga

Josh Sitton

T.J. Lang

Derek Sherrod

Don Barclay

J.C. Tretter

Corey Linsley

The four tackle and guard positions are pretty much set in stone, although it will be interesting to see if Derek Sherrod is finally far enough past his 2011 injury to mount a serious challenge. Barclay is valuable as a player that can back up nearly any position along the line. The real battle takes place at center, where two unproven players will battle for a job in the starting lineup.

Defensive Linemen

B.J. Raji

Mike Daniels

Datone Jones

Letroy Guion

Josh Boyd

Khyri Thornton

The Packers haven't ruled out bringing back Ryan Pickett and Johnny Jolly, but it's not exactly looking optimistic that they'll return. Whether they've wanted to or not, the Packers have gotten smaller on the defensive line, but they've also gotten quicker. Jerel Worthy has his work cut out for him if he's going to make the roster.

Outside Linebacker

Clay Matthews

Julius Peppers

Nick Perry

Mike Neal

Carl Bradford

Adrian Hubbard

One of the deepest positions on the roster, there's no shortage of potential impact players at the outside linebacker position. Both Peppers and Neal provide defensive line flexibility and there's some speculation whether Bradford could potentially play inside linebacker. Two rookies that made the roster last year—Andy Mulumba and Nate Palmer—will have to step up their game to make it once again. Hubbard reportedly has to pass a physical before officially joining the team.

Inside Linebacker

A.J. Hawk

Brad Jones

Jamari Lattimore

Sam Barrington

With no true inside linebackers selected in the draft, it's pretty much status quo at the position. You have to wonder if Matthews and Bradford will be used as interior blitzers. Undrafted rookies Jake Doughty and Joe Thomas will have an opportunity to win a roster spot, but they'll have to earn it.


Sam Shields

Tramon Williams

Casey Hayward

Micah Hyde

Davon House

Jarrett Bush

The prediction is that the Packers will keep the same six cornerbacks on their roster as last year, but there's lots of athletic youngsters ready to duke it out for perhaps one roster spot—Demetri Goodson, James Nixon, Jumal Rolle, Antonio Dennard.


Morgan Burnett

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Sean Richardson

Keeping only three safeties on the roster may seem to be too few, but Hyde and even Bush can basically become corner/safety hybrids. Because of the lack of depth, you would have thought the Packers would bring in a more highly-regarded undrafted rookie, but Tanner Miller stands a chance if he can play special teams. Don't count Chris Banjo out either.


Mason Crosby

Tim Masthay

Brett Goode

The Packers are bringing a couple specialists in for tryouts, but they'll be longshots to be given a contract.

Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

Photo: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

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Bearmeat's picture

"Like it or not, the Packers have gotten smaller on the Defensive Line."

Friggen. Great.

WHY does TT draft these undersized 5 techniques so often in Capers 2 Gap scheme? We need BIG guys, and NOT pass rushers. We've already got that in Daniels and at least the idea of it in Worthy.

The fact that Worthy was 2nd round draft choice only 2 years ago and has made NO impact whatsoever says A LOT about TT's results on the DL.

THEN we have too many OLB's and CB's and not enough ILB's and Safeties going into the draft... so TT naturally....drafts more CB's and OLB's.

I'm not Cow. I don't see problems where there are none, but I am NOT a fan of the positional or height/weight/strength/speed numbers of the 3,4,5 round picks. You know - where you get a ton of value.

I expect marginal improvement on defense this year and to get shredded up the middle by TE's again because our ILB's are slow as molasses.

I also expect not to be able to stop the run because we don't have the necessary height/weight on the DL to keep the opposing linemen off our LBs.

And if injuries bite again.. eurgh.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I'm thinking there will be tons on single gap assignments this go 'round. I'm 50/50 on it.

(1 gap) We have the D-Linemen that has the quickness to beat their man and make plays (stops,tackles for loss,sacks).

(2 gap) But do we have the ILBs that can be consistently be successful while shooting gaps or (outside of Raji) demand 2 blockers? We shall see.

