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Video: Welcome Home Brett

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Video: Welcome Home Brett

This one was sent to us by creator Patrick Ryan. Welcome back Brett. I hope you leave Lambeau the same way you left it the last time you were here, as a loser.

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Phillip's picture

Simply amazing........This needs to be shown to every Packer fan and the Pack before the game to let everyone know what this means. Regardless of what happens from here on out and in the future, THIS ONE MATTERS. In Wisconsin, Green Bay, Lambeau Field. The Sinner versus The Second Coming...

grosssman76's picture

F**k Favre.

NickGBP's picture

LOL. Only thing I got from that video is that ESPN can't even get a pro athlete's name right on their graphic intro. For a FULL feature and interview with the guy. Check out the "Sunday Conversation with Aaron Rogers" graphic at around 4:20. Ouch.

longtimefan's picture

This video rocks!

IronMan's picture

If this doesn't get you pumped, you're a damn communist!

RodgersMVP09's picture

awesome video. the ending was the best. should have a picture of minne..i mean Aaron Rodgers Dr. on there.

PackerFan4Life's picture

wow that freaking rocked

Packsmack's picture

Jesus. I might quit drinking.

Shootz's picture
alfredomartinez's picture

not a communist IRONMAN, quite so...a viqueens fan mainly!

Ron La Canne's picture

I think the fans are ready to make a lot of noise. I'm sure the team is ready to play at full throtle for the entire 60 minutes. Scoring early and often is the key. At Minnesota if they had scored on their first two drives it would have been a different game. They must finish off every drive in the first half. After that it becomes target practice on Bent.

shredmon's picture

i agree with phillip. F**k Favre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shredmon's picture

whoop sorry i mean i agree with grosssman76. so, an extra f**K favre!!!!!!!

PACKERS's picture

This should be required viewing for anyone who has ever worn the color green or gold, an has ever has a cheese upon ther head. This is a really amazing video. After that nine minutes, I don't want to see Brent's ugly face again. Brent, just go home.

dd's picture

This is a must win game all i know is the PACKERS BETTER WIN THIS GAME by any means even if they half to put that old fart on his back i dont care as long as we WIN


HHHdxSMH's picture

When he puts the queens helmet on around 5 minutes into it is almost like when they put the helmet on Darth Vader when he turned to the dark side!

ryan eugene or's picture

Are you ready for some football or what?

packeraaron's picture

HHHdxSMH - I thought the exact same thing.

retiredgrampa's picture

As fans, we can yell to high heaven for justice and payback, but it's on the broad shoulders of these current Packers to bring the justice and payback that our world demands. If the players fail now, the rest of the season is lost, no matter our final record. We'll have NO bragging rights left. The loss of pride, IMO, will be inevitable, and painful.

FITZCORE1252's picture

HOLY PHUK!!! Lets lace 'em up!


Oppy's picture


if the Packers lose tomorrow, no doubt it will sting and all but evaporate the chance of winning the NFC North title.
As i've stated previously, however- should that occur, there is always the possibility of the Packers still taking a wildcard spot.. And how wonderful would it be if the Pack eliminated the Vikings from the playoffs in the Metrodome, when Brent and the Vikings would be so sure they were a team of destiny?
Obviously, a win tomorrow and the Pack sealing the NFC North outright is far preferable... But, all is not lost with a loss tomorrow, even if it does make the journey more of an uphill climb.

NickGBP's picture

Definitely true Oppy. But with a loss tomorrow I predict Packer Nation will be a brutal place for the next few weeks. Thankfully we won't have to worry about that when the Pack wins.

PACKERS's picture

Just today, I had a fifteen minute debate (to put it mildly) about Brent with another Packers "fan". It made me realize the real damage that Brent has done. Has anyone ever heard a fan base so divided against itself? Every Packers fan has been split into either a Brent fan or a fan who wants to seem him destroyed. We're fighting with ourselves when we're supposed to be united in cheering for the Pack. I hope Brents happy with what he's done to the people he said were the reason he loved Green Bay and would NEVER WANT TO PLAY ON ANOTHER TEAM. (read his autobiography)

4VikeMike4's picture

I'm kinda suprised that you guys even posted this video: It contains more Favre/Vikings footage that Favre/Packer.
Man I think I'm just as nervous as Favre is..........BUT!.........Not as nervous as Ted Thompson should be! . . . . . . .
Today will be the deciding factor on your credibility as a quality G.M. If Favre loose, dipsh!t!!. . . . . . I am a Vikings fan, but I have several friends that are Packer fans, and they all say that Ted should've let Favre come back when he wanted to. IT's just a matter of respect for someone who helped put the team back on the map, and that has brought in Millions of dollars.....and of course, someone who was so deeply admired and cherished by the fans..............UNTIL YOU TRADED HIM TO THE JETS, TED! . . . . . . . .and on that note: One significant point that my Packer friends have told me is that EVERYONE was behind Favre and his inability to make up his mind, right up until THompson traded him away. NO ONE had a problem with it until then. In the end, (and this is NOT my conclusion, but Packer fans that I know), it's Ted's fault that all of this has gone down like it has. Favre would very likely still be playing in Green Bay, if it weren't 4 Ted Thompson. . . . . . . . and ya know something? I would be happy 4 him AND 4 the Packers. But, now that Favre is 4 the Vikings, I have no choice to be happy 4 him here,(sorry, bad joke, but I hope you get my point).

4VikeMike4's picture

Well I saw a plane comin' out of the sky
It had a Vikings symbol on each side
Fans commenced to shakin' and said "Ooh-eee"
Looks like a Favre’s gonna be a Purple PACKER Eater to me!

It was a one-eyed, two-horned, flyin' Purple PACKER Eater
Sure looks cool to me.

Well he came down to earth and took a knee
I said Mr. Purple PACKER Eater, don't eat me!
I heard him say in a voice oh so gruff
“I wouldn't eat you cuz Vikings fans are so tough!”
I said Mr. Purple PACKER Eater, what's your line?
He said,
“It's Eatin' Cheesehead Packer people with some Wine!
But that's not the only reason that I came to this land
I wanna be the Quarterback and the Viking’s Main Man!”

Well bless my soul, Brett’s on a role.
Mississippi Grown, flyin' Purple Packer Eater
in a Viking’s uniform
Sure looks cool to me!

First he threw from the Red-zone and got a first down,
Then he threw a bomb to Rice, and got a Touchdown!
It was a crazy little play with a AD on the out
13 - 18 – 28 – Hut!

Well bless my soul, Brett’s on a role.
Mississippi Grown, flyin' Purple Packer Eater
Doin’ his best on 3rd downs
Flyin' and belittling Cheeseheads all around!

And then one day, what do ya know
I saw Brett Favre on the Monday Night show!
He was blowing the Packers out, and really knockin' em dead
Throwin’ touchdowns with horns on his head!

FITZCORE1252's picture


Dude, you're such a DOUCHE, you can't even see the DOUCHES' through the DOUCHES'... DOUCHE!


P.S. Mikes a DOUCHE

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