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The Problem with Dom Capers and the Packers Silence

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The Problem with Dom Capers and the Packers Silence

This afternoon, Mike McCarthy and his assistant coaches will be available to the media in their season ending press conference, and with all the potential talking points, it seems as if one topic has taken over. What is the future of Dom Capers?

It’s been talked about since week one; it’s been talked about since last season. The Packers defense, the unit that continually bailed out the team in 2010, was weak at best last year, and inconsistent and at times sloppy this season. Is Capers to blame? What about the massive injuries and reliance on younger players in key roles? Is it schematic or a problem with the position coaches?

Questions, that for the last two seasons went un-answered and the Fire Dom Capers train gained steam. The talk snowballed in the aftermath of the Packers crushing defeat in San Francisco.

It wasn’t just the repeated inability to execute basic tackling techniques, or Erik Walden failing to turn around and actually watch the play. It wasn’t even just the failure to make any in game adjustments. It was a lack of preparation.

Charles Woodson spoke after the game and Ty Dunne, of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, reported that the defense “didn’t anticipate the quarterback running the way he did.” The Packers defense did not expect Colin Kaepernick, the player who rushed for over 300 yards since taking over the starting role from Alex Smith, to run the ball?

It’s shockingly cavalier and for fans, immensely disappointing, yet it shouldn’t come as a complete surprise.

In the Wild Card round, the Packers faced Vikings backup quarterback, Joe Webb. The Packers knew Christian Ponder was hurt; they had to. Morgan Burnett hit Ponder the week earlier, and Ponder clearly displayed his pain in game. The Vikings also limited Ponder all week in practice. As game day approached, doubts about Ponder’s ability grew.

Yet, it wasn’t until a few hours before kickoff, that the Packers defensive staff sat down to review film on Webb. Luckily for the Packers, Webb’s accuracy left much to be desired, and the Vikings seemed to rely on Webb’s weakness in throwing and not his strength in running and mobility. Had the Vikings ran Webb more, there’s a real possibility that Woodson’s post game quote from the loss to San Francisco would have been used a week earlier, “We didn’t anticipate the quarterback running the way he did.”

So as the public conversation swells for Dom’s firing, a key piece to the puzzle has quietly emerged. Dom Capers’ contract expired at the end of the 2012 season. The question is not if the Packers should fire Capers, it’s if they should re-sign him. It changes the discourse from if Dom’s faults warrant termination, to deciding if he’s earned a new contract.

Yet, this part of the topic is lying quietly under the surface. Tom Silverstein wrote after the Packers Super Bowl win in 2010 about the contract extension for Dom Capers. Yet, it appears, after cursory internet searches, that that article is the last time Capers contract was formally written about. The Packers aren’t talking about it, leaving the media and fans simply to wonder why aren’t the Packers saying anything.

Is the lack of discussion from the Packers a ploy until they make up their mind? Or is it another case of the Packers not seeing the same problem that the fans and some media do.

In that respect, it is similar to the Jermichael Finley situation.

Finley has been a fan and media target all season, the majority of it brought on by him. He’s a problem child, a disruption in the locker room. He talks poorly about his teammates to his agent and failed for much of the season to work on his relationship with Aaron Rodgers. Storylines researched, common themes throughout the year. Finley’s never been afraid to say what he thinks, and at times, he sometimes doesn’t think about what he wants to say.

Therefore, all season, and carrying over from last season, the conversation was should the Packers keep Jermichael Finley. To the outside, he’s not worth the trouble. His 15.55 drop percentage over his first nine games of the season (7 drops out of 45 targets), combined with the perceived locker room troubles, made him extremely unattractive.

But the Packers organization and Finley’s teammates never discussed any dismay toward him. And as the season progressed, so did Finley. His comments have calmed down, and his drop percentage dropped to 4.08% in his last nine games (2 drops out of 49 targets).

Sometimes overlooked in the Finley conversation, like the Capers situation, is Finley’s contract. Finley is under contract. The conversation here isn’t if the Packers should re-sign him, it’s if his short comings warrant being released or traded.

Yet again, that’s not an aspect being discussed by the Packers. And that’s not completely out of the ordinary while in season, but it brings about the question, are the Packers failing to fill in the framework of the discussions that fans and media want, or are the fans and media failing to see the framework presented by the Packers?

Jermichael Finley is due a roster bonus of $3 million in March; by then his fate should be known. But hopefully today, the Packers will provide some answers, some context on the future of Dom Capers.