It can work either way,but players MUST step up and be accountable. This "blown assignment" sh*t has been going on for far too long.

DrealynWilliams's picture

You can't blame BearMeat for thinking that way. When the Pack were really successful in (run) defense the D-Linemen were Raji/Pickett/D.Howard. Huge bodies. Yea,there was Jenkins and Wilson,but Jenkins was off and on (with injuries) and Wilson....well,Wilson was just Wilson.

RCPackerFan's picture

Overall I agree with your assessment Brian.

Its very hard to predict the 53 right now, but these are the players I feel are locks to make the 53 barring injury.

QB - Rodgers
RB - Lacy, Franklin, Starks
TE - Quarless, Bostic, Rodgers
WR - Nelson, Cobb, Boykin, Adams and I think Abbrederis will be on the 53 but not necessarily a lock
OL - Bakhtiari, Sitton, Lang, Bulaga, Barclay, Tretter, and similar to Abbrederis I think Linsley will be on the 53 but not necessarily a lock
DL - Raji, Jones, Daniels, Boyd, Thorton
OLB - Mathews, Peppers, Perry, Neal, Bradford
ILB - Hawk, Jones, Lattimore
CB - Williams, Shields, Hayward, Hyde
S - Burnett, Clinton-Dix, Richardson
SP - Crosby, Masthay, Goode

That is 42 roster spots I feel are locked in. That leaves 11 open spots.
I think those 11 spots will go to...
QB - Flynn
RB - Kuhn, Harris
TE - Taylor ( I think they keep him for special teams over an extra WR)
OL - Sherrod
DL - Guion, Worthy
OLB - Mulumba, Hubbard
ILB - Barrington
CB - House

MarkinMadison's picture

Love Abberderis' route running, but I fear his weight and his aching head. I think the best thing for him and the Packers would be to place him on the PS for a year. I know this will not be a popular sentiment, but it's the best chance I see for a positive outcome.

HankScorpio's picture

Isn't there a helmet available that dramatically reduces the risk of concussion? It looks strange but if keeps his head better protected, I would hope Abbrederis will use it.

Evan's picture

I don't watch college football, but scanning through some images of games (and Abbrederis in particular), I don't see anyone wearing the giant Wes Welker helmet.

(Which should be required for all players, btw, if it is actually safer.)

Evan's picture

That I don't know - but if concussions are a concern with him, I'd hope he'd go with the oversized Welker helmet.

RCPackerFan's picture

I have heard some different stuff about that. I heard that he only truly had 1 concussion. I think the other 3 times were preventative and they were treating him for a concussion where he actually didn't have one.

I don't know if its true, but I have heard that.

cpheph1's picture

IR might be a possibility...trying to slide him onto PS is a risk I wouldn't take...

Jordan's picture

I don't think they should coddle Abbrederis. He's been preparing for the draft and NFL for months now. He talks to scouts. He talks to NFL people. He's had plenty of time to be at the weight and strength he wants to be at. They have a world class Gym at he has all summer. The badger's receivers meeting room is also the NFL scout room. They've talked to him for months about what he needed to do to get his body ready for NfL.

Throw him out there. If he can take the punishment,then great. We'll get a good look during pre-season.

I think he'll do fine. He's going to have to make it on special teams though.

HankScorpio's picture

I think we've seen the last of Ryan Taylor in GB. This TE group is not strong enough to merit 4 roster spots, IMO. Especially with the depth at other positions. I'd rather spend that roster spot on another lineman (offense or defense) or even Tolzein as the 3rd QB.

HankScorpio's picture

It's the Packers counting him as a TE but I more or less agree. He's worthless as a TE. Which explains my logic in thinking he'll be gone.

They will have to make up his ST contributions (which are less than spectacular) from the reserves that stand a chance of actually helping on offense or defense at some point.

Jordan's picture

He's a veteran special teams player. I don't think they'll cut him.

