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Three Things to Look for as The Packers Battle The Steelers

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Three Things to Look for as The Packers Battle The Steelers

Although the Green Bay Packers second battle of the 2018 preseason against the Steelers will not live up to the hype of Super Bowl Forty-Five, it will certainly set a precedent for what positional battles to pay close attention to in the final two preseason contests.  After getting the first preseason game out of the way, the time for talk is over and all players must focus on showcasing their values and carving out a role for themselves within the dimensions of the fifty-three man roster.

Thursday's preseason showdown against the Steelers will give certain players a leg up on making the fifty-three man roster while others will be put on the hot seat and face mounting pressure in the final weeks leading up to the final roster cut.  With that being said here are three things to look for as the Packers head into their second preseason game against the Steelers under the bright lights of Lambeau Field.  

1. The Continuing Development of the Packers Young Wide Receivers- Particularly whether J'Monn Moore Can Have a Bounceback Performance:

The Packers week 1 victory against the Tennessee Titans allowed for the bright lights to shine on the stellar performances of Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Equanimeous St. Brown, and Jake Kumerow.  Those stellar performances allowed for the bright lights to somewhat divert from the less than satisfactory performance of the Packers top draft selection at the wide receiver position in 2018, J'Monn Moore.  Week 1 saw Moore drop key passes including a potential touchdown.  

Under normal circumstances, this could be brushed off as rookie jitters, but with an emerging field already in place around Moore, his seat has certainly heated up in the last week.  In my estimation, this has to be a "show me" game for J'Monn Moore.  He needs to show the Packers that he can have strong, reliable hands, and can make plays down the field.  

2. Jaire Alexander and Tramon Williams's Performances at Punt Returner:

This week Ron Zook talked about how he thought Jaire Alexander and Tramon Williams could be valuable assets in the return game this season while Mike McCarthy began to waver in his support for Trevor Davis.  Although I am not entirely comfortable having thirty-five-year-old veteran Tramon Williams take consistent reps returning punts, these words certainly have to send alarm bells off in the mind of Trevor Davis who is clearly in a make it or break year.  

Davis can be seen as a Jeff Janis like figure in his skill set; a player with blazing speed and a world of potential who never quite developed into what the Packers believed that he could, which at this point could clearly make him expendable.  Davis is essentially all but out of the mix in the wide receiver position battle with the emergence of MVS, EQSB, and Kumerow and looks to be in a three-player battle as a returner.  Couple this will a nagging hamstring injury and you have the perfect recipe to potentially see Trevor Davis released during the final cuts.  Trevor Davis needs to get healthy and have a good showing during the final two weeks of the preseason in order to show the Packers that he is still the most explosive returner on the Packers roster.

3. The Developing Packers Young Secondary:

This heading is a more open-ended heading in terms of what the Packers will be looking for over the coming week or two.  First and foremost, the Packers need Kevin King to return fully healthy.  During his first two seasons on the field, Kevin King has shown flashes of brilliance at corner and has developed at a tremendous rate but has not been able to remain consistently healthy.  The Packers need King to be healthy for the majority of the 2018 season so that this trio of young corners can develop into one of the strengths of the defensive unit.

Secondly, the Packers need to continue to see a progression from Joshua Jackson, Jaire Alexander, and Josh Jones.  Josh Jackson had a solid opening performance against the Titans and showed progress in his ability to cover and make plays on receivers in one on one coverage.  Josh Jones and Jaire Alexander need to return to full health and continue to develop their respective games, but it is clear that both players have tremendous upside and bring swagger to a defense that lacked it for years.

Finally, the Packers will closely examine Jermaine Whitehead and Marwin Evans performances as the battle for a final spot at the safety position is sure to ensue during the final weeks of the preseason.   At this point, it is either one's job to claim and their performances over the next three weeks will dictate who earns a roster spot.

It will be interesting to see how these three facets of the roster, along with the other positional battles, shape up during the final three weeks leading up to roster cuts.  Whatever the final outcome of the fifty-three man roster is during the first week of September, it is clear that certain players can give themselves a distinct advantage or disadvantage by their week 2 performances.          


David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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4thand10's picture

At one point I thought Davis’s speed would make him like a Maclin type receiver.....I was dead ass wrong.

dobber's picture

His inability to get on the practice field is going to drive him off the roster.

