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Watchin\' A Little Friday Film...

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Watchin\' A Little Friday Film...

This clip is great for two reasons:

  1. It's dramatic as hell. Watch it a few times and think of all the stories being told within a few cuts. There's the play itself, there's Rodgers in obvious pain, there's Nick Collins' excitement that his interception produced points, there's Jennings' understated "Yeah, I scored a touchdown - it's what I do" demeanor dafter the score. Etc.
  2. It's a good (though admitadly not perfect) example of a four-verticals seam-reader. (Yes, I'm a geek)

Can the season start now? Please?

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greg dodge's picture

Good stuff. And I think it is four-verticals, just the inside guy just stops at about seven yards in the middle, probably to draw in the defense.

packeraaron's picture

Oh it's def a four vert, it's just not the exact type Chris is writing about in the post I linked to. And you're right about the inside guy, that's the tight end (D. Lee). Madden players will recognize this play...

Ron La Canne's picture

Speaking of film, Greg Bedard Reports on additional communication between the Queens and our hero.

Inspector Cleuseau to Brett Fahv Ree: " So you are trying the old Xray ploy."

That's right Favre has sent his shoulder xrays to the Queens for review. And the beat goes on TaDa!

Jayme's picture

Ron, why'd you have to go and ruin a perfectly good day? Man.. This is just getting to the point of hilarity.

packerwatch's picture

Let's face it. There will be a different report about what Favre is going to do every day until he inevitably signs with the Vikings, wins the first few games, and then goes into a death spiral.

PackerBelle's picture

I'm not sure I buy the X-ray story. Why would the Vikings need to see it to determine if Favre needs major surgery? Shouldn't that already have been figured out given that he was injured during the season and the Jets' doctors looked at it and told him he should have surgery if he wants to play?

Ron La Canne's picture

I hope he goes to the Vikings. I hope he retires as a Viking. I hope he goes to the Hall of Fame as a Viking and Darrell Bevel introduces him. In short, I don't give a damn what he does anymore.

Matt Flynn's picture

Favre = Media Whore

Screw retiring #4. The guy is an idiot. Thanks for the one Super Bowl win and the million INTs, especially that last one against the Giants.

He would make a perfect Viking, IMO. Thank god we have Rodgers - WAY more class than BF.

Chico's picture

I've been through the denial phase. The rage phase. Now, all I feel is disgust. What's next?

packerwatch's picture

Having watched that video, I wish the season was starting today.

bomdad's picture

@ron, that Bedard blog has a great point about how the Vikes are now at Favre's mercy to decide his own playing status. He's linked to them now, and the second guessing is on them; what a great punishment for the alleged tampering they did last summer!

IPBprez's picture

Back to the original topic, if'n ya don't mind, please.... that a good bunch of lads now... I want to enjoy the moment with me Irish coffee.
This play is sweet. It shows how well Rodgers can clice a defense apart and reminds me of that play he had (in the first game I think it was) when he threw across his body into a little box-window to make the score from the 12(?) yard line. The kid's got an arm on him.
This play has to be just before he got slammed to the ground and hurt his shoulder, too. This game was one where I thought we might find a way to come back, even though Bootlegger did get hurt. Too bad Martin killed those drives in the 3rd quarter.
Thanks for the video, Aaron. Much appreciated.'s picture

Jayme: was that you whom Kevin Seifert quoted in this NFC North blog post?

If so, fantastic commentary. I am inspired to write a blog post of my own called "Brett Favre as Fredo Corleone."

MC's picture

Oops. My mistake. Looks like it was a gentleman from White Bear Lake who made the Godfather comparison.

buckslayernyc's picture

I spoke to Vic Carucci today on Sirius and mentioned the fact that Once the Media Pronounced that Favre "had earned" the right to determine his own fate" he was headed down the road to perdition because he heard and believed them.

Chris Berman may say it, but that don't mean its true.

No one player, no matter how great, can hold himself above the team and then have the team succeed. Its axiomatic.

So the Media pronounced the media darling special and the fans and Brett believed it. Problem was that they never consulted the packer organization (once Sherman got fired).

Favre is right on the cusp of receiving some incredibly harsh backlash similar to what his half-sister 2nd cousin Brittney Spears received over the last year for her train wreck of a decision making process.

Fact of the matter is the guy can throw a football and drive a tractor and put on a pair of jeans and not much else. He likes the amount of attention he gets for being able to do those 3 simple things. Great country we live in... you can take the boy out of the trailer, but you can't always take the trailer's trash out of the boy.

#4 is now officially not a shoo in first ballot hall of famer.

he is going to have to work for it. All those interceptions are now going to be attributed to a dumb ass instead of the media's river boat gambler darlin'

"Brett, say hi to both the Brittneys for us, thanks from all us assholes who wished you well for so long..... You are a true dumbass bud !"

Long live Rodgers, and I hope Brett puts on the purple so we can kick his sorry down home white trash country ass!

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