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Tori Gurley Rejects Vikings Offer, Remains A Packer

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Tori Gurley Rejects Vikings Offer, Remains A Packer

How can you tell your franchise is at the pinnacle of success? Everybody wants in on the action; even if it means turning down an opportunity you have been waiting for your entire life.

That is the decision Packers practice squad player Tori Gurley made this week. According to Jason Wilde of (and noted earlier this week by Zach Kruse of, Gurley turned down an offer to join the Vikings 53-man roster in order to stay with a team who has "some of the best receivers in the game."

"(Minnesota’s) season is going to be over within three weeks. We're already locked to have a playoff spot,” said Gurley of his decision. “I'm all about winning a Super Bowl, so if that's me being a practice squad player to help the defense out, or me getting out there on the field and doing whatever I have to do, I just want to be a part of something special."

The undrafted free agent wide receiver out of South Carolina did receive a pay raise from the Packers, and ultimately Gurley says his "opportunity is going to come."

For the division-rival Vikings, the rejection reflects the team's ill-fated 2011 destiny. Perhaps they would have had better luck had they sent over the trio of Jared Allen, Steve Hutchinson and Ryan Longwell to talk Gurley into crossing the border.

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Ruppert's picture

"Perhaps they would have had better luck had they sent over the trio of Jared Allen, Steve Hutchinson and Ryan Longwell to talk Gurley into crossing the border."

That's Awesome!

packsmack25's picture

Tori Gurley instantly has become one of my favorite players. Just awesome.

MarkinMadison's picture

He has one of those gut-wrenching personal stories. It does not surprise me that he would stick around a place if he likes it; the man understands patience. I used to think that with his height (6'4") he could bring something a little different to the receiveing group, but maybe physcially he is not really much different than Nelson or a number of tight ends on the team. But I think this guy is on the field for the Packers or someone else next year. There are too many teams that lack proven receivers for him not to get a shot.

tony's picture

Can someone say "Ruvell Martin"?

PackersRS's picture

Yep. The interview sealed the deal. When a guy says he rather stay and help the D as a practice squad player, that's exactly the kind of mentality our receivers have, you know he'll fit in nicely.

Sometimes I wonder if we had drafted Crabtree, how things would be going in this offense...

PresidentRaygun's picture

Gurley showed a lot of potential in the preseason, I hope they call him up soon with Jennings out

bryce's picture

They'd hafta put Jennings on IR for that to happen, and it won't.

Jim Hurly's picture

Tori Gurley will be joining Randall Cobb very soon as the future core of our next generation of receivers. This is how TT builds continuity. They way he has rewarded good players when it's contract time, and the way he drafts and retains, is a strong indicator to Tori that he has a bright future with this team. He made a very wise decision.

PackerBacker's picture

This is awesome. Great to hear about in a time where most are out to "get theirs".

Having said that, I'll ask, is there room for him on the active roster next year? It would take DD retiring (possible) or we'd have to drop a TE. All of our current WRs have 3 year contracts or more. I hope a guy who shows this commitment to the GBP doesn't get stuck. All I'm saying.

BubbaOne's picture

Another option is TT trades James Jones. I'm not advocating this b/c I'm a JJ fan but does the team want to pay $2.5M in '12 and $3.15M in '13 for what is now a #4/#5 receiver. Remember the team was willing to part w/ JJ in FA and took him back w/ a cap friendly contract. Getting a cap friendly #2 receiver another team may pony up a 3rd round pick...if so, I think JJ is tail lights.
Yes, DD may retire but Cobb is emerging and Gurley (and possibly Borel) are waiting in the wings. Besides the potential 13 picks TT has to play with.

Scott D's picture

I don't mean to be negative here, but doesn't he get an extra paycheck for each week the Packers advance in the playoffs. This may be a financial decision, but if it's not he is the greatest practice squad player of all time.

bomdad's picture

The ring alone is probably worth more than what the Vikings were offering.

bryce's picture

knock on wood.

Otto's picture

I live on God's side of the boarder (Wi)just outside the Fickle Fan Capitol of the World (the Twin Cities). He made the right move. The Vikings are in such disarray right now, their 2010, 2011 & 2012 teams wins won't add up the Packer's wins this year.

There seems to be a trend happening here, 1st Harrell turning down the Bills, now Gurley turning down the Vikings. It would seem the young up and comers value winning.

(I'm sure tripling Gurley's salary didn't hurt, though)

Bob's picture

I'm still wondering why they didn't sign him to the roster. They clearly have no intention of playing Soto. Why not IR Soto, Gurley developed a knack for blocking kicks in training camp. Could it hurt to sign him and try him on special teams and a few offensive plays.

PackerBacker's picture

If they sign him they have to keep him on the roster. I think they're keeping their options open in case they need a different position more.

AJKUHN's picture

Makes sense. He could go lose three games, or have a chance to be one injury away from playing in a Superbowl. Wouldn't even need to be a receiver , just a special teams guy. (But I would rather that not happen) There will be plenty of interest in the off season to find himself a job on this or another team. Besides, you could play with AR12 or Webb, not that tough a choice. My bet is where ever Flynn goes next year, a few practice squad guys go with him.

PackersRS's picture

What I saw from preseason is that he has that playmaking ability of the big receivers, the leaping ability and body control.

But his route running was pretty poor, and he couldn't get much separation even from 3rd string CBs.

If he can develop in that area, he could be yet another weapon for Rodgers, who seems to prefer tall receivers anyway.

Bearmeat's picture

Screw the BiQueens. Find your own talent buttholes.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

wait, the guy's last name is 'Gurley' and his parents named him Tori? that's a cruel parental decision.

on a totally unrelated note, all hot pockets taste the same. i'm just sayin'...

Bob's picture

Maybe a storyline for week 17. Gurley vs Suh

NoWayJose's picture

I'm sure nobody saw it (I sure didnt), but old Chastin West caught a TD last night in live NFL action (or something resembling it). Surprised more teams hadn't sniffed around Gurley already. GB is obviously overflowing with talent.

packsmack25's picture

I saw it. Unfortunately, it was against what amounted to a 2nd string defense because Atlanta had pulled most of their starters.

overkill's picture

Knows a good thing when he sees it.

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