TJ Tampa NFL Draft Prospect Profile and Scouting Report

Iowa State Cornerback TJ Tampa - 2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report and Prospect Profile

Name: TJ Tampa

School: Iowa State

Year: Senior

Position: Cornerback

Measurables: 6007 189 9 5/8” hands 32 1/8 arms 78 5/8” wingspan

Combine: (Pro day) 4.58 40, 4.07 short shuttle, 6.97 3-cone


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General Info:

Tampa was a three-star recruit from Saint Petersburg, Florida, where he played both defensive back and wide receiver and also played basketball. He chose Iowa State over Georgia, Maryland, Wake Forest, Cincinnati and Rutgers. As a freshman he played mostly special teams, collecting just five tackles from scrimmage on the season. In 2021 Tampa started five games on the season and put up 18 tackles and three PBUs. The Florida native started every game in 2022 and had his first interception, and he also forced a fumble at the goal line against Iowa. For his final season he started every game again and was named First-Team All-Big 12 and Third-Team All-American. The former Cyclone sat out his team’s bowl game, and was not able to participate at the combine due to a hamstring injury he sustained training for the combine.


Positional Skills:


Tampa has good size (he played around 200 pounds) and long arms; that show up on film. He can play some in the slot. The former Cyclone plays with some pop in his pads and will lay the wood on some receivers. Tampa plays a physical brand of football and will take on blockers and either defeat them or slip past them. He has quick feet that allow him to change direction smoothly and easily. The former three-star plays hard most of the time and doesn’t give up on a play. Tampa is at his best in press man and likes to get his hands on receivers. He has even taken some snaps in the box and due to his size and physicality he could probably play some there as well. He also has experience playing bail technique, which is used sometimes in the NFL. Tampa also does well at staying in phase with the receiver and not giving the quarterback any window to throw to, you can see this by his low target and completion rate (only 49 targets and 51% completed). On film he has shown he can press with either one arm or two. In coverage he shows to be calm on film, and does not panic. Tampa has solid leaping ability to knock away passes. The Florida native is not easily fooled by double moves, hop steps or foot fires. He also has a short memory and does not let the previous play affect him.


His deep speed is somewhat lacking, and you can see that in his 40 time. Tampa did have some struggles with tackling this past season missing 10, because he developed a bad habit of ducking his head and going for a kill shot/shoulder tackle instead of wrapping up. His aggressiveness can cause his to overrun or leave gaps open in the run game. Iowa State did not play a lot of zone, so Tampa is lacking some experience there. The Florida native does have a tendency to rise out of his back pedal and play too high. When a play goes away from him or there is a pile, he will stand around occasionally. Like most corners that like to press and get their hands on receivers he can skirt the line at times and could get called for some PI’s in the NFL. His timing when trying to jump to bat away a pass can be off sometimes.


Fit with the Packers:

TJ Tampa is a solid fit for Green Bay’s new defense, because he is a big, strong, man-cover press type cornerback which fits Hafley’s scheme almost to a T, the only thing he is lacking is the speed they prefer. Despite his slow 40 time he doesn’t play that slow and the poor time is probably due to not being 100% from his hamstring injury, but even still his speed on film is probably in the 4.5 range which is average. Looking at his size you would think he is this big stiff outside corner, but he’s not, he has the quickness of a 5’10 180-pound corner and you can see that on film when he has faced quicker receivers. It was a small sample size, but Tampa can play some ‘big nickel’ in certain packages, but even with that he will primarily be an outside corner. The former Cyclone is more of a shutdown corner than a play making corner, think Mike McKenzie. He is not going to have a lot of interceptions, but will have a decent amount of PBUs. If he can improve on those small things he could be a really solid starting corner in the NFL.





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golfpacker1's picture

April 08, 2024 at 09:27 am

Tampa is my #1 CB because of size and shutdown ability. He is also fast. I don't think any of the Top 5 that GB would be interested in will be unpicked at #25. He could replace Stokes if he is MIA again this year. The chance of Tampa making it to #41 is very slim, so I move CB to #88 unless we gain an earlier Day 3 pick by trading back from #25.

First pick @ #25 or after trade back is OL
second pick is non negotiable- LB-LB-LB
third pick is Safety- Hicks or Bishop

Max Melton, Khyree Jackson, Cam Hart, Elijah Jones, Jarrion Jones, Renardo Green, and Andru Phillips should all be available @ #88. Take one of these and one more late.

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LLCHESTY's picture

April 08, 2024 at 11:54 am

Max Melton won't be there at 88. I'd be fine with Gutey taking him at 58 but have mostly seen him in 44-65 range.

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stockholder's picture

April 08, 2024 at 09:59 am

Really think there is a lot to like.
But he won't be a GB cb.
" It's all in the hips."
He can't flip them ,and back pedal.
Which is why his deep speed is questionable.
If you remember the packer's Shields.
You know exactly what I'm talking about.
1. Hips
2. jumping ability
3. Make up speed

3 points
WD's picture

April 08, 2024 at 11:33 am

For what it's worth Walterfootball rated the safest secondary player as Cooper De Jean. While the secondary player with the biggest bust potential was TJ Tampa. Granted some mocks have him going in the first round. If you can keep him from covering faster WR's he would be okay. But with his relatively slow speed, if faster receivers get behind him he won't be able to catch them. Walter football see's him as a mid round backup. . If our regulars are healthy we are good at CB. That said, I would rather see them get Max Melton in the third round. After, we address 2 ILBs, OL and Safety.

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golfpacker1's picture

April 08, 2024 at 11:48 am

I just saw a Pro Football Network mock draft that had Cooper DeJean, Quinyon Mitchell, Nate Wiggins, and Koolaid McKinstry still available when the Packers picked @ #25. Who are you picking.

By the way, this idiot, Will Helms picked DeJean @ #25 and then followed that with Tyler Nubin @ #41. both Safeties. For the rest of this 3 round mock, he selected
#58-Edgerrin Cooper-Great pick if he is still there-doubtful
#88-Tanner Bortolini-Way too early-probably a 5th rounder
#91-Braelon Allen-Too early-should have traded back if Allen was the target, he would still be there mid-4th

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Leatherhead's picture

April 08, 2024 at 12:04 pm

I'm seeing DeJean available more and more of the time at #25.

Nubin at #41 is common. The question I have is how much better is he than somebody we could get at #88?? I also think we're going to get another vet FA safety after the draft.....I don't think we're planning on starting a rookie at safety next to McKinney.

#58.....Cooper would still probably be available at #41, but 58 is shaky.

Not enough attention to the Oline here. Agree with you on Bortolini and Allen.

If I could have the 5 guys I want, it'd be DeJean, Cooper, Amegadjie, Zintner, and Cedric Gray. Three defenders and two starting caliber Olinemen. Everything after this would be gravy.

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golfpacker1's picture

April 08, 2024 at 05:53 pm

That would be a great 5 to start the draft with LH. Dejean knocked his pro day out of the park with:
4.42 40
1.55 10 yard split
38.5 vertical
6'0 202lbs

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cdoemel's picture

April 09, 2024 at 10:30 am


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cdoemel's picture

April 09, 2024 at 10:37 am

Regarding cornerbacks, I saw the Atlanta Falcons signed Kevin King to their roster. King hasn’t played since 2021. I’m reading all kinds of articles about him being a “solid starter”, and “reliable.” Do people have amnesia? After his rookie contract when the Packers signed him for 1 year at $6 mil I was shocked! Dude was a sieve!

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