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Vikings: 37 Packers: 34

By Category

Vikings: 37 Packers: 34

Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings, Mason Crosby

The Bad

The Bad

Mike McCarthy, Sam Shields, A.J. Hawk

The Bad

The Bad

Tramon Williams



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montanapackerfan's picture

tramon williams deserves a double ugly.. absolutely pathetic performance.. im so pissed i cant even sleep..

Jack's picture

I agree with you. Tramon just looked like he didn't want to engage anyone all day. What the heck happened to him?

Wagszilla's picture

Tramon has been on the downslope since Nick Collins went down. I was willing to say it was the injury for 2011 but this year it's apparent that Collins made him look better than he was.

This year, outside of a good (2nd) game against Calvin Johnson, he's been pedestrian at best.

Go watch the tape. Soft coverage. Lets WRs get in his head, etc.

mark's picture

cmon dudes. tramon is solid and will be solid. i'm very happy he's playing for the pack. go get 'em green bay.

death to the vikings.

Jamie's picture

Agree. Tramon had a bad game, fine, but up to this point most have given him credit for a bounce back season.

Let's not start throwing out random theories for his downfall after one game.

T's picture

Who plays slot next week with Cobb back? Jennings looked fantastic today. I just hope he's not in purple next regular season game. Packer's have an embarrassment of riches right now with Jennings, Cobb, Finley, Nelson, and Jones. Boykin/Ross would be starting for the Vikings. No drops from the Packers today.

Can't help but think about the 2 drives to begin the game. Both 3 and outs. Other than that, the offense was dealing. The strip-sack fumble took points of the board for GB and Minnesota's first down in the first half where the tip of the ball hit the ground but MM didn't have any challenges left were huge.

Game felt very similar to the '09 game against Favre/Vikings in the Dome. Dug themselves in a hole and the offense took a bit to get warmed up.

Really missed Bishop today.

Welp, I guess Packer's will be able to say they took out the Bears and Vikings this year if they win next week.

Bob Tundra's picture

Bishop was definitely missed!

Oppy's picture

Packers could always run 4 wr sets with Jones and Nelson out on the perimeter as either SE or Flanker and both Cobb and Jennings running out of the slot positions.

Yeah, think about that- both Jennings AND Cobb potentially working the middle of the field. I would envision Cobb lining up on the LOS, using his quickness to avoid the jam and work the underneath routes (where he can use his unique agility to get RAC), and Jennings lining up off the LOS to beat the press and get deep separation up the seam and build up the speed for an intermediate hit in stride.

Add in Jones and Nelson to apply the deep threats, and oh my dear lord.

If we could just get Finley to use his size and strength to block, think about the flexibility this offense could have running no-huddle without a RB.. trot out Jones/Nelson/Jennings/Cobb and Finley.

You could line up in a 5 wide set and stress the secondary.

Then there's all the formations possible off of that- Finley tight, bunches, spreads.

Most importantly, you could line up Cobb in the backfield in singleback, or even line up Finley off set in the backfield as well.

It could be a ridiculous advantage. But, of course, it would require Finley playing to his size with aggression, instead of like a ballerina.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

"both Cobb and Jennings running out of the slot positions."

I was saying that months ago Oppster, would be fucking ridiculous.

packeraaron's picture

For what its worth, Finley's blocking has been good the past three games or so, though he did have a couple stinkers in this past game.

Oppy's picture

When Finley just absolutely laid out the DB on that quick toss to (I think it was James Jones, but it might have been Nelson). it was a thing of beauty, and what we need to see far more of from Finley. He has the size to dominate DBs and he should be able to tangle with some LB's, too.

True, he's been better, but still not nearly what he should be in regards to blocking. I'll take it as a win that he's at least actually putting his hands on his target more often than not lately.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Agree with those.

I was pleasantly surprised with Ross on returns. Idk if it will be this postseason, but Cobb's role on ST's looks to be short-lived. Ross has game. This is a win-win for the future.

The refs could go to the ugly. JJ's TD, and the incomplete pass they ruled complete, not to mention the kink they threw into our no-huddle with their ho-hum spotting of the ball.

Nelson had a good game, played through an injury for the greater good after Boykin left.

Harris looked absolutely FANTASTIC from my vantage point. No negative runs that I can recall, and not only does he fall forward, he does it with authority. Nice hands too. Ted found something there.

