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Tracking the Packers' coaching search

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Tracking the Packers' coaching search

-- For the first time in 13 years, the Green Bay Packers are on the hunt for a new head coach.

Mike McCarthy has been the primary holder of the position since he was hired on in 2006, winning 135 games and a Super Bowl to boot along with a multitude of other accolades that have helped lay the groundwork for his own legacy.

But now, the time has come to commence the search for his successor. It's an unfamiliar position for the Packers, who have had just four different full-time head coaches since 1992. Offensive coordinator Joe Philbin was promoted to interim head coach after McCarthy was relieved of his duties on Dec. 2 and is expected to be one of the many candidates interviewed for the job.

The following is a list of every confirmed name that has been tied to the Packers' coaching search.


Jim Caldwell (Completed)

Joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' staff as a quarterbacks coach in 2001 before becoming the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts in 2009. He's held various assistant and positional jobs en route to becoming the Detroit Lions' head coach in 2014 where he served for four seasons.

Chuck Pagano (Completed)

Similar to Caldwell, Pagano made his way onto the NFL scene in 2001 as a secondary coach for the Cleveland Browns. He was made a positional coach and defensive coordinator for various teams before becoming the Colts' head coach in 2012, one year after Caldwell left. Pagano was fired at the end of the 2017 campaign.

New Orleans Saints assistant HC/TEs coach Dan Campbell (Saturday, Jan. 5)

Campbell, a former player, spent 2010-2015 as an intern, tight ends coach and interim head coach (2015) of the Miami Dolphins. He's been with the Saints since 2016, a team he previously played for during his time in the league in 2009.

Pittsburgh Steelers OL coach Mike Munchak (Interview granted; No confirmed date)

Munchak is another ex-player, except with a significant resume. He was a Pro-Bowler for nine of his 12 seasons in the league and earned First-team All-Pro honors in four. Munchak worked with the Houston Oilers and Tennesee Titans as an offensive assistant, offensive line coach and briefly, their head coach, all for the better part of a decade. He's been the Steelers' offensive line coach since 2014.

New England Patriots DC/LBs coach Brian Flores (Completed; Friday, Jan. 4)

Flores has been a key component in the Patriots' scouting department since 2004. His rise through the ranks as a special teams assistant and positional coach hasn't been widely documented, but certainly helps his pedigree. He first became the team's linebackers coach in 2016. In 2018, he assumed play-calling duties and took on the role as de-factor defensive coordinator.

New England Patriots OC Josh McDaniels (Completed; Friday, Jan. 4)

Interlocked with the Patriots for a large part of his professional career, McDaniels' only break-offs from New England were in 2009 to become the Denver Broncos' head coach and in 2011 to serve as the St. Louis Rams' offensive coordinator. McDaniels eventually found his way back to New England in 2012, where he's remained. He nearly accepted a head-coaching job with the Colts last year, but the situation didn't make enough sense for him to fully follow through with the transition. Either that, or Andrew Lucks' up-in-the-air status scared him off, or the Patriots offered him more money and a secured future.

McDaniels is believed to be the front-runner for the Packers' vacant coaching position.

Northwestern HC Pat Fitzgerald (Declined)

When Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy was the athletic director at Northwestern, he hired on Pat Fitzgerald in 2006 to coach the Wildcats. It was a legacy-shaping hire a year before Murphy came to Green Bay. Fitzgerald had been at Northwestern for five years prior and had made his home in the collegiate circuit. Due to his connections with Murphy, he is believed to be one of the favorites to land the Packers' coaching job.

Tennesee Titans OC Matt LaFleur (Sunday, Jan. 6)

LaFleur follows the young and innovative blueprint that teams are likely going to want to follow this offseason -- mainly because the Rams did it that one time. LaFleur is only 39 years old and has a lot of coaching experience under his belt for his age. He's mostly been an assistant before becoming an offensive quality control coach for the Houston Texans in 2008. After four seasons with the Washington Redskins' quarterbacks coach, he bounced between the Atlanta Falcons, Los Angeles Rams and his current locale in Tennesee. LaFleur was largely credited for Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan's MVP season in 2016 and Rams quarterback Jared Goff's breakout in 2017. He'll interview with the team this Sunday, Jan 6.