Chuck Farley's picture

Good. Time to cut a few guys and send a message not showing up can be dangerous. The messege now is, ok we can wait for you to be something because ted drafted you and we cant make ted look bad. It was always about trying to make ted look good with his piss poor selections. Ted drafted injury prone guys everyone else passed on and we got stucke with them aka king and shoulder issues

dobber's picture

"Ted drafted injury prone guys "

Davis has missed only one game due to injury in his two-year career. He was a healthy scratch for four others as a rookie.

porupack's picture

I'm injury proned, and Ted wisely didn't draft me. Can't be that bad.

marpag1's picture

LOL. Funny how many trolls can talk straight out of their asses and somehow think that no one will notice.

PatrickGB's picture

Not sure about #2. I would rather have somebody else return punts. Even Cobb would be better and not risk those two CB’s. Davis is pretty good when healthy but offers little as a WR. One way to keep Jake K is to have him play STs. But my guess is that won’t happen. MVS has the best speed and a nice size but little experience there. Also, often the KR/PR has to be a gunner on special teams, so that becomes part of the decision making process.

dobber's picture

There are some really good players out there who return punts (case in point: Antonio Brown, Patrick Peterson). If Jaire Alexander is awesome at it, I wouldn't be too concerned about his returning punts...especially if he's not locked down a starting CB job. I would argue that no other team would bat an eye at it's (edit: its) 4th or lower CB returning punts.

Again, in edit: Trevor Davis ranked 21st in number of punts returned last year with 24...that's fewer than 2 returns per game. If we assume that all the players in front of him were the primary punt returners for their respective teams (knowing that teams frequently shuffle their returners), that implies that at least 21 of 32 primary punt returners likely made it through the season without serious injury.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

1. Blitz Jones at least 4 times. We need to see what he's got.

2. Alexander has been banged up, and we've got him returning punts????

3. We need a running back to show some burst and bounce-outside ability. Someone. Anyone.

4. Moore will bounce back, but if MVS has another game like last week, it's time to consider starting him. I'm serious. His athleticism completely resets the field, and it's not enough to watch him humiliate scrubs. Other teams make bold moves with surprising rookies, so why not us?

(Of course, I say this not expecting him to do it again)

5. Similar with St. Brown.

6. If we keep a 3rd TE over Kumerow, fire everyone in management, admin, PR, HR, and the janitors.

7. Offer Rodgers a bonus if he calls out the backup tackles like he did the receivers.

EdsLaces's picture

I know I just dont get why we put important guys back at PR. Cobb Tramon any cb really. It's just not important enough to risk solid players.

kevgk's picture

The 3rd TE would be Lance Kendricks, who offers a lot of position versatility they don't have. He can be a better catcher than Lewis and a better blockers than Graham. Without him, ANY missed games by either starter reverts the Packers back to a single TE set, with 3 options: play Graham as the run blocker, play Lewis as a reciever, or cut those plays from the playbook. Probably a mix of the three.
McCarthy treats him like a veteran and we really haven't seen what he can offer a Rodgers led offense under a new OC. I'll give him leeway from last year.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

No, I'd keep a TE on the practice squad for depth. There are a couple strong candidates.

Kendricks hasn't distinguished himself in camp this year, and he's much more expensive than Kumerow--who really has distinguished himself.

Gotta make room for better players.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

Kendricks didn't offer anything last year. You don't bring in 2 free agents to keep him around. 3rd te has to have some upside of special teams or something. And Kendricks or someone equivalent will be available as a street fa all year long. GB obviously decided to go with youth at receiver. A lot of potential and even more unknowns. You have to keep as many as possible. Geranimo isn't the answer

4thand1's picture

Kumerow has become the pre season camp darling. So far he's been one of the best young wr's, but he hasn't played top notch talent yet. It would be nice to see him early in the 1st quarter if the starters are playing to see what he's got. If he gets open and catches everything, (he has good hands), it'll be hard to not consider him. He should be a guy that moves the chains and keeps drives going.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Agreed. Great post.

Johnblood27's picture

lets see if pettine falls asleep before we put a toupe on him.

Oppy's picture

I'm looking for Packers fans to be consistent and call out Pettine for being an "In the skybox" defensive coordinator.

I listened for years as people cried and screamed about how Dom Capers being in the booth was a blatant example of poor leadership, how he should be on the sidelines... And I also listened to those same people rave about how Pettine was a man of a coach who would prowl the sidelines and keep his fingers on the pulse of his defense.

