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Three Packers Free Agents Close To Moving On

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Three Packers Free Agents Close To Moving On

Soon to be former Packers left guard Daryn Colledge has agreed to terms with the Arizona Cardinals.

From Colledge's Twitter account:

After talks with AZ this morning it seems my time with GB has end. I can not in a 140 say what it has ment to be a Packer.

Colledge spoke with Jason Wilde this morning on ESPN Milwaukee and said the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins had been in the running for his services up until last night.

Two other Packers unrestricted free agents appear close to moving on as well. Judd Zulgad of the Star Tribune reports that the Minnesota Vikings are making a serious run at Jones, while Bill Huber writes that the Redskins are close to getting Cullen Jenkins.

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D B H's picture

Really don't want Jones in purple

Wiscokid's picture

It's always sad to see a good man turn to the dark side.

Heggermania's picture

It's sad to see all these guys that really loved being Packers not being brought back or sought after by the team. I know it's a business, but it stinks. Go Pack Go.

CSS's picture

So, James Jones then becomes the number one option for the Vikings? Harvin is too small, so it's not him. Will they pay Jones like a #1? I would ask for it if I were his agent.

PackerAaron's picture

Seriously - after the money given to Holmes and Rice yesterday? He's going to make a boatload - somewhere else.

CSS's picture

I've been saying the same thing since that Breaston deal (sorry for the repetition). Jones is more talented and physical than Breaston, he got $9 million guaranteed. Rice got $18.5 guaranteed. I would ask for something in the middle if I were his agent.

I bet Jones ends up with $10 million guaranteed in this market on a 3 year deal.

Jer's picture

Interesting move by Jenkins. Washington is where aging vets go to get paid one more time. The tradeoff is knowing you won't be winning championships.

He wasn't a bonus baby coming out of college, so I really can't judge him too harshly for maximizing his earning potential while he still has it. I'm glad he got his ring in GB. It's the last one he's going to get.

RockinRodgers's picture

Nelson, Neal and Lang. It's nice to have replacements waiting.

pittpackers's picture

James Jones is an exceptional receiver and he is finally going to get the money he deserves. All he needs is a good quarterback to throw to him and I think he finally found that in McNabb.

adapabay's picture

so ur saying mcnabb is better than rodgers??? the super bowl MVP? rodgers didnt throw him the balll because he cant catch a cold

PackerAaron's picture

I'm pretty sure that was a joke. I'm hoping that it was anyway...

pittpackers's picture

Haha. I was hoping it would be quite evident I was making a joke. Perhaps I should have put a 'smiley face'. Jones is rather confident in his abilities for a man who consistently under-performs.
As for McNabb going to the Vikings, four or five years ago this would concern me, but I'm not so worried about the threat he poses. Not to say he has nothing left in the tank, but, to say the least, I don't expect an M.V.P. year out of him.
I like that zing about Jones not being able to catch a cold, by the way.

PackersRS's picture

You should've used the sarcasm font. It's really a life saver.

deelux523's picture

I predict Jones' drop numbers are going to go WAY down this year w/ McNabb.

But that's because it's not counted as a drop when the ball arrives WAY down at your ankles.

Godspeed JJ.

fishandcrane's picture

Exactly, Deelux. Or getting wide open to drop passes when you are the #1 is a bit different than when you are the #4.

I believe you spend your $'s on only superstar skill players and linemen. Linemen make RB's and CB's and SB's.

mike's picture

Looks like Jenkins is going to the skins to become another in a long line of players who get a lot of money with out ever being same player ever again. It's a shame.

Mojo's picture

Losing players like this requires a GM to trust his philosophy. Must be tough for TT because now, most of the guys leaving are his guys.

PackersRS's picture

VERY good point. Up until now, it was, most of the time, guys drafted by Sherman, or guys that hadn't made much of an impact in GB.

Chris's picture

No surprises until now. It was highly expected for Jones, Jenkins and Colledge to look around and sign elsewhere. And I am pretty sure the Packers expected it. Nothing to see, move on :-)

Big Mikey's picture

Zulgad's report says the Vikings are making a serious run at Jones. At this point, that only means Jones is moving on if a) the Vikes are offering major cash and b) Jones is willing to take the cash over the chance to contend for a title. Neither of these are certain.

a) looks certain because of the rich contracts given to other receivers but remember - the Vikes were 3 or 4 mil over the cap at the start of free agency. Do we know for sure they have room to move?

b) What price glory? The Vikes have some dynamic pieces, but they also have problems on both lines, quarterback uncertainty, and an ugly cap problem, which all stems from, I believe, a goofy front office structure that lends itself to aimlessness and willy-nilly decision-making. (Exhibit A: Randy Moss 2.0) Green Bay, on the other hand, gets excellent line play, elite QB, healthy front office that excels at talent R&D and maybe just enough cash to keep the man happy.