To me, it would make more sense to use Linsley as the long snapper and backup center to free up a roster spot. The packers only dress 7 for offensive line. It complicates things...somewhat. If Linsley is one of those 7, then one of the others is not on the 46. It could get ugly if Linsley has to fill in at guard as a rookie.

HankScorpio's picture

It would be great if they didn't have to devote a 53 man roster or gameday roster spot to a long-snapping specialist. If that guy doubled as a legit OL backup, it would be an advantage.

However, if Lindsey ends up starting at OC, I wouldn't risk it.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I have read that Linsley has some experience in long-snapping. If he makes the team, perhaps he could be the back-up or emergency long snapper. BTW, Taylor is the back-up long snapper. I am not so sure Linsley could be the starting long snapper and compete for the center position. First, our starter is pretty good at it. Second, I think the specialists and special teams spend quite a bit of time practicing their particular duties, which would take away from Linsley's practice time trying to be the starting center. Someone on this site might know better how much time practicing to be the long snapper would be required. Kendall Gammon, a retired long snapper, now with Oakland, noted that O-lineman often get their hands banged up over the course of a season, whereas long snappers usually don't due to the special rules protecting long snappers (they are considered defenseless players).

Long snapping is important. I remember one of the Packer's holders marveling that the snaps almost always arrived with the laces facing the right way for field goals. The first missed PAT, FG, or the first snap sailing over the punter's head for a safety or touchdown will remind us all of that.

Evan's picture


Too many people think long snapper = center. It's not that simple.

I'd be curious how many NFL teams have a dedicated long snapper - my gut says all of them do.

I think some long-snappers are also a back-up TE (hear that, Ryan Taylor...make yourself even more valuable...).

Charlie M's picture

I don't think there's a chance DuJuan Harris gets cut. And Brian mentions Tretter and Linsley competing for the center job. It seems to me that the "best 5" that McCarthy talks about for the o line is bak, sitton, Barclay, Lang, and bulaga. Barclay will be given every chance to win the center job IMO, unless they move Lang there.

MarkinMadison's picture

I don't know which is the bigger leap - Big 10 to NFL or Tackle to Center, but McCarthy was very excited about Linsley. I'll be very surprised if he is not given every chance to win the job. Barclay is a fine back-up Tackle.

lucky953's picture

No way they carry 8 OL AND 6 DL. Derek Sherrod will go quietly away to join Justin Harrell as injury-unfortunate draft picks. Worthy is a SECOND rnd pick entering his third year after his second was completely lost to a knee injury. C'mon. If he's healthy, he sticks. You've fallen in love with every draft pick. I appreciate the optimism, but Jeff Janis? Naw. PS at best.

HankScorpio's picture

I thought the listing of 6 DL was a bit low, too. But Mike Neal and Julius Peppers are OLBs on that version of the roster. They could easily be listed as DL, too. So it is not as low as it might appear, IMO.

MarkinMadison's picture

Jeff Janis has too much college production to go with his measureables (unlike Johnson last year) to just dismiss him. I get that he was a small school guy, but so were Donald Driver and Greg Jennings. If he comes in and works it like Driver did he will be the steal of the draft that we are talking about for the next decade.

Jordan's picture

I don't think he's dismissing Janis. Sixth WRs are a dime a dozen. Big men like Worthy aren't. No way do they cut worthy. I thought he looked ok in 2012 from what little I saw. Worthy knows the play book. Janis doesn't know anything. Although I will say, based on odd comments from worthy last season to the appears he could be in the doghouse.

You also have to include the TEs in to the receiver group (sorta).

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

TT has managed the cap so well that financial considerations do not have to drive roster decisions. Maybe they are a tie-breaker. Only Tramon, Hawk, Bush, B. Jones, Sherrod, and to lesser extents Kuhn, Guion, House and Taylor would bring significant cap savings. Many of them are likely to make the roster.