Just waiting for the consistency.

fthisJack's picture

i yelled at Capers in his booth but i would have yelled at him if he was on the sideline! the Packers D will be better so i don't care where Pettine parks his butt!

Maddygirl1's picture

Agreed. I could care less where our D-coordinator chooses to do his job. If he's more effective up top, up he goes. It's all about the W...

Oppy's picture

If you didn’t complain that a DC shouldn’t be in the booth because it shows poor leadership and a disconnect from the field, then this post isn’t about you and your responses don’t apply.

Kb999's picture

We have a head coach with a disconnect.

Oppy's picture

I think you're way off on that one. I've never had any reason to believe MM isn't in touch with his locker room, but you're entitled to your opinion. Why do you think he's not in touch?

Kb999's picture

The disconnect was with his play calling last year. Very predictable.

croatpackfan's picture

Can you please take one game w/Brett Hundley from last season and gave us exactly every play call made by Mike McCarthy, so that we knows how predictable he is in his play calling?

That would be awesome...

If you do not know that, stop the ridiculous accusations towards Mike McCarthy...

Kb999's picture

Just the fact that Brett Hundley is still on the team speaks volumes about MM.

Oppy's picture

Mike McCarthy doesn't make personnel moves. Ted Thompson made (and now Gutekunst makes) the personnel moves.

I personally am of the belief that one of the issues of poor communication between Brandt, Thompson, and MM revolved around the back up QB position (among other things).

If you go back and watch the questions about Hundley- and more specifically, about looking into other options- that MM fielded last season.. MM's answers sound like a man who's stuck with what he's got, he's not necessarily happy about it, but it's what he has to work with, and he can't undermine his QB's confidence any more than he can sell out his boss in a presser.

That's my completely subjective take on that situation. But purely objectively speaking, the General Manager is the guy who molds the roster- it should be based on HC input, for sure, but at the end of the day, MM doesn't make those decisions.

Kb999's picture

Oppy, I think M&M has a lot of input on who stays & who goes. Personally, Hundley would have been gone.

The TKstinator's picture

Yeah, like I predict “pass” on every single play and I’m correct about 60% of the time.

A Pickled Packer's picture

I'm with you on this when I saw Pettine up in the booth I got this bad vibe like I was watching Capers all over again. I like it old school too but I guess you can analyse the game better up there and call the proper plays. Maybe they can make a hologram of him pacing the sidelines.

Oppy's picture

I don't have any problem with the DC being in the box. In my opinion, it's the only place where anyone can actually see, in real time, exactly what is happening on the field. They have communications with the sideline coaches and assistants, so there's no lag. It's definitely an advantage in my opinion for him to be up there.

My gripe is all the people who blasted Capers for being in the booth, but haven't said a peep about Pettine being up there. For as long as I defended Capers, I agree it was time for him to go, and I am cautiously optimistic about Pettine's ability to turn things around at this point..but Like I said, just wondering where the consistency is with a number of Packers fans.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

Pettine can do no wrong. [At least, not until something goes wrong.]

Nononsense's picture

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do. He may as well concern himself with his shadow on the wall. Speak what you think now in hard words, and to-morrow speak what to-morrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said to-day. — 'Ah, so you shall be sure to be misunderstood.' — Is it so bad, then, to be misunderstood? Pythagoras was misunderstood, and Socrates, and Jesus, and Luther, and Copernicus, and Galileo, and Newton, and every pure and wise spirit that ever took flesh. To be great is to be misunderstood.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The TKstinator's picture

Ah, so THAT’S why so few understand me!

Maddygirl1's picture

I think those fans are waiting to see how Pettine does first. Then if poorly, they will blame it on him sitting up in the box. But they will never come out and say they were wrong or Pettine should be on the sideline before at least 4 or 5 reg season games are played.

Spock's picture

I mentioned in a post a week or two ago that everyone seemed to be assuming Pettine would be on the sidelines but that I'd read he hadn't made up his mind. A nice article on the Packers website where he explains why he decided to use the box is listed below. I recommend watching the video as it's a hoot when he talks about not wanted to have a bunch of cards on the sidelines and describes it like "reading a Cheese Cake menu" and the press corp starts laughing while his expression stays deadpan.

Johnblood27's picture

What are you talking about?

dobber's picture

For the most part, it's position coaches who are talking to the players in-game, anyway.

