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The Vikings Will Be No Match For The Packers

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The Vikings Will Be No Match For The Packers

The Packers have been sacked with injuries, and the Packers are approaching Sunday night’s game in Minnesota presumably without three key offensive weapons; no game is an easy win. But the upcoming game against the Vikings comes close; the Packers should win easily.

Despite having the best running back in the game and talented wide receivers, the Vikings offense barely registers a pulse.

The Vikings rode Adrian Peterson into the playoffs last season and had every reason to believe the 2013 would be no different. But in the last two weeks, the Vikings have barely run the ball at all.

In their week 6 match up against the Panthers, Adrian Peterson only ran the ball ten times. The Panthers have the 4th best running defense, so an offensive game plan not relying on the run makes sense. However, against the Giants last Monday night, Peterson rushed for only 28 yards on 13 carries. The Giants have the 21st ranked rush defense, allowing an average of 110 yards on 29 carries a game.

While the Vikings won’t be testing out a new quarterback this weekend, they will be facing the third best rushing defense in the league, the Packers.

The Packers have allowed a league low of 474 yards on the ground this season, averaging 79 yards a game on 23 attempts. Running against this defense won’t be easy and the Vikings have shown a recent tendency to abandon the run early.

That leaves the Vikings offense to rest of the arm of whoever starts at quarterback for the Vikings.

Josh Freeman had one of the worst quarterback showings in recent years on Monday night, completing only 20 of the 53 passes he attempted. ProFootballFocus graded Ponder at -10.8, which is the lowest single game grade for a quarterback they have ever given out. 15 of Freeman’s 33 incompletions were underthrown, with 4 more either behind the target or underthrown.

The Vikings signed Freeman to be their savoir at quarterback for this season, and potentially into the future. His debut did not impress. While Freeman would presumably improve some given more practice time with the team and more time to learn the plays, he is doing neither this week. At some point Monday night, Freeman suffered a concussion and a day after being named the starter for Sunday’s upcoming game; the reigns were tossed back to Christian Ponder.

Ponder hasn’t played since week three, and is coming off a broken rib. In the first three games this season Ponder threw two touchdowns and five interceptions. Matt Cassel stepped in for Ponder, but both were replaced by Freeman as the Vikings appeared to lack confidence in both Ponder and Cassel.

In a nutshell, the Vikings quarterback position is a mess of subpar play and three people who have yet to prove they can play the position.

The Packers pass defense is not as strong as its rush defense, but with the return of Morgan Burnett and strong play from Sam Shields and Davon House the Packers have been able to shut down some receivers. If the Vikings had a stronger passing attack that they could resort to when either Adrian Peterson gets shut down or the Vikings simply decide to stop running to him, the Vikings might stand a chance. But they don’t.

The Packers offense will be hampered more than it was last weekend against the Browns with Jermichael Finley most likely out, but the combination of Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, Eddie Lacy and the cast of backups that will surround them will definitely tip the scales in the Packers favor.

Jayme Snowden is a feature writer at CheeseheadTV and a contributor to Today’s TMJ4. She also co-hosts CheeseheadRadio, part of the Packers Talk Radio Network at You can contact her via twitter at @jaymelee1 or email at [email protected].

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Bibbon Hazel's picture

Agree. But If Mastay doesn't sail kick offs out of the back of the endzone and doesn't use the sidelines as his ally on punts this game could get very interesting.

hayward4president's picture

I hate when I read stuff like this. Everytime we think its a lock...its not.

denniseckersley's picture

Hyperbole. There are plenty of locks that remain locks. Like....last week.

We do usually drop one of these games a year though

2009 - winless Tampa
2010 - At home to Miami (@ washington was pretty crappy too)
2011 - Neckbeard
2012 - Indy

D B H's picture

For what it's worth, I'm eternally thankful to Neckbeard and the Chiefs for beating us in that game. 15-1 and losing the first round of the playoffs is SO much better than 16-0 and losing in the first round of the playoffs...

PackerPete's picture

I am always hesitant to say that games should be easily won. This is an NFL opponent. Yes, their QB may be terrible, and their D not as good as it used to be. But at the same time, it is often a couple of plays deciding the outcome of the game. It was never easy to play in the Metrodome. I expect the Packers to win, but it will be much closer than people think.