The churning of my stomach and 4 hrs of an elevated heart rate were most definitely bad. Very tough game to watch.

The LB and DB units need to have a 'come to Jesus' meeting this week, and be real with eachother. They "tackled" AD like a bunch of scared little bitches. If their goal is still to end up in N.O., they need to man-up and get the guy down. No excuses. Tackling him in the cold on Saturday isn't going to be fun, they need to make a collective decision as to tackling him, or looking like pussy's for a third time this season. They need to watch the film and call each other out, hold eachother accountable. Saturday will tell me a lot about the future of this D. Here's hoping their nuts drop before then.


montanapackerfan's picture

agreed.. they did look like scared little bitches.. its not all tramon williams fault but his playing stands out the most in my mind..

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

He was absolutely terrible today. The most inexcusable act was that hands to the face penalty. He's a vet in the secondary, it was crunch-time, and THAT... was bush league. 4 point swing... We lost by 3. I've always liked Tramon, and his story, but right now, I wouldn't be opposed to cutting his ass for nothing more than principle. Of course that's not happening, but that was a play that showed zero respect for his teammates, and the goal... As selfish a play as it gets. Idiot.

Bob Tundra's picture

On the money!

Jack's picture

"They 'tackled' AD like a bunch of scared little bitches."

They sure did. Today's film sessions should be humiliating for many of them. If it's not, there is something very, very wrong.

Point Packer's picture

"The churning of my stomach and 4 hrs of an elevated heart rate were most definitely bad. Very tough game to watch."

I can't agree with this more. First thing I'm going to do this New Year is get a physical to check my blood pressure. This upcoming game ain't going to help.

KennyPayne's picture

Tramon was THE difference maker today and not in a good way. But he also has made plays in other games.

What I can't figure out is our $7M+ ILBer who is supposed to be our run stopping specialist - as Hawk generally comes out in obvious passing situations. AJ was absolutely manhandled today ... By Ellison, Felton, Rudolph et al and when he was not completely blocked out of the play he (like the rest of the LBs and DBs) was atrocious in trying to tackle AP. Why does Hawk command such a huge salary can anyone explain/justify it?

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture


T's picture

Trickles of the old CBA. Thankfully Packer's were good during that stretch and only have Hawk eating up cap space. Think about the Lions: Stafford, Calvin, and Suh, whilst good to great players, eat up something like 40% of their cap. Jake Long and Mario Williams are probably causing headaches for their respective message boards.

I mentioned this earlier, but the Pack miss Bishop. I was a big Jones fan but had to bite my lip a couple of times today watching him run around AP.

Having said that, Hawk's contract is the worst in TT's run as GM. I'd like to see a Bishop/Smith/Jones MLB next year. No need to bring back Hawk when Lattimore and Manning are also in reserve.

We'll see though. Could be some ugly divorces on D this offsease with Chuck and Hawk.

Mike's picture

Hawk's contract was one of those "have to resign him because he had a big year and we don't have anyone else on the roster" resignings. I don't see him coming back next season - Bishop can play that thumper role and is much more athletic in his all-around game.

T's picture

Need to jump ahead to an early lead Saturday. Tackling, refs, cold, etc won't matter if the Packer's jump out to a 10-0 or so lead. Vikings are built to protect a lead, not come back.

Can't believe Jaguars were playing Rashad Jennings before Harris. Is Harris the new Starks/Neo?

Wish Aikman/Buck noticed the ball placement stuff and lack of giddy up from the refs during the Packer's was driving me nuts.

Winfield/Matthews injuries will be a huge factor Saturday.

Hate looking ahead but I really don't like the thought of Harbaugh with 2 weeks to prepare for the Pack. Also, can't imagine the toll on the bodies after a MN-MN-SF 3 week window.

QB1 is pretty special. It's a joy to watch him play. Just think: this is a "down" year for him.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

MN-MN may be just what we need to prepare for SF... That's what I'm going with. :-)

FYI CHTV - Don't mind my influx of posts... Vacation + pissed + phone = high post totals.

MarkinMadison's picture

Aikman did comment on Rodgers being frustrated by the refs' obstruction of the no huddle - twice. I get where many fans are coming from on Aikman, but I think he's usually a pretty good observer. His point about the down field blocking by Packers' WRs worries me a little bit. For the most part I think they do it right. I hope this doesn't come back to haunt the Packers in the play-offs in the same way that they changed the way they called on PI against Woodson and Harris in the play-offs a couple of years ago.

