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Tracking the Packers' 2018 Post-Draft UDFA Signings

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Tracking the Packers' 2018 Post-Draft UDFA Signings

According to various sources, these are the undrafted free agents (UDFAs) the Green Bay Packers are signing. Click on the player’s name for more information about him.

The list will be updated as more signings or tryout invites are announced.

. . .

DL Tyler Lancaster, Northwestern - Reported by Tom Silverstein

FS Raven Greene, James Madison - Reported by Bill Huber (Packer Report)

OLB Marcus Porter, Fairmount State - Reported by Tom Silverstein

LB C.J. Johnson, East Texas Baptist - Reported by Aaron Wilson

TE Kevin Radar, Youngstown State - Reported by Draft Diamonds

CB Chris Seisay, Oregon - Reported by Draft Diamonds

C Austin Davis, Duke - Reported by Tom Silverstein

WR Damon Gibson, Minnesota State Moorhead - Reported by Joel Sipper

DT Filipo Mokofisi, Utah - Reported by Zachary Jacobson

OLB Naashon Hughes, Texas - Reported by Jeff Howe

QB Tim Boyle, Eastern Kentucky - Reported by Tom Silverstein

OG Jacob Alsadek, Arizona - Reported by Tom Silverstein

OT Alex Light, Richmond - Reported by Tom Silverstein

LB Parris Bennett, Syracuse - Reported by Syracuse Football


Tryouts/Rookie Camp invites:

DE Macklin Weaver, Eastern Illinois - Reported by Aaron Wilson


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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Colin_C's picture

Keep an eye on Hughes. Didn't do much at Texas, but has the athleticism to succeed. Maybe the light bulb comes on with different scheme/coaching.

Coldworld's picture

Porter is intriguing simply because of speed 4.65 40. Not sure he is an OLB as all the references I have seen elsewhere assume ILB. Was envisaging him as another coverage backer.

Seisay may actually have the physical capability to compete after a twisted path through a major program in disarray to minor school as a receiver and then back to CB. He could be a guy who fell through the cracks.

Gibson is a small school former WR trying to bulk up and make it as a TE having played WR at 230 but being too slow to interest at WR. Don’t know much more about him.

Boyle is a QB who performed at UConn when called on but transferred to a small school due to lack of playing time.

Bennett seems to be an undersized tackling machine with some blitzing experience.

tm_inter's picture

FS Raven Greene, James Madison, 5-11, 197 lbs, 4.51 40, 34 vertical, was team captain in 2017 and set JMU's all-time records for career interceptions (14) and interception return yards (258).

Greene, who was also a three-year starter in the secondary, helped JMU to its best defensive season in school history en route to being named a Second Team All-American by both STATS and HERO Sports. Greene was also a HERO Sports Third Team All-American after leading JMU with six picks as a junior. He had five interceptions this past season.

He has good chance of making the Packers' final roster, considering that the Packers did not draft any safety at the last draft.

Coldworld's picture

Greene seems to have some ball hawking skills. Could be one who could have potential along with Porter and Seisay based on what I have tracked down. Not much out there on a few though.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

If ever a QB screamed "camp arm" it's Tim Boyle.

John Kirk's picture

Ha ha! I think almost this entire crop scream camp bodies. Usually, I find a couple of guys I think have a real chance to make it. Seems like a down group compared to what we usually get in here.

I do like Porter from Fairmont State's attitude. I tweeted about him last night and linked a video of an interview where he said he appreciated all the love he and the team were receiving but his team had failed to get to the show so it was a disappointing season despite winning a lot of games. Said they failed to reach their goals. He thinks like I do. Kind of opposite of how it goes around here. :)

stockholder's picture

Damon Gibson. Another starting forward for rodgers. Love the Height of these guys.

4thand1's picture

JK stands for just kidding or around here john kirk. If JK were given a brick of gold he would say it's too heavy, or it'll make a good door stop, or it's too bright, or I like silver, or I can sit on it and wright a novel every time I post.