Stroh's picture

This one will be decided by a couple plays too. A 40 yd Lacy TD run on the 1st drive, followed by a Rodgers to Nelson TD from about the same distance later in the 1st qtr. Just so happens the deciding plays will be made VERY early in this game! :)

denniseckersley's picture

I just looked at our 2010 draft again. Every single player from that draft is still on our roster. That is nuts.

jack in jersey city's picture

that was probably TT's best draft followed by his worst in 2011

whaler92's picture

And yet it could include his best pick apart from Rodgers with Cobb, House looks like a legit starting CB, Taylor is a core special teams guys Green never recovered from his injury and Sherrod could still be a great pick if he can get himself fit and playing.

Most teams would take that from a draft and we're calling it poor shows how lucky we are to have TT and his team.

Randy's picture

This just in: The Vikes still stink.

D B H's picture

I hate calling a game an easy win, but the stats seem to support that conclusion.

That being said, the Packers are still playing in Minnesota, Peterson has yet to have a break-out game this year, Ponder is getting another chance to prove he's the guy after a few weeks of rest, and there's almost no way the Vikings coaches can call a game more poorly than they already have.

Hope we see more of what the stats indicate, but this sure feels like a trap game to me.

Full disclosure - I feel this way every week :)

Derek in CO's picture

I just can't wait for House and Shields to shut Greg Jennings' ass down!!! Shut your mouth idiot!!!

Drealyn Williams's picture

I'm not looking for a blowout. I'm looking for a complete game played by the Packers. A win would also be nice.

nick perry's picture

As long as Mulumba and Palmer can hold the edges in the run game, the Packers will be fine. Peterson gained so much of his yardage bouncing to the outside last year when the Packers had him bottled up inside. I think that's going to be huge in how this game plays out. The offense starting out fast like last week wouldn't hurt either.

hayward4president's picture

You do realize what you just said? If Mulumba and Palmer can hold the edge. Two guys that have two combined starts between em going up against the best rb in the NFL....sounds like its gonna be a long day for our front 7.

Derek in CO's picture

Peterson did nothing against the Giants front 7, and I think our run defense is playing better than NYG

hayward4president's picture

There is a guy named Jason and a guy named Justin that are pretty decent that play on that gmen defensive line.

Derek in CO's picture

We have the #3 run defense, NYG are 21st. I like our chances.

UP-Packer's picture

The Vikes certainly appear to be a mess but declaring that they are no match is silly. Sure hope the Pack coaches & players don't have this lackadaisical attitude about any game, especially within the division.

FGS, the game is at the Metrodome and AP is part of the opposition. Plus, the Vikes can't help but be better at some point this season. Better hope it's not on Sunday night.

Longshanks's picture

I don't know how old you are who wrote this but if you know ANYTHING about the NFC Central/North division, you would know that the records mean absolutely NOTHING!! I have almost 50 years experience watching these two teams and I am sure others have more than I do. Strange unexpected abnormal things are the norm for this GB/MN rivalry especially at the Metrodome.

The Vikings can easily beat us at home. Give me a break!! Green Bay more times than not has struggled in that piece of crap place they call home. Just mention T.J. Rubley and you would know not to say this will be "no match".

I hope and pray MM and his players do not come in with that same attitude as you did who wrote this article. Nothing wrong with confidence but in the NFL there's no such thing as a sure thing. I'm very scared of this game to be honest. Ponder and Peterson can easily being their A game and beat us no problem. They beat us last year remember?

Kparis99's picture

Agreed, this will be a tough game reguardless of records. ...And thanks Jayme for the kiss of death, might as well mark this in the L column right now.

Lucky953's picture

Well said. You and I are from the same era. But I like the focus of this Packers team. They seem to have a hunger. They have not forgotten what AP did to them last year and I think they'll be ready. I'd be more worried if we were 6-0, but we've already been humbled.

4thand1's picture

I remember the mid 80's when the Bears were really good and the Packers were not. They usually gave the Bears a good game. division games are hard to call.

Fish crane's picture

Right arm. Longshanks. Right arm

Uncle Louie's picture

My team is better than your team. What a waste of time article. You can do better than that.

MarkinMadison's picture

AP against Mulumba and Palmer scares me, but this defense is flowing really well to the ball. And AP is fighting a hamstring injury. Mulumba and Palmer don't have to bring him down by themselves, they just have to slow him enough for everyone else to catch up.

