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Vikings 16 Packers 0: Game Balls & Lame Calls

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Vikings 16 Packers 0: Game Balls & Lame Calls

Merry Christmas to all and happy holidays to the rest.  Wishing everyone a great weekend with family and loved ones.

The Green Bay Packers did what we all expected on Saturday night: lose at home to the Minnesota Vikings.  

That it was a shutout loss was ugly and both teams were very underwhelming on the night.  But as we know, as Packers fans of this team over the last three seasons, a win is a win and the Vikes will gladly take it, I'm sure.

The Packers at least got some film on some young guys in game action and we'll see if it becomes enough to extend jobs for them into next season.

On to the night's best and worst, in holiday form.


Kenny Clark

Two sacks on the night gets a defensive tackle on the good list.  Clark had zero sacks a month ago.  He now has over three on the season.  The future is brighter on the Packers' defense because Clark is on it.

Michael Clark

Let the "Clark party" continue.  Rookie Michael caught his first NFL pass but his second was why he lands here (as well as for a lack of good to come out of this game for the Packers).  A beautiful diving catch that moved the chains and was actually ruled a catch (correctly) by the officials.

David Bakhtiari

Bakh is a late entry on this list and after this piece was posted.  Many of you have commented on Bakhtiari's stellar performance against Everson Griffen, one of the league's premiere pass rusher.  I'm at fault here for often failing to include the guys in the trenches and giving credit where it's due.

As we sit here with little to look forward to until draft season, remember that Bakhtiari was a fourth-round pick.  There's hope that if the Packers can benefit from enhanced draft position and a few gems in the middle and later rounds, this team can easily be back in business in 2018.

After this season, I'm firmly in the camp that puts Bakhtiari among the best left tackles in the league.  Glad to have him on our side.


Brett Hundley

Zero touchdowns at home this season and a rating barely over 30 gets you on the bad list.  Hundley may not have gotten the best in play calling from head coach Mike McCarthy, but the inability to get into the end zone and help put points on the board was a disappointment.

Hundley was put in a very tough spot when Aaron Rodgers went down this season.  A franchise whose fans have sky-high expectations and a team that has a strong recent history of winning puts a lot of pressure on the quarterback.  When you're not Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre, that can be a lot to handle.

Hundley has one more year on his deal and what the Packers do with him remains to be seen.  The draft, free agency, injuries and which teams might call the Packers to trade are all factors.  More to come on Hundley.

Mike McCarthy

Mike didn't have a lot to work with in this game but calling screens when there were many yards to gain and against this Vikings defense was befuddling to say the least.  All that seemed to do was get his receivers hit. . hard.

Lance Kendricks

Too many drops.  He co-led the team in catches with four (Randall Cobb) but dropped a few key balls that might have at least allowed the Packers to score some points in this game.  Free agent tight end didn't have the greatest season but Kendricks at least stuck around and didn't lie his way off the team so, kudos for that.


Others to mention

  • For the "Fire Capers" crowd, this wasn't the beat down that many expected (some hoped for).  Capers still needs to go, in my opinion, but the Green Bay defense got off the field and held this rejuvenated Vikings offense to just one touchdown.  Not an awful day for the defense
  • If this is somehow Jordy Nelson's last game in a Packers uniform, he's been phenomenal during his career.  Without him, I'm not certain the Packers succeed the way they do or possibly even win Super Bowl XLV.  Without Rodgers this season, Nelson looked very average and human.  His character is almost unparalleled but this game is about production.  I don't know how much more Nelson can give
  • Blake Martinez, again leads the team in tackles.  With the confidence from this season and another year of experience, I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do next season and beyond.  The Packers need to maximize what they can out of Martinez while he's on his rookie deal
  • Ha Ha Clinton-Dix looked more aggressive and nearly had an interception that wasn't a gimme, but he's still had a down year.  Hopefully he can bounce back next season.  If Morgan Burnett isn't brought back, Clinton-Dix is going to be counted on to do big things
  • Trevor Davis had a 34-yard return in this game and has entrenched himself in that role for at least next season 
  • Justin Vogel is the Packers punter.  He had a bad one on his first attempt but he's done enough for me to feel good about the kicking situation, as is, moving forward


Jason is a freelance writer on staff since 2012 and also co-hosts Cheesehead TV Live, Pulse of the Pack and Pack A Day podcasts.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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croatpackfan's picture

Jasone, I agree with your choices and explanations.

Only, I woiuld add David on the Game ball list and referees for 2 missed PI (once produce flag on Adams) on Lame calls...

Also, Reggie Gilbert and Chris Odom show themseleves and looks like they belong to the NFL... Hope they can build on that, so I would add them in "Others to mention"

Duke Divine's picture

Why on earth fackrell got an opening day roster spot over Gilbert is beyond comprehension! Doesn't eye test in the field production count for anything or is it just draft status and over thinking? Tinkering Ted scheming again! Gilbert had more impact in the game Saturday than Fackrell has had all year. Not to mention being a force all preseason in comparison to Fackrells invisibility. WTF Ted

dobber's picture

Before you build up Gilbert too much, remember that was his first NFL game. He was playing on sheer adrenaline. If he's still having that kind of an impact 6 games into his NFL career, I shall bow to your assessment.

Fackrell has been better over the last 6 weeks or so now that he's playing a lot more defensive snaps. He's still soft and his best position is probably weakside OLB in an even front, but he's been better.

The bottom line is that the whole defense actually looked better on Saturday evening than they have over a large portion of the season. They were playing like a unit rather than 11 cats in a room full of rocking chairs. A little unnerving given the starters on the bench. Let's see what they do against Detroit next week.

croatpackfan's picture

I wish all of you, fans, reporters, writers, Al, very Merry Christmas and I hope you are all invited to the Jesus birthday party...

fthisJack's picture

tough crowd Croat!

croatpackfan's picture

I still wish them what I wrote..

dobber's picture

Cheers to you, friend!

Tundraboy's picture

Merry Christmas to all, even the dislikers. Coal to TT, MM and DC.

GeorgiaCheesehead's picture

Hundley flat out stinks he was their guy and again TT and MM over evaluated talent. He is a running QB not a pocket passer. No trade value and certainly not AR replacement.

People are too rough on Jordy don’t give up on him he’s still a quality receiver, yes he’s struggling with BH but he was leading the league in TDs when AR went down.

Trevor DAVIS is NOT the guy we need too many bad decisions.

HHCD is NOT good. We need a safety that can actually catch the ball and punish WRs. He’s not it.

RBs are set.

Needs for next year

1. new GM, HC and DC.
2. Shutdown CB
3. ILB to go with Martinez
4. Quality backup Veteran QB
5. 2 TEs
6. Veteran RT
7. FA veteran safety to replace HHCD

The TKstinator's picture

Pass rushers?

pooch's picture

Top flight reciever

fthisJack's picture

i agree with this GC. i would add a burner WR that can stretch the field.