One thing I'm not sure of - JJ will almost certainly have more opportunities in the Vikings offense. GB simply has more skill at the skill positions, meaning fewer balls for JJ. At this point, only Jones knows how much it means to him to get 15-30 more targets a year.

IdiotFan's picture

The flip side of that is that, due to the greater number of skill players on the Packers, Jones' coverage was decreased. He may get more balls thrown his way in MN, but he won't have the luxury of knowing that Jennings, JMike, Driver, etc. are drawing coverage away from him.

CSS's picture

He will also draw coverage from every teams top cover corner, not their nickle or dime coverage, which for most NFL teams is a guy that probably doesn't belong in the NFL.

Big Mikey's picture

This is a great point, and one I hadn't considered. However, I don't think it will figure into Jones' thinking when he chooses a team/contract, which is the point I am trying to make. As a competitive athlete, there's no way he goes to bed at night thinking, "I need to stay in GB where I'll draw single coverage from the nickelback every game." If the reports I've read are correct, James Jones thinks he can handle and should be a number one guy. And maybe that's the deciding factor? At the same time, he has gone on record saying that he would like to keep a good thing going in GB. So we'll see.

CSS's picture

It's all about the money. If it weren't, the Bills, Bengals, Raiders, Panthers of the world wouldn't get any play and all quality free agents would be beating down the doors of the Steelers, Packers, Colts and Patriots.

Guys late in their career that have accomplished much yet never won may give a discount or pursue that championship.

For young guys in their prime it's a dash for the cash. Fans like to attach emotional pleas, it's not real.

Ken's picture

I love Ted. If you're looking for any faults in the guy, he's still only drafted one O-lineman (Sitton) that he himself has deemed worthy of a second contract.

Ken's picture

Obviously, Bulaga hopes to change that but still, just one guy in his first five drafts ('05-'09)

Nerdmann's picture

I out that on MM for wanting the "smaller, quicker" guys.

CSS's picture

Colledge contract supposedly worth $27.5 million. Haven't seen the terms or guarantees. That's why they play the open market, good for him.

fishandcrane's picture

WIth all this free agent activity, I think it best to announce my plans to stay with the Packers for the same money as last year.

PackerFan4Life's picture

any word on johnny jolly the fugitive whether he gets to come back or gets cut?

MarkinMadison's picture

It's funny, sometimes we all face the choice that JJ does - do we want to go somewhere and be "the guy" or do we want to stay on "the best team." It's not too often that you get the opportunity to do both. I don't grudge JJ for going, and I don't grudge the Packers for not keeping him. I'm even just fine with him being in purple, as long as he doesn't basically come out and say he's trying to stick it to TT, like some other people have.

Nerdmann's picture

Ha ha ha, the Vikings. They're so desperate for our castoffs.
When we cut a guy, he has to be cleared by Minnesota before he goes through waivers.

PackersRS's picture

Even though it was expected, I'm still sad to see these guys go. Even though Colledge was a guy I never liked anyway, Jones drove me mad consistantly, and Jenkins was always injuried.

But I'm also very excited to see what the new guys will show and how this team will produce next year. Am I the only one eager to see Lang, Nelson and Neal take on more important roles this season?

MarkinMadison's picture

ESPN is reporting that Dallas DE Stephen Bowen has reached an agreement with the Redskins. Do the Skins need to big dollar DEs?

PackerFan4Life's picture

NFL | Cullen Jenkins receiving interest
Thu, 28 Jul 2011 10:52:14 -0700

Free-agent DE Cullen Jenkins (Packers) is receiving interest from the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints.

0 Comments | Share: | Source: NFL Network - Jason La Canfora

Read more:

Majik Man's picture

Colledge was a class act. Off the field, he contributed a lot to the community of Green Bay. Very proud he was one of those "Packer People" we pride ourselves in.

I can't help but smack my head based on the overwhelming stupidity of my non-Packer friends who think they know everything based on ESPN. You guys would be smart to get Bush, I heard yesterday. I said no way in hell, even if we could afford him, there's no way they bring him in. He doesn't fit the mold of a Packer person. Then it comes up. Johnny Jolly. *smack* Ah, simpletons.

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