Oppy's picture

And on the practice field as well, Dobber.

Demon's picture

I dont care where Pettine is, just call a good game!

Tedlyflyfisher's picture

So long, Trevor.

PatrickGB's picture

I really don’t care about Pettine directing from the booth. My complaint about Capers was that he was distant from his players or vice versa not his actual location during games. Besides, with Robinson on the sidelines there can be plenty of Fire when needed on the sideline.
My concern about J Alexander returning punts is not about his ability but rather his value to the team. It’s true he is currently fourth on the depth chart but as a first rounder CB his value is greater. I guess that the teams history with injury to CB’s made me hesitant. But he is supposed to be good at it so who knows?

deebo7587's picture

Kevin King really needs to get healthy. seems like the same shoulder injury that kept him out last year is plaguing him again. that dude can be something special as well

dblbogey's picture

His current injury is a different injury, different shoulder.

Oppy's picture

It's also important to note that the injury isn't keeping King out of practice.. it's the training staff / coaches decision keeping him out. They've already said he would have played/practiced if it were regular season.

Since '61's picture

FYI, I saw a report that indicates Rothlessberger is in concussion protocol. He went out during goal line drill on Tuesday. I thought that QBs were untouchable during practice. Why would anyone hit their own QB? Sounds a bit strange. Thanks, Since ‘61

dobber's picture

As I understand, his OT got pushed back, collided with a RB, and there was an awkward collision.

Since '61's picture

Dobber - thanks for the update. Tough way to lose a QB. I think this is his 5th or 6th concussion. Thanks, Since '61

Guam's picture

I hope Moore has a bounce back game, but his problem in the Titan game was the same one that dogged him in college - too many dropped passes. He has speed and can get open, but soft hands are not something you can coach.

MVS was sensational and would love to see him do it again. He has speed, quickness and snatches the ball with his hands. I agree with ALP, if he shows out again - start him. We need his speed.

I still believe with his lack of speed, Kumerow is fighting Allison for a spot. With Adams, Cobb and Allison not being burners, I don't think we need another possession receiver, we need the rookies' speed.

Looking forward to Thursday night.

Mr.Bigg's picture

Yes you can learn to catch better. You practice a lot and you practice with precision.

dobber's picture

Focus drops are easier to overcome than hands of steel.

Johnblood27's picture

how about cornerback?

Kb999's picture

If you have hands of stone at this level you better find another profession

The TKstinator's picture

¡No más!

WKUPackFan's picture

June 20, 1980. Attended the closed circuit broadcast at Tennessee State University of Leonard/Duran I. It was an absolutely amazing boxing match.

Regular comment readers know that I strive to be a non-prejudiced person. Regardless, when Duran was announced as the winner by unanimous decision, the majority demographic of the audience was vocally displeased. My friend and I left the arena as quickly as possible.

The TKstinator's picture

I am very pleased to see the recognition of what I thought was a pretty vague and forgotten reference to Roberto Duran. Nicely done, WKU and CHTV!

Kb999's picture

He was one of the greatest of all time.

A Pickled Packer's picture

You can never have too many receivers with great hands. I'll take greats hands over great speed any time of the day. You must have hands, that's why I'll take Allison over these unproven kids. He has great hands and demonstrated that during the game. Maybe MVS was just a flash in the pan, he supposedly had hand issues during college too. These next few games will be telling.

Johnblood27's picture

didnt he get a concussion when one of his "door guards" pushed open the rest room door without knocking first?

fthisJack's picture

i think they keep 7 WR. JMon won't get cut unless he stinks it up in the games and practice. he's a 4th round pick and you have to feel like there is much upside there yet to emerge. i don't think any of these young receivers would make it to the PS.

jww061356's picture

I think if MVS has another game like last week, we have to stat him. We need to stretch the field. I also would rather have Kumerow over Kendricks if it come down to it; Rogers trusts him and they will find a spot for him on ST. I think Davis is gone----we can't afford a roster spot for a guy that is only a returner. I'm not interested in Jeff Janis light. I also think that the idea of big and fast @WRs gives us a chance to compete against the Vikings and Rams of the NFC. If you put, Graham, Lewis, Adams and MVS on the field in the redzone in a one back set, there aren't going to be enough big dB's to cover them. all IMO.

dblbogey's picture

Kumerow needs to make plays in an actual game against starting NFL talent before I jump on that bandwagon. Every year G.B fans go crazy over some new, unproven nobody wide receiver. Two years later they are out of the league.