Ponder with something to prove worries me a lot more than any version of Josh Freeman. He actually sliced up the Packers pretty well in the second game last year. He did enough to get them into the playoffs. I would not sleep on him, but he has got to prove he hasn't lost it. So stop the run and make him prove it.

Their OL seems to be playing fairly well, so this team should just not be as bad as they are. If the Packers take care of business they should win it walking away, but this is a wounded dog in a corner. Give it an angle and you're going to get bit.

Norman's picture

If the Minn press and fans are to be believed, their OL is playing terribly. I haven't seen enough of them to form an opinion, but looking at their record and AP's numbers vs. last year, I suspect they're right.

MarkinMadison's picture

The "objective" reviewers (rotoworld, pff) seem to think the OL is playing well. I wonder if the fans' impression was made not realizing that AP has been fighting a hamstring issue for several weeks.

C's picture

For what it's worth, McGinn's 'tape' observation of the Vikings offensvie line were that they've regressed across the board. Kalil is dealing with a bad back, Sullivan appears to be getting pushed around at center, Loadholt is back to being extremely inconsistent and their guards are trash.

Can't speak for rotoworld, but I'm learning to really dislike PFF. While I agree they're technically 'objective' I feel as though their analysis is limited to one-on-one matchups only with no knowledge or regard for scheme, assignments, pre/post snap adjustments or reads. I wish somebody would grade PFF.

Norman's picture

If AP has been fighting a hamstring issue for several weeks then I certainly hope the hamstring injury wins for at least one more week.

hayward4president's picture

Yeah......rivalry game means records don't matter. This will be close no matter who suits up at qb for the vikes. I just hope Jreg Gennings sucks bad......really bad. In fact ....I hope Boykin kills his numbers.

larry valdes's picture

Jemie i hope you are allrigt but i dont think is gona be so easy as you said hope im wrong did you get it.

Nerd's picture

What up Jayme.

cheesewhizzer's picture

I think it's arrogant to guarantee that we will automatically win this game. If we are up by 3 touchdowns with 5 minutes to go then I'll breathe a sigh of relief. Until then I choose not to assume any outcome. GO PACK!!

redlights's picture

How about a game where ARodg get pulled in the early 3rd quarter with a 30 point lead? The W would be the same with a 3 or a 30 point win; but the injuries have GOT to stop!

RC Packer Fan's picture

Pretty much everyone is thinking the same thing as me. That this is not a lock. On paper it should be, but the reality is games are not played on paper.

There are so many factors in this game that can affect the outcome.

But for me I think the biggest factor in slowing down the Packers offense will be losing Finley. I think his loss will be felt greatly.

I think the Packers will win, but i'm not saying its a lock they will win.

Archie's picture

Compared to last season when Ponder beat us:

(1) D Driver gone (retired)
(2) G Jennings gone (FA)
(3) J Jones gone (inj)
(4) R Cobb gone (inj)
(5) J Finley gone (inj)
(6) N Perry gone (inj)
(7) C Matthews gone (inj)
(8) D Harris gone (inj)
(9) B Bulaga gone (inj)
(10) T Crabtree gone (FA)
(11) R Taylor gone (inj)

Despite all of the above, some Packer fans believe we are a lock Sunday night in their house. AROD is good but he is not a miracle worker. Yes, if everybody plays well, we can win but taking the Vikes and 9 points is the best bet of the week. The under (47) might be viable as well. As bad as you may think the Vikes are, they will give us a much better game than the Browns did. Ponder has everything to gain and nothing to lose. He will be dangerous. AP's hammy should be less of a problem. Patterson will be dynamite on returns. Their TE should have a big game. Simpson and Jennings will do well as well. MM will call a very conservative game plan and game will be decided by less than 7.

fish and crane's picture

#27 E. Lacy 13 gone (for 13yds on third and three)

MarkinMadison's picture

You gonna run down the Vikings for us? Compare apples to apples.

The TKstinator's picture

It doesn't matter if I think the Packers will crush the Vikes, or vice versa, or if I think the game will be close.
MY attitude has absolutely no influence on this or any other game. I'm not the one who has to "be prepared", not be "overconfident", "look past MN", worry about a "trap game" etc etc etc
I just watch the game and what happens, happens. It's entertainment.

And if it's not entertaining, we've got The Walking Dead to switch to.