Player Cut with (Cap Savings/Dead Money):
Tramon: ($7.5 m/$2 m) Unlikely: only if someone (eg., Rolle, Nixon, House) really sparkles looking long term;
Hawk: ($1.9m/$3.2m) Unlikely- even if someone beats him out wouldn't you still want him as a back-up?
Jones: ($2m/$2m) Same as Hawk
Bush: ($1.7m/$333K) Special Teams vs. young talent?
Sherrod: ($1.275/$825K) Unlikely but only if he is beat out or still looks hurt or shows nothing;
Quarless: ($900K/$350K) Unlikely
Worthy: ($421K/$656K) no real saving: on the merits
Flynn: ($993K/$75K) modest saving at best On merit;
Kuhn: ($952K/$100K) save only $530K with a rookie;
Guion: ($885K/$100K) save only $465K with a rookie:
Taylor: ($645K/$15k) save only $225K with a rookie;
House: ($645K/$75K) save only $150K with a rookie.

L's picture

This simply makes me want to give some of my predictions going forward on these players...

I wouldn't doubt that T.Williams (up to $9.5M in 2014) gets offered an extension for 2 more years at a reasonable but fair price if he demonstrates he can continue performing like he did the second half of last season and for his veteran leadership in the secondary. If he plays like one of the absolute elite corners in the league or opposite - like someone who's clearly lost a step - I think the team will either be forced or simply willing to let him walk away in FA and will look to one of their youths to step up and handle the position or potentially use a top draft pick in the 2015 draft toward replacement.

My guess is that AJ.Hawk (up to $5.1M in both 2014 and 2015) is capable and in a sense "allowed" to play out his contract (2016), but the team will wind down his usage this year and even more next year as long as injuries don't force him into major playing time, but then again if they're looking to truly reduce his playing time in his last year they may not be willing to pay him the $5.1M salary that final year. This makes me wonder if they come to him again after this year to renegotiate his contract once again; then depending on whether he was able to play out his contract in Green Bay, the interest level he receives in FA, how set or deep the team becomes at ILB, and how far his athleticism appears to of diminished the Pack may or may not offer him a one year contract to compete for a back-up position in 2017; however, this is highly unlikely given the Pack's propensity for youth and needing backups who are more capable of being impact players on special teams.

I personally think B.Jones (up to $3.925M in 2014 and $4.675M in 2015) will have a bounce back year this year in regards to his on-field performance if he can avoid major injury hindrances such as the hamstring and ankle ones he suffered last year. I'm pretty sure the Packers expect him to be a key rotational/starter type player at ILB for the next two years. They'll probably re-evaluate whether or not they can or should extend him after this year or during next year verses letting him simply play out his contract. I would expect that any possible extension talks would mean he's performed quite well during the 2014 season, but given his age he'll likely receive a smaller percentage of the team's available cap space on a one or two year extension deal unless he has a super star type season which who knows how that'll affect the team's outlook in regards to him and the future. Also, part of his capability to perform comes against the competition he'll receive from hold overs J.Lattimore and S.Barrington, plus possibly the UDFAs; not to mention, the potential scheme versatility the Packers probably unleash during the 2014 season that might have C.Matthews, or maybe even rookie Bradford if he makes the 53-man roster, seeing some time at ILB too.

J.Bush (up to $2,033,333 in 2014) is going to have to continue standing out on special teams as a leader and as a top performer, plus show why his versatility is still highly valuable in the backfield during training camp and preseason if he has any thoughts of making the 53-man roster because his age will be working against him and possibly his salary too. If he makes the team this year I don't see the Packers bringing him back next year. I personally think the team will have a very tough decision between keeping either him, CB House ($720,145 in 2014), S Richardson, S Banjo, or the rookie CB Goodson off the 53-man roster as one probably won't make it, but which one? Personally, I believe Richardson is a pretty safe bet to make it as well as probably House given their age and the skills they've demonstrated in actual games thus far (though, House could be seriously challenged by the other young hold over corners); it's also possible that rookie Goodson is simply too raw and is expected to go onto the PS without much of an issue which could potentially help reduce a major position battle from occurring, but if not then that leaves the real battle IMO between Banjo and Bush; not to mention, potentially several of the other hold over players too (CB J.Rolle, and CB A.Dennard). If I focus solely on Bush verse Banjo then I'd consider the special teams contributions as being pretty much a wash between the two of them despite Bush being more of a leader, the focus then shifts to how Bush's versatility stacks up in value for the team against Banjo's younger age, lower cost, resign-ability, plus probability to grow and show yet further improvement, but those are also many of the same conditions for several of the other hold over players too.

