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Tracking the Packers 2017 Undrafted Free Agent Signings (UDFA)

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Tracking the Packers 2017 Undrafted Free Agent Signings (UDFA)

According to various sources, these are the undrafted free agents (UDFA) the Green Bay Packers are signing. Click on the player’s name for more information about him.

The Packers have 64 players on their roster plus the 10 draft picks. That leaves room for 16 UDFA free Agents.

The list will be updated as more signings or tryout invites are announced.


CB Donatello Brown, 6'0" 192lbs, Valdosta State - reported by Aaron Wilson

CB Lenzy Pipkins, 6'0" 201lbs, Oklahoma State - reported by Ryan Wood

CB David Rivers III, 6'0" 185lbs, Youngstown St - reported by YSU Football

QB Taysom Hill, 6'2" 232lbs, BYU - reported by Ian Rapoport

P Justin Vogel, 6'4" 215lbs, Miami - reported by Aaron Wilson

G Geoff Gray, 6'6" 310lbs, Manitoba - reported by Aaron Wilson

Adam Pankey, 6'5" 324lbs, West Virginia - reported by Michael Cohen

Thomas Evans, 6'3" 305lbs, Richmond - reported by Ryan Wood

OT Christian Schneider, 6'5" 301lbs, UC-Davis - reported by Tom Silverstein

WR Aaron Peck, 6'3" 217lbs, Fresno State - reported by Tom Silverstein

WR Montay Crockett, 5'11" 190lbs, Georgia Southern - reported by Robert Strickland

DE/OLB Johnathan Calvin, 6'3" 263lbs, Mississippi St. - reported by Tom Silverstein

DT Izzah Lunsford, 6'3" 310lbs, Bowling Green - reported by John Wagner

DT Imarjaye Albury, 6'0" 288lbs, Florida International - reported by Aaron Wilson

ILB Cody Heiman, 6'1" 229lbs, Washburn - reported by Topeka Capitol-Journal

RB Kalif Phillips, 5'9", 218lbs, UNC- Charlotte - reported by Tom Silverstein


Tryouts/Rookie Camp invites:

OLB Chris Hale, 6'4", 256lbs, Middleton Tennessee - reported by Aaron Wilson


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PatrickGB's picture

Vogel was second highest rated punter in the draft.
Not that we draft punters...

mrtundra's picture

I was hoping we could have signed Dare Ogunbowale, RB Wisconsin and Damarius Travis, FS Minnesota.

Tundraboy's picture

3 CBs??

Jersey Al's picture

why not? they released Dorleant and Goodson is nothing to write home about, Waters just learning to play the position, etc. There's plenty of opportunity for someone new to win a spot.

OrganLeroy's picture

Exactly right Al, and besides, these are UDFA's trying to make a roster, you load up at important positions to find the diamonds in the rough.

Tundraboy's picture

Sold. Mere mention of Goodson snapped me back. Was hoping to see some OLBs

stockholder's picture

Right, I would have just drafted Desmond King and signed more RBs instead. I understand about his speed. But he would have even made a good special teams guy.

4thand1's picture

Great draft, great coverage by CHTV, WTG.

John Galt III's picture

Pankey DUI

Sounds like a stunt car driver

Since '61's picture

Surprised to see only one ILB and no OLBs among the UDFA signings. Maybe more to come. In any case an excellent job by Jersey Al and the CHTV team over the last 3 days and weeks before in preparation. Thanks to everyone involved for all of your hard work. A job well done. Thanks, Since '61

kidflash's picture

They did signed Jonathan Calvin OLB/Edge. I'm not to surprised they only signed 1 ILB, with the way the defense is evolving. With Mathews, Burnett, and now Jones all playing some ILB you don't need that many?

4thand1's picture

The day of the stud middle line backer is gone. It's corners, edge rushers, tackles, safety rover types, wr's, and frachise QB.

OrganLeroy's picture

Finally a voice of reason about ILB. Man, Martinez was a rookie and Ryan a 2nd year guy but all of a sudden ILB/MLB is a major weakness? fans need to get a clue! Deonne buchannon set the stage and now both Burnett and Josh Jones will be playing that role and having DB speed and agility, will be much more effective in coverage. Jones is a physical BEAST!

dobber's picture

I was keeping an eye on Carroll Phillips from Illinois, but he went to Jax.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Me too. And Dylan Cole for an ILB. Regarding OLBs, it would be interesting to find out who was extended an offer and/or why the undrafted LBs that visited with the Pack, did not sign with the team. Need to fill out the roster IMO and why not give a look?

RobinsonDavis's picture

Also, i think some of the UDFAs OLs will stick (at least to the practice squad), check out the tape of UDFA Aaron Peck. Back-shoulder catches, side-line presence, and high-pointing the ball. 6'3" 225 lbs that I feel the Pack has pegged as a TE/Slot hybrid.

RobinsonDavis's picture

To answer your question...he's a tweener with wide ranging 40s; 4.68 average with a low of 4.60 in his pro day. I guess he actually weighed in at 239 pounds at this time as well. Trying to post youtube link, but it won't let me. For the shortest video set look at Aaron Peck Career Highlights....hopefully he has more than that shown for a "career", but I like what I have seen.

Handsback's picture

The Cheesehead TV draft writers have done one heck of a great job.
Thanks to all!

marpag1's picture

+ 1

Jersey Al's picture

Thanks guys - your kind words are much appreciated

al bundy's picture

Ditto great job Al, very informative, a lot of work was done including extensive research.