Matt's picture

BJ Raji was perhaps the only bright spot on defense.

mark's picture

agree! raji has been on an absolute tear lately, great to see. i'm going to be very happy when that guy gets paid.

Jamie's picture

I'd throw MD Jennings in the Bad or the Ugly for that botched interception alone. I seriously can't comprehend how he didn't intercept that pass in the endzone. He just, like, didn't stick his arms out to actually catch the ball.

What is it with our safeties making impossibly bad plays on easy interceptions?

MarkinMadison's picture

Woodson makes that interception.

Oppy's picture

Mark, love the sentiment, but I don't know if Woodson even GETS THERE to have a chance at that interception.

Jennings made up some ground in a hurry to put himself in position to attempt to make that play- I don't know if Charles would have had the wheels to have a chance.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Perhaps Woodson wouldn't have had to make up so much ground, due to route recognition or instincts... Maybe wouldn't have been trailing that much? Definitely not saying that would've been the case, but, you never know. I bet we get to see him back there Sat. I look forward to it, if for nothing but his willingness to tackle. Even if he looks terrible in coverage, that's not what we NEED him for THIS week! You know what I B sayin'.

Oppy's picture

Yup, he clearly takes the spot next to Burnett without question. And I'd assume we won't be seeing McMillian playing dime for the rest of the playoffs, either.

I think Hayward keeps on playing the slot receiver, though.

cow42's picture

Not only have woodson's coverage skills deteriorated - his tackling skills have as well.

I believe he led the team in missed tackles last year.

You need lively legs in order to get yourself in position to make strong tackles - otherwise you just end up reaching with your arms... woodson no longer has lively legs.

I doubt he would have or will make that much of a difference... In fact, I doubt he even plays... packers have just been giving other teams something to think about.

Dre's picture

How do you all feel about benching #38 for #24 JUST for the Vikings game? The Vikings have no threat at WR and we all know Bush is an aggressive and willing tackler. I'm not worried about the Safety position,because Charles should sure that up (as far as assignments,willingness to tackle and effective tackling).

sam's picture

I don't know about "replacing" tramon but bush should see the field more against the vikes in my opinion. Tackling can be contagious and if one DB steps it up maybe the others will follow suit. One can hope... And I don't expect another flawless game from Ponder anytime soon.

Drealyn's picture

I agree with you on the Ponder comment. But who does/would Bush replace to get into the game?

Drealyn's picture

How do you all feel about benching #38 for #24 JUST for the Vikings game? The Vikings have no threat at WR and we all know Bush is an aggressive and willing tackler.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Sign me up, also get Woodson in there for MD.

Drealyn's picture

That would be perfect. It's no different than the Pack starting Bush over Shields week 1. I'm sure AP is intimidating -- but geez. I've seen Chuck take on Brandon Jacobs on more than a few occasions. I really hope the coaching staff considers the move.

Drealyn's picture

Also,when Charles gets back (only playing at Safety) I hope the Pack get back to strictly man-coverage. Bump-and-run. ESPECIALLY against the Vikings!

Tommy's picture

I was about to celebrate on the Vikings' last touchdown, because I thought the ball had been intercepted. There was no way the receiver could have caught it - and when Joe Buck orgasmed for the Vikings scoring a TD, I felt sick.

The Packers had to play miserably to give the Vikings a chance, and they still almost pulled it out. Now if for once MM could have the team ready to play in the 1st quarter, they should be able to win this next one.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Per the MGM:

PACK are 8 point favorites on Saturday.

Skins are 2.5 dogs... At home. I can absolutely see it, but, WOW!

PACK is still given the best odds to win the SB of any NFC team, 5-1 (same as SF). What's surprising is Seattle is 6-1 and ATL is 7-1... Vegas thinking the hawks win on the road multiple times in the playoffs (WA, ATL NFCCG), when they haven't been a great road team this year... I actually agree with them over WA and ATL, just a little surprised the sharps went that route... I'd think the masses would bet ATL in that matchup. But, WTF do i know? Other than vegas seeing a beatdown coming for the queens Saturday at Lambeau. They miss occasionally, but not often, somebody has to pay the light bill in vegas.

cow42's picture

I've never bet on a sporting event in my life, but that Vikings getting 8 thing looks like EASY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

You might as well start planning for a Seahawks-Packers NFC championship game in Lambeau. You heard it here first. In this any-given-Sunday year the Pack will find a way in SF. The 9-ers have weaknesses and with A-Rodg We are never without hope.

