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The Play Where I Lost My Mind

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The Play Where I Lost My Mind

Yes, I was in attendance last night to watch the Packers take on the Vikings and it was, bar none, the greatest game I've ever had the good fortune of seeing at Lambeau Field. I was shocked at how loud the crowd was. The place was electric (though the number of Viking fans in the bleachers was a downright embarrassment) and every play seemed like it was either the greatest triumph the crowd had ever witnessed or the worst display of football ever presented on the historic tundra.

But there was one play that was the zenith of the entire night. This was, without question, the play where I lost my mind with joy:

Jumping, hugging, high-fiving and lots and lots of spilled beer ensued.

This was the play all of Packer Nation had been waiting to see since Favre signed with the Vikings. And to watch it finally unfold under the lights for a national audience to see was thrilling and cathartic in a way I have trouble even putting into words.

Without question - one of the greatest nights ever at Lambeau.

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KCousineau09's picture

A-freaking-MEN! I literally had tears of joy in my eyes as I jumped up and down and hugged my brother, my dad, and whoever else wanted some love.

Packnic's picture

cathartic is definitely the best word.

relief and justice also serve well here.

ShopeIV's picture

i love the vikings coach on the sideline who throws down his clipboard in disgust

foundinidaho's picture

I screamed so loud my beagle left the room and hid. Lol. Just awesome.

bogmon's picture

The big difference this season is PRESSURE...Favre was feelin' it mentally and physically.
A scared Favre is a bad Favre.

Happy for Desmond Bishop. He is turning into the player we'd all hoped he'd be.

Ryeguy812's picture

I can't fully blame Packer season ticket holders for selling their tickets to over-paying Vikings fans. Most pay for next years tickets with the money paid for tickets to this game.

Franklin Hillside's picture

I love that Bishop just heads directly for the Lambeau Leap.

ryeguy - It's bush league. If you have to sell tix to a rival to pay for next year's, you should just give them up...or have them taken.

PkrNboro's picture

where are the "gut reactions" ?

keeley2's picture

And almost 24 hours later. . . welcome back to Planet Earth!

backslash's picture

I thought I was going to wake my kids up when that pick 6 happened. As it was, I scared the shit out of the dog when I jumped up and started hollering.

dougie smooth's picture

Nagler should note that online ticket resellers (like the one this site prominently features) are a big reason more tickets are finding their way into Queens fans' hands. It's the 'globalized' ticket market at work.

Nothing wrong with those sites, but I wouldn't blame the ticket holders as if there's been some sea change in loyalty or fandom morals.

coreyb's picture

Very very true Dougie on Globalization of tickets

At the end of the day we do NOT want the packers deciding who should be buying tickets.

I have been to a ton of Vikings games at Lambeau and they have ALWAYS had Vikings fans- a lot

also- I will say I have been to 4 night games at Lambeau and they are VERY different than day games in general- waaay more electric- probably the special" unique only game on TV" helps as well..

foundinidaho's picture

Since I live in Idaho, and don't know anyone in Green Bay except for on Twitter, this is how I've bought my Packers tickets. I'm glad someone sold them, and they of course didn't know I was on their side. I do see the downside, but when I went to a game in MN in 97, about a third of the Humpty Dump was Packer fans. We were out yelling the Vikes fans. (are you shocked?) Goes both ways.

June's picture

The commentary on this play is great too.
"welcome home brett" **as Wilson drills Brett to the ground and Bishop runs past**

dullgeek's picture

When I saw the title of this, I thought "lost my mind" was not in terms of joy, but in terms of frustration. And for that I nominate the deep incomplete pass on 3rd & 2 when Rodgers could have easily run for the first down!

I lost my mind on that play. But in a different way than you meant.

dougie smooth's picture

Same here, except that I was expecting he would name the second 4th-and-1 call for Kuhn. I was already half out of my mind that he didn't challenge the spot on the Jennings catch on the play before that. And then he runs the same fullback dive play? the one that converted the earlier 4th down only because of a fluke second effort after getting blown up in the backfield? AND THEN THE REFS BLEW THE WHISTLE EARLY DURING ANOTHER SECOND EFFORT?!

Yeah, that whole sequence