New Orleans Saints OC Pete Carmichael Jr. (Saturday, Jan. 5)

Along with Campbell, the Packers will also likely meet with the team's offensive coordinator, Pete Carmichael Jr. According to Jason La Canfora of, the team has requested to interview with him and will likely end up doing so on Saturday while they're in town. Carmichael has been in New Orleans since 2006, serving as the team's quarterbacks coach in his first year -- the same time they team acquired Drew Brees. He was promoted to the offensive coordinator position in 2009 and has engineered some of the league's best offenses with Brees at the helm. In 2018, the Saints rank eighth in total offensive yards per game and third in points scored per game. The Saints are currently the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

Miami Dolphins HC Adam Gase (Sunday, Jan. 6)

The 40-year-old Adam Gase was fired by the Miami Dolphins last week, marking the end of a three-year run in which he only led his team to the playoffs once (2016). His shortcomings with the Dolphins have been somewhat of a blemish on what has otherwise been an impressive career for Gase. He made it to the NFL in 2003, spending five seasons with the Detroit Lions and holding various titles, including the team's quarterback coach in 2007. Gase found his way to Denver in 2009, serving as the Broncos' wide receivers coach (2009-2010), quarterbacks coach (2011-2012) and offensive coordinator (2013-2014) for six seasons. He helped engineer Peyton Manning's historic 2013 campaign. Gase was the Chicago Bears' offensive coordinator in 2015 as well, leading Jay Cutler to one of the most productive seasons of his career.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers OC Todd Monken (Saturday, Jan. 5)

Todd Monken, 52, has never been a head coach at the NFL level. If the Packers chose to pursue him, it'd be considered a lateral move since it's a promotion from coordinator to head coach. Monken coached at the collegiate level for 18 seasons, first in 1989 as an assistant at Grand Valley State. He spent roughly two decades dedicating offensive prowess to Notre Dame, Eastern Michigan, Louisiana Tech, Oklahoma State and Louisiana State. Monken's specialty in offense could greatly benefit the Packers after a disappointing 2018 campaign. He briefly served as the offensive coordinator at Oklahoma State and the head coach at Southern Mississippi for three seasons between NFL jobs. He was the Jacksonville Jaguars' wide receivers coach from 2007-2010 and became the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach in 2016.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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jeremyjjbrown's picture

If it was Pat Fitzgerald and Adam Gase as OC and Mike Pettine as DC I would feel pretty damn good about that.

I know. Not gonna happen.

Bure9620's picture


Bearmeat's picture

This is my dream scenario too.

John Kirk's picture

Fitzgerald said tonight he's not leaving and (NW) was "home forever."

I'm personally relieved. The last thing this org needs is Mark Murphy's buddy coaching it.

Ol' Pat made the mistake of working for Magic Mark, once. Wasn't going to make it again.

fastmoving's picture

jealous john is back, with a lot of words without any sense. like always. man, this 2019 starting strange.
guess, it would be a great improvement for you if you would be 1% the man Mark Murphy is. As a player, a president, a decision maker and as a human being.

TheBigCheeze's picture sound like an idiot.....

Nick Perry's picture

I've been thinking about Adam Gase as OC too depending on the HC hire. Surprised Vic Fangio isn't on this too.

Guam's picture

Not sure what it is with Fangio, but both the 49ers and the Bears had him as their DC and passed on promoting him to HC. Both teams loved him as their DC, but not HC. And he doesn't seem to be on anybody's list as an interview for a HC position despite having a great defense in Chicago again.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Good Article on the Sporting News, "A matter of when: Dan Campbell on deck for real shot at NFL head coaching"

Sounds like an interesting candidate.

canadapacker's picture

I would rather have Fangio - and have him fix the offense. If anybody knows how to shut down AR - it is Fangio - so he should be able to surround himself with guys who will help counteract that stuff. I would hope that he keeps Pettine around but if he doesnt I dont think that that would matter as he could put his guy in and work the kinks out. I am not sure that Gase is the guy - he couldnt fix Cutler totally. He got him a little better but the same as MM couldnt totally rein in Favre - Gase couldnt totally rein in Cutler

Lare's picture

There are several more names to add to this list before the Packers HC search is over.

Personally, I'm interested in hearing how any of the candidates plan to run the team and the coordinators/assistants they plan to hire. This team needs a whole new direction, the new HC needs to bring it.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

That's what I want a HC who is not calling plays.

Multitasking = F***ing up more than one thing at a time.

I've had enough High School level game management becuase the HC has his face buried in a playsheet.

John Kirk's picture

I don't think so, Lare. Ian Rapoport reported the Packers were going to interview 10-12 candidates. Add Philbin to the above and that makes 9, so not many more, if any at all.

That's not a very encouraging HC pool above.

