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TJ Lang Should Start Sunday

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TJ Lang Should Start Sunday

I mean, really, isn't this a no-brainer?

At this point I'm not sure, and I don't see how the Packers could be either, that TJ Lang isn't a better option than Clifton. Clifton was downright terrible against the Lions before he left the game due to injury. Lang, meanwhile, has looked nasty-good in the run game and more than held his own against Jared Allen in Minnesota, even though by the time Lang faced him Allen didn't even have to think about the run.

Let Lang play this Sunday and see what you've got. My hunch is he brings more to the table at this point than Clifton does. Even if that isn't the case, you've got Clifton a week of rest before facing the Vikings. But rushing Clifton back into service against the Browns seems unnecessary.

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RockinRodgers's picture

I'm with you on this. It's pretty clear that Clifton is hurt. Let's at least get a healthy body in there.

I bet if Lang starts on Sunday, we may never see Clifton again at LT.

Ron La Canne's picture

Absolutely, Aaron! It was obvious against the Lions that Clifton was trying to cheat a bit to get a jump on his man. He shouldn't even have been activated for that game. Give TJ the experience he needs going into the Queenie game. At this point in time Lang is the only guy on the roster that seems quick enough to handle Allen. He will need a full game of actual game experience to get ready for the game everyone knows is a must win.

Bad Knees's picture

It's amazing how fast Clifton wants to come back from this injury. After years of not practicing during the week, he got a look at a rookie doing a better job than he was. Sure got his competitive juices flowing. Sorry Chad, too little too late. Let the kid start and keep the penalty machine on the bench as insurance. About the only thing that will stop Lang now is Campen/McCarthy not putting the best players on the field this Sunday.

mark's picture

I'm with this 100%. I mean, things can't get worse.

Andyman's picture

Totally agree. Lang looks to be the future anyway, and why not make the future now?

PackersRS's picture

Longtimefan at found a great breakdown about it. Yes, a link to a link, whatever:

Ryeguy812's picture

Creepy, I was just discussing with a coworker that I'm sick of the "Clifton watch" on the injury reports and that we should just start Lang already and get him groomed with a start under his belt before the big game against MN.

NickGBP's picture

Both times Clifton has come back from injury he collapsed like a bunch of broccoli. If he comes back he's going to come back hesitant. Keep Lang in.

alfredomartinez's picture

we should start a site, we can gather up enough buzz and who knows, maybe MM can take a look at it and think to himself..."damn the people have spoken!" haha...

nerdmann's picture

I agree. I'm not convinced Lang can hold up in pass protection. But I sure want to find out. Especially before the Queens game.
Cliffy never could run block. (Which happens to be Lang's specialty.) But Cliffy's also breaking down as a pass protector too.
I think the reason he was cheating back off the LOS is that he was pushing off his bad ankle and needed an edge.

Doug in Sandpoint's picture

Thanks for the link RS. It looks like Lang is at least servicable now and I'd like to see some of his orneriness on the line. Then again, his rookie show sucked and I'm not sure either he or Clifton can do it equestrian style.

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

I agree Lang should get the start. Better at run blocking and taking cabbage shots to the head. The Browns are a good opponent to practice pass blocking before the big game. If we run it up I'd like to see Flynn get some time too

Shootz's picture

Sorry, bad news guys.. copied from the injury report:
Injured: Chad Clifton (Ankle), Daryn Colledge (Knee), Mark Tauscher (Knee), T.J. Lang (Cabbage to Head).

JerseyPackFan's picture

Time for TJ Lang to dominate Rookie Show.

Todd From Minnesota's picture

Just for the Record TJ didn't hold anything against the mighty Jared Allen from Minnesota. That's because no one can.

Asshalo's picture

I didn't know they were even thinking of playing clifton this week. Even if the injury wasn't as bad as expected why rush it when he's been hurt in 2 of 4 games.

I still don't know how we didn't push for a trade for an OT. Shift Lang over to RT and put the fresh legs at LT and we may be under 4 sacks per game.

Just Pete's picture

He Todd, go harrass your own team. A rookie held his own against the so-called mighty Jared Allen. That's not a whole lot to be proud of.

Jim in DC's picture

TJ Lang will be forever known as a Cabbage Patch Kid.

MM, please rest Clifton this week, and maybe longer. Who know, Lang may be just what we need at LT this season.

packeraaron's picture

Todd - you mean OTHER than the 18 times out of 20 that he shut him down in MIN. Got it.

Todd From Minnesota's picture

Jared Allen led the way with 4.5 sacks. Kampman 0. Put that in your cheese hat and smoke it.

