Video: Politicians, Teammates, Personalities Lend Support to Driver

Scott Walker, Tom Barrett and others encourage everyone to vote for Donald Driver in ABC's Dancing With The Stars.

Despite the upcoming high-profile recall election that has Wisconsin political loyalties divided, the candidates for governor can agree on one thing: they encourage voting for Packers wide receiver Donald Driver in his quest to win ABC's Dancing With The Stars this evening.

Republian incumbent Scott Walker and Democratic candidate Tom Barrett both lent messages of support in a video created by the folks at Inside the Huddle, a local Packers television talk show on the Fox affiliate in Green Bay, WLUK-TV, that Driver helps host.

The politicians aren't alone, tight end Jermichael Finley, fellow receiver James Jones and other teammates are among those who recorded video messages encouraging Driver and for fans to "Drive the Vote."

Even Milwaukee Bucks mascot Bango gets into the action.

And if you're wondering how to vote for Driver, the video makes it very clear how to do so. You can't miss it.

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May 22, 2012 at 03:29 am

I'm Texan.... What's bi-partisan politics??? In the face of public education ranking in middle-percentile, we build $40 million high school football stadiums! We're Texans! Mitt Romey's our salvation! We shut down school districts because we're awesome! "Dancing With The Stars" is just liberal propaganda! Eat that, public servants! 16 year-olds playing football is way more important than benefits and pension! Sorry for going on a rant, Go Pack!!!

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