One thing that is very important to note about McDaniels, that isn't above, is what he actually did in Indy last year. He didn't just renege on his commitment. He assembled most of his staff and they left their jobs to come to Indy and then he chose to leave not only the Colts in the lurch but all the assistants he brought with him. All those assistants were left holding the bag not knowing if they had a job anymore thanks to McDaniels. Fortunately, the Colts honored "most" of those commitments. That move is beyond low class. It's fine if you want to back out, but don't back out after you brought people with you who left jobs for you. What is encouraging, is the Colts staff under Reich was built with help from McDaniels and it appears to be a fine staff.

We do need a new direction but watch for Magic Mark choosing his personal comfort over what is best for the on field product.

EDIT: A note on Dan Campbell. He was the guy who recplaced the fired Philbin in Miami. Campbell spoke highly of Philbin in his introductory presser as interim. Wouldn't be a shock to learn Philbin recommended Campbell to Magic Mark.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Total Colts move to ink assistants before a HC signed his contract.

Houndog's picture

Magic Mark? LOL!
This clown could build himself a 12 bedroom, 15,000 Sq. Ft. mansion in one of Bob Harlan's shoes and he still couldn't fill it!
I guess we'll see in another year or two how much magic he has. With some of the re-treads I've read about being interviewed and his love affair with Northwestern I'm not confident.
Now that he's restructured the Packers front office to where he's holding the cards at least we'll know where the blame lies if he fails.
"Magic Mark" !

Bert's picture

I'm guessing whoever hires McDaniels will get left holding the bag should Belichick retire and Bob Kraft comes calling. I do agree with jeremyjjbrown above. I'm too am tired of seeing HCs with their face buried in the playsheet. Hire some good coordinators and manage the team!

Kb999's picture

i don't like McDaniels. Didn't like him in Denver .

beercheese's picture

Agree. I don't like McDaniels either. With the ego that needs to be coached for the Packers, I think you need a strong personality. I don't think he's the guy. I do think Munchak and Campbell are interesting options. They seem like they are the 'won't take cr*p from you' kind of guys. Remember that whoever it is that lands the job, you have to think that 12 wouldn't be able to get them fired as easily as McCarthy, because it's unusual (but not unheard of) that an organization rids themselves of a coach after one or two years, so does Rodgers want to spend the next 2 or 3 years continuing to act like an ass to win a power struggle or listen to the new coach and win a few before he's kicked to the curb.

4zone's picture

Fitz is off the board. Not leaving NW.

dobber's picture

That's just it: it's not uncommon for candidates to say one thing but then do the opposite as time passes and they continue to hear overtures. If Fitzgerald actually DID change his stance and interview, it would call into question some of the things that make him attractive as a coach...integrity and leadership.

Bearmeat's picture

Unfortunately, I believe him. That said, WTH is he supposed to say when a media guy asks him on the stadium loudspeaker after a game, surrounded by his players.... what his intentions are for next year.

It wasn't a fair question.

dobber's picture

I would argue a fair question at an inopportune time.

John Kirk's picture

Packers are still going to try and interview him this week. McDaniels is Friday and Flores this weekend.

I wonder what role $ will play in the hire considering they paid out McCarthy for 2019 already.

Will they decide to hire some lower level guy because he's willing to take a lower contract offer?

Skip greenBayless's picture

Looks like we might have to have another stock sale to help pay for Rodgers, McCarthy, and all the wasted signings in the past season. We need to flll those Packer coffers back up. Murphy and Gutey have been hemorrhaging money like drunken sailors on shore leave.

Lare's picture

Where's Big gar when we need him?

LeotisHarris's picture

I'm fairly certain, based on his last post, Big gar is being held against his will. That was a cry for help!

dobber's picture

"I wonder what role $ will play in the hire considering they paid out McCarthy for 2019 already."

Better start charging $5 a trip down that sledding hill...

4zone's picture

At this point, I'm more sure of who I don't want. Don't want McDaniels, or anyone named Harbaugh.

CheesyTex's picture

Very impressive what John Harbaugh has accomplished this year. His innovative approach on offense is unique in NFL and will be copied because of its success.

IMO Pack needs a savvy, tough minded leader such as John H. exhibited this year. And he has a ring...

dobber's picture

Marty Mornhinweg calls the plays. I don't think anyone here will be clamoring for him to get an interview in GB. Give Harbaugh credit with sticking with the successful QB, though.

Daren726's picture

McDaniels can’t coach outside the belichek system. I lived in Denver when he was there. What a joke. Pass.