Mike McCarthy will address the media and no doubt be asked about Capers future. Will Capers contract being extended or re-signed or will Capers’ time with the Packers expire like his contract has? Regardless of the answer, the Packers response should provide a clearer context for the discussion.

Jayme Joers is a writer at CheeseheadTV’s Eat More Cheese and co-host of CheeseheadRadio part of the Packers Talk Radio Network at You can contact her via twitter at @jaymelee1 or email at [email protected].

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Big Bay Blues's picture

Good article. People may think the writing style is a bit unorthodox over at Total Packers, but they just posted a pretty insightful article about what is truly missing from our team. We have cerebral men running our team. What we need is one person with an attitude more akin to Jim Harbaugh, preferably as our defensive coordinator. Check out the article. It's a good read.

Evan's picture

Kevin Greene?

Big Bay Blues's picture

Evan, I agree. Kevin Greene.

lebowski's picture

That was a good take.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture


Evan's picture

"[Finley] talks poorly about his teammates to his agent and failed for much of the season to work on his relationship with Aaron Rodgers."

I think I have to call BS on that.

Jayme Snowden's picture

I wasn't saying I believe that, was saying it was a story line.
Personally, I'm on the keep Finley bandwagon and think a lot of the media attention he gets is over the top. Wrote it that way to comment on the drama of the things talked about

Evan's picture

Oh, sorry. Yeah, definitely didn't read it like that at all.

jeff joers's picture

Jayme I agree with you Capers should be gone no way to perpare for a big game that did not take into acount the running QB. And to say at half time the ajustment to be made is to apply more pressure and open up more running lanes when the players don't stay in there rush lanes. Unreal.

Rob's picture

J-Fin needs to line up at TE and dominate LB's....he is NO wr and NOT a mismatch for good db's

Jersey Al's picture

Well done, Jayme...

Bugeater's picture

I don't hold out much hope that the press conference will shed much light. I'm expecting more of the "We evaluate all aspects of the orginiation at this time of the year. All facets will receive our attention."

Then there will be something about pad level and wrapping up on tackles.

Chris's picture

LOL, sad but oh so true

Beep's picture

And Mason Crosby is still our kicker...

lebowski's picture

that made me laugh

Rob's picture

lol, spot on Bug

CSS's picture

I would like to be a fly on the wall for exit interviews among the defensive players. While I don't believe players should have the leverage to get a coach or coaching staff terminated (or in this case a contract to not be renewed) there's a point of no return for McCarthy if he consistently senses a culture of wavering support for Capers ability to scheme and adjust. You've got to think a crescendo of doubt during the interview process will have a significant impact on the decision.

Evan's picture

I do agree that "not re-signing" Dom is a far more likely scenario than "firing Dom" would be.

subzeropr's picture

I believe, and may be in the minority here, that Capers is not the problem. We had bid key players in D go down as early as the preseason (Collins). Des Bishop was the best tackler from 2011 and he was out. We lost Perry, CJ Wilson was not 100%. On offense, the O-line was mediocre at best and we had an arsenal of RB that looked like it was an open tryout. For the 49ers game, we did not had the personnel to contain what Kaepernick brought and he ran all over us. Maybe a different approach would have contain him but he was passing very well too. Tramon looked scared, Woodson slow, etc... I would give Capers another chance... With all these injuries, we improved a lot from 2011 (last place) to middle of the pack in 2012..

PackerBacker's picture

I agree about the loss of Bishop and Perry. It think they bring a toughness and size that were missed with their replacements. Having said that, it would be nice to see a big, tough ILB in this years draft. If for no other reason than as backup for injuries.

CSS's picture

I don't think you can pin season long issues on Capers, there's a lot of variability there and a very nuanced response as to why this defense lacked consistency. That being said, it doesn't help that he's had three absolutely awful playoff losses with the Packers where there were no adjustments following the first 2 quarters of play. The most recent case when the opposing quarterback has 189 of his 197 rushing yards entirely without contact and un-contested you have a scheme problem, not a tackling or physicality problem.

I'm not calling for the guy's head, I would actually like to see what the staff can do with a young core on defense from year 1 to year 2. No improvement and McCarthy better have plan 'B' somewhere on the sideline.

Beep's picture

Excuses are like @$$holes, everyone's got one.

It would be refreshing to hear some candid comments from MM and Dom stating how bad they screwed up.