The TKstinator's picture

Can’t stretch the field. No matter what it’s 100 yards long and 53 yards wide.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

So, our needs are just STARTERS at:

OLB/Pass rush

and a back-up QB. Not that long a list at all, really. Let me see, the old mantra is three decent starters = a good draft. No sweat, these needs require 2+ drafts and a year for the rookies to develop, so we will be good to go in 2020? It is not like we need 2 starters at WR and TE, maybe OLB.

Nick Perry's picture

WOW....I didn't realize this earlier but Vic Fangio will actually be free to sign with any team for the 2018 season. His contract with Chicago is up after this season as is Paul Gunther's of Cincinnati, George Edwards of the Vikings, and Gus Bradley of San Diego.

Certainly a team as profitable as GB could throw as much money as necessary to sign Bradley. I doubt he'll leave SD but you never know. Fangio, Gunther, or Edwards would all be solid hires as well.

One other name is Marvin Lewis. He's getting up there but would he come to GB to be a DC? Interesting to say the least. I for one would be ECSTATIC for any one of these men to be the Packers DC.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Maybe we should hire Marvin Lewis's head coach or Jon Gruden as head coach I maybe get Marvin Lewis to be a defensive coordinator or maybe Adam Zimmer but this whole coaching staff needs to go just a whole bunch of bumble heads

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Maybe we should hire Marvin Lewis's head coach or Jon Gruden as head coach I maybe get Marvin Lewis to be a defensive coordinator or maybe Adam Zimmer but this whole coaching staff needs to go just a whole bunch of bumble heads

Savage57's picture

The top 15 picks of the '18 draft will have 7 impact players, 4 solid starters, 3 fringe-of-the-roster vagabonds and one glaring bust.

My faith the Packers will find him is unwavering.

badaxed's picture

Ted Thompson will trade down for more 7th round picks. This current roster is an example of his decisions. He must go!

Nick Perry's picture

I'm just hoping we don't draft 16th overall. Last time we had that slot Thompson drafted Justin Harrell. 7-9 should get us around the 12th to 14th selection. Right now there's about 12 teams that should draft higher than the Packers.

fthisJack's picture

somebody needs a snickers!

Nick Perry's picture

Just like most of the games after week 6, there just haven't been a lot of "Game Balls" to pass out.

David Bahkaitri... They showed the stat where Griffin didn't have a single pressure in 20 pass attempts. They also showed at the beginning of the game he's the #1 rated LT in the NFL according to PFF. How in the hell isn't this guy in the Pro Bowl?

Clark... RC called Clark "A Beast" this past week and while I liked Clark I wouldn't call him a beast. After paying extra attention to him last night and the performance he gave I'm beginning to change my mind. Clark just might be "A Beast", at least one in the making for sure.

Ted Thompson...The ONE shot of Thompson they had on the telecast caught him with his mouth hanging WIDE OPEN....Priceless

The 2017 season is almost over! If that isn't a present at this point I don't know what is.

Lame Calls/Coal

McCarthy...How many times are you going to throw deep on 3rd or 4th and 1 with a QB who has ZERO TOUCH?? I understand Packers receivers didn't help with all the drops on the 5 yard passes, but in a game that was close the whole night, I didn't understand those calls.

Hundley... He did absolutely nothing to show or prove he should be on the Packers roster IMO next season last night again. He has ZERO touch on anything deep and the Packers were shutout at home for the 2nd time this season. I understand they could have had a couple of FG Attempts to avoid the shutout but they Gave Hundley a chance to do something, anything and he blew it...Again! 17 of 40 for 130 yards and 2 INT'S...UGH...

This really belongs in next weeks "Game Balls & Lame Calls" but the Packers will have just their 3rd losing season since 1992 and 2nd under McCarthy.

badaxed's picture

The picture of Thompson looks exactly like he is " a clueless moron".

The TKstinator's picture

I also hate the deep throws on third/fourth and short. (Especially when they fall incomplete.) But what I’d REALLY like to know is the design/progression of those plays, and I doubt MM would actually reveal that. At least SOME of that has to be on the QB. I have a hard time believing that there aren’t some shorter routes being run on those plays when the QB heaves it deep.

Nick Perry's picture

I have no doubt there's shorter routes run but even when Rodgers is playing we see the long passes on 3rd down. Teams HAVE to know the Packers are going to try to send someone deep on 3rd and 1 and will throw it deep at least 50% of the time.

What actually pisses me off more than anything is Williams has shown he can pickup a yard more times than not. Get the first down and if your so hellbent on throwing deep then do it on 1st down.

Tundraboy's picture

Same here NP. Why. The last time they were consistently successful on those plays was 2011, the element of surprise is a thing of the past.

RCPackerFan's picture

On the throw to Clark I believe it was, I saw on twitter someone showed 2 WR's wide open about 2-3 yards past the LOS. Hundley never looked at them.
On a 4th and 1 you have to get the first down.
That to me is on Hundley more then McCarthy.

RCPackerFan's picture

"Clark... RC called Clark "A Beast" this past week and while I liked Clark I wouldn't call him a beast. After paying extra attention to him last night and the performance he gave I'm beginning to change my mind. Clark just might be "A Beast", at least one in the making for sure."

For sure! If you watch Ben Fennel on twitter, he shows a lot of highlights from Clark. Most times we don't see what happens in the trenches, as our eyes are glued to where the football goes. But the truth is Clark has been dominating almost all season long. He now is getting to the QB and impacting the game that way. The best part about him is he is only 22. He has a lot more room for growth.
I can't wait to see what he does next year with hopefully more talent around him and a new defensive scheme.

dobber's picture

Kenny Clark is having the look of a guy they're going to want to extend before he gets too close to the end of his rookie deal. It might save them quite a bit of $$$.

Nick Perry's picture

The thing I like most about Clark is I believe he could fit in ANY front. I think he'd be even better in a 4-3 than a 3-4.

dobber's picture

Absolutely. He's much bigger, but there are some things about him that remind me of John Randle. Don't get me wrong: John Randle is one of the few Vikings players I've ever really liked, and I don't think Clark will be that caliber of pass-rusher, but with Clark's strength and quickness off the ball, there are some things there that look like him.

Mojo's picture

Everyone on this thread makes a good point - Clark is a stud. And he's just a pup at 22.

Bakh is as good a LT as there is in this league and is still young. ARod is the best player at the games most important position.

There are some pieces on this team so now the question is do they have time to add more before the clock strikes midnight.

Nick Perry's picture

That is the million dollar question. Even Thompson who's normally not going to plunge into Free Agency has to know there's just to much to fix with one draft. TGR pointed out above the several needs the Packers have. Signing Lindsey is at least priority #2 if Adams is #1. Thompson must play in FA in 2018.