Oppy's picture

Belichick didn't exactly set the world on fire his first time landing a HC job, either.

rstain99's picture

to give him some credit Josh McD had no QB to speak of in Denver also couple of years older now, unfortunately I get to watch the Pats every week he has really got the supposed GOAT to buy into his offense as all these SB runs have proven. Also good point Bill Belicheck was young once too and look at results in Cleveland they can grow. I hope they consider bringing back DC Pettine when healthy they can certainly defend on that side of ball.
Whoever they decide on I am sure they will know more about it that 99 percent of us commenters but it's fun to speculate. Hopefully a year from now we all will be saying hey this guy was right choice. AR will be another yr older not sure he is on TB12 method. 8 yrs now that my co workers all Pats fans here in Boston area get to rag on me every Monday morning (I like to trow 1997 SB at them, Brett Favrrra ) Happy new year let the search begin!
die hard here in Boston

HankScorpio's picture

The meme offerings for Matt LaFleur are very exciting. I've already seen White Goodman and "Cram it up your cramhole, LaFleur" pictures on Packer twitter. There is a rich mine of material for all kinds of situations there.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Maybe Matt LaFleur?

PAPackerbacker's picture

I have my preferences too but really don't care who the next HC is as long as he commands respect and holds everyone on the team accountable, including coaches, for their performances. There are some quality candidates out there, for sure. But they have to be the right fit and be willing to come to Green Bay and be a strong leader, not a yes man. Green Bay needs a proven leader. One who knows how the game is played today and can make necessary adjustments as the game progresses. And also have a strong support team of coaches who can communicate well and get the best performance from the players. Maybe even a DC would be a good choice for HC? Then get a good OC? As long as the new coach can turn things around and make the Packers contenders again is all that matters. It will be fun to watch the process and see who the next coach will be.

CAG123's picture

Why in the hell is a Titans offensive anything even in consideration....they’ve had a bottom 10 offense for how long now? Ken Whisenhunt couldn’t even fix it

Dzehren's picture

LaFlaeur is from the McVay shanahan tree. Worked with QB’s with Redskins and Jared Goff with Rams last year..

Dzehren's picture

LaFleur was also Matt Ryan’s QB coach in ATL when Ryan won MVP

CAG123's picture

None of that has translated to the Titans the past 2 years

Lare's picture

LaFleur hasn't even been with the Titans a full year yet.

Stickfish's picture

If we are looking that far back then bring on Mike Smith as HC along with Koetter as OC. TAMPA finished in the top 3 for total offense this year with the host of issues that team has, and not all the points/yards were when they were blown out. Matt Ryan went on the MAP run with both albeit he had Juilo.

We could do much worse and Koetter could have the respect of #12.


MarkinMadison's picture

I'm not thrilled about any of the names on that list. I think Brady was pretty openly lobbying for McDaniels to get the HC job in GB earlier this year, but I have a hard time picturing anyone taking a chance on him after Indy. Not sure why John Kirk got so many thumbs down for pointing out that McDaniels left assistant coaches in a lurch as well. How is he going to assemble a staff at this point?

Pack88's picture

You know in all the comments I see, one predominate one, and Silverstein had an article in the MJS where he espoused the same idea I see running through many of these posts. Accountability, I wrote many times about that 06 season and how M3 made Favre accountable and how he forced C-Wood to grow up and how it paid off in 07 and ultimately in 2010.

I always thought Favre had the biggest ego I have ever seen associated with a Packer Player but as much as I love Rodgers skill set he might even top Brent in that arena. It will be important to see if he buys in or wants out. Favre surprised me I am hoping Rodgers does as well

4thand1's picture

Mike Holmgren?

John Kirk's picture

I asked him that question back in 2001, if he'd ever come back and coach the Packers, again...His response: "You never know."

LambeauPlain's picture

You funny guy!

John Kirk's picture

I wasn't joking. I used to work in sports broadcasting. I asked him that exact question and that was his verbatim answer.

Lare's picture

Steve Mariucci?

LambeauPlain's picture

I can't even follow Mooch's analysis on TV anymore.

He has proved he's not a HC.

LambeauPlain's picture

I hope they have an interview at Lambeau Field in the next few weeks that is a slam dunk and a quick hire.

Then build a strong coaching staff with all the candidates now on the market...including Todd Bowles as new DC if Pettine is not the choice of the new HC.

Bowles is like Wade Phillips and Pettine, for that matter...a great DC but not a HC.

