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Thompson\'s Rep Hurting The Packers?

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Thompson\'s Rep Hurting The Packers?

I have no problem with the Packers not wanting to commit to a contract offer over the phone to a guy they've never met, but I also understand where an NFL player doesn't want to get on a plane if a team isn't serious. This passage from Pete Dougherty is particularly telling:

Earlier Sunday, before the deal was finished, Canty’s agent, Brad Blank, said the Packers were in the running to sign his client on Sunday. But Packers General Manager Ted Thompson wouldn’t commit to a ballpark offer before meeting Canty face-to-face and having his medical staff give him a physical examination.

Canty, on the other hand, wasn’t going to travel to Green Bay while negotiating with the Giants unless he had an assurance the Packers’ offer would be competitive. It’s unclear whether Thompson would have offered Canty a similar or better deal if a meeting in Green Bay had gone well, or whether he would have considered the Giants’ offer beyond his threshold.

At first blush the bolded might seem rediculous. Of course the Packers' offer would be competitive, right? Then you remember the way Thompson inexplicably low-balled Ryan Grant at the onset of negotiations last year and how Grant's agent made that very, very public knowledge. Now, I know the situation is completely different, but don't think players don't follow this sort of thing. They file it away. Canty was no doubt thinking "I am not going to get on a damn plane, fly to Hobbiton, in the middle of some snow storm, only for the Packers to come at me with some screwball figure. I want to know it's going to be worth my time."

Again, I completely understand the Packers' position here. My fear is that Thompson's reputation might be in the process of morphing from frugality to something worse. Nothing but a hunch of course, and I really, really hope I'm wrong.

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Alex Tallitsch's picture

I have to go find a post from September, this here is right on.

Nick's picture

His agent realized the money being offered was only going to decrease over time. I don't blame him for jumping on the Giants offer and I don't blame Thompson for being hesitant. This particular issue is being blown out of proportion imo.

PackerAaron's picture

Nick - you're probably right on that last part. I think people are just in shock that the Packers were active on the first weekend...

scrumptrulesent's picture

I don't think TT hurts the Packer's chances at FA, I'd say it's the fact that the Packers are in Green Bay, WI.

Maybe TT is exactly the kind of guy GB needs because they'll rarely get stud FA to come to Wisconsin without overpaying.

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

I think NFL players (and certainly their agents) are sophisticated to understand the difference between the way a team negotiates with an exclusive rights free agent and an unrestricted free agent.

Canty was trying to use the Packers to squeeze more money out of the Giants.

WoodyG's picture

Stud FAs ??? Only a hand-full of FAs make a difference that is equal to their absurd contracts.

The same people who complain now because of the non-signings will complain next year when GB can't sign its own FAs. (Collins, Jennings, etc.)

I'd be disappointed if TT catered to those media types & fans who want to spend just to spend. TT's plan to build through the draft will pay off big sooner rather than later.

Colin Cole ?? Canty ?? Over 60 mil combined. Does anyone honestly believe that these two average at best DLinemen are critical to GBs success?

Some in the media & alot of the fans need to realize that the NFL does not stand for "National Fantasy League".

PackerAaron's picture

DDD - I know, I know. You are right of course. I just like to worry needlessly. ;)

Franklin Hillside's picture

Peter King said he felt fairly confident the Packers would have been competitive and probably offered more.
I actually tend to agree with Scrump, Green Bay is not Manhattan. When the Giants hit Canty's magic number, he was done.

PackerFan4Life's picture

aaron I just got off the phone with mark murphy and discussing the public view of TT and his lack of signing a FA ever and letting ppl go as well. He was genneraly a nice person and was very informative. also said that they are looking at some "key" FA players as we speak and have not released anything to the media as of yet. He said he understands our hatered of TT and that this is a deciding year for him which I found very interesting that he said that.

PackerAaron's picture

PF4L - Nice to hear he's taking his calls, much like Harlan did. And be careful there - "our hatred of TT" is not 'our' - I don't hate the man at all. ;)

sunflower's picture

Interesting about that comment about not leaking things to the media. There have been a lot less rumors out surrounding the Packers this year.

I wander if they are more on lock down, because of all of the he said and she said stuff that came out during the Favre Saga.

buckslayernyc's picture

Canty would have helped the cause. The fact that the Giants, who need help a lot less than the Packers, got after him is interesting. But he is now going to a 4-3 where he can play on the edge and down, that's what he really wanted from what I understand.

Big Talented Tough guys are at a premium in the NFL, you gotta draft 'em and keep 'em cause they don't come your way very often and when they do the price is high.

Ron La Canne's picture

And while we sit it out and wait for the big move MM squared predicts old Zygi is flying multiple O line prospects in to Minn.

The way I see the FA market is analogous to the predator vs. the scavenger. Predators like Jones, et. al. attack as soon as the prey shows itself. Scavengers(like TT) wait until the kills have been abandoned and pick up the scraps. Sometimes the predators get a diseased kill (T.O.) sometimes the scvangers (Woodson) feast. In both cases you take youir chances.

I would love to see a GB approach more focused on filling specific needs (Front Seven and O-line)in FA. Quality players and sense of urgency would be nice. Cost is something you'll deal with on a high 1st round pick too. Might as well get someone that you have NFL film on for these key areas of need.

IronMan's picture

"They acted like the Packers always do," Blank said Sunday. "They said, 'Good luck with (the Giants), and if it doesn't work out, we're interested.'"

IPBprez's picture

First comment right off the bat (PackOne) pretty much nails it. My beef is with the Industry buying into this so-called Rep that TT just has to have because of ... this or.... that.
I will go to my grave understanding that whomever is to (really) blame over the last year's event - it certainly isn't the GM, who only 5 months before was lauded and applauded. THE GM SHOULD ALWAYS SUPPORT THEIR HC - it's the bottom line .... and if some people cannot be honest with reality - then tough.
TT may 'seem' inflexible... but I don't really think he is. Course, this Draft will also make me a Sage or an ID-10-T. Course the Players that we draft have a lot to do with how well his selections are rated, as well. It's not a one-way street.
For me, I like the fact that some FA hasn't got the ability to TELL OUR GM how he should run Packer's Operations. It's not his power to flex. Trader Ted did exactly what 98% of all GM's would do. Is he Ron Wolf? NO! Is this the very first year in Free Agency? Not by a long shot. Bart Scott was impressed with how the Head Coach came to his front door telling him what the Team wanted..... Sound familiar? Think Reggie White.
No - PackOne is dead on and TT did the Packers right. No Player "tells" a Team what they should do.
Side Note: Jason Taylor spent a year in DC and the Redskins got what (?) for their money? And, now he's leaving, as well? TT has done quite well with Woodson, Pickett and the others. I'm not disappointed at all. Good money, well spent. Hey - he could be Mike Sherman, ya know!

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