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Think you can beat CheeseheadTV writers at Fantasy Football?

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Think you can beat CheeseheadTV writers at Fantasy Football?

Continuing a tradition I started over at, we're giving you amateur GMs out there a chance to show your stuff against our writers. Selected readers will compete with a group of our writers for a year of bragging rights and some Packers memorabilia (TBD). 

If you're serious about playing, can participate in the draft Sunday night, Sep 3rd, 9PM Central (no auto-drafts!), and think you can kick our asses, leave a comment below on why we should pick you to play in the league. We will pick our favorite comments and let you know if you're in.

Remember, you MUST be able to participate in the draft on Sunday Sep 3rd, 9PM Central.

Go Pack!



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EdsLaces's picture

I got screwed last year ! I need redemption!!!

Bearmeat's Phantom Downvoter's picture

I've tried twice and been terrible both times. I'm not in this time. :)

Jersey Al's picture

appreciate the honesty...

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I've been coming to this site since it was just Corey, Aaron and Brian. Different folks now but I'd love a chance to compete with you guys. I think over a decade of loyal readership ought to earn me a spot.

topgbpackfan's picture

I played against you guys a couple of years ago and would like to play again. I've been a Packers Fan for 40 years through good times and bad times.

tsouza's picture

Started following the Packers 15 years ago, living in Sao Paulo, Brazil (where not a lot of people cared for football)! Relocated to USA 4 years ago and played a couple of fantasy leagues. Won the office league last season and have bragging rights with people at work! It would be great to be entered on your league! GO PACK GO!!

bustagb's picture

I don't accept losing. "Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser."

Finwiz's picture

Fantasy football bores me. I don't understand the fascination at all. I just want to watch the Packers.

rdent's picture


Finwiz's picture

Geez, I thought for sure I was the only one these days.

rdent's picture

Still a few of us around, the only time I care what other teams players are doing is when they play the Packers.

WKUPackFan's picture

Dumb people are bored by things that they don't understand. Fantasy football requires an understanding of mathematics and strategy. You're hopelessly deficient in both categories. Stick to tic-tac-toe. That's more your speed.

Finwiz's picture

Fantasy football is for idle-minded people with too much time on their hands. Snooze fest - have fun with your circle jerk of "fantasy" football experts. Circle jerk more YOUR speed! LOL! Have a good night!

Edit - played fantasy football for 2 seasons with the kid during little league. I couldn't wait for the season to be over. Too much bother putting together a roster each week. Became a chore. Just want to watch football, don't care about the numbers, unless of course it's the Packers.

Jersey Al's picture

dude, another comment like that and you're bounced. Personal insults against other readers or authors will not be tolerated.

WKUPackFan's picture

I apologize for escalating the situation Jersey Al. Many thanks for all of your and the other writers hard work and excellent writing over the years.

Jersey Al's picture

Accepted. Let's stick to talking Packers football here without insulting people.


WKUPackFan's picture

You're welcome.

How about an apology from the other guy? The personal insults were not a one way street.

WKUPackFan's picture

And it magically appeared, never mind. Go Pack!

Jersey Al's picture

You started it. Unlike on the field where often the guy who throws the first punch isn't caught - that's not the case here.

WKUPackFan's picture

Hold on a second with the "you started it" . I was responding to someone whose comments regularly contain inaccurate information. Someone who responded to my criticism with a vulgar reference. Is saying that someone is dumb worse than telling someone to stick it up there a** and rotate it? Somehow that makes me the bad guy?

Jersey Al's picture

No, YOU hold on. You threw the first stone:

"Dumb people are bored by things that they don't understand. Fantasy football requires an understanding of mathematics and strategy. You're hopelessly deficient in both categories. Stick to tic-tac-toe. That's more your speed."

Had you not done that, we would have no issue to discuss here. As it is, I'm done discussing it.

Finwiz's picture

Thank God for 2nd chances. My life would be so empty and incomplete having endured a good bouncing. LOL!

WKUPackFan's picture


Jersey Al's picture

I resisted for many years and pooh-poohed the whole idea. One year I decided to be a sport and give it a try for the sake of this competition and guess what? I actually find it fun now. As Bob Dylan once said, "don't criticize what you can't understand."

WKUPackFan's picture

Serious question, not related to any particular commenter. What is the rule, if any, regarding personal attacks on players, coaches, and front office personnel? The McDoughnut, Albino Ted, Fabio, and Fat Eddie type of comments really get to me (as you probably already know).

I realize it's the internet so some snarkiness is expected. However, in my opinion, such comments add nothing to the discussion.

Jersey Al's picture

I don't want to be the comment police. Those things don't bother me - they are just "colorful" adjectives. Directly insulting another commenter or author does .