66Paperboy's picture

Jawymie..proett cocky headline for someone who never played ball at any level. You Cant Understand Normal Thinking of Football

Ceallaigh_k's picture

So paperboy, since testicles and a T chromosome are apparently a prerequisite to have any knowledge of football because ovaries, pray tell with your infinite wisdom explain why the Packers single high safety, while a liability against teams with a real passing offense may be a perfect set up to contain both Greg Jennings and Adrian Peterson. Or would you rather discuss how the Allen/Bahktiari matchup may not be as and as it looks on paper because the Minnesota defense will have its hands full trying to stop Lacy as he runs once again to the right?

What, my uterus shrunk my brain to the size of a walnut and I'm too busy scrubbing toilets to watch football let alone have knowledge of this manly man' shame that I should go iron some shirts?

Sweetie, you can take your petulant and troglodyte male privilege and blow it out your rear. And while you're at it, go make your own damn sammich. I'm kind of preoccupied watching the game, dear.

C's picture

This actually made my testicles ascend in shame.

66Paperboy's picture

Jawymie..pretty cocky headline for someone who never played ball at any level. You Cant Understand Normal Thinking of Football

Nerd's picture

I agree with her.

Longshanks's picture

Her? So the author of this article is a woman? lol Ok, then please excuse what I said earlier. Now it makes sense. I thought it was a guy. I couldn't figure out why a guy would say such a thing but coming from a woman it kind of makes a little more sense. Very few women know football like men do. They are in it for the clothing and food prep for the most part and that's ok.

Derp's picture

Cool sexism, bro! Looks like you've been hanging around very few women if you think that they don't "know football like men do."

MarkinMadison's picture

Wow. Seriously guys? Because girls don't play competitive sports, so they can't understand the mindset? Or we think we all know so much from our playing days. So we all played football in high school. So what? Sit down and talk to a guy who played in college or the pros and try to impress him with what you "know" about football. You won't be so cocky walking away.

Bears Love Cheddar Biscuits's picture

^IDIOT COMMENT OF THE DAY. Send this over to Ketchman. You deserve to be in the Hall of Fame

packeraaron's picture

<em>Very few women know football like men do. They are in it for the clothing and food prep for the most part and that’s ok.</em>

Congrats, Longshanks. That is the dumbest thing ever written in the Comments section on this site. And that includes some serious stupidity. Well done.

hayward4president's picture

Probably justa salty virgin.

Longshanks's picture

It was my opinion Nagler and I stand by it. Most women watch football for different reasons than a man. It's a genetic thing.

Most of the NFL merchandise is bought by women not men. Women love to spend. Football allows them to spend more freely with less resistance by their man because it's football related.

Most women do the cooking in the household. Men hate to cook but love to eat. That's where the food prep comment comes into play.

During football games, women feel a part of the game when they can combine shopping and cooking/eating to the game itself. A man is only worried about the game and if they win.

Men and women also respond differently to a loss. You never hear of a man getting beat up by a woman after a Packers loss but occassionally you'll hear of a man getting stabbed by a woman with a knife, which was probably a simple butter knife and was probably caused because the man didn't complement the woman on her mashed potatoes during a critical 4th and 5.

Women and men just think differently when it comes to football and this article about Green Bay being "no match" for Mn proves it now that I know the author is a woman. A man who has watched football and this rivalry would not say that about this upcoming game. They just wouldn't and again I am fine with what she said since she has a right to say it. I also have a right to express my opinion just like she did.

Evan's picture

haha, jesus, you're just gonna keep digging, huh?

Jayme Snowden's picture

Longshanks, did you actually read the article? First sentence includes: "no game is an easy win."

I said they should win. And based on the Vikings offensive showings they should, but obviously no game is a cake walk. There are external factors, but that wasn't what I was focusing on in this post.

The strong emphatic language is used to illustrate a point; a writing technique. One, that perhaps you have overlooked. I'm guessing you overlooked a lot, as in your first comment you were unable to identify my name, although it appears twice. And seeing as this is not my first post that you have commented on, you're not new to my work or writing style.

As for your sexist comments, I'm hoping for the sake of society, you're just being a troll. I spend countless hours collecting and studying stats, watching games, talking football with others, and working on this website.