Johnblood27's picture


Bearmeat's picture


4thand1's picture

*write* rite , right, wright. No wonder they say english is the hardest language to master.

John Kirk's picture

No, sir. You have extrapolated my views on the Packers into how I view life.

I think you should hand me over some bullion so I can prove it to you.

4thand1's picture

I never talk life in here, only foorball life.

gary g's picture

Hey JK. I Rarely post on this site. And when i did it was always complaining about TT. We have a fresh start, A much more aggressive GM. Why not wait till we start playing the games before you become so negative. Hopefully you will be surprised how well they play. Relax This is suppose to be fun.

Bearmeat's picture

I agree, Gary. The thing is, JK often makes good points. Unfortunately, he frequently undermines his own posts by being too negative. There's some room for objective thought between wearing fan-goggles and being a chicken little.

John Kirk's picture

Hey gary...if it's supposed to be fun, have you found the last 7 years fun? I don't know about you but I didn't find the playoff exits "fun". I don't find "fun" in inconsistent illogical statements. I don't find it "fun" wasting pick 76. I didn't find it fun not having the 1st pick on Day 3 and giving up another pick on it when we were 12 spots higher without needing a trade up.

Yes, maybe it is supposed to be fun. It just hasn't been a whole lot these last 7 years. Fun is also subjective. So, what is fun to you may not be to me.

We do have a new GM but how different is it? Fresh? I don't know about that. Fresh would've been a blow out of all the old. We have a mix of old and new that feels more old than new in a lot of ways. It's been tweaked not blown up where a blown up was a better option. A franchise that turned 25 years of Favre and Rodgers into just 2 SB appearances needed to be blown up not tweaked.

I'm not negative...I'm balanced, and that appears negative to those who live well on the other side of the fence from the center of objectivity.

Oh, I'm glad you've found happiness...that's great.

Jersey Al's picture

John, if you had more things you actually "liked," I could call you balanced. I'm not going to tell you how to feel or what to believe, but "balanced" is not a word I would use in this context. No offense intended, just commenting on what I've observed.

John Kirk's picture

There are things I do like. I normally don't spend much time speaking to them because we have enough of that already. I do do it when I see it's not being done. Why pile on something everyone else is already expressing? How many I LOVE THE DRAFT posts does one need to read? How about one that is cautionary, or critical or something other than...I LOVE THIS DRAFT?

I don't want to be part of the #MeToo movement here. I comment when I have something different to offer most of the time. This doesn't mean that I'm not balanced because I choose to refrain from posting on things that everyone else likes but I do get your point. You don't see that I like things so you conclude that I don't like anything just hate everything. If you looked at me with the understanding that I don't like to be part of the gush gang and only like to post on things that need improvement or weren't as good as they should be it's not to be negative it's to speak to some other aspect of the story that is being wholly ignored you might see me differently. I hope you do. I know everyone won't.

Jersey Al's picture

I get all of that, and frankly, I knew this would be your answer but I still wanted to make the point. You can't publicly claim to be "balanced" if you don't show it. I'm not saying you have to change your perspective, just don't get miffed when people bash you for being negative if that's the only side you show.

John Kirk's picture

:) I do want to apologize for the sideshow I've become with a couple of guys here. I will no longer engage them. If I wear you out, think how I must feel with multiples after me almost every post.

BTW, I do not see myself as negative. Although, I understand why the label gets affixed. I provide "balance" to the overwhelming imbalanced positivity I read. :)

Have you ever interacted with a poster and told them they were too positive? If not, why not? Ha ha.

Jersey Al's picture

Actually I have, but he was also being disrespectful, so that likely doesn't count. I mostly object to the hijacking if the comment section with what I see as pointless verbal sparring that doesn't have a lot to do with Packers football.

