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Video: Nick Collins' Late Hit on Roy Williams

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Video: Nick Collins' Late Hit on Roy Williams

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RockinRodgers's picture

Looks like he was trying to put his shoulder into Williams back. Never left his feet and only took two steps. I don't think he gets suspened for this.

I don't know why Collins doesn't just try and wrap him up.

packersplanet's picture

He's going to get a fine fo-sho. I just hope he doesn't get suspended.

Here's a couple more lookst the hit

BrianD's picture

What looks the most painful in this video is Tramon Williams hitting the ground over and over after extending his whole body. Ouch!

hyperRevue's picture

I agree. Fine (~ $50,000) but no suspension.

Jayme's picture

Man. I just realized something. We're talking about fining a guy who is less than a year and a half older than I am more money than I make in a year as if it is no big deal. That's messed up.

hyperRevue's picture

haha. Yep.

bogmon's picture

Yeah Jayme...sometimes it's hard to feel compassion for pro athletes because of the exorbitant amount of money they are paid and throw around....

Sometimes I wonder why I care so much!?!?

It still doesn't compare to the millions of dollars that bad actors (like Tom Cruise for instance) get paid even when they make really shitty movies.
I don't hear anybody protesting that!

Oppy's picture

Tom Cruise? Dude, you should watch a few Keanu Reeves flicks. That guy makes Cruise look like Peter Fonda.

bogmon's picture

"The train...I'm gonna make it jump ...the tracks"

Josh's picture

A split second elapses from the time the ball passes through Williams' hands and when he is hit by Collins. Is Collins ducking down because he knows at the time that his head is level with Williams' head? Maybe he's trying to get his head down and out of the way. Does he even know that Williams didn't catch it in that split second? It does look a lot worse in slow motion, but watch it in real-time, and it's just a hit.

I don't know the answer to those questions, but I do know that defenders will end up having to accept fines and suspensions if the commish is not going to allow for appeals under reasonable circumstances.

some guy's picture

Goodell is getting ridiculous. He is expecting the impossible. How is a defender going to know where a guy's head is going to be in plays like this? they are twisting their bodies and falling and plays like this happen so quickly that expecting defenders to make plays without their helmet is insane.

i'm all for protecting guys and obviously the league is trying to as well but making a blanket policy where anything remotely head to head is deemed fineable is crap.

And if Collings gets suspended it would be a joke. why would he be suspended for this hit when other guys haven't been. it would be totally random and unfair. i agree with the idea but announce the new policy first before throwing it out there on a whim.

hyperRevue's picture

50k fine. No suspension.

bomdad's picture

If Roy wasnt playing half-ass he would not have gotten clocked so bad. I dont think Nick was expecting him to flop as the ball went by.

bucky's picture

Collins led with the crown of his helmet, even after the ball bounded away from Williams. He'll be lucky to escape with a hefty fine.

Zub-a-Dub's picture

Bottom line, like I was coached, do not lower your head or lead with the helmet.

There will be an adjustment period for players to train their bodies and instincts to tackle and be aggressive differently.

Collins lowered his helmet enough that he could no longer see the receiver, when making a tackle keep your head up and lead with the shoulder pads, keeping your eyes on the receiver, if you can see the person you are tackling, more than likely you will hit him with your pads, not an extended and lowered helmet.

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