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Video: Greg Jennings Wants a Roof on Lambeau Field

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Video: Greg Jennings Wants a Roof on Lambeau Field

On Monday, Greg Jennings appeared on ESPN2's Dan LeBetard Is Highly Questionable and spent several minutes talking about football and the Packers.

Of particular interest was his comment about six minutes into the video about wanting to put a roof on Lambeau Field. Yes, it was in jest.

But after an exit in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs and losses in four out of the past six playoff games in Green Bay, is this a joking matter? Is it possible general manager Ted Thompson is building a team suited for play in a dome when he should be building one meant to play outside, in the cold and in the elements?

Is this an overreaction? You be the judge.

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Mojo's picture

How can anyone not like Greg Jennings.

As for the roof, I know I'm in the vast minority when I say I favor some kind of removable temporary roof when conditions outdoors meet certain inhospitable extremes. This could help remove some player apprehensions about being GB Packer as I believe playing a bitter cold game at Lambeau in late December or January has got to be one of the least enjoyable things for both teams and not much of a selling point for a player who's FA and on the fence about staying. When the Pack aren't as successful this will be an issue again. But of course it would have to be removable. They are thinking of a removable roof for the new football stadium Farmers Field in L.A.

Oppy's picture

If a potential player prioritizes the selling point of having a roof over his head over the selling point of winning championships with an organization as historic and legendary as the proud Green Bay Packers, they can go ahead and play somewhere else..

jeremy's picture

100% Agreed. Jennings is a nice guy and a really good player, but Lambeau and the Packers are icons that transcend his opinions. If Jennings wants a roof, I'll buy him one of those umbrella hats and he can wear it on the sideline so he can look as stupid as he sounds when he says things like that.

I've been at Lambeau in January and considered it a privilege every time. There were no empty seats. If you don't want to be there, don't go. You won't be missed.

Ebongreen's picture

Having a roof over Lambeau would make it only slightly more likely than a snowball's chance in Heck for Green Bay to ever get a Super Bowl - an index currently resting at no chance in Heck.

Beyond that, I really don't see it. They'd never live down the shame of having un-Frozen the Tundra.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture



Mark's picture

I think he's joking

Ron in CT's picture

I was hoping that the upgrades would at least take some of the wind out of the place

denniseckersly's picture

If players are concerned about playing outside in January, they should take the money for the upgrades and invest it in some testicles, not a roof.

Oppy's picture

comment of the day

Jim's picture


SpiderPack's picture


Oppy's picture

Greg Jennings:

Great WR.

Total puss. Suck it up.

Even if you don't like the cold, don't ever, EVER say that out loud. The enemy is supposed to believe the Packers LOVE the cold, that they are unaffected by it.

Way to ruin the illusion, buddy.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture


Rocky70's picture

A roof at Lambeau Field!! ----- Never!!!!

Lights along with night games at Wrigley Field !!!! ------ Never!!!!!!

Wait a second.

A retractable roof (if even possible) is a good idea. The next generation will make it happen. Then all here who are against it can sing the virtues of an open Lambeau to your grave & about how 'real football' existed only in your day!

packeraaron's picture

Illumination and protection from the element are almost the same thing. Almost.

A roof on Lambeau is the dumbest idea in the history of sports.

Rocky70's picture

You certainly would know.

SpiderPack's picture

Wait . . . is Rocky70 making a dig at Nagler about his atheism? Nagler speaks on Illumination.

coreyb's picture

agreed- they didn't need a roof to play the Ice Bowl.

Jack's picture

A roof would be a great idea for this franchise. This would allow the team to prepare for games better if conditions were too inhospitable to play. Leave it the other team guessing whether we utilize the roof for certain games and prepare the players accordingly. Imagine a New Orleans team coming up to Greenbay not knowing whether they will be playing in a dome or in the frigid cold wisconsin weather. It would be like thinking you were going on vacation in Florida and then ending up in the middle of Canada. This is a no brainer. It would only benefit the team by creating a better fan experience and playing to our team strengths. Any of you who question the benefits of a dome are ignorant, short sighted, sentimental and set in your ways. They always say, "you cant teach an old dog new tricks." Nor can you open somones eyes who is blind. Times are changing, so should you.

Oppy's picture

You, Sir, do not understand the essence of football. You clearly do not feel the game.

Some of the most amazing contests in pro football history were made special and etched indelibly into the fabric of the sport itself due in no small part to the elements they were played in.

Rocky70's picture

Think of how the Green Bay economy would surge when the city of GB & the state of Wisconsin hosts a future Super Bowl.

I won't be around to see it but it will happen. Some of you should be smart enough to realize that money will eventually outweigh tradition, nostalgia, etc. ----- It's the way of the world.

packeraaron's picture

The reason Lambeau won't host a SB isn't because of the stadium (ie NY's stadium has no roof). It's because there aren't near the number of hotels necessary. If they ever tried turning GB into a convention-friendly town like Indianapolis, they might have a chance. But until/unless that happens...

Kparis99's picture

This talk of adding a roof to Lambeau is insane. I can't even tell if I'm on a Packers blog anymore for pete's sake. Lambeau will never ever have a roof, nor will the Green Bay Packers ever play home games in a Dome! If that is your style of football, please go join a Vikings, or Lions blog, and leave us alone. I truly cannot believe this is being debated. This is Green freaking Bay, the most historic team in all sports. May the Packers, forever, kick some ass, on the grass

SpiderPack's picture

I agree. Football is more about hardnosed determination and rising above the elements than it is about some strategy of dome unpredictability or "embracing finesse." It would be a sad sad day when the crown jewel of the NFL goes sterile. Don't tell me all youguys have lost your Woody since Eli & the Gmen spanked us twice in our own, frigid backyard. Youguys need a night at a strip club or a brothel, there's nothing else that can help you. On the other hand, yall could all go join some feminist rights group. Or maybe watch Fried Green Tomatoes 4 times in a row?

TundraBum's picture

Well, if it's a yellow roof some will nickname it the CheeseDome. *ack*

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