Tundraboy's picture

Much deserved!

PatrickGB's picture

Agree, great job! You guys kept my attention during a crazy predraft and all the way through. I think you guys are the dream team of packers reporting.

Burton Whitlow's picture

I always pick one UDFA to root for during camp - this year I am going to go with Cody Heimat - small town kid that has some athleticism - Good Luck to him!

L's picture

Don't you mean Cody Heiman?

stockholder's picture

I think they better bring in a couple of centers! Don't see Barclay as a back-up there!

stockholder's picture

Please sign Jon Toth- Kentucky - A True Center

OrganLeroy's picture

We have 3 guys on the roster who have & can play Center, why do we need more centers?

alvinator's picture

Would be nice to see Ben Boulware on this list. An inside linebacker who plays like one on the field and could help. Just watch the BCS games. Thanks for the updates, you guys are great.

4thand1's picture

Yes, this kid is a football player.

WKUPackFan's picture

Might want to watch the U of L/Clemson game where Boulware unnecessarily tried to twist Lamar Jackson's head off in a pile up. Boulware literally had Jackson in a choke hold for several seconds, then started twisting his head. He should have been thrown out of the game. There were also Boulware's statements about sticking his fingers in players bottoms.

Not saying he's a dirty player, but people can draw their own conclusions.

alvinator's picture

Just saw Boulware signed with Panthers.

jdrum21's picture

I think people are too quick to forget Fackrell and Lowry when assessing talent at Edge. There's a reason we valued Lowry's size and athleticism last year. Between Lowry, Fackrell, Beigel, Matthews, Perry, and Elliot I think DC has the pieces he needs for pass rush personnel. Plus, not sure you're going to find much pure talent in the Edge UDFA bargain bin.

4thand1's picture

Yes, we have edge rushers, now if we can get away from predictable blitz's that other teams seem to pick up.

Otto's picture

Did I miss something? Did Lowry get moved off the line (like Peppers and Kampman)?

Nononsense's picture

Don't forget about Reggie Gilbert a holdover from last year's undrafted FA class, hes got some potential or he wouldn't still be around.

al bundy's picture

Not one real pass rusher? Wow Ted and Mike think more highly of their pass rush then many of us thats for sure. I thought it went missing in a lot of games last year.
I know the word DE scares the hell out of Ted because those guys want to be paid.

badaxed's picture

Al, what do you think of Geoff Gray?

Burton Whitlow's picture

Don't know much about him but I read the Packers flew him down for an interview and had a deal in place if he did not get drafted - that was the only NFL team that brought him in for a visit: he is one of the top 3 prospects for the CFL draft / may have a chance to stick with a good camp

Jersey Al's picture

I also know little of him, but my Draftnik friend Pigskin Paul said he did not loo out of place at the Shrine game. Looked like he belonged at that level.

PatrickGB's picture

As far as Center goes, M Adams was drafted by the Packers. He started out as a Center and later moved to Tackle. I can see him moving inside and maybe even back to Center for GB. I think I read somewhere that is already the plan.

Worztik's picture

I think you are a bit confused or maybe it's me but, M Adams is a DL/nose tackle...???

Burton Whitlow's picture

Nope you are not confused he is a DL

MITM's picture

Great job Cheeseheadtv...I appreciate very much as a fan that all of the time you guys put in to your draft coverage was all for our benefit. Kudos to an outstanding job over the last few days and the weeks leading up to it.

canadapacker's picture

Too early to do any predictions on the final roster but with all of the running backs - we probably might carry a few more to be on special teams. Usually it is receivers who fly down there on coverage - but why not a running back? In any case like our make up especially on defense . Love the coverage this year on this site - must better than the negativity on some of the live blogs.

HiHof Mangan's picture

Cameron Brown - S - UW Oshkosh

PatrickGB's picture

Darn, you are right!! I meant Kofi A
(Slaps head)

PatrickGB's picture

I got confused. Kofi Amichia was the man I was referring to.

Worztik's picture

Confusion is my middle name or it could be Alzheimer's!!!!

PackEyedOptimist's picture

Taysom Hill is certainly an interesting guy. He's going to be 27, but athletically, he tested better than any of the Packers draft choices! He seems like a perfect practice squad guy, who can be looked at as a RB, WR, QB, ST ace, or whatever while playing the scout team role.

CheddarBob's picture

Thanks Al!
I like the picks. Udfas look pretty thin. Vogel should have a good chance.

dubski20four's picture

This entire offseason has been a masterful display of management on the part of Ted Thompson & Co. The roster feels rejuvenated and is the most versatile it has ever been on both sides of the ball. 2017 feels divine.....

MITM's picture

Keep an eye on Cody Heiman.

L's picture

I really like these pick-ups:

ILB Cody Heiman
OG Thomas Evans
OG Geoff Gray
OT Christian Schneider
WR Montay Crockett
QB Taysom Hill -- probably should be considered for a position change.

The O-Linemen are all very intriguing and hopefully one of them can help make D.Barclay expendable come the 53-man roster cuts.

I hope Cody Heiman has cover skills and is able to prove worthy of making the 53-man roster.

Crockett was an excellent addition to the incredible WR depth.

Hill's freak athleticism makes him extremely intriguing, but he's also a very advanced age for a rook.

dobber's picture

Montay Crockett--really looking forward to see what he can do. Potential PS stash?

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