Chris's picture

Look every team has injuries to important guys. Yes the Packers lost Bishop in the middle, and maybe Smith would have had a good season. But that should be no excuse. The Packers drafted big on defense, and only one player stood out, playing the nickle (C. Hayward). That's just not enough.
Other teams make 6th round picks or later look like pro bowlers. Not the Packers. At least not on defense.

trvs's picture

I definitely agree. Losing Collins, when he was really hitting his stride ,set this defense back. The injuries this year really made it difficult to play tough up front.

What was embarrassing to watch, was how timid the defense became against the 49ers. They were too afraid to rush in fear of a roll out, and were unable to generate consistent pressure when 7 was passing. Just awful.

I think Dom is a good coach, but a fresh voice might not be a terrible idea. McCarthy can continue to push the offense. Lets get a guy in there who will rally the talent we have.

Kevin Lamb's picture

I believe Dom will be resigned and back with the team next year. I do not want to go back to hiring a new defensive cord. every other year. I like the 3/4 defense and Dom is a good coach. He is a super bowl winning coach. I see people posting stuff about going back to a 4/3 defense, are you crazy? One of the big reasons for the 3/4 defense is special teams. More linebackers instead of DL on the active 46 for special teams. Plus if you switch to a 4/3 defense what about CMIII? There is no way in hell he resigns to play OLB in a 4/3 defense. He would leave via free agency. Stick with the 3/4 defense and let Dom and his staff work on improving this Dfence.

THEMichaelRose's picture

I agree with most of this, especially regarding the 4-3, terrible idea.

I'd be okay with Dom staying, because the D did improve from last year. However, the argument could be made that it improved because we emphasized defense early in the draft and got some good talent, which not only put better players on the field (Hayward), but increased the level of competition with the returning roster, which possibly became complacent (Shields).

Evan's picture

I read some piece today in favor of switching to the 4-3 with this bit of logic: "If Aaron Kampman could be reinvented for one season into an outside linebacker, there is little reason to doubt that Matthews, a far superior athlete, could be re imagined as a 4-3 outside linebacker."

Less than convincing, to put it mildly.

Jayme Snowden's picture

Definitely feel like that Packers should stick with the 3-4 or a hybrid version of it regardless of what they do with Capers.

And Evan, you're right, that Kampman argument makes me want to keep the 3-4 more. Kampman never switched over well.

The defense, just like the offense, should be schemed to best suit the key players strengths. Just like having RG3 or Kaep as your QB, the offense would have draws, options, etc, be dumb not to. Just as dumb not to play to where CM3 excels.

Kevin Lamb's picture

I agree Jayme, you have to scheme to player strengths. I feel the biggest problem with the Packer D is the linebacker play and safety play. I rewatched all the games this year the past 2 days and one thing I noticed, when Burnett plays well and makes plays the defense plays well, when Burnett is not seen or is missing tackles the defense is not very good. Woodson and Burnett did not have very good games vs 49ers. B. Jones and E. Walden need to be replaced. They are not starters. Hope N. Perry and D. Bishop come back healthy next year.

madmanJack's picture

which leads you to wonder if Perry will ever be able to make the switch.
IMO, he lacks the quickness need to excel there.

CSS's picture

Look at the college ranks. There's a lot of personnel that fit the athletic 3-4 defense, the guys that fit a 4-3 end are an absolute rarity.

Thompson could stack a draft board with quite a few reasonable targets that could develop into 3-4 rush backers. Good luck finding more than 2 or 3 legitimate 4-3 ends on any draft board every year. They are really getting rare.

madmanJack's picture

i think Perry would be a great DE in the 4-3...not so sure about OLB in a 3-4.

Tarynfor12's picture

The author is known for spouting out would have been wise to stop writing those thoughts as soon as he realized that CM3 would be an immediate loss from the team.

Rob's picture

disagree....Matthews sack numbers would CLIMB because no o-line could handle 4 plus a Matthews/Perry blitz....nobody would run on us and he would have picks besides...just my opinion....never liked 3 -4 and this BS of dropping 8 in coverage....McCarthy also needs to coach and let the o-cord do his job!

Big Bay Blues's picture

I think Dom Capers needs to check his pad level.

Devil Doc's picture

My question would be, how much is to blame on Capers and how much is to blame on the players. The "injured players" excuse can only be used for so long. I thought this would be Capers make or break year, but the injuries to key players may keep him around 1 more year.

Evan's picture

"My question would be, how much is to blame on Capers and how much is to blame on the players."