Lare's picture

Don't see any teams scheduling interviews with any of the Packers coaches (Philbin, Whitt, Campen, Moss, etc.).

flackcatcher's picture

Packers have not released them. They are all still under contract.

Lare's picture

Yes (except for Moss), but teams can still request permission to interview them.

John Kirk's picture

That is one thing McCarthy made sure of...he wouldn't have an assistant that was any threat to him. I was shocked he hired Pettine knowing Pettine's presence could dwarf his but you do crazy things when you know your job is on the line.

Oppy's picture

But he hired a number of assistants with HC experience..?

John Kirk's picture

Who? Back 9, Capers? Failed Phibin? Capers had one foot out of the league and was in some very minor role looking to close out his career when he got called to be DC. Pettine was out of football when called to be DC.

Besides Capers and Pettine who are you referring to? Philbin?

I was talking to PRESENCE that would dwarf his. Philbin has zero presence. Dom seemed like a nice grandfather type. Kevin Greene had presence. Pettine has presence. Can't think of any other assistants that were here that had presence.

How many Packers assistants in MM's 13 seasons became head coaches elsewhere? Philbin? Porn stache? No presence with either. McAdoo had zilch. With all our "success" you would think our staffs would've been raided on an annual basis. They weren't.

Compare MM's assistants and who moved on to HC positions and then compare Holmgren who was here 6 years less and how many he had.

Oppy's picture

Not a prior HC's, but you don't think Trgovac had presence? Or Joe Whitt Jr. (who absolutely oozes presence, for what it's worth)? Or Edgar Bennet?

Side note, it is strange that the crux of your original comment was how surprised you were the MM would hire a guy like Pettine who, apparently due to his presence (and, presumably his age), could be a threat to MM, but then you go ahead and diminish Pettine in your reply to my comment by mentioning he'd been out of football when MM hired him.

Lastly, whether MM's assistants have been hired on elsewhere has nothing to do with him selectively hiring assistants he doesn't "consider a threat" or not. I simply don't see a guy who is supposedly insecure hiring anyone who has prior HC experience. To me, that says he's actually very secure, and most likely willing to lean on those individuals for insight and to bounce ideas off of- probably hired because he has respect for their experience.

John Kirk's picture

I LOVE Pettine but it is interesting to note he was hired under the idea that he had no interest in ever being a HC again and was out of football for a year. I'd bet that was enough to make MM comfortable enough to hire him believing the guy wouldn't try to usurp him at some point. I wasn't diminishing Pettine. I was framing why MM felt comfortable in hiring him. He wasn't a perceived threat because he said he didn't want to be a HC again and was out of football a year. Pretty simple.

No. I don't think the guys you mentioned had presence especially Joe Whitt. That guy is the classic defintion of Packers fans overselling their own. I blame our pitiful Packers media for that one. Always overblowing the "great" Joe Whitt. That guy has been given more high picks than anyone and we continually need more and still do. NOBODY thinks of him like we're sold. What interviews has he ever had? Any now? So overrated and again I blame our pathetic media for selling him to the masses. You fell for it. Joe freaking Whitt. Joke.

Huge fan of Edgar the player...not a fan at all of Edgar the assistant.

Which former HC he hired wanted to be a HC again? Dom? No. Pettine. said he wasn't interested in ever being one again. Philbin? Sure, if it fell in his lap. Wasn't actively looking to be a HC again.

LeotisHarris's picture

That seems like a huge assumption, and a reach, John. McCarthy was all about shared leadership, and growing assistants to help them in their careers. Capers had been a head coach, as had Philbin and Pettine as you noted.

If you look around the league, do you see a HC now who has anyone on staff that is "a threat to him?" Each HC has "his guys" and they move like locust across the league until a better opportunity comes along. It's the same in the college game. As a HC, if your job is on the line, most likely all of your staff are in the same boat.

John Kirk's picture

I respect your opinion but mine is counter. I really don't understand the assertion he was "all about shared leadership and growing assistants to help them in their careers" I'm not sure what that even means? He produced very few head coaches in 13 years here. Holmgren produced more and better ones in a much shorter tenure.

Dom Capers won a SB here as our DC. Did he get any interviews as a HC? At anytime he was here did he?

Do you see Philbin's name coming up for any of these openings?

Pettine has made it known he doesn't want to be a HC, again, but I believe hes getting the itch, again. Still, nobody is seeking him.


LeotisHarris's picture

I appreciate the polite discourse, thanks. Your OP was about MM's hires being based upon avoiding someone who may be a larger presence than him. I didn't see MM as needing to be that presence. He was willing to share it with assistants, and with players (e.g. game captains addressing team pre and post game in the locker room).