Since '61's picture

Agree. Kumerow may be just another preseason MVP like Hundley, Hill, Janis, Abberdaris and many others over the years. Thanks, Since '61

Oppy's picture

I think the difference here is that the fans aren't the only ones going crazy over Kumerow. The Green Bay QB's are going crazy over Kumerow, including Aaron Rodgers.

I believe Kumerow has proven he belongs on an NFL roster. He has proven he's a professional (based on the commentary of MM, Aaron Rodgers, Brett Hundley, etc), and he has developed his talent into what he is today over the last 3 years in the pro game. I just don't know if he will win a spot on the Packers' roster. I could see it go either way.

For the record, Kumerow has already survived more than two years in the league.

Rebecca's picture

“...First and foremost, the Packers need Kevin King to return fully healthy. During his first two seasons on the field, Kevin King has shown flashes of brilliance at corner and has developed at a tremendous rate but has not been able to remain consistently healthy. The Packers need King to be healthy for the majority of the 2018 season so that this trio...”.

I thought Kevin King had only one season of experience and hasn’t really done anything that “brilliantl”. He has been hurt though. Just what do you think the Packers will do to keep King healthy in 2018? They haven’t been able to keep Perry, Bulaga, Matthews and Rodgers healthy the last few years. Football is about injuries as much as anything else. The only way to keep anyone healthy is to keep them in street clothes and up in the booth.

Oppy's picture

The packers already did something for Kevin king’s Shoulder injuries.. they had it surgically repaired, something King never had done before. We’ll see how it shakes out.

The TKstinator's picture

Can anything ever be first but NOT “foremost”?
On a similar note, do all kickoffs “ensue”?

Chuck Farley's picture

I read all these post and sorry but what im hearing is this is a team with mediocre talent with a top notch qb.
Again this year a handfull of guys we hope will come around, rookies who are injured or developing, running game that is so so and receivers who from one game to another you dont know who is showing up.
This is not a fundamentality sound team. Were not talk8ng one or two guys coming around, you have an entire team that needs to come around.

Oppy's picture

How many games are they winning, chuck?

Nick Perry's picture

I think Gutekunst has done a pretty good job in one off-season to build up the roster so I think "Mediocre Talent" is a bit harsh. Are they as deep or proven at some positions as years past? No but they are BETTER at some positions too.


The Packers didn't just build up the roster. They built up the coaching staff too. Not just the coaching staff but the playbook was stripped down to nothing and built back up. It was overhauled. IMO coaching is HUGE in this sport and the Packers have been lacking in that department on defense for years and at OC since Philbin left.

Are the Packers a perfect team or do they have the ultimate coaching staff? No but for the 2018 season the Packers did the absolute right things with both the roster and coaching staff. The season is LONG and when the Packers had 15 on IR in 2010 and were 8-6 with Rodgers coming off his 2nd concussion nobody saw that run coming. IF (Big If) the Packers can stay healthy on the O-Line, WR, and get some production from those rookies and 2nd year guys who were injured all or most of last season I can totally see this team in Atlanta in February.

Samson's picture

Actually, Atlanta is at GB in December. -- Highly unlikely that GB will visit Atlanta in February.

At the same time, I generally agree with your analysis. --- The Pack will look better in season 2018. ---- Unfortunately, one off season is not enough time for Gute to fix all the holes and lack of quality depth. -- Gute may even need two more off seasons to fix the mess TT left him.

Guam's picture

I think the key question for Kumerow is whether the Packers keep six or seven WRs. I believe Adams, Cobb and the three rookies are locks which leaves Allison, Kumerow, Davis and Yancey battling for one or two spots. I would guess Yancey is gone and Davis's chances are sinking fast with his injury. That leaves Allison versus Kumerow for spot #6 and both get in if the Pack keep seven. Unless injuries change everything....

Coldworld's picture

If they have faith in other returners I think Davis is gone. Not sure they have achieved that yet. Will be interesting over the next 3 games.

Kumerow seems to have some ability to separate, but I agree that we fans need to see him do so against better opposition. The team, however, sees him in practice, so they likely already know. I think how much he sees the field in the first quarter of the remaining games may be the biggest tell.

Maddygirl1's picture

The main thing I looks forward to seeing tomorrow is seeing K. Mack on the d-line for a few snaps against the Steelers!