I don't like giving the Vikings kudos for anything bet they did improve the O-Line quite a bit in one off-season with a rookie and 2 FA. Bringing back Evans if he wants to play would be a smart move even if he faded at the end of the year. If nothing else you have a decent back-up at Guard if he's beat out in camp.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Even with Thompson keeping $11 million for 2018 on the books (like TT did this year), with the projected cap, the Packers will have $40 million to sign substantial FA contracts, if they wish. If you were to cut Cobb (love him, but one needs to be considering all possibilities), his dead money is low and gains the team roughly another $9 million.

When investigating the likely 2018 NFL free agent pool, it is ripe with high-end DBs and WRs, and lacks O-lineman, IMO. Guessing where the Packers are likely to pick, they would be in the center of the draft where some of the high-end O-lineman are projected to be taken in the first round. Sign, Adams, Burnett, LInsley, Brooks, and House, and sign a F/A DB or WR, IMO. Draft an OT with the 1st pick to help Bulaga, and slide Murphy (or Bulaga or draft pick to guard). Pick #2 could be a TE. Unfortunately, this leaves us lacking another huge need....pressure on the opposing QB. Thompson had a rare, deep draft opportunity for pass rushers and he passed on it, trading down & filling another need with DBs instead, while letting Hayward & Hyde leave in successive years. We need to be smarter and not overthink, hope for, or reach.

Christopher Gennaro's picture

I'm with you on what Big Kenny, being better in 4-3. Merry Christmas to you and everyone on this site.

GeorgiaCheesehead's picture

If we had a quality back up QB we would be playing in January- not that it would matter with the holes we have on the D side Just sayin.

The TKstinator's picture

What were those last two words???

dobber's picture

Just sayin'.

The TKstinator's picture

Oh no. When I think of the ruthless way I bullied the last guy who favored that expression...

dobber's picture


The TKstinator's picture

Hold me back before I destroy again!

stockholder's picture

I'm so sad. I thought I would see much better. These guys aren't NFL players. WE have a whole team of practice squad members. Hundley should be Cut. He can't throw the ball. Lacks vision. And was a waste of time. This coaching staff is living on hopes, prayers and A-Rod. The message: Hurt A-ROD, and the Green Bay Packers will lose. My fear is the WRs will keep on getting dirty hits. Cobb escaped several. Just so close. I just don't see any positives at all by these Wrs. While some guys look the part, they'll never produce. Their fill-ins. And what you may end up with, is Hundleys. I see coach pets. After 3 years they'll move on. If not get cut first. What WR was electric? 3 years of development will produce flops. Bahk deserved to be mentioned. What an awesome job he did. Clark another good performance. The changes can't come soon enough. Were in a rebuild. TT- The first thing is finding a back -up QB. The second is get out of the 3-4-4. These guys just don't get it.

Nick Perry's picture

I'm there with you Stockholder... The only part I don't agree with is Ted Thompson having ANYTHING to do with a "Rebuild". The Packers are in this position because of the decisions Thompson has made the last several years. Obviously with the number of injuries the Packers have even Rodgers would have a tough time winning with the team on the field last night. But you can't deny the Packers don't have much depth and the depth they do have is just not very good.

They really have to have an aggressive off season, lots of changes need to be made AND they have to have a very solid draft. This isn't 2010 or 2011 when they had 4 WR deep or 3 Pro Bowl CB and a Pro Bowl S playing defense, something to try and build around.

dobber's picture

The Packers have been in the process of turning this roster over--especially on defense--in the last 2-3 off-seasons, but it's not making any forward progress.

stockholder's picture

Remember the 2014 draft. I said it was sabotage. I complained that Latimer should have been the pick over Adams, or trade up for a TE. Even a DE. The 3rd was a reach.(Thornton) And so was Richard Rogers. (HE was a 5th but taken sooner.) And TT could have signed James Jones and drafted defense. TT Just had to give up a little more money. Even ESPN Radio said TT REACHED. 2014 was considered a very strong draft. Would Datone Jones have been drafted? I doubt it. But Adams did work out after much a do. But thats when it started. I think TT should still go. But most are just afraid of the unknown. The biggest mistake I saw last night was Hundley. He could never step in for Arron Rodgers! A back up QB goes in; and makes a game of it. He doesn't have the tools to do that. He will always need to play over his mistakes. The game off showed it!(CAR) This is a fix that must happen. Bring in a veteran. Or draft a better QB. TT blew it with Hundley or the guy just lost it. I'm sure MM knew it. I was always willing to give TT ,MM and Capers their Chances. But this team is bleeding. If you don't want TT rebuilding the team, thats just Fine by me.

fthisJack's picture

TT,,,,the first thing he needs to find is his replacement and step out the way and let some new blood draft in 2018.

dobber's picture

I don't know why you're so much against the 3-4. It's used very broadly in the league, now, and many teams that run it run it very well. They need to make some changes, but I wouldn't scrap it altoghether. Maybe move to an attacking 3-4 rather than a passive/reactive 3-4.

stockholder's picture

I like the 9 man better. More pass rushers. The 3-4-4 is set up so the LBs can pop threw the holes. Thats not happening. The pass rush is coming from the outside . Perry and Mathews. When their out ,no Rush. The 4-3-4 has CBs that blitz and the safeties pick up the free player. Also the OLbs get a better push. In the 4-3-4 you have two DEs coming. No one worries about a hole for a LB. It's speed to the QB. They also overpower a RB blocking. None of are guys can make it around a TE anymore. Does Martinez,Ryan or Thomas have more than two sacks? The DL of the packers are just to big and slow to rush. THe DEs change that. It's all pass now in the NFL. Rush the passer and take your chances.

dobber's picture

It sounds to me more like you have an issue with the Packers personnel than the 3-4 itself.

Icebowler's picture

The main problem with the 3-4 is that not enough college teams run it yet. So we're always trying to convert 4-3 DE's to 3-4 OLB's. It seems to me that less than 50% of them are successful league wide. That's not enough. If we do nothing else in Free Agency, we need to add two proven 3-4 pass rushing OLB's. If our CB's can stay healthy, I think we now have the CB's who can be very successful if the opposing QB is consistently under some pressure.

cinpackback's picture

Agree with much being said. What sticks with me is the impression that these guys are not playing as a TEAM. That’s on the Coaches.