To me, he seemed committed to the careers of his assistants. Growing people by allowing them to coach different position groups and move up to coordinators. I think EB started with running backs, moved to wide receivers, then OC. McAdoo took a route from TE, I think, to QB, to OC and ultimately HC. Similar opportunities were provided for Tom Clements, Alex Van Pelt, and James Campen. I think MM was a man who cared about his players, and the profession of coaching, and gave his staff opportunities to move up the ranks. That's what I meant by shared leadership and growing assistants.

Culture was important to MM. Many scoff at the off-field team building, but those types of bonding experiences are important in developing successful teams. Unless leaders do it (be it player or coach) culture suffers. I personally think the man took b2b hits after the Seattle loss and his brother's sudden death that he could not recover from. Burned out emotionally, and depressed, but still trying to make things work. Depression is powerful, and manifests itself in many ways; inability to make decisions, slowed cognitive processes, fatigue. The man was not healthy, that was obvious.

So, no, I don't think he hired inferior minds because he was insecure. I think he ran out of gas, and did his best, but his sh*t was effed up and what once worked didn't again, and again, and again. As far as presence, I think you put too much stock in the need for a talking bicep at the helm. Bill Walsh had presence, as did Tony Dungy, Marv Levy, Tom Landry, and if we switch to all-time great winners, John Wooden. It doesn't have to be dick-swagger to earn respect.

canadapacker's picture

Your counter opinion not only is incorrect but also myoptic. If an organization has the tendency to rotate through head coaches ( Oakland Dallas and a few others) then one might have that tendency as a head coach - but GB never has had that so one picks the best guys who fit your attitude no matter what their long term goals are. The only trouble with the TT MM regime is that they stuck with a few too many guys for too long - Capers being one as well as strength and conditioning and special teams and a few others both a few years back and presently. An orderly addition of new better guys is good but one can argue that the replacements over the past few years have not improved the team - Dbacks and special teams coaches ( as judged by the number of blown assignments),

flackcatcher's picture

At this point I am waiting to see who shows up at 1265. With so many coaches agents floating 'stuff' out there, it's hard to know what's really going on.

LeotisHarris's picture

Thanks, flackcatcher! Don't be afraid to reach out. Let me know which lot you're in and I'll bring you food or whatever you need. Night's Watch is no joke. I appreciate your stewardship.

AgrippaLII's picture

I don't have a good feeling about any of the Patriot's coaches becoming the HC in GB...don't want a college HC either. If it's a question of who will accept input from AR and the offense...I think it's Caldwell or Philbin.

SpurgeonsCigar's picture

Happy New Year's everyone. My choice at this point would be the TE/AHC Dan Campbell from New Orleans. Appears to be innovative with the offense as well as a strong leader not shy from calling out the truth. Rodgers needs someone to push him and not a coach to be pushed around by him.

Swisch's picture

Watching the Rose Bowl, what about Washington coach Chris Petersen, a winner previously at Boise State and now at Washington? He seems both solid and creative.

Swisch's picture

Wrote the comment at 28-10, now it's 28-23. Any takers? Petersen's Boise State Broncos is the team that won that incredible Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma in 2007. He may be a football genius.

John Kirk's picture

If the money is right, I'm betting the ranch McDaniels is the hire. McDaniels already has supposed commitments from other NFL assistants ready to join him in Green Bay and has since MM got fired a month ago.

Let's see how Rodgers looks with Brady's guy. I, for one, am very excited to see that.

Don't like McDaniels but the Rodgers/Brady-Pats thing is a curiosity I can't wait to see play out.

rstain99's picture

I am with you, only reason I don't like him is pure jealously his success here in NE is pretty obvious he goes to GB gets to work with a great QB AR then guess who my new favorite coach is. Young and innovative get that defense another year under Pettine cut loose some dead wood under performers too bad this was not last year Frank Reich would have been choice nice job in Indy

4thand1's picture

Hiring a younger guy has t's advantages. HC's put in a ton of time and over the years I can see them getting burned out. A younger hungrier HC will put more energy into the job. MM became so stubborn and not willing to adapt, he coached himself out of a job. We need someone with passion and someone to light a fire under this team's ass. The culture in GB has to change and the Pack has to dump some dead wood as in older players. AR has to be coached to taking what the defense gives him like Brady does.

jyros's picture

May as well include Gregg Williams in the interview pool.

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