WKUPackFan's picture

Respectfully, the only author I have ever even remotely criticized is you. And that criticism was never personal. In fact, that criticism was directly and specifically related to allowing the player/coach/front office personnel personal criticism asked about above. It's now been made clear that those issues don't bother you. We disagree on that, but I respect that it is your site and you can police what you want to.

Commenters have been personally insulting each other for years, both on ALLGBP and here. Columns have been written pleading for the personal criticism to cease. Despite those pleas, commenter on commenter personal insults continue in a majority of the threads. Singling out one commenter for personal insults amounts to selective enforcement. Again, I respect that it's your site and you have the right to call out anyone you wish to. Fairness has no relevance in this situation, but if it did, it seems unfair to single out only one commenter for personal insults.

Jersey Al's picture

"Commenters have been personally insulting each other for years, both on ALLGBP and here."

True, but that is in the past. While I previously felt I didn't want to censor people's comments, it became clear I had to do something. I booted the worst offenders from the site and things have been much better the last month or two. I wish for that trend to continue.

I do not, however, have time to read EVERY comment. So I may very well miss some, but it will still be infinitely better than it was.

WKUPackFan's picture

It would have been difficult for you to miss this one, since you commented on the same thread yesterday.

Michelle's latest Green and Bold column: dschwalm August 30, 2017 at 4:04 pm "Take a couple of grammar lessons or hire an editor, RC. Your posts are getting harder to read".

That's a personal insult against a good long time commenter. But you didn't go after that guy, did you?

Bear's picture

Would appreciate the opportunity to take you guys to the cleaners! Been a Packer fan since 1957 and enjoyed the ride with Vince Lombardi.

Hope you're not afraid of an old man!

Thanks guys, are you up for the challenge.

Flow49's picture

You should let me play because I will make Mexico pay for the buy ins. Make Fantasy Great Again!

Jonathan Spader's picture

I could use some competition for a change.

packrulz's picture

I watched Paul Horning slog through the mud and Bart Starr leap over the goal line with Vince Lombardi pacing on the sideline while laying on the floor in front of our blonde black and white TV console. After Lombardi left, I watched 22 painful seasons minus the playoffs, except for the strike shortened season. I then watched Ron Wolf come in and trade for Favre, and draft the Packers back to the Super Bowl. Ted Thompson came in and did the same thing. I'm no Wolf or Thompson, but I know what I like in players, and I have won some FF Championships. I sure would love to play!

Spock's picture

Personally, I think the 'fantasy football leagues' are just the precursor for the NFL legalizing gambling. The fact that the Chargers are now in the biggest gambling town in America shows where "the Shield" is going. That bothers me. I worry about the purity of the game. I hope I am wrong.

J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

I've been in a league the past 15 years and have won it the last 4. I found out last week I would not be allowed in the league this year because theyre sick of me winning. Im scrambling to get in a league, free or pay. Ill participate regularily and bring a good attitude to your league.

J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

new email is [email protected] hope it isn't too late! I tried to change my email address in my account but there isn't an option.

dfarmer's picture

Packer fan since birth.
Attended 1st Super Bowl
Live in Minnesota
With this much going for me you would not have a chance and therefore won't pick me, but wanted to enter anyway..

korbie33's picture

I have been a Packer fan since 1954. I saw the first Super Bowl game (Championship Game) and see at least two games a year somewhere in the country. I would love to challenge you, the experts. In any case keep up the great work. An avid follower.


Community Guy's picture

if you want a real challenger, let me know. my all-time record? 9 teams, playoffs each time, and, finishes of 1st, 2nd or 3rd each time. i am an active manager who would be more than happy to share our love of the game and our team in Green and Gold.

andy88's picture

I created an account just to enter this contest. I am passionate about fantasy football and put a lot of time and research in every year to make sure I'm as ready as possible. I would be a great addition to the league as both a die hard Packer and fantasy football fan. This may not be the flashiest answer on here, but I'll be a serious and dependable player that you will not regret putting in. I've been coming to this site for years and really appreciate all the content that comes out each week (including the Railbird Central podcast).

William Dickson's picture

I played last year I was pretty competitive I want a chance to take all your down......tyvm,A fan

Jersey Al's picture

Hmmm, a bunch of trash-talking and bragging going on here.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Al, how will you let us know if we are indeed choosen? In the comments here?

Jersey Al's picture

by email.

Doug Madigan's picture

I've been a Packer fan since I was 5 years old, back in 1966. I live in the Chicago area and have to put up with all these Bears fans. Plus, I've won my other league the last 2 years so I will be really strong competition. I've been playing fantasy football since 1995, since the early days. I think I'd be a great addition to your league. Love all of your columns as well.

gr7070's picture

If it's an auction I'm in!

Snake drafts suck so bad I wouldn't even way to crush y'all in a snake draft league.

Jersey Al's picture

emails have been sent out to those that were selected. make sure you respond and setup your team ASAP.

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