It seems like every week it is the "incredible moving issue" like Hawk last week played awesome against the Titans and then didn't show up at all. Grant plays better than Harris and then Harris looks incredible and Grant an old man the following week.

This year it seems particularly hard to guess who will show up every week. And it's not just the Packers (ie SF last week vs. the gulls). I still like our chances and some extra $ for Krolls and the local car parkers on NFC Championship weekend.

cow42's picture

Yes - Tramon sucked... but his "hands-to-the-face" penalty didn't cost them the game...

If the packers would've only allowed 3 there (instead of 7) and then responded the way the did (with a TD) the score would have been 34-30 pack.

Vikings would have had the ball for the last drive (like they did)... looked to me that if they wanted to score a TD on the drive they could have... no problem.

Final score would still have been 37-34 Vikings.

Chad Toporski's picture

Tramon cost them a lot, not just on that penalty. His performance was sub-par, and his temper getting the best of him was just icing on the cake.

I blame the Metrodome. ;-)

Point Packer's picture

We can debate the "butterfly effect" all we want, but what I can say with 100% certainty is that that dumb hands to the face penalty (8 ft from the ref) turned a would be FG into a TD. It was not a play that a premier veteran CB makes on that stage. Just stupid and amateur. A huge four point swing at that point in the game.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Yep. I wouldn't call it dumb though, more like inexcusable.

Lou's picture

In the name of Willie Wood and Chuck Cecil both Williams & Burnett should donate their game checks to charity. It was pathetic to see them shy away from contact. Williams only aggressive play swung the game to Minnesota, his hands to the face was a four point swing that gave the Vikings the win. If House is healthy McCarthy should have the guts to bench Williams, an example needs to be set. The best way to describe Williams matador defense is he is "concussion proof", he can be Goddell's poster boy, enough is enough.

Chris Davis's picture

I agree with you Lou! Burnett has looked lost out there all season. He does not show up when me need him to make a play!

KVP's picture

I think Capers should be thrown into the Bad for the constant rushing of 3 against an inexperienced quarterback instead of blitzing.

Bugeater's picture

The Good: We get another football game in less than a week! Yay! No having to get through the bye week without a game!

Hey, I don't have any injuries to rest from : )

Point Packer's picture

I agree with all those would mentioned how much this team really misses Desmond Bishop. It was actually one of the first thoughts that popped into my mind this morning (pathetic I know). We really missed his toughness in the middle this game. With such a small sample size, its hard to say the same of Perry, but he certainly wasn't shy about hitting people pre-injury.

Zombo and Walden need to not be on this team next year. Walden, in particular, is just an enigma. I do not have his stats in front of me, but for a guy who rushes the QB from the OLB position in the 3-4, his production is next to nothing. Further, he is absolutely horrendous at contain.

Zombo is just a ghost.

Brad Jones clearly has a great deal of athletic ability, which makes his inability to get to the outside both in pass and run coverage mind blowing to me. He's constantly getting sucked inside and a liability on the perimeter behind Clay.

At the end of the day, I can't blame TT. Injuries ruined this unit.

KennyPayne's picture

Agree with most of this and TT can't be blamed for Bishop and Smith being injured. However, for the life of me I can't figure out why he gave Hawk a huge 2nd contract. AJ is supposedly our run stopper but I think his $7M a year could have been better spent elsewhere.

Point Packer's picture

I tell myself every single game that Hawk is the unit's glue and is worth the dollars GB pays him with the defensive calls and leadership he provides. I've heard chatter to this front, but to be honest, I have no frickin clue. I'd be incredibly interested to get the inside skinny on this from Bob M or someone who knows a whole heck more about football and the GH Packers than I do.

Hint Hint CHTV/Nagler?

davyjones's picture

How about James Jones' downfield blocking?? I was amazed on several plays...