Denise Chanterelle's picture

Merry Christmas all! I agree with most of what has been posted here. Go Pack!

sheppercheeser's picture

I think Hundley has had his shot- for goodness sakes, we have NOTHING to lose by seeing what Joe Callahan can do. I was hoping we'd see him last night. Hundley looks like a deer in headlights. No vision whatsoever.

fthisJack's picture

next week i want to see Pipkins a lot more. and give Brown a lot of reps! Hawkins was terrible and you know what you have in House. also get Whitehead more reps and Gilbert! on offense let the young O linemen play and give Clark lots of playing time. is MM still pissed at Mays for fumbling? get over it Mikey and see what you have in this guy. i think he can be as good as Williams. i'd like to see a young TE get reps but we don't have any. Sandland hurt? bring him up and let him play. the TE on this team are horrible. i saw Rodgers get knocked 3 yards off the line of scrimmage on a feeble block attempt. Kendricks can't catch. unleash the young guys now that you know this team sucks without Rodgers.

dobber's picture

Beau Sandland is long gone.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

MM has something to lose. If Callahan is better than BH, why didn't MM know that and play Callahan. If Callahan is worse than BH (much, much more likely), why is he taking up space in GB?

nostradanus's picture

Ted Thompson should be shown the door immediately!
Now the news that the Packers may have put Rodgers on IR against NFL rules and other teams are saying he should be released? No sane teams GM would take that chance with the franchise!!!! Thompson has showed he is losing his mind and control of this team. Fire him now!
Take Capers and McCarthy along!
Merry Christmas

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I actually wrote a comment on APC right after GB put AR on the IR wondering how that is legal. I just assumed GB knew what it was doing, and maybe it does.

Nick Perry's picture

I didn't even hear about this until I read this comment. WTF!!!!!!!!

Does Thompson with his 50 years of NFL experience not know to claim a new injury?? I think I'm going to be sick because I highly doubt this is the last we'll hear about this.

dobber's picture

From JSOnline....

I tend to agree. There might be some 'clarification' on the rule in the future, but nothing of importance will happen here.

Nick Perry's picture

Thanks dobber...I'm feeling a little better already!

flackcatcher's picture

NFL looks the other way on stuff like this all the time. Especially late in the season. You can see how many teams are jealous that Green Bay has Rodgers. These are the things that remind me on how petty teams in this league are.

rdent's picture

Let's hope this doesn't become an issue, if so it could be the worst blunder in any GM or teams history.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"For the "Fire Capers" crowd..."

Yeah, but I think it was the cold that limited the Vikings more so than Capers game plan. They are a dome team and Keanum is a Southren guy.

fthisJack's picture

against good teams when weather isn't an issue....this defense sucks because of the guy in the booth. i agree the weather kept Minnesota at bay not the Packer defense.

canadapacker's picture

The Vikings did not play well. Our defense played better than normal - but still they were running around not knowing who is supposed to go where pre-snap and got caught with too many men on the field 2 X - that is the sign of a DC and linebacker coaches who do not know what they are doing. Time for a change.

Since '61's picture

Game Balls: Bakhtiari, K. Clark, J. Vogel

Lame Calls: Hundley, Kendricks, Officials

A lackluster game even on the part of the Vikings. A healthy Rodgers and our starting WRs and we win this one easily. Our defense played well but the Vikings were not at their best either. They played like they were hung over from winning the division the previous week.

As for the Packers our offense was embarrassing. When Hundley threw the ball accurately our receivers dropped it, when our receivers were open he overthrew them. When we had a chance to complete a pass the officials allowed the Vikings to get away with defensive PI.

A thoroughly forgettable game in a very forgettable season. Thanks, Since '61

fthisJack's picture

and they called a questionable PI on Hawkins.

Finwiz's picture

Nah - that was PI all the way. He never turned his head and ran into the receiver before the ball got there. Call it what it is, just like the ones that go against our guys.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Vogel had a good game? I was suggesting that his crappy punting was due to poor footing.

Probably a trap game for MN with bitter cold to boot.

freddisch's picture

Hundley can't chew gum and hit an open receiver at the same time!

Handsback's picture

The first quarter appeared that Green Bay was leaving the middle of the field wide open. That changed and overall, the defense played tough all night. Where was that play throughout the year?
Can't say anything more about Hundley then what's already been said. You can't really judge the wide-outs because he's not a good QB, yet they managed to drop more then they should. I think Hundley can be a good QB. I just think he needs a lot more time under center. To me it looks like he has no confidence. Maybe next week he'll destroy Detroit!

Like what I saw from Clark except that 4th down end zone attempted catch. What the heck was he doing? Looked like he just totally miffed the catch or the DB was pulling his arms back in while the ball was sailing to him.

I know this isn't the popular opinion, but if you don't have ready replacements for GM, HC, DC, or even the OC.....why look at wholesale changes? People who get paid to know about the quality of GMs and HCs say Green Bay is lucky to have TT and MM on board. DC is a different story and last time they searched for one, two turned them down before landing Capers. So yeah find a better DC, but beware......LOFT will bite you in the as- everytime!

4zone's picture

If MM can't see Hundley is not the option by now, MM should be fired. If Callahan doesn't get a chance to get some real game experience next week, MM should be fired for lack of common sense.

I wouldn't want TT running my draft this year. He created this mess and their is no confidence he can clean it up.

Clark, Martinez, both RBs, Adams and from Kinsley to Bahk and AR are our core team. We have a bunch of second tier guys and too much dead wood.

I think Jordy will think hard about retiring this year. He sounded like his battery was low this past training camp. Clark showed he has promise at WR. Would like to see him start next week.

Too much to rant about, too little time. Sadly, the only changes that probably happen is Whitt will probably get the ax instead of Capers and MM will say everything is all better now.

4zone's picture

Merry Christmas all.

sonomaca's picture

Rules are rules. Rodgers will be a Brown.

egbertsouse's picture

That's OK. We have a future HOFer in Little Joe Callahan.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Hahah. Not going to happen.

But the other teams are right to complain and the NFL probably needs to clarify the rule/process.

sonomaca's picture

Hey, Rodgers might actually want to be a Brown. Dorsey as GM. Two picks in top 5. Good offensive line. Rodgers can help choose coach.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I doubt it. The Packers are known around the league for thier facilities and player services. The Browns are known for Staph infection s.

sonomaca's picture

I’m sure Packers will “ discover”a second Rodgers injury. Still, there could and should be some punishment.

dobber's picture

Nothing will happen. The move was made and was not questioned by the league. I think there will be some "clarification" as mentioned before, but this is much ado about nothing.

sonomaca's picture

A shrewd GM might go ahead and put in a waiver claim for Rodgers.

dobber's picture

Can you claim a player who's not on waivers?

sonomaca's picture

I don’t know. You assume that he is. Create facts. If I were the Bears I might do it just to make TT squirm a bit.

sonomaca's picture

Funny. This could be the biggest blunder in NFL GM history. Better than Dumervil and Denver, and Minnesota (?) not having a first round pick ready.

sonomaca's picture

I’d be interested to know what injury was cited on Packers’ paper work. If they said right clavicle, is that the same injury? Is a reinjury the same injury?

sonomaca's picture

I think the claim is that the Packers waited until Atlanta won, which Indicates no new injury. They should have kept Rodgers on roster as game day inactive. They got an “extra” player vs. Minnesota as a result. Detroit is certainly going to contest the Packers moves.

dobber's picture

There's no timetable on roster moves or placing a player on IR. Just because they waited for the end of the Atlanta game doesn't mean anything with regard to player transactions. When they IR'd him last time, didn't they wait until Saturday after the previous game?