If D.Sherrod ($2,100,364 in 2014) doesn't win a starting job outright through camp and preseason (not terribly likely that he will) or perform well if an injury provides him with playing time during the season then he'll have only one means to raise his value towards the other teams in the league and that's to demonstrate that he's much improved and capable during the preseason games. In the case that he rides the bench all season long as the back-up to both Tackle positions the Pack will be looking to resign him if he demonstrated in practices that he was a capable back-up option and possible future starter. They'll probably also try using him as leverage against resigning B.Bulaga to anything other than a reasonably fair deal as a RT. I believe the team will expect him to continue competing with B.Bulaga and D.Bakhtiari for a starting position and use that as a selling point for him to return to the team verses him leaving for another team in FA. It's also completely possible that he blows everyone away during camp and the preseason (showing just why he was a 1st round selection) and earns one of the starting Tackle positions on the team and forces the Packers to make a tough decision after the season in regards to resigning him at a pretty high cost despite only proving himself for one season.

I believe A.Quarless (up to $1.25M in 2014 and $1.75M in 2015) will prove to be a better than average serviceable TE for the Packers and well worth the two year contract he signed. His performance this year and next will end up shaping the size of his next contract offer that he'll receive from the Packers, but of course the role, growth and improvement of B.Bostick and R.Rodgers factor into it greatly too.

J.Worthy ($1,076,783 in 2014 and $1,256,246 in 2015) needs to demonstrate that he's nearing a full recovery from his knee injury and capable of completing with L.Guion, J.Boyd, plus rookies K.Thornton, M.Pennel, and whatever other rooks are retained for training camp. My guess is that if he can show he's nearing a full recovery the Packers will side with keeping J.Worthy active along with this set of linemen for 2014: (J.Peppers), BJ.Raji, D.Jones, M.Daniels, J.Boyd, and K.Thornton while L.Guion (up to $1,018,125 in 2014) gets cut around the final roster cut-downs and M.Pennel proves enough to get added to the PS. I just think the team isn't ready to give up on J.Worthy and if he's appearing as if his recovery from the knee injury is still restricting him some from being 100% perhaps the team elects to again place him on the PUP list when rosters shake down to 53 as this would buy him further time to fully recover and allow the team to have an option to go to later in the year if an injury were to occur on the D-line within the early parts of the season. It's also entirely possible that if J.Worthy demonstrates he's fully recovered and he's capable of being a defensive force as well as L.Guion shows he's a real player then either the team tries to sneak rookie K.Thornton onto the PS, but as a 3rd round draft pick that seems highly unlikely, or if BJ.Raji doesn't demonstrate any type of improvement in his play after being moved to NT then he's the one who ends up being let go as the roster drops to 53; hard to believe that though given the team's need for a big NT type player besides J.Boyd. Actually, on a side note perhaps if M.Pennel is able to really impress the coaches maybe he becomes a surprise add to the 53-man roster over BJ.Raji by outperforming him throughout training camp and the preseason; though, I want to believe that BJ.Raji can get his act together and show why he was a top 10 selection in the past.

M.Flynn (up to $986,875 in 2014) likely makes the team as the #2 QB in 2014 and unless S.Tolzien appears incapable of improvement or worse yet regresses during training camp and the preseason I doubt M.Flynn is capable of making the 53-man roster again in 2015. If S.Tolzien does in fact fail to impress or show improvement and the team is led to believe that it's pointless to continue trying to developing him then M.Flynn will probably not only receive another vets minimum 1 year contract to return, but I think he'll be the defacto #2 in 2015 and at least a challenger in 2016 given that they'll need to coach up a new guy. Btw, I think Flynn receives another offer of similar value for competition reasons in 2015 regardless to S.Tolziens' growth, but the expectation would be that Tolzien should definitely make Flynn expendable come the cut-downs. I doubt that occurs this year or that the team would feel comfortable making that decision this year.