Handsback's picture

Perception is everything.....Allison is a 4.6-4.7 guy. Kumerow is a 4.5 guy. Jordy Nelson was a 4.5 guy. Was Jordy considered a fast guy? It is never the speed from point a-b. It's the speed through the cut, with the body control to make the precise routes and needed adjustments. Time Kumerow on a IN-route along with Trevor Davis and I bet they both get to the same point at the same time. When you do a fly or go route....different story. The added bonus to Kumerow is that he catches the ball. So defining burners isn't that easy with wideouts.

stockholder's picture

I still believe Allison and Davis make this team. Especially if A-Rod has his choice. ( Jones suspension will be played into this.) Kumerow goes to the PS. The packers need deep speed. I see 2 rookies Kept. The packers can't keep missing on this position. Davis, Cobb, and even Allison will be gone by next year.

Guam's picture

The problem with having no burners is if you can't stretch a defense with a good go route, the defense just sits on the short routes and it is hard for anyone to get open. The Packers only had one sub 4.5 guy prior to the draft (Davis) and they didn't use him much. I don't think it was by accident that Gute cut Jordy and then drafted three guys with under 4.5 speed. The message was straightforward - the Packers need to get faster at WR.

I like Kumerow and he catches everything near him, but he just doesn't fit the new regime paradigm of faster is better. He isn't fast enough to stretch an NFL defense and we have three other guys just like him speed wise (Adams, Cobb and Allison). I think that puts him on the bubble.

Kb999's picture

The Packers need to look at FA. Too many if's and buts. These young guys better grow up fast.

Minniman's picture

I wonder if it's a little early to be calling that one Kb.

When I see all the #1and #2 on depth chart WR's, TE's and RB's on the field with AR, and if the packers are still getting toasted, then I'll totally agree that its time to change the lineup.

Just out of curiosity, which position and who did you have in mind?

Maddygirl1's picture

Ideally, I would agree. The problem is there are 31 other teams all with injuries and talent replacements all constantly looking and evaluating the shrinking list of decent free agent players that are right now available. So the longer you wait, take your time wtaching you own players on the field in live action, the greater chance another team will grab the FA that could really fill a hole and help your team. So it's a bit of a gamble. I for one prefer guessing that we will need a few better options than always relying on rookies in key spots. For example, Kenny Vacarro was picked up recently by the Saints. Eric Ried and a few others are still available but to me we're pretty thin at safety. Ideally i was hoping Josh Jones would click he'd be a game changer or at least a decent starter after Burnett was let go. Brice is good and seems better than Jones from what i'm seeing/hearing online. But what if Dix goes down? Brice? To me it would have been smart money to go get have gotten Vacarro for cheap. He's a solid veteran. Game changer? No. But can certainly get us through a season. Eric Ried would be a better talent than any of our current safeties. Not sure he's still going to kneel or what. I heard he made public he would stand. But there's got to be a reason he hasn't signed yet with a team. But if other teams have injuries at safety, you can bet a team will probably sign him. Same could be said for ILB. Bowman and a few others are out there. The longer we wait, the more likely they will be gone. To me, we are razor think at ILB. We already lost our starter. Burks looks promising and runs forever. But he's never played a full season (plus playoffs) in the NFL. Can he hold up? Doubtful. Then can he hold up agianst the run with 300lb lineman crashing down on him. Doubtful. That's where I think we should beat other teams to the punch and sign Bowman for cheap insurance now instead of waiting and hoping he is still there a month from now. We are pretty thin at right tackle. Hoping we pick up a better backup maybe after teams make cuts.

Minniman's picture

Some good points Maddygirl1and I totally agree that the FA talent pool shrinks each day and GB's appears thinnest at OLB and Safety on the D.

The players that you are talking about GB acquiring are on the D side of the ball though and kb was talking about receivers.

Its tricky, with GB's remaining cap situation this year looking like they could afford either 1 big name or a couple of solid players, as a poster mentioned earlier, an injury to this acquisition would push a rookie in anyway - less the reps that they need to get up to speed and be able to be fully evaluated.

This wait and see path doesn't always fail too mind. New Orleans "lucked" into a pretty good roster rebuild last year with their draftees.