I just don't see them forcing the Packers to release a player of the quality of ARod, especially given the relative newness of the IR-return designation. Yes, it would be a monumental blunder if it happened, but I can't believe there wasn't some kind of 'check' on the part of the league when he moved over to IR.

Bear's picture


Thegreatreynoldo's picture

You're assuming that when the league processes the paperwork moving a player to IR that they've approved the transaction. Akin to what the NFL does on player contracts and not approving deals that violate the cap limits or CBA provisions.

I doubt it, Dobber. Pretty sure the teams just submit paperwork with the certification of their medical department that the player has a major injury, and the NFL just takes the team's word for it, barring evidence that develops later to the contrary. The NFL has approved transaction and later fined the team for infringement of the rules on player contracts for sure. I questioned the legality of this move immediately. Here are my comments on APC (I didn't post it here IIRC):

"Rather interesting that he was cleared to play but is injured enough to go back on IR. You're not supposed to be able to stash players on IR. To go on IR I thought a player had to be too injured to play for 42 days. I thought AR could start against MN?" Posted by Thegreatreynoldo on Dec 19, 2017 | 8:15 PM

I don't really see the point in spending time on the 117th comment in this thread, so I am just going to say whatever. There is enough gray area here that GB probably slides by on this with no penalty or just a fine.

Rossonero's picture

Pete Prisco from CBS Sports made a great point about Jordy Nelson recently: Rodgers throws him open.

So even if Nelson has lost a step, Rodgers will get him open. Between that and their exceptional chemistry, Nelson is not washed up at all. He's got 1-2 more good seasons left in him.

RCPackerFan's picture

Game Balls/Presents:

Bakhtiari - Behind Rodgers he maybe our best player. He is the highest rated OT in the league and last night showed why. Anyone that keeps saying the Packers team has no talent and doesn't deserve to have a pro bowl player, clearly have never watched him before.

Kenny Clark - I stand by my words that he is a beast. Last night he was in Keenums face a lot. The great part about him is he is only 22. If he is playing this well now how will he be in the next couple of years?

Gilbert - Why exactly was he on the PS all year? Seriously who made the decision that he was worse then Fackrell, Odom? He was in the backfield all night long. Perhaps some of it was due to having extra motivation of finally getting his chance, but he did the same things last night that he did in the preseason.

Michael Clark - While he wasn't perfect, and should have caught that TD pass, he showed why many of us are high on him. That diving catch was tremendous. Only he could have caught that one. He got behind the DB's some and had Hundley threw the ball better Clarks night would have been even better. Ohh, and on the one deep ball that he was absolutely interfered with, I think he makes that catch if not for the interference.

Lame Calls/Coal:

McCarthy's play calling - I really didn't get what he was doing all night long. I don't blame him for the deep throws on 3rd and 4th and 1, because I have no idea what the progressions were or anything, but by the end of the game when the first 30 didn't work, they should have stopped having any WR run more then 5 yards.

Hundley - Hopefully he becomes a starting QB for any team that comes into Lambeau because he absolutely sucks there. He had what 0 TD's and 7 Interceptions there? Pathetic.
While he made a good throw on the pass to Clark in the end zone and Clark should have caught it, Why not throw it high and take advantage of Clarks size? Even on some of the deep throws, Why not underthrow it a bit and let him high point it?
His throws were terrible. How many deep throws did he have and he overthrew everyone by 5-10 yards?
Then the 2 interceptions I seriously don't know what he was looking at.
Horrible game from him. With decent QB play they could have won that game. Good thing it didn't matter and helps us.

Receivers Dropping passes - Kendricks dropped at least 2 first down passes. Allison dropped one. Nelson dropped one. Clark missed the one in the end zone. they had probably 6-7 dropped passes? Thats absolutely pathetic.

Injuries - Spriggs injury looked really bad. Say what you want of him, he did improve, and his injury now affects next year. Then to also lose Nelson, Aaron Jones, Richard Rodgers, Josh Jones due to injuries is not a great thing in a meaningless game.

Refs - They seemed to know what a pass interference penalty was on Hawkins, but didn't know what one was on the Vikings DB's? Funny how that works. And then add the penalty on Adams as a final insult because they didn't do their job the first time was pretty bad.

I have seen many say that the weather affect the game for the Vikings. Maybe true, but their offense managed only 16 points against one of the worst defenses in the league and also were without Mathews, Perry, Randall 3 of their top players. Also for their defense to be 'soo good', the Packers beat themselves more then the Vikings beat them. I can't wait to see them get smoked in the playoffs. Hopefully round 1.

dobber's picture

To be honest, the Packers defense looked BETTER without those guys. There was more cohesiveness in their play. Even #21 was more involved...could be that there's been a message sent to players that we haven't heard about.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I agree on Gilbert. Just a note though: I thought Odom looked interesting as well. Fackrell also plays a ton of ST snaps and does so at a high level. Not great for a 3rd round pick, but I see other dead wood on this team more deserving of the axe than Fackrell. Pankey comes immediately to mind.

Under side note: McCray and Lucas Patrick both looked pretty decent. I think Spriggs and Murphy better have a productive off-seasons.

flackcatcher's picture

Spriggs suffered a pretty serious knee injury. Could be out till mid season depending on type of surgery and rehab, tough break for a player who showed improved played at an NFL level in his last four starts. That turf was really bad Saturday, it was the main reason the Minn front seven was playing more react and read after the first quarter. If you are going to the play offs, there is no need to hard rush, not with a QB who can't read his routes. Which brings me to MM and Rodgers. I'm convinced that no backup can run this offense. This offense is built for one player, and that player is Aaron Rodgers. Only Rodgers can make the offense run, it is literally built for him. We saw that last week. Hundley can't run the Rodgers system, no other QB can as built. Not fair to Hundley, or the team. It's a serious problem that MM must address in the off season. With Rodgers aging, the odds of him being knocked out of game during the season are high. And we know what happens when we lose him.

dobber's picture

"Which brings me to MM and Rodgers. I'm convinced that no backup can run this offense."

Matt Flynn could, with a pop-gun arm and so-so athleticism.

