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Trgovac Will Be The Defensive Line Coach

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Trgovac Will Be The Defensive Line Coach


Mike Trgovac, who up until a few days ago was the defensive coordinator for the Panthers, will coach the defensive line for Dom Capers defense in Green Bay.

This is excellent news. (Unless you're one of those Packer fans who thought Trgovac's ouster in Carolina was orchestrated to placate Julius Peppers...;) )

UPDATE: I love comment sections. Just last week the same yahoos  that comment over at the JS Packer Blog were talking like the sky was falling. Now, with two hires, the Packers are easily winning the divison and maybe going 19-0. God bless 'em...

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Ron La Canne's picture

The update on WSSP says that Carolina offered to let him stay on. ??? Great move for GB if only to indicate that things are on the move at the Corp. Offices. That is a good piece of news for those of us who are concerned about rigidity of thought processes. I think that says MM told Capers, go get who you want and we'll get the players. Wishful thinking on my part? Maybe! I don't think so however.

scrumptrulesent's picture

Good hire. I understand the hype for getting Peppers, and I'd be excited if they did it, but I'd rather TT go for Suggs from Baltimore as he'll make more sense in a 3-4 and he'll come at a cheaper price tag.

packeraaron's picture

scrump - Agreed, though I'll be surprised if:

1. Suggs makes it to market and
2. If he does, he doesn't join Ryan up in NY.

I really think Bart Scott is the guy they should/will target. Is he Suggs? No. But he's better than almost all the LBs on the Packers roster.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Important to note the Carolina coaches chose to leave the team after being offended on contract negotiations.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

On a side note only 6 comments to get to a Favre one.


buckyor's picture

<i>UPDATE: I love comment sections. Just last week the same yahoos that comment over at the JS Packer Blog were talking like the sky was falling. Now, with two hires, the Packers are easily winning the divison and maybe going 19-0. God bless ‘em…</i>

Serves you right for even taking the time to read them. I can only stomach them after significant quantities of Tradicional.

<i>On a side note only 6 comments to get to a Favre one. <i>

I counted 14. What did I miss?

dustybricks6's picture

A lot of those Ravens players are going to get away in the off season. With Rex Ryan out and their ability to franchise only one player (probably Ray Lewis) we're gonna have a chance to land one of 'em (if TT's hibernation doesn't last until the combine).

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

Aaron is spot on and I said the same earlier today. I think the Ravens will keep Lewis and Suggs. Scott is the only one I see getting away and he would be great to have. Just know Ryan will be after him too in NY

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

Oh, and the yahoos forgot pre-season. We'll be 23-0. If we still had Favre we'd go 24-0 during that same 23 game schedule

Ron La Canne's picture

Aaron, Don't have the specifics but with last year's dip into the FA market and Favre if he returns, the Jets have got to have some Cap issues?

Nick's picture

I love comments more than the posts :D

jerseypackfan's picture

Why go after Bart Scott when you can have a "young Ray Lewis" in Karlos Dansby?

IPBprez's picture

Anyone wanna throw gas on the fire that is Dom Capers making some calls to certain players?
I am a bit mixed - our new DLC didn't get along with Peppers? The Pack is now moving to the 3-4, so having Peppers in GBP is now not an option? Guess I'm not up on the water-cooler chatter about the Panthers.
LAST I LOOKED - Suggs was actually listed higher than Peppers. I wouldn't be too quick to say Suggs won't garner a larger asking price.
I see Bart Scott &amp; Karlos Dansby listed - who would be the 3rd choice?

DaveK's picture

Yes Ron, the Jets are going to have a cap problem this year. Per Andrew Brandt, they currently have $135 million in cap commitments for next season which is the most in the league. The cap is going to be around $123 million so they stand right now about $12 million over the cap.

If Favre and his $11 million cap number stick around they will have to find other places to cut which doesn’t bode well for the rest of the roster and makes it impossible to sign any high end free agents.

If Favre ‘retires’ they will be only slightly over the cap but I am sure they could restructure some contracts to push the pain further down the road which may allow them to play a bit in free agency. I just can’t see the wisdom in that though. There is just no reason to go out AGAIN and blow through cap money when you have Clemens as your QB and a new coach.

So, they are kind of in a bind. If Favre stays they have no room to add free agents and in fact will have to reduce payroll by $12 million. If Favre goes they may be able to partake in FA IF they continue to play cap games but who thinks Clemons in going to lead this team to the Promised Land?

My guess is that Favre retires or gets cut and they clean house in order to get cap healthy because they know they are not close to a championship caliber team. That is the price you pay for spending like they did last summer and not getting over the hump.

IronMan's picture

How do you pronounce Trgovac?

gratif's picture

Applies to JSO comments section, too.

packeraaron's picture

Thanks gratif. That was oh so spot-on.

Ironman - I have no idea... :)

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