Point Packer's picture


That guys deserves every single penny he makes. After the rash of abuse he received from most of us (Packer nation), he is become one hell of a WR. And from most accounts, a great team-mate. JJ don't care, but I take back every single negative word I have ever said about the guy. Great re-signing by TT. Great effort this year by JJ on many fronts.

don c's picture

bad and ugly was that officiating crew--have to wonder sometimes if these games are fixed--they were horrible

Bob Tundra's picture

I agree! If you watched the games from last year and throughout this season, you could argue that there is a bias against the Packers. We lost the second seed due to the bad call in the Seattle game, not because the vikings won. If the Seattle game counted as a win for the Packers, the loss to the vikings would not have mattered.

Mike's picture

They Suck!

JerseyPackFan's picture

Here is how I hope the playoffs play out. The Pack beats the Vikings, then go to San Fran and beat the rookie lead Niners, then go home and wait for Seattle who will beat the Redskins and Atl. How sweet would that be?

Bob Tundra's picture

I would add Harris and Ross to the Good. I thought the Refs needed to be in the Ugly category, too. Blown call on the incomplete pass by the viking receiver, the Jones TD ruled a fumble, at first, and the slow motion spotting of the ball nullifying our no huddle offense. It seemed as if we had to challenge every call. All year long and even throughout last season, I have been screaming about the refs poor decisions. Nothing I've seen is about to change my mind. Why didn't McCarthy call a time out in the last two minutes of the game when Minnesota had the ball and were moving for the game winning FG? Was he giving up on Ross and Rodgers? Also, I do think that it's better to play next week than to have a bye. Sort of makes the players remember that every game counts.

madmanJack's picture

do u really think we can go to san fran and beat them there? IMO they blew it with this loss.

MrPortico's picture

I honestly believe the Packers can beat anyone every week. I remember a few years ago thinking every game was their last until it was the last game of the season. For a year straight I didn't have to watch the Pack loose. They can beat anyone any given week. Even the mighty 49ers. They just have to play like we know they can. Go Pack Go!

hayward4president's picture

I'd like for us just to worry about beating the vikings. They did just beat us. One game at a time sports fans.

Chris's picture

Def add Ross (return specialist) to the list. I think McCarthy needs to go with the hot hand come playoff time next week. This kid is explosive and two weeks in a row now. He like DuJuan Harris are bound to take one to the house.

lebowski's picture

The Ugly; Greg Jennings' stupid bitch of a sister

Turophile's picture

Chris, imo the 'going with the hot hand' is another way of saying the head coach cannot make his mind up. Decide, and live with the consequences.

madmanJack's picture

the extra attention to tackling sure isnt looked like 11 guys without arms playing defense. get some guys with some BALLS out there and i'm talking about WOODSON! that guy will make the sure tackle. get him in the box to stop whats his face.

Tramon is not the same guy since he injured his shoulder. his best days are behind him. i see no reason not to bench him if hes not performing.

madmanJack's picture

it would be good if they came out to play from the start saturday nite. they sleep walked through the first 20 minutes of the last one.

hayward4president's picture

More like sleepcrawled.....

quick80's picture

Tramon had a bad game; won't happen twice in a row. He'll be fine. It was the pass defense as a whole, that crapped the bed. Didn't figure that one. Knew the rush defense would struggle, they have historically. But to have the pass defense lay an egg too...was not expected. Brad Jones doesn't tackle anybody...he "catches" them so they won't fall. A.J. will be back next week. He too had a bad game...but all that matters is 3 hours on Saturday nite. Let's pull it together boys. You are the better team.

quick80's picture

Burnett and Jennings are the softest safeties in the NFL. Hands down. Jerron McMillan looked lost out there more than once, got spun around...looked ridiculous. Charles will help out back there immensely. Casey Hayward...well, the virus apparently spread to him too. Can't believe that M.D. let the ball go thru his hands on that touchdown. I was shocked he didn't pick it. Would coulda shoulda. It's over and now, they gotta play good football for 60 minutes, not 38 1/2 minutes!! And stop all the hotdogging after a tackle or whatever. None of 'em are that good that they should hotdog. That means you "B.J."!! Be a pro.

Fish/Crane's picture

I doubt linebackers are taught to let a lineman simply slide you out of the hole, but that was AJ Hawk on Sunday..At least fall down, AJ

Mike's picture

We all know the Vikings have outplayed the PAckers in both games. But dont be sad, cause 2 outta 3 aint bad...

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