You comments are generalizations, and not true for everyone. I have never felt closer to a football game because it combines shopping and/or cooking. And personally I don't know a single female football fan who has. There are women out there, I'm sure, who are surface level football spectators. I am not one. Many women who identify themselves and football fans are not the women you describe. Perhaps you should learn to differentiate between the two.

taco's picture

Let's see....last week's strategy was to chop block with racist and political stereotypes, this week's gameplan is to intimidate with machismo and sexist insults...Longshanks, what you got planned for next week? I'm putting money on a heavy blitzing of anti-semitism aimed at the media. That's demonstrating good football acumen there.

Bears Love Cheddar Biscuits's picture

Maybe you got stabbed with a butter knife because the woman in question couldn't stand all the hideous mouth breathing.

Longshanks's picture

Jayme, yes I did read your article. It was your title most had a problem with I am guessing.

When I read it, I was shocked someone would write what you did. If you will go back and read all the other people's comments here you will also see that most agreed with me.

I am relatively new here. Don't know you, Nagler or anyone else. I simply enjoy reading the articles and commenting from time to time. I don't generally look at who writes what so I wasn't aware of who you were. I assumed all people here were male as it appears at least that 99% of the people here that comment are male.

When I commented above I assumed you were a man. When I found out you were a woman it then made sense why you would write like you did. You or others called it sexist, I call it the difference in thinking between a man and a woman especially when football is involved.

A true diehard male Packers fan who has watched this rivalry thru the years would not say the things you did about this being a "no match". We just know better than that. We think differently. That's what i was trying to get across.

Of course how I got my point was to use humor like an Archie Bunker to show my displeasure at your title. Because everyone today is so politically correct, humor is now a thing of the past. The young kids today have no clue that I was kidding all along. Now I see what Greg Jennings went thru when everyone took him serious about Rodgers.

I guess from this point forward it's act like a good robot and never use jokes or sarcasm. Vic Ketchum is one of the last remaining people out there that is able to still do that sort of thing. Even he is getting dumped on when people take him the wrong way. I see it sometimes and enjoy reading his replies to people. The guy is sarcastic and funny and some people hate him for that. I don't. I love that guy!!

Just to end, I hope to converse with you down the road. Just because I didn't like your title doesn't mean I don't like you. I actually commend you on the article as your title brought out alot of emotion in people especially me. That is what a good writer or reporter is supposed to accomplish. Congrats Jayme!! You did your job!!


tundravision's picture

You're still an idiot. And no amount of humorous rationalization redeems yourself.

I have disagreed with Jayme, Corey, Aaron, and any number of Packer fans and writers over the years. And I've told them why by addressing the point, not insulting the person making it.

You chose, even before you knew Jayme was a woman, to start attacking a person's credibility to make your lame-ass point.

You then chose to go on one of the most misogynistic rants I've ever seen, and you did it against a fellow Packer fan. AGAINST A PACKER FAN.

And not just a Packer fan, but one so dedicated she's been writing about them for years now...long before you chose to bless this site with your infinite wisdom.

And not just a dedicated Packer fan, but one who actually knows as much as any of the guys on this board, and probably more than most.

Don't pull the "I'll just act like a good robot" crap. You're a moron. YOU wanted attention and you got it.

I learned the lesson a long time ago: "Life is far too short to spend time fighting with fellow Packer fans. It's why God created Viking and Bear fans." But you took it one step further than that, choosing to attack a person you didn't even know because she was a "girl".

My time is way too precious to tolerate anyone treating people who voluntarily write for your entertainment the way you, and do with such condescension. You are the Jay Cutler of Packer fans. I'd rather hang out with Viking or Bear fans than the likes of you.

Nerd's picture

Men and women are different. So what? Discuss that at thredpill.

There's also a difference between smart people and dumbasses.

The TKstinator's picture

Here's some more "enlightenment":
Boys like blue, girls like pink.
Boys play with trucks, girls play with dolls.

You're welcome.

dawg's picture

Queens got beat up this week in the press, and now the Godfather of the NFL comes to town!
Me thinks they wanna play some football.

dawg's picture

I agree w/ Jayme on paper, But this team hates the Packers, always did, always will.
And the feeling is mutual!
Me thinks this team will be up for a challenge! Cause its the Packers!
Just sayin!
I hope we eFenn destroy the queens!

Kg's picture

Calm down my fellow fans. You guys have obviously not watched the Vikings play this season... They have looked like a 3-4 win team and that might be stretching it. Packers will win 27-10 book it! Nobody has mentioned how awful Minnesotas o line has been and our boys up front should dominate the line of scrimmage. We're good to go my people. Win coming this Sunday for our packers. Go pack go!