I think that's everyone's question. And there is no clear cut answer. It's been 3 years and they still don't really have a complement for CM3. He's had to deal with a lot of injuries. That's not Dom's fault.

Then again, if they were simply not expecting/prepared for Kaepernick's running, that's 100% on Dom.

I think good arguments can be made on both sides. I'd be okay with giving him 1 more year. But I also wouldn't be sorry to see him go. How is that for noncommittal?

Chris's picture

A good defensive coordinator makes the players he got better during the time they play in his scheme.
Answer me this: Who is actually playing better than they did 4 years ago on defense? They are all declining (with the exception of Matthews, he is still the same with more knowledge, but even he looked lost against Kaepernick).

And that is the main reason to switch coordinators.

Sean's picture

For one, they are not going to let Capers go before the Packer coaches work the Pro Bowl.

Capers is not the sole reason for our collapse. We went from the 31st defense to the 11th in yards this year. That is an amazing amount of improvement. Rookies took a big step this year but they are still rookies.

The main problem is that we still need a number of new players on this defense. The linebackers (besides Clay) are a liability against good teams. The defense line is still a work in progress. Woodson is too slow. Did you see how many times they targeted him? Do we really think a slightly different scheme would have won that game?
McCarthy deserves an equal amount of blame. Why all the long bombs on Third and short? Why not take advantage of Rodgers ability to run to keep the defense honest? Why go completly away from the running game for a huge portions of the game when it was actually showing some signs of life?

SF scored 14 points on two really really dumb turnovers. This is a team game and the team lost. SF at this point is just the better team.

Big Bay Blues's picture

Going from 5th to 31st is also an amazing drop-off. But where you really make your bones is in the playoffs. 3 out of 4 years: 51 points, 37 points, 45 points. Poor tackling, blown coverages, guys barely understanding what gap containment means.

Beep's picture

I think even MM and Dom would give themselves poor grades for their in game adjustments. I'm confident the 3-4 scheme will still work in GB. I'm still not sure which way to go on keeping Dom around. Right now defenses are struggling to crack the code of the zone read QB's like RG3 and Kaep. The QB position is evolving (with freak athletes) and D's haven't quite caught on. The bigger issue I have, regardless of keeping Dom, is how many years will it take to figure things out. Like sand through the hour glass, so go the prime days of Aaron Rodgers career.

PackerPete's picture

Capers deserves criticism, for sure. I am still on the "keep him" bandwagon, because I think his overall scheme is solid. There are some underperformers on the team and some players who are not starters, but had to be this year, due to injuries.
Incomplete preparation is certainly worrisome. But there are 2 aspects here I would like to mention, and nobody brings those up.
First, there is an opposing OC. The 49ers were superbly prepared. They identified the weaknesses and exploited them to perfection. Walden always peeks and shifts inside. The only game he didn't was last week's Vikings game. He is just one example. I don't think this is Capers' fault alone. There are position coaches. Capers can only play the players he has. Where is Greene in all this as OLB coach? Could he not prepare Walden to play solidly against the run? I always hear from former players that they talk much more and learn much more from position coaches than the HC or OC or DC. Greene was one of the best to ever play OLB in the NFL, is it possible he is a bad coach and is he one of the main problems? Or Winston Moss as ILB coach? Just saying, anybody who wants Capers gone probably should be wanting to get rid of most if not all position coaches also.
Secondly, why did the defense even have to be on the field that much? The Offense failed to perform as well. Yes people will say they scored 24 points (7 were the result of the INT), that should've been enough. But, did anybody feel the offense was prepared? Was there a game plan? Why did Ross play on offense several snaps in the 1st half, and Cobb not at all? Why did we move away from the running game in the 2nd half, when Harris had decent production in the 1st half (9 runs for 47 yards = 5.2 yrds/carry)? The game was not out of hand until the 4th quarter, in fact it was tied 24-24 mid 3rd quarter. Is there any conscious effort to exploit the weakness of the opposing team, or is it McCarthy firmly believeing that his original "chuck it down the field" approach works in every case, and he is completely baffled if it doesn't? I think the lack of preparation is not limited to the defensive side, but offense is just as unprepared. So if people here want to fire Capers, why stop there? I think what people have to realize is that the Packers are in the fortunate position to have one of the best players in the NFL currently playing QB, and I am wondering whether his prime years are wasted with a mediocre coach in McCarthy. I watched a lot of Packers football the last 20+ years, and just imagine what Holmgren could do with talent like McCarthy has!
Sorry, didn't want to write a novel, but I think firing Capers will not solve the problem. Plus, it gives the team a good excuse for next season, as then it is "we have to get familiar with the new scheme first" and another season will be wasted. Then make a radical change and bring in a complete new coaching staff who actually prepares well, adjusts well at half time, and actually uses all players to their strengths and not just trying to press them into a pre-coceived scheme.