Jim in DC's picture

Todd, you sure are a pitiful, needy little brat.

alfredomartinez's picture

what is it with this TURD FROM MINN guy, shouldnt you be brading your badly grown ALLEN mullet or something...

alfredomartinez's picture

TJLang= cabbage patch kid
Clifton= garbage pale kid

RockinRodgers's picture

If Clifton is a Garbage Pale Kid. Than he needs a Garbage Pale Kid name.

chafing CHAD

Just Pete's picture

Can't wait for Nov.1 when the Purple People Puckers come out of the closet for their queeny appearance at the most hallowed field in the NFL.

PACKERS's picture

I don't know much about Lang, but Clifton does NOT look fully recovered yet, and I'd rather see him playing late in the season when games really matter, than get re-injured against a team like the Browns. On another note, why are Vikes fans posting comments on here? I'm sure there's a nice Viking blog out there somewhere.

Todd From Minnesota's picture

Can't wait either. Nov 1, I will be in Wisconsin with my purple number 4 jersey on. This so called hallowed field will be swallowed up with purple pride and buried with Green and Gold shame. I have one for the mayor. Why doesn’t he gather the town’s folk up go down to the nearest church, get on his hands and knees and prayer to holy shrine of Vince Lombardi to save us from the wrath of number 4. His coming for Revenge. Bring it. .

PACKERS's picture

That number four jersey will be worthless some time aproximately around the last five games of the season. Go pack.

Doug in Sandpoint's picture

Hey Todd: Looks like Arnold has OK'd the environmental impact waiver for a new LA stadium. Yahoo reports,

"Majestic Realty Co. is heading the stadium project after helping develop Staples Center, the downtown Los Angeles home of the NBA’s Lakers and Clippers and the NHL’s Kings. Majestic has targeted seven teams as candidates to move to the Los Angeles area: the Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings, St. Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers."

LA Vikings in the NFC North? I think I'll like taking in a road game in the sun once a year. You better enjoy them this year!

Todd From Minnesota's picture

I do hope that doesn't happen for the sake of the NFC North. The division will be empty with no real meaning of football for all fans to experience. The history of the NFC North is like no other.

JerseyPackFan's picture

6-0, time for the Queens to start grabbing their necks. You know it is coming and it starts this weekend.

Steelers 27 Queens 10

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

via packergeeks:

brent is so full of shit it actually smells bad sometimes, even on tv.

Ron La Canne's picture

I think we located Todd or is that Toad? From 5pm CDT News report on WISN: "Minnesotan arrested for drunk driving. He was arrested driving his motorized Lazy Boy Recliner on a rural highway while intoxicated. He was three times over the .8 limit. This is his fourth arrest for drunk driving".
Yes, that pretty much wraps up my opinion of Toady boy and his ilk.

alfredomartinez's picture

LMAO Ron la Canne...thats gotta be toad!

foundinidaho's picture

Wow, Joshy, that's a pretty hateful picture. Y'know, hate Ted all you want, Brent. The fact you apparently hate us too now is the sad part.

retiredgrampa's picture

Not that it means a darn thing, but I definitely vote to sit Chad and test TJ. It's a no-lose situation. There, now it's settled.

PackersRS's picture

You guys are all wrong...
I think it was lettuce.

PackersThad's picture

Aaron, I agree with you totally! I'd love to see what Lang and Tauscher can do against the Vikings D-line.

PACKERS's picture

Haha. Ron, I was reading that article five minutes ago and I was thinking literally the same thing!! Only Vikings fans... Anyway wouldn't it be weird if the vikings moved to LA. Brent is so used to cold weather that he would probably pass out at every home game.

PackersRS's picture

The vikings will only move (if) by the end of 2011 season. Brett will be 42 by then. How much more can he play, for crying out loud!

alfredomartinez's picture

this is what he would do (brent)...he would retire, after failing to win a SB ring, force the viqueens to waste draft picks that may or may not include quarterbacks with his constant flip floping, makes an apperance on Letterman regarding about his future...does an HBO special with Joe Buck and cries like a little girl about his struggles in life...then unretires and forces the viqueens to take him back under his terms...he will tear the now LA viqueens apart, casting off key players...and by the grace of free agency, we return the favor and sign AP just to piss off that whole franchise...

VApackerfan's picture

PackersRS, you haven't heard? Favre has a lot left in him, and he just wants to play football. That's all he wants to do. He has nothing to prove anymore. ESPN told me so

PackersRS's picture

Thanks God there is ESPN to tell us what to do... Don't start me with my deep hatred towards ESPN. Well, except Cabbage Patch! And some naked runner from a while back...

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