J.Kuhn (up to $1,026,875 in 2014) will have to demonstrate his willingness and capability as a special teams leader in order to make the team this year as I just don't see his value as a lead back and 3rd down back being enough on their own to warrant a spot on the final 53; especially, if the other running backs demonstrate improvements in pass blocking. Outside of that I just don't think the Packers bring him back next year; even on another vets minimum 1 year contract for competition purposes in training camp/preseason is hard to see IMO.

TE R.Taylor ($659,794 in 2014) or G L.Taylor ($497,333 in 2014 and $587,334 in 2015) are two players who are going to be on the bubble of making the 53-man roster in 2014. R.Taylor may make it onto the 53-man roster this year based more so on the fact that the depth at TE isn't overly strong than his usually valuable special teams contributions. G L.Taylor will definitely have greater competition when trying to make it onto the 53-man roster and he'll likely have to out shine most if not all of the back-up carry over players that play the O-line such as OL JC.Tretter, OL D.Barclay, C G.Gerhart, G A.Adams, and G A.Tiller as well as the rookie C.Linsley and probably a couple UDFAs.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

It is kinda interesting that none of the "name" players the author suggests might fail to make the roster represent much of any salary cap savings. Cutting Worthy results in almost zero salary cap savings over a minimum salary rookie. In RC Packers' list, only Bush's failure to make the team represents any cap savings of significance (if I didn't miss someone).

It didn't occur to me to list Bulaga. He should make the roster (or PUP) unless his injury causes problems. Cap savings on Bulaga is $2.666 million and dead money is $1.63 million.

cpheph1's picture

Good blog topic! I differ on 5 players (Worthy/Guion, Mulumba/Brad Jones, Dujuan Harris/rookie Udfa, & I think they cut Ryan Taylor due to lack or offensive value) but have no problem with your choices.

I envision CM3, Peppers & Perry as attack dawgs w/ Mike Daniels, #5 in front 5 is toss-up between Neal, Datone Jones & Raji.

I think if their DBS stay healthy we'll see an increase in interceptions. Love the Clinton-Dix pick! Casey + Hyde makes six...Richardson is a possible WC.

Love the potential behind Jordy & Cobb! I'm probably one of the few who think Quarless works @ TE.

Eddie Lacy is a beast!

The 5th skill position is interesting...lots of possibilities.

I'm looking forward to the 2014 season!

Again, nice blog Brian!

HankScorpio's picture

"The 5th skill position is interesting...lots of possibilities."

The Packers will definitely have a variety of personnel groupings on offense at their disposal. They can go with a wide-open 5 WR formation, pack it in with double TEs and a FB or anything in between.

They should be a top 5 offense pretty easily--provided good health, of course.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Health, execution and better play-calling.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Just throwing this out there:

What if Cobb is the RB in the no-huddle?

I forgot the group that was out there in 1 of those 49er games,but it was a stint of no-huddle shotgun and Cobb was to the immediate right of Rodgers.

I'm not saying it's something that should happen often,but damn,I miss the "Cobra" formation.

HankScorpio's picture

No Huddle offense is a double-edged sword. It can create confusion with the defense that can be exploited. It also gets your offense off the field real quick, which puts more stress on the Packer defense--a unit not equipped to deal with extra stress. Like anything else, it is nice to have no huddle in the bag but using it too much will be self-defeating. Defenses will adjust.

It's fan friendly but football foolish to use no huddle as a primary means of attack. Using it as the occasional look is great. Just like any other look an offense can throw at a defense.

RCPackerFan's picture

'I envision CM3, Peppers & Perry as attack dawgs w/ Mike Daniels, #5 in front 5 is toss-up between Neal, Datone Jones & Raji.'