paxbak's picture

We should be so much better on 3rd and 6 or less. We are not good on that down due to the deep passes and Aaron holding on to the ball too long.

chris's picture

I have no idea what to think on this issue anymore. After the game I wanted Dom Capers to be fired instantly and now I can't make up my mind. I keep telling myself we will be better next year when we get Bishop and Perry back, however we all know we are going to loose some good players on defense due to injury next year. Will it be CM3, Shields, Hayward, Burnett? I keep thinking that injuries should be no excuse to keep someone around, but then again we finished 11th in yards and points scored with these injuries, which at the beginning of the season if you would have told me we would finish 11th in defense I wold have been ecstatic. Yet if player after player is saying that there were no adjustments made at halftime in the exit interview then he needs to go.

I still think we observe injuries to starters at an above average rate, because each week before the game when I look at our injury list it seems to always include more starters than the opposition. This is not a quantitative statement by any means but I cannot find the games missed due to injury statistics anywhere (assuming anyone keeps track of it).

Tyson's picture

The whole coaching staff of the defense needs to go, they are all soft. Look at that team, Linebackers cant tackle -minus clay and even he looked soft as hell on saturday. Greene for def coach hell no. The linebackers have been awful for years minus bishop and clay, they have a lot of talent the rest of the linebackers are trash, and have no discipline, I put that on the coach.

imfubared's picture

I think its half the coaches and have TT giving up number and three picks who come with a price tag and going for the bundle of 4,5,6 picks and undrafted's to play Teddy Ball (His form of money ball).
ex. Zombo, played at Central Michigan, a Div II team that wasn't very good in Div II and he wasn't all that good at CM.
SSo why and how did he make the Packers. Guys like this don't make a team superbowl bound. Yes he was on our team the year we won but in a limited backup role. Big problemo is when the guy in front gets serious injury and now its not a fill in anymore. The Pack has way too many fill in players in major roles.

KennyPayne's picture

Personally, if Dom was shown the door, I'd be fine with that and would like Darren Perry promoted. (Think about it, our DBs have been superior at time during the past 4 years, our DLine (Trgovac) and LBs (Greene) not so much).

But, but, but, everyone knew the D stunk last year and thus TT used his first 6 picks on D. How many of those 6 picks played much on Saturday night? One - Hayward and he did not even play that much.

We also lost the best ILB Desmond Bishop and his backup DJ Smith. In truth, the D still needs an infusion of talent whether Dom is gone or not.

ArodMoney's picture

Daniels played a bit. Moses as well(not a pick but a rookie).

I realize there were injuries, but then what was the excuse all last season? Yes they do need better players on defense, especially DLine/LB's, but their personnel is above average.

Just think about the 'good' offenses the Packers have faced this year.
San Fran - 30 and 45
Saints - 27
Houston? - 24
Giants - 38
That's it. That's really bad.
Now 2011
Saints - 34
Atlanta - 14
Chargers - 38
Lions - 15 & 41
Giants - 35 and 37

2 out of 12 times they stopped a good offense. And its not like the offense is the Jets going three and out routinely. Capers has shown an inability to scheme against good balanced offenses. Odds are you will face at least two on the way to a super bowl(ATL and PHI in 2010. Thankfully Rodgers went off in ATL or else that could have been the same story) and you can't expect offense to always put up 40.

ArodMoney's picture

Drop percentage should come from amount of catchable passes, not targets. He's dropped 2 of 39 catchable passes for a drop rate of 5.13%.

brando's picture

Better than "Is sad. -by Jayme" :P

I'm thinking there will more likely be some position coaches replaced and Dom a year extension. It seems like so much of our issues were guys making mistakes at the worst moments. Some of that can be attributed to the musical chairs of injury replacements but you have to wonder if their coaches just aren't getting through.

One think I'd like to know is who all actually got the flu bug as guys just looked really slow out there.

