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Thompson Takes It Up A Notch

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Thompson Takes It Up A Notch

According to Joe Fortenbaugh at the National Football Post, the Packers are putting the full court press on Canty's agent, reportedly by offering more money than the Giants.

Needless to say, I think Thompson realizes how badly his defensive line needs help.

UPDATE: See here for the latest from Bedard, which contradicts the report above.

UPDATE 2: So much for that.

17 mil guaranteed is reported. If so, I understand why Thompson passed. I understand he has a boatload of players becoming free agents in 2010. The question is, outside of Jennings, are any of them worth a damn? And what good is it to keep a bunch of guys if your defensive (and offensive) line is in shambles? That's where the game is won and as we saw last season, the Packers are weakest at those positions. So it would seem Thompson would need to pay someone at sometime....

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Ron La Canne's picture

Greg Bedard alm ost live:

"Cole gone; No push for Canty - yet
By Greg A. Bedard of the Journal Sentinel
Mar. 1, 2009 1:30 p.m.

Green Bay -- "Just got off the phone with Brad Blank, Canty's agent, two minutes ago. He has a contract proposal from the Giants and has sent them a counter proposal.

Despite's report that the Packers were also making a push for Canty, Blank said nothing close to that had come to the Packers. In fact, Blank had trouble getting the Packers on the phone this morning and had not yet heard from Ted Thompson.

"I don't feel -- at this moment and this could change -- any form of representation from the Packers that I'm going to get a deal from them," Blank said. "And you know the old saying: one in the hand is worth two in the bush."

Just as Blank said those words, Packers negotiator Russ Ball beeped in and the two are currently talking.

I'll let you know what happens."

Let's hope this is a real offer coming in. Please, please, please!

Aa-rod_is_Cool's picture

Do you guys think were screwed if we dont land Canty?? Considering we just lost Cole to the hawks and thats one less fat man in the rotation.

PackerAaron's picture

'Screwed'? No. But the d-line def needs as much help as it can get. Canty would be the only player on the line who's played in anything remotely resembling this system. That's worth going after in my opinion...

Ron La Canne's picture

At 6'7", Canty presents a unique view to a QB trying to hit a slant pass. Team him up with Jolly (post-suspension) and Pickett/Raji (I still think he might be there at #9) and the GB starting line doesn't look too bad.

Losing Cole is no big deal. After 6 years in the NFL, he still has not maintained a starting position. I have to assume there is a reason for this. His 49 2008 tackles put him approximately 20 tackles behind Mike Montgomery, our other D-Line UFA. Not much talk about him leaving! Losing Cole to Seattle could be a plus for GB. They apparently felt they needed to sign a D-Lineman at all costs. They now have one. The Giants are apparently the big competition on the board for Canty. They have made an actual offer. Also, Titans are looking to replace Haynesworth and could be the real competion when and if GB counters the Giants.

Ball on the phone? Why not TT?

Aa-rod_is_Cool's picture

What the hell do the giants need with canty anyway?? I mean they got Osi, Robbins, Tuck, Kiwanuka or however you spell it, They just got Bernard from Seattle.. And now they want Canty?? Give us a break NY and let us have this one!

DaveK's picture

Cole signed for $21 million over 5 years with $5 million guaranteed. That averages about $4.2 million a year. Hard to tell if they over-paid or not until the year to year payouts are reported. A chunk of that $21 million may be in year 4+5 and may never be paid.

I haven't see enough of Canty to even opine about his worth. The Giants seem to really value lineman and they have a stable full of them already.

gratif's picture

I'm so torn on Canty. Of all remaining free agents, he seems most likely to get overpaid. On the otherhand, he's proven to be a fine 3-4 DE, and those don't grow on trees.

Ron La Canne's picture

Well, here's Grg Bedard's exclamation point.

Still no offer from Packers
By Greg A. Bedard of the Journal Sentinel
Mar. 1, 2009 2:36 p.m.

Green Bay -- That phone call from Packers contract negotiator Russ Ball to Brad Blank, Chris Canty's agent, resulted in no contract offer, according to Blank.

"He gave me a nice speech," Blank wrote in an email minutes ago. "Packers still want Chris to visit and that may happen. But in meantime (we) will try to workout a deal with Giants."

Can GB hire someone who knows how the [email protected]# to negotiate?

jerseypackfan's picture
Ron La Canne's picture

That [email protected]!#ing loser Ball, is the contact. This is the same moron who played "tuff guy" with Grant's agent and ended up "OVERPAYING". If he knew what he was doing the negotiations would have ended up more favorable to the Packers. Now Brandt is elsewhere and TT is running amouk.

Im sick of hearing about overpaying. You have to have something to overpay for it. What is it we have that makes TT and crew think we don't need a 26 year old star on the team?

SHIT! Thanks for ruining my Sujnday night Jersey.

DaveK's picture

Canty has agreed with the Giants to a six-year, $42 million deal, with $17.25 million in guaranteed money.

PackerFan4Life's picture

i hope ted i dont spend any money in FA gets a F*%$!ing ear full by pissed off fans such as myself...i mean we let cole go and canty got swept up by the g men an that puts us where? one less DE this is a joke and iam sick and tired of him not ever freaking doing anything and just letting people walk out the door. that freaking joke of a gm needs to open his freaking eyes, the fans are pissed off ted real pissed off

Ron La Canne's picture

Aaron, Agree on the 'Boat Load" but, I see Jennings and his Agent careening towards the FA market. The rest? these are the guys who are responsible for the 6-10. Yeah, lets waste digning money on losers like College and Moll.

Dale Z's picture

enjoy the crapstorm, aaron and corey. They're coming out of the woodwork now!

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

well, i don't know enough about canty to be one of the 'crap storm,' but i must say - in response to 'arod is cool' -- why do the giants need more d-line guys? well, because they realized last year that having a d-line full of studs is what allows you to dethrone the undefeated gods of the league! and i have to also note that no matter what value - we currently are minus one on the d-line this year. we have one player less for depth, and missed an opportunity to add quite a physical specimen, who had experience, who had 6'7" of wrappability and blockability and 300+ lbs. of teachability.

okay, nevermind, i'm one of the crapstorm. this pisses me off.

L.A.'s picture

I just get queasy about this. I have gotten used to watching free agent after free agent fall the the sideline, ratcheting down tier after tier before signing a backup corner or linebacker.

But the idea of making such a massive transition on the defensive side of the ball and continuing the slow and conservative approach is frustrating. It's not that Thompson "passed" on Canty, its the report that Thompson might have actually exceeded that offer, but wanted Canty to come to Green Bay and meet the coaching staff first...and lost out.
If this isn't the guy you want, or he's out of your budget, then it's fine. But if he's the guy you want, you need to go get him, not sit and wait for someone else to make him the offer.

PackerAaron's picture

Dale - you ain't kiddn'

jerseypackfan's picture

Chris Canty was not "Packer People"

Jim Leonhard is "Packer People" Make him an offer.

Ron La Canne's picture


TT's waiting for the Jets to make him an offer. Then they'll sic our negotiating guru, Russ Ballz on him. Hey, is he the Professor Ballz of Pink Panther Fame?

jerseypackfan's picture
packerwatch's picture

"Im sick of hearing about overpaying. You have to have something to overpay for it. "

not sure i follow that logic...overpaying is overpaying.

Ron La Canne's picture

It means you'll never know if he was worth it until you see him on the field. In GB, they'll never get to the field because TT won't move off his inflexible position.

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