Here is the thing I love. We actually have guys now that can rush the QB. Perry has proved he can rush especially on the right side. Peppers and Mathews are proven and I think Daniels proved himself. that is 4 proven rushers. Neal was the leader last year for QB hurries.
Now imagine if Datone Jones (who I thought flashed talent last year), takes the natural leap from year 1 to year 2. What if Jerel Worthy with his first full offseason in the NFL steps up. How about Thorton? How about Bradford? How about a guy like Mulumba?

I love this idea for Nickel/Dime. Peppers, Daniels, Jones/Neal/Raji, Perry with Mathews in the middle blitzing where ever. I don't want Mathews moved to ILB full time, but in 3rd and longer (passing situations) I love this lineup. I love this lineup against mobile QB's also.

We will also see increased interceptions if we apply more pressure on the QB.

RCPackerFan's picture

'Love the potential behind Jordy & Cobb! I'm probably one of the few who think Quarless works @ TE.
Eddie Lacy is a beast!
The 5th skill position is interesting...lots of possibilities.'

I am right there with you with Quarless. I thought he played well last year and another year removed from his torn ACL I think he will be better. I also am very high on Bostic. I think he will take a huge jump next year. The more I watch of Rodgers, the more I like. I think he is raw and might take a year or 2 to develop but I think he could play in a limited role as a rookie and could be one that comes on towards the end of the season. He could also be a redzone target.

The 5th spot will be very interesting. They have a lot of personnel and formation options. I think 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB will be a primary. I don't think we'll see a lot of 5 WR but it could happen some. I can see 4 WR, 1 RB or 1 TE a lot, and I could see 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 RB.

I really like the looks of the team right now.

Tundraboy's picture

I agree. Sure would love to have picked up a sure bet ILB but team is and will be much better. There are a lot of key additions and situations that I have a hunch will get better this year. We are due in that way. Quarless like any young player who misses a whole year. let alone that type of injury easily needs more than a year to heal and last year proved it takes a while to get back to the same level, physically and confidence wise He played great when Finley went down and I think he will make another leap this year.

RCPackerFan's picture

I would have liked an ILB as well. But to be honest, I am not overly concerned with it. I think they are going to be changing the front 7 some so the ILB might not be as big of an issue. I think we will see a lot of different looks and I think they are going to run a Hybrid 3-4/4-3 defense.
I really expect Quarless to take a jump this year. I don't think he will be a superstar or anything, I just think he will be better then last year and that's all that we need.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

On offense, the return of a healthy Bulaga will help greatly. Need to find a legitimate center, preferably provided by Tretter/Linsley rather than having to move Lang or use the back-up guy at OT and OG, Barclay. We realistically might get improved LT play as Bakhtiari develops, and we will see what Sherrod brings to the table. We indeed might see more no huddle, especially if Lacy develops his pass pro and receiving abilities.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, I agree with you.
I know McCarthy has stated in the past that he really loves veteran Centers. But with 2 pro bowl level guards next to the center I think they will be fine with the line calls with either Tretter or Linsley. I really expect it to be a 2 man competition and whoever wins, wins.

I expect Bakhtiari to be improved, and I think Bulaga returning to the RT spot will improve there as well.. Barclay makes the perfect backup to RT, and G. Overall I like where our OL is.

THEMichaelRose's picture

One TC storyline I'm looking forward to is how Worthy and Sherrod - high picks with bad injuries - compete for spots on the team. It'd be great to see one of them realize some potential still.

On another note - I think the UDFA I'm rooting hardest for is ILB Joe Thomas. Need some young legs at that spot, and I'm not the fan of Lattimore that many of you are.

JimTaylor31's picture

Thomas interests me also. Seems like a good ST candidate who can develop into a good ILB if he can keep improving and not hit his ceiling too early ala Zombo, S'oto, Moses. I'm not ready to write Lattimore off as he has improved but still has a ways to go to be considered starter caliber. Seems like he looks pretty good then not so good. Very uneven.

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