John Kirk's picture

That's been me way too often. I am guilty. I will be the better I ask of those who can't resist filleting my character.

carlos's picture

Everyone is different, but yet have many similarities. One of the similarities could be when someone disagrees with us it we take it personal. It’s a good thing to see views from different angles and insights as long as it’s respectful. Nothing wrong with a little jabbing back and forth. I personally like the positive vibes here and see the different personalities come out in the posts. I admit, I see the world in green and gold glasses most of the time due to my positive attitude. One common bond, for most posters, is Go Pack.

John Kirk's picture

This is true, Carlos. I couldn't help but think of this paragraph from an article I really enjoyed reading a few months back that I reread a few hours ago... It highlights something you touched on, and it's important to understand for those who do take it personal. It's a blindspot ...

Sports fandom is an extremely emotional exercise for many fans and this often causes them to interpret objective criticism of their favorite teams as a personal attack. And this thought process and behavior isn’t exclusive to any one team. Every sports team has fans that vehemently come to its defense the second someone says something even remotely critical of it.

#Testify ^^^^^^ :)

----I actually like being part of something that is positive. If we get to the NFC Championship game, I'll be full on positive ready to see this team get to the show and get another ring. It wasn't too many years ago I was posting I thought 16-0 was an outside possibility for this team. So, I am capable of being on the train when I feel it's warranted.

EDIT: Carlos, let me ask you something because I really don't know how to handle these situations and it ends up going sideways when I try to interject...

Right now, I just read a post in another thread speaking to all of our new WR's running in the 4.4's. That is not really true. Moore ran 4.60 at the combine. He ran again and was stop watched at 4.48. However, electronic time is accurate while hand timing is flawed. You're supposed to add at least .1 to any hand timed 40. You can google to see many pieces on this issue. So, if I try interjecting that Moore is not a 4.4 guy he's really 4.6 I'm going to be called "negative". Is that really being negative or just wanting to clear up an issue that is in error?

See this link:

Wrong to bring this up because I look like a know it all and am negative? What do I do?

carlos's picture

Keep being yourself and continue on. Keep expressing yourself as you see it, and facts are facts, so keep us informed. Just because you get a thumbs down doesn’t mean people are against you or anybody else. I look forward to your posts- as I think most here do. I would like to add more, but have to get ready to go fishing. Hang in there with us. Go Pack.

Tundraboy's picture

How about cautiously optimistic.?

John Kirk's picture

Beats cautiously pessimistic.

Always cautiously optimistic because I know I don't know for certain what will happen with any player. Kind of funny when anyone says they know for sure someone is going to boom or bust.

4thand1's picture

You seem sure about more busters than boomers according to your posts jk

carlos's picture

I can relate to that view John K

HankScorpio's picture

Since they didn't draft one, the UDFA TE is on my radar.

sorry, couldn't resist :)

dobber's picture

With a 4.9-40, it will take him some time to get off-screen, too...

4thand1's picture

If he was carrying a piano, I'd say sign him now.

Packmaniac's picture


packrulz's picture

I never heard of any of these guys so obviously the Packer scouts don't know what they are doing!

4thand1's picture

I bet the Packer scouts haven't heard of you either.

Lare's picture

Drafting new guys to replace last year's drafted guys. Bringing in new UFA guys to replace last year's UFA guys.

Will be interesting to see if new guys replace old guys because they deserve a spot on the roster, or because of who and how they were brought in.

carlos's picture

The revolving door is always in motion.

Oppy's picture

Something like 20-25% turnover on a typical roster annually I think.

Allan Murphy's picture

We can only have 12 players and their's 14 ???

4thand1's picture

Penalty! to many men on the field.

worztik's picture

Too many men on the roster! Penalty: Immediately send 2 players to the Queens that we can later snatch off their practice squad like we did with the “Gravedigger”!!! Awesome!!!

croatpackfan's picture

No, on the roster is 65 players with contracts, add 11 draft picks and you got 76 players. Up to 90 it gives you 14 more players to sign.

So, they will not re-sign Jahri Evans, Ahmad Brooks, Quinton Dial and Brett Goode at this moment...

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