ArodMoney's picture

If they were to hire a new coordinator(offense too if Clements leaves) I pray that it is somebody outside of the organization. I don't want somebody who has mainly learned under Capers/McCarthy giving us the same concepts. I just want to see some new minds on both sides of the ball.

cow42's picture

the defense will be solid next season...



williams (who i think will have a much better season next year. dude had nerve damage. there's no way he was 100% this season. he played like he was not confident in his shoulder - weak jam/shied away from contact)

dump hawk and woodson (not worth the $)
dump zombo (not good)
maybe keep walden (ok backup)

manning and lattimore and bush = good special teams players

that's enough defensive talent.
with a year under their belts they're going to make strides.

i think some of the young guys have the potential to supply some of that nasty attitude that seems to be missing as well...

hayward's cocky as hell
moses has a presence for a dude who basically was a walk-on
i hated worthy at MSU because he seemed like such a pr*ck
bishop is an s.o.b.
perry almost took luck's head off (legal hit)
mcmillian enjoys hitting people.

to be honest - i might be more worried about the offense.
i think they perform despite of mccarthy. i used to think he was just thinking "out of the box" with some of the things he would have the offense doing - now i'm starting to think he may just be either stubborn or overwhelmed.

no way rodgers makes it through 16 games if he gets sacked 51 times again.

the oline is still up in the air (will bulaga's hip be ok? is sherrod ever gonna be good? can you really get away with house as your LT? EDS... really?)

what's the deal gonna be with the running game?
benson - gone
grant - gone
starks - 'bout had it up to here with that guy
green - will the knee hold up
harris - can he really be your guy?

will one of the TE's actually show up? why is williams even on the team? love crabby - but, c'mon. taylor? quarless' knee was SHREDDED.

i bet the O drops off and the D steps up next season.

also - i think they're sitting' pretty with the draft.
while the roster could use upgrades in some areas - there isn't a DIRE need anywhere.

pick the best guy on the board - regardless of position. there's room for playmakers anywhere.

Jay's picture

I agree with cow. Draft a defensive player if a playmaker falls, but otherwise I want to see a mauler of a G or C. Really anyone from the Alabama OL would be great--Jones, Fluker, or Warmack. Thanks. We'll probably see WR/TE in the mocks, but that guy would be the 3rd or 4th option at best. You don't draft that in the first two rounds at least.

Jamie's picture

Seems to be some revisionist history going on in this post, which I'm not a fan of.

madmanJack's picture

i feel like the D needs to get stronger up the middle. get Bishop back ...add a big fast ILB to compliment him. a DT that can get PUSH up the gut. and one big mean safety that can run and tackle. i know....Xmas is over but i can still dream, can't i?

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

"add a big fast ILB to compliment him."

That's #1 on my wish list. Christ, I hope they cut bait with hawk, enough is enough man. He is what he is, and he just isn't the guy we need next to Bishop.... Or... On the team at all for that matter. I'll take a rookie with upside in a minute.


Rob's picture

was totally jazzed when he got what???

imfubared's picture

I agree but keep going you were just getting started. Throw in lets dump some of these guys who can't play as well.

Rob's picture

I am for the 4-3 and a stud at LB...I am for Finley as a TE....he is no WR and not a mismatch for d-backs...McCarthy needs too do HIS job and let the OC do HIS!!! 3-4 and Dom need to go. imagine a 4-3 and Matthews on a blitz.....or Matthews & Perry on a blitz on top of a 4 man need to drop 8 with that pressure....dropping 8 is about as 'give-up' as I have ever seen and not fair to our d-line.....Raji/Picket inside, Worthy/Neal-Daniels outside etc.....

Rob's picture

seen a few early mocks and saying rb/wr/te......seriously??? ILB, or ILB, maybe an ILB, and if ones not available.....I L B

Rob's picture

ok, last item, where in the world is Sherrod? They acted like he would miss the first preseason game, ok 2, then 3, 4, first week, after the bye....WHERE IS THIS GUY????? Need you back D Sherrod!!!!!!!!

imfubared's picture

I don't see it that way. I see a host of players who have been on this team now for several years and have not produced a darn thing, not to mention players who were out of shape and players who are getting long in the tooth.
Neal, Walden, Zombo, Raji (way out of shape) Pickett -slowed down a lot this year, Tramon Williams - a third string back up on any other team, Burnett, couldn't tackle a fire hydrant without missing, Hawk, the best at waiting for others to do something, Worthy - they will call him worthless after next season and Perry - lets give him five years to figure out the position. Duh.
Funny all the other teams in the playoffs were able to mount a pass rush with 4 people and played 4 people most of the time. The pack rushed 6 often and still couldn't reach the qb. That is not defensive talent that is lack of on display.

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