Kb999's picture

Let's start with the O line. How long do you think it's going to be before one of the walking wounded get hurt. If ARod gets crushed again because of a depleted O line the seasons over. Then let's go to the D. How about an edge. Our existing guys are getting old. And you think it's too early to be looking at FA. By the way, the season starts in a few weeks. We have the best QB in the game, let's not waste this opportunity to go deep in the playoffs and possible SB. I don't think Arod wants to wait a few years for guys to develop.

PatrickGB's picture

Jake K looks plenty fast to me. Play speed looks good. He has been reported to have the same measurables as Jordy. He is reportedly faster than G-mo. Both can catch and have the confidence of the QB. Both study hard. I say, which one can play ST and which one can be stashed on PS? If Jake can play on ST, then I, say we keep him over G-mo who could stick on the PS and be called up later if needed.

Snake Plissken's picture

The only reason Trevor Davis is on the roster is PR.
He has done SQUAT as a receiver,.... so if he can be replaced by Tramon, Cobb or Jaire we've got to carry a WR who can actually contribute in the passing game..... we may even be able to trade him for a 7th to a team with no PR and crappy receivers.
Starters are on return all the time. Patrick Peterson, Tyreek Hill, Julian Edelmen.
We pay Cobb $10 million a year. Get back there and catch the ball

camike's picture

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RCPackerFan's picture

3 things to watch.

The first thing I want to see is the young CB's.

I don't know if King is playing, but I want to see Alexander and Jackson. Jackson has said to have been coming on lately. I want to see how well he does this week. Alexander is hoping to get his first action as a Packer. I want to see how he looks. I love his swagger and would love to see how infectious it could be on the field.

Second thing I want to watch is the WR battle.

Behind Adams and Cobb the competition is really fun to watch. Allison is virtually a lock unless he tanks. Thats 3 spots with either 3 or 4 spots left.
Moore needs to play better this week. But I have a hard time seeing them cutting him unless he is awful. MVS was dynamite last week. I can't wait to see if he can step up again.
ESB I thought played really well, but was outshined by MVS. I can't wait to see him again.
Kumerow looks really good. I want to see if he can continue to shine.

The third thing for me is simply who stands out.

each and every year during the preseason there are players that stand out. That make a serious run at earning a roster spot. There are a number of guys who have already looked good. But I want to see who else stands out.

A few players I am really wanting to see more from are. Oren Burks. Montravius Adams, Vince Biegel, Kendall Donnerson and Akeem Judd. Judd really impressed me especially since he was with the team for such a short time.

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I feel the offensive line is the key thing to watch. Also, the linebackers in coverage. My question, wheres Perry? Did he have total knee replacement? Ankle yet? What a total joke! Packers are hiding something.

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Agree, where is he? Pretty good player, but if you can’t stay on the field then it’s time to look for someone else.

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I have always been in favor of having a specialist as kick and punt returner. Remember, back in the Super Bowl of 97' against the Broncos just having some random WRs/RB catching the ball was just awful and not only that, but you risk too many mistakes and injuries to players that do not need to be running back kickoffs/punt returns. We need to keep Davis on Special Teams. Not only can the Packers PIN the other team back with our new punter JK Scott, but the great opportunity it represents for the Packers with Davis returning the ball and going further, we have Mason Crosby who is still one of the best kickers. People always think offense and defense, but forget about special teams and only choose to remember it when they want to. Football is ALL about field position and having said that M. Crosby, J.K. Scott and Davis put us in the best possible position to score and place our special teams in the NFL top 10 ST. When you score on offense, defense and special teams no one can stop you . KEEP DAVIS !!! Go Pack Go!!!!!!!

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I think that our gunners were part of the reason we did better in that phase of the game. JK will help but it’s up to the gunners to make the play downfield and the blockers to free up our return guys.
I too am interested to see who shines on ST’s.

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I'm keen to see how the rookie receiver group performs with AR under center and against good opponents.

I want to see how the new D-line conducts itself, especially the rotational players.

I also want to see week-on-week how the rookie corners are progressing --> especially if Antonio Brown gets a rep or 2 from big ben.

Lastly (and least likely in a pre-season game) I want to see how Jimmy G gets used (and more widely, the revamped TE roster).

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Everything's going to continue to be very vanilla. No specific game-planning for opposing schemes and players. Just players out there playing hard and showing what they can do. That's what I'm looking for: individuals making plays and winning one-on-one vs. the man across from them.

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Excellent item.

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...and proper pad level.

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