4thand1's picture

This is the end result of being spoiled. I'll still take just making the playoffs over this shit show. The way the NFL is structured the Packers could win it all in any year. A few lucky breaks can get you to the SB. Any team can be beat with a great QB like Aaron Rodgers. We should get some good NFL caliber players in this years draft to fill some holes, enough to make a difference. They will finish 7-9 and hopefully move up some, unless the Falcons win and the Lions tank next week. Still I see Stafford shredding this defense and padding his stats, then Capers will retire, ( our xmas present).

RCPackerFan's picture

As I am about to get ready to head out to some Christmas Parties, I just want to take a moment to wish all the writers here at Cheeseheadtv and all the fellow fans who come here a Merry Christmas!

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Dilly Dilly!

Chuck Farley's picture

Merry Christmas to all and to this season a fright!
1. Someone needs to tell Thompson when you have you mouth open you look like the moron you are. If it wasnt for the luck of Favre and Rogers, Ted would be coaching a high school team.
2. Coal to MM. You played all of Teds picks even though they sucked just to make your boss happy. Bennet? Really? He ran five yards turned and dropped passes. Last year he sped down the field 30 yards, aught the ball on the run and was a phenom, yet you played this sucker all the time. He was a bum from day one, what it it you dont get mike?
3. Coal to Hundley. Hey pal you couldnt read progressions in college and averaged 8 yards a pass, run for your like a lot and got sacked often. Pal, you had three years to get better and nothing has changed. Time you realize you SUCK. Anyone but Ted and you would be selling papers on a route in california.
4. Perry, Coal. Funny your always hurt when you have to go against a good O line. You had one good year the one where you wanted da mooney contract.
5. Pass Defense coal. This is the worst pass D in the league again, 32nd in the red zone. Cant get any worse than that. Pipkens, Hawkins, Whitehead? Please. These guys will get you to 6 and 10 faster than an sst crossing the ocean.
KIng, history of shoulder problems, Randall concussion city, Rollins bad ankles. Ha Ha is a joke all right.

4thand1's picture

It boggles the mind to see how inept this team is at fixing the same glaring problems year after year.

Qoojo's picture

Lame call, bringing Rodgers back last week. I think it was done to try and save their collective jobs more than anything else. It's painful to watch all 3 (MM, TT, and Capers) get exposed like has happened this year.

I know hundley is getting maligned today, but the WRs all get coal. 6 drops. Kendricks dropped a TD. Clark completely whiffed on a ball. Jordy let one go, but the defender made a play so not as bad. Clark had the first long drop.

Hundley's long ball is always 5-10 yards past the WR. I think that's why one PI was not called. Uncatchable.

I look forward to watching the purple turds lose at home in the playoffs. Packers played a roster closer to a 4th preseason game, and kept it close.

Oh and coal to Davis for making yet another fair catch at 5 yd line without anyone around. Also, that strange non-attempt of a catch on the go route.

Defense played well enough to win.

Nick Perry's picture

The sad this is just one of them (Maybe) will get the AX...Capers...PLEASE!!

At the end of the day Thompson will return for 2018 because Murphy really doesn't have a clue what the hell is happening to the the Football Team. Ask him about profits, or "Titletown" and I'm sure he can tell you all about the giant slide, how many rooms the new Hotel has, or what are the best restaurants. Ask him why Thompson is still GM and he'll have that puzzled goofy look on his face.

Since Ted will be here so will Mike McCarthy which probably bothers me the least but still bothers me. McCarthy will blame it on injuries and like 2014 when Slocum was fired so will Capers.

Once Capers is fired the Packers need to move away from EVERY assistant on defense. Capers needs to be one next Sunday night so the Packers can make a run at Gus Bradley (only under contract for 1 year in SD) or Vic Fangio should Fox get fired.

Qoojo's picture

I just do not see anything changing, except for a small chance that capers is gone. If capers goes, then we at least get to see if it was TT drafting untalented players or the scheme. MM and Rodgers have a familiarity at least, and with rodgers, the offense will keep working.

Draft and develop rebuild on defense will take at least 2 years if it's the players. But even a mediocre defense (15th) gives the packers a chance with Rodgers and the offense clicking. A defense in the mid 20s just isn't going to do it.

I have no idea who to get as new DC. I have not really looked into it.

dobber's picture

"But even a mediocre defense (15th) gives the packers a chance with Rodgers and the offense clicking."

Case-in-point: New Orleans, currently #16 in total defense. Atlanta was 25th in total defense in 2016, but finished strong (except the SB, of course).

If DC goes, I suspect a couple position coaches go with him. A new DC will likely negotiate the ability to work with MM to bring in some new position coaches.

flackcatcher's picture

And THAT is the single biggest issue in hiring a new DC, We know MM is loath to give up control on anything coaching in house. Just like special teams when MM friend lost the players and MM had no choice to fire him. Everything points to assistant head coach W. Moss losing control, or worse simply being uninterested in doing his job. Like you dobber, I wondered who was running the defensive personal packages last Saturday. They did look completely different from what we had seen the last 8 games. We fans may have been looking at the wrong guy for the defensive problems all along. MM has a lot to answer for.

Iron Bird's picture

We have a small core of good players and A Rod isn’t getting any younger we really need to shore up the line and get him a deep threat we have the best QB in football he needs to be complimented. There’s no guarantee he stays here when it’s time to re-sign

fthisJack's picture

so far the jury is out on Biegel, but he sure has not been impressive in the snaps i saw. he got sucked in a couple times and gave up the edge. not getting to the QB either.

dobber's picture

We have to remember that Biegel hadn't played any football from the first day of rookie camp until PUP rules allowed him on the field. The guy has had no camp, no preseason games. Give him a chance...

rstain99's picture

I just can't figure it out 3rd short BH throws 30 yrds down field. He is good at running the ball but after that god he can't throw it in the ocean. No trade value start Callahan vs Lions nothing to lose. Capers has to go MM should really think about stepping down without AR really showed not much of a coach or play caller. Clay hurt too much send him packing too, let him go see he ends up in NE. BB might take him for a year and realize not tough enough sick of groin pulls and hammy injury. Legit TE not a quitter like Marty Bennett. Cook was just starting to figure out AR. Great move TT, time for you as well.

Jamie Freier's picture

Merry Christmas!
Can you keep a backup QB who can’t throw a touchdown at home in a handful of games? One who leads your offense to getting blanked at home twice in one season? How many goose eggs would have been laid if he had started more games at Lambeau? I have no confidence in Hundley. Start Callahan next week or the Pro Shop might get looted after another snoozer.

dobber's picture

Justin McCray, I think, earned a game ball for stepping back in at RT with no practice time there this week, and being better than Spriggs has been the last couple weeks. He might have the inside track on being the starting RG in 2018.

lou's picture

Excellent point dobber, he came in out of position again and did an outstanding job against a good defense, I guess the fact you never heard his name he does not get a game ball but that is the desired result for an offensive lineman. My guess is he is the new starting guard to replace
Evans next year and that Murphy is the tackle next to him replacing Bulaga, who beats out Spriggs again.

dobber's picture

There's also a piece on him on JSOnline this morning. I'm going to give myself credit for thinking this last night, though. They point out that he might be more valuable in the backup role because he could play anywhere except (really) LT, and that a similar player who is more limited in terms of positions played might be the better investment at RT.