Ceallaigh_k's picture

Sorry, not going to just calm down. Paperboy and Longshanks are myopic little boys trapped in a stepfordian stereotype from the fifties.

Packer Nation's picture

Nice to see Packer Fans being united over the love of their team.

Kg's picture

No by all means rip longshanks a new one. I mean everyone can relax about the packers having trouble this Sunday. I believe this game won't even be close we should destroy the Vikings. But as for the sexist dude... Feel free lol

Kg's picture

I try to just ignore people who act like complete assholes on blogs but this is their life. It's what they do. They troll and hope to get people all outta sorts so they can make themselves feel better for being in their early 30's and still having to live with mommy. So really there sad and I have pity for them... Not really lol. This blog is awesome just ignore the sad little trolltards

tundravision's picture

If I were running this site, both longshanks and Paperboy would be banned.

It's one thing to be an idiot.

It's another thing to be an idiot to someone like Jayme, who actually does know more than either of you idiots know about football.

Longshanks's picture

Jayme and I are cool again I assure you. She and I had a disagreement or misunderstanding and everyone took what I said out of context and thought that I was actually serious. Not sure about Paperboy but she now understands it was just a joke. Please let's get back to talking Packers football as it's what I do best.

Thank you!!

Jayme Snowden's picture

I'm not really sure why you think "we're cool again", we were never cool, and we're not now.

Your sexist comments, your condescending comments, and your insinuation that I'm not a real fan because I took the time to pull stats to dig deeper than "rivalry games are tough", did nothing to "make us cool."

Longshanks's picture

That's sort of disappointing Jayme. I thought you and I can move forward and forget about this. You didn't know me and how I use humor and I didn't know you and how you use research and stats to back up your points. We both know each other a little better now.

I do now see you are a writer here and are a very important cog at this site and lots of people know you and respect you. At the time I was just responding to what you wrote not anything else. I simply didn't like your title that was it. I thought Frazier could use it as motivation to beat us. I love the Packers and I don't like giving the other team any bulletin board material.

Longshanks - The Jay Cutler of Packers fans

Jersey Al's picture

Did you really write, "Most women watch football for different reasons than a man. It’s a genetic thing."

Funny, when I took genetics as as Bio major in college, we talked about ABO, CD4 and other genes, but never the NFL gene. Must have missed that class.

What an incredibly ignorant comment. And your age is no excuse. Read some books - find a little enlightenment...

leo's picture

Hey everything this guy wrote makes no sense, I for one think it was a joke, some kind of refutation by reductio ad absurdum of the whole "you are a girl, you never played, you can't talk football"

Ceallaigh_k's picture

Keep walking it back sweetcheeks. Yes, there is a genetic difference between men and women. I may have ovaries.

But you're just a dick.

You weren't being funny. You were rude, petulant and offensive. You couldn't hold your own in an argument so went to the Make me a Sammich defense.

And no, you don't get to pull the Chewbacca defense either. You were a sexist pig clinging to a Leave it to Beaver stereotype that hasn't existed since the Eisenhower administration .

Bored now. Go away.

Bears love cheddar biscuits's picture

I miss Cow. He may have been intensely pessimistic but at least he made salient arguments. Cow...WHERE ARE YOU!!!!????

We Should be Smarter's picture

No one came back with the reasons "men" like football?

Ya know, to drink beers while pretending to be participants in battles they'd never survive (giving themselves a false sense of glory).

Or, wait...are guys in it for the food (thankfully, prepared by the little ladies)?

How about none-of-the-above.

As my Uncle used to say, "all generalizations are wrong except this one."

My wife and daughter watch football for the game. I tend to cook. We all drink beer. We (still) collectively hold our breath when it's a field goal attempt.

We are One.

We're fans.

Jamie's picture

FTR - I have a weenur, a chihuahua, and a shitzu.

zcalvelli's picture

I really enjoyed where he tried to walk it back. That's funny stuff. Not the kind of funny Longshanks likely thinks I would misunderstand, but rather the general "Vic Ketchum" funny. LOL.

Bears love cheddar biscuits's picture

Pretty sure "Ketchum" would have had a field day with Longshanks.

JP's picture

Longshanks, please down a bottle of Jack and drive yourself home. Remember I said 'please' so my comment is no longer offensive and because you understand where I'm coming from now, you ass hat

jay's picture

Man I miss cow. Where's he been?

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