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The Trouble With Tramon

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The Trouble With Tramon

At the risk of upsetting Corey, I am now going to tell you the bad news about Tramon Williams' performance on Monday night. It wasn't the pass interference penalties. It was the fact that, in one nationally televised instant, Williams has made himself a target for officials and teams for the rest of the season. Monday night was not only ugly from the standpoint of the penalties themselves and the damage they inflicted on the team yardage wise, but it crystallized for an entire football-watching nation Tramon Williams' reputation. From here on out he will be known as the 'Armbar Guy' or some variation thereof. (Football Outsiders has opted for Admiral Armbar, in reference to Admiral Ackbar. Unfortunately they seem to have taken down their brilliant picture for fear of facing a Lucasfilm Lawyer)

You thought teams were going after Tramon before? It's going to be ridiculous now until he learns to stop grabbing receivers and starts playing the ball.

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Brian Carriveau's picture

I disappointed you used the Wikipedia reference for Admiral Ackbar instead of Wookiepedia.

packeraaron's picture


ZeroTolerance's picture

Was that not one of Ahman Carroll's problems?

packeraaron's picture

Zero - no, Ahman's problem was grabbing guys. That happens when you're out of position. Tramon is IN position and just keeps hooking guys. He's got to stop it.

DaveK's picture

Three INT's against the Bears would solve this problem! Can he run with Knox or Hester?

RockinRodgers's picture

Tramon had good coverage on all those penalties. He has to just get that arm out of the dudes chest.

Dilligaff's picture

Regardless of the national spot light, which won't help matters, Woodson is still on the other side. Teams are not going to take as may chances on Woodson, thus by default throwing against Tramon. I think Cutler has a chip on his shoulder and will test Woodson, only to walk off the field with his tail between his legs.

PackersRS's picture

Aaron. Let them come. Guess what's the other trait of Tramon Williams? He's a ballhawk. He'll get his PI. But he'll also get that INT that will more than make up for it. Not only that, it's a good thing that they'll come early and often after him. It'll force him to mature early, and be ready when playoff comes.

Ryeguy812's picture

I think part of what makes Tramon a PI target is that he is a ballhawk. He's going for the INT instead of the pass defense, so he needs to get both his hands in the play, which incidentally puts one hand on the WR. 2 of his 3 PI's would have been easy pass defenses had he just tried to knock the ball away with is open arm.

Ruppert's picture

Let's assume that Monday night's game DOES place this label firmly upon Tramon, even though we all know that refs are impartial...(sarcasm alert)
So what? Tramon's bad reputation will just be replacing Al Harris' bad reputation. Reputation or no reputation, TW has to knock it off. If he does, good. If not, bad. Nothing changes, as far as I'm concerned. You make it sound like he was going to sneak under the radar for a while and get away with stuff. Now he won't.

bomdad's picture

Let them underthrow, Nick Collins is lurking.
All it takes is one flop per game when the reciever boxes out with his arm. If TW had not clutched the arm, the WR gets away with a pushoff. I think your way off base with this reputation theory, a decent officiating crew wont be calling that handfighting especially in the playoffs.

fish's picture

There was some arm grabbing on both sides of the ball. DD and Jennings both lost some big yards because of arm grabs. Two teams fighting any way they could to remain in the game and the officials knew that. Tramons arm grab moved the ball to the goal line where he then intercepts the ball in the endzone, keeping essentially 12 points off the Ravens score.

IronMan's picture

Who's Ahman Carroll? ;)

packeraaron's picture

Nice. Going so fast I didn't even notice...

foundinidaho's picture

Ooooh, hatin' on Tramon. Better watch it, you're right, Corey will be on you fast.

PACKERS.'s picture

Once again, as I know I will for the rest of this week. I feel like an idiot for not knowing anything. I will NEVER miss a Pack game again. What did Williams do?

PackersRS's picture

3 Pass interferences for 107 yards...

And one TD saving, and possibily game saving INT.

PACKERS.'s picture

Thank you PackersRS

Wait, 107 yards?!?!? That's one third of all the penalty yards on the night combining both teams. He redeems himself with those game saving plays though, but 107, that's bad. Why wasn't he in the ugly?

retiredgrampa's picture

Woodson has said that what he loves about Williams is that, "He has a short memory." But that may be to his detriment...if he doesn't remember what he did wrong the last time. You think?

PACKERS.'s picture

Retiredgrampa: I think Woodson was just saying that as a figure of speech, as he was trying to illustrate how Williams had a bad game, but he was able to come back and make a game saving play later on. That's just my take on it, though.

WoodyG's picture

Need to check the numbers on ESPN telecasts...... National spotlight ???? ..... Not so much...... Williams was going to be targeted anyway the rest of the season ...... Woody will set him on a corrected course ......

ACDC84's picture

I think this was planned by the team. Opposing offenses will be so eager to go after Williams that they won't even pay attention to our star nickelback.

PackersRS's picture

I don't think they'll go after Tramon, as much as they'll stay away from Woodson ;)

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