Still, with Murphy coming back, they can probably cover most positions on the line between him and McCray. Spriggs might have been the better bet as a swing OT, but they'd still need two players for next season (assuming Bulaga comes back on the PUP and Evans is let go).

sonomaca's picture

Anyone have a take on Lucas Patrick’s play?

BTW, they’ve also got Amichia on PS.

lou's picture

Sonomaca, Bob McGinn had him as one of his top players for the game -
The three stars of the game were: 1. Kenny Clark; 2. Jake Ryan; 3. Lucas Patrick. He noted how well he finished blocks and pass blocked plus he played with a club on his hand. Merry Christmas.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

If these players dont take paycuts they are gone..sad because we wasted these players years because we kept Dom Capers. Sorry that's just the way i feel .. Mike Mcarthy blew this big time and i would probably fire him and the whole staff because of his incompetence and loyalty to Dom Capers and not the i would say Mike has to go!! IF he cant make the easy decisions how can we have expected for him to make the difficult decisions.
Gone will be:

Randall cobb
Clay Matthews
J.Evans too old
Jeff janis
and probably a whole lot more!!!

dobber's picture

Burnett, Evans, Brooks and Janis don't have to take pay cuts because their contracts expire after the season. Heck, Janis is on his rookie deal and--as a late round pick--doesn't make dick. He's a bargain just on his special teams play.

stockholder's picture

All will be leaving. So how about these guys get signed instead. Donte Moncrief , Albert Wilson, Cody Latimer(Foot problem gone), JD anthony Thomas.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Definitely Donte Moncrief he was great with Andrew Luck but when Andrew Luck went down he sucked he would do great with Aaron Rodgers

GBPackerBacker12's picture

Basic Offseason wish list:
1. Fire Capers
2. Fire Thompson (I am so glad NBC showed that shot of him drooling with his mouth open, the man looks absolutely clueless and shouldn't be running this team anymore. It was also the only entertaining part of that game)
3. Resign Adams - This is NEEDED. Our HOF QB wants him back, and he clearly looks like a big time player. Let's not pull a Cook and let him walk.
4. Extend Rodgers - We seriously need to get this done. Give him his $30 million, which he deserves, and make him a Packer for life. Erase the fear for every Packer fan that he leaves on account of TT's ineptitude.
5. Draft a stud pass rusher first round
6. Draft a stud receiver second round
7. Sign Jimmy Graham, he won't command more money than we were willing to pay that POS Bennett, and he would dominate in our offense
6. Shore up the secondary somehow with proven football players, not basketball players or good athletes.
7. Find a veteran backup QB with starting experience (I really rooted for Hundley, because he's a good kid with a good attitude, but if Rodgers misses any more time next year, can we really afford to have him start again? I just don't think he has what it takes in this league)

Sure, much more may be needed, but this is my quick list of needs off the top of my head, which I believe could significantly help us

Qoojo's picture

I am just curious if you think just putting these on a list

"5. Draft a stud pass rusher first round
6. Draft a stud receiver second round"

makes them happen? Like the packers could have drafted a "stud rusher" but simply choose not to. The obvious potential studs are gone in the first 5 picks. The rest of the picks are simply gambling as it is up to chance and coaching on well they succeed in the nfl.

sonomaca's picture

I think the Pack should attempt to sign Hundley to a long term deal. Everyone whines about him, but he’s better than most other backups.

Matt Moore
Trever Simian
Colt McCoy
Drew Stanton
Derek freakin Anderson


lou's picture

Sonomaca there is a better chance "Big Foot" is REAL than the Packers signing Hundley to a long term deal, you have been drinking too much spiked Egg Nogg.

GeorgiaCheesehead's picture

MR Gambini are on drugs?

GeorgiaCheesehead's picture

Are you on drugs?

Doug Niemczynski's picture


Start JOE CALLAHAN next Sunday. ...I have seen enough of Hundley I dont want to see him anymore!!!

sonomaca's picture

Hundley’s losses came vs. teams who are a collective 62-25, if you count Minnesota twice. All those teams are in the top 8 in pass defense, except Detroit.

TommyG's picture

And his wins came against bottom dwellers. The only point you’ve made is that hundley is just good enough to win against lousy teams, and is incapable of winning at home.

dobber's picture

So as long as ARod only gets hurt when bad teams are on the schedule, they're OK!

sonomaca's picture

Most backup QBs aren’t expected to win against good teams. They are expected to beat bottom feeders. That’s what Hundley does.

sonomaca's picture

Let’s face it: Rodgers could beat the Panthers. Threw 3 picks. No one’s on his case.

Oppy's picture

HUndley didn't lay an egg last night (picks aside).
WR's dropping, or not even attempting to catch, catch-able passes was the biggest issue.

over and over and over again.

Ugly night for the WRs. Horrible.

I can't even believe Clark got a "Present". the opening drive 3rd down drop of a perfectly placed pass over his shoulder towards the sideline where the defender couldn't reach it- that literally fell right into his open hands- and would have continued the drive? That was the worst drop I've seen all year.

Mojo's picture

I don't know if it was the worst drop of the year - the late backshoulder endzone throw was worse. But I guess that doesn't count as a drop since he didn't even touch the ball that was one foot away from his body.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

He said the ball got in the lights and he couldn't see it.

Oppy's picture

It was literally in his hands... plural. If he lost the ball in the lights, that was the best damn pass any of us will ever see, the WR lost the ball in the lights but it still hit him, in stride, perfectly over his shoulder away from the defender, and landed exactly where both his hands were waiting, open. The pass was so good that he didn't have to see the ball to have it land in his waiting hands.

Oppy's picture

I guess what I'm saying is..I don't buy that he "lost" the ball in the lights. No way he just lucked into having both hands exactly where the ball appeared.

Oppy's picture

So many passes dropped or not even attempted to be catched that were in the radius... and all these people are talking about how Hundley stunk the joint up.. Hundley wasn't perfect (the pick in the red zone really, really hurt) but The hundley scapegoating is aggravating.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Not looking good for 2018. If Dom capers would have been fired things could have been different even with the loss of Rogers...

Now we have holes ALL over the place! !!

Disgusting..Fire All the coaches now and start ALL over! !! JUST START ALL OVER !!!! SO DONE WITH THIS TEAM...l

WOW...Either the SAINTS. ..RAMS..EAGLES..VIKINGs.. PANTHERS..are going to the one predicted this MESS!!!!

The whole Packers Org. SUCKS..coaches and ALL.

dobber's picture


If only that were true...

WKUPackFan's picture

He doesn't have to be done with the team, he just needs to be done commenting on this site. That would improve everyone else's quality of life.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

No........Not until we do it right!!!!!

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Doesn't seem like you guys been doing a very good job for the past 6 years so I guess you better start listening to me.

Doug Niemczynski's picture


LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

I'd like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, & a Very Happy, Healthy, & Prosperous New Year. May all your Dreams Come True!!

4thand1's picture

Merry Christmas Tom.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Thanks 4thand1, You have a Great One as well. Not feeling too good. Hope I'm around next year that we can talk again. Anyway Happy New Year to you. Start enjoying Retirement.

Johnblood27's picture

Merry Xmas LVT, I hope you finally get a date with Taryn!

Free agent's picture

Packers need to fly Farve into Green Bay next week to be the first to tell TT he’s FIRED!

Oppy's picture

Eff that guy.

GVPacker's picture

Is Ha Ha nursing an injury or is he just overrated as Al has said at numerous times?

GeorgiaCheesehead's picture

Ha Ha is over rated!!

gary g's picture

I have been saying on this site for over a year that TT needs to go. Most people on this site argued with me. But now everybody has gone overboard with how bad this team is. Capers sucks as a DC. His time has long left the building . We do need new leadership and major changes to the coaching staff. But players never look good when there confused or in a bad scheme. I think there's some good talent on this team. Of course AR is the big difference maker. If they can acquire a play maker on each side of the ball, with a healthy AR we will be contenders next year.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

People have argued with me on all these aspects of it too but all I got was dislikes now they're all on board. Now its too late guys 6 years too late

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I think we're going to have to fire Mike McCarthy I mean he chose to stick with Dom Capers all these years I think he should get fired cuz he made a decision to keep Dom Capers . I think we need to let him go and he can take Dom Capers somewhere else. We as Packer fans have been ripped off for the past 6 years because Mike McCarthy refused to listen to the fans. He will listen to the fans now you're fired!!!

Since '61's picture

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my fellow Packer fans!!!
We had a disappointing season but this is the time to be grateful for our families, friends, our great country, our heroic veterans and the fellowship we share as Packer fans here at CHTV. ENJOY!!! Thanks, Since '61

Ustabeayooper's picture

One gets tired of the gloom and doom. In the NFC there are going to be 5 different teams in the playoffs from last year and the 6th team is going to be the 6th seed! Every year there is a tremendous turnover in the league. You cannot doom the pack for next year based on what happened this year. The pack played 11 games against teams in the playoffs or in the hunt through week 16 this year. This is one of the jokes about the strength of schedule projections trotted out every year.I am sure there will be changes in coaching personnel . Players will come and go. let's just RELAX and enjoy the holidays and not act like the world is coming to an end because we missed the playoffs for the first time in 9 years.

4thand1's picture

The lolions are out, fans are calling for a new coach. Cowpies are toast and Jerry is pissed. There could be a ton of HC firings after next week. Chucky is rumored to be going back to Tampa. MM is going no where, so forget that thought anyone. I think we will be looking at a new DC though. NE just won its 12th game for 8 years in a row, WTF. But they play in the AFCE. Ustabeayooper is right, to much doom and gloom, we'll be back stronger than ever. Take that from stillayooper. Merry Christmas to all, lets have a killer draft.

dobber's picture

The Lions totally screwed the pooch yesterday. Chance to keep their playoff hopes alive (at least, it seemed that way at kickoff) and they were just outplayed. They're team Hundley: they don't do jack 'til the 4th quarter. It will cost Caldwell his job.

JJ will blame the league for taking away Zeke for 6 games, but the bottom line is that his team is just the Packers South. No help from their D for an OL that should ball control that team to wins week after week.

Art's picture

Defense actually played well enough to win.

Offense with Hundley is terrible, he can't complete a pass over 10 yards down field and makes terrible decisions.

Why can't our receivers ever get open, watch the routes they run, routes are slow & easy to defend often 2 receivers running into same area. Through the years we have relied on AR buying time in the pocket and allowing WR's to break off and find holes with AR's ability to find and complete. Without AR our poor play designs & execution is exposed.

If you can't pass in this league you can't win period.

dobber's picture

Carolina's got 11 wins, and Cam has been a shadow of himself since his MVP season.

Dallas won how many games last year letting Dak manage the offense?

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I was just looking online and I saw Kyle fackrell is think 26 years old and he'll be 27 in November? What the heck I can see his draft and somebody at 22 years of age not 24 or 25.. he's already past his prime and hasnt done nothing.. waste of a draft pick

dobber's picture

Mormon mission.

Drafted on his athleticism. He's played better the last 4 weeks or so. They'll need him to continue to get better in 2018.

Oppy's picture

That's the biggest question mark about drafting a 25 year old.

By the time a player that age gets his head and technique wrapped around the pro game, he's already in the early stages of physical decline.

Draft a 21 year old player, in three years he's got his seasoning and he's hitting his physical prime. You resign the 24-or 25 year old who has it together from a scheme standpoint, technique standpoint, and physical stand point, and that second contract is a 3-5 year deal where you are most likely getting the best years of his career. If he's still viable and a team leader, might even get a sunset contract after that.

Draft a 25 year old player, three years later he's got the scheme figured out and technique is where it needs to be finally. But now he's 28 and physically starting to slide. He's 28 now, and even if he's a very good player, he's physically on the backside of his career. Do you sign a 28 year old to another 3-5 year deal knowing he's probably already past his prime? I don't know.

Tough situation. Probably was a gamble hoping he'd come on quick. So far, has not quite been the case. You could see his length at work disengaging from blocks and making plays on the outside.

pc_georgia's picture

I wonder if MM is playing Hundley just to see if there is any hope of keeping him on the team. I realize that if he could not make decent plays by now, there probably is no hope. Failure to put Callahan in is a disservice to him as well as the fans.

GeorgiaCheesehead's picture

He really should give Callahan some playing time. We all need to see what he brings in a full game. We know what we have in Hundley.

4thand1's picture

Won't happen with MM, he's way to stubborn. Maybe he's afraid Callahan will throw 6 tds, and will lose him.

al bundy's picture

News flash, Roger goody has awarded Aaron Rogers to the browns in exchange for their last 4 number one draft picks on defense and ten cases of Miller.
Capers said tonight, wow four more guys whose careers I can screw up. Those
DEs will now be playing a super elephant position so we don't have to pay
Them defensive end pay.

The TKstinator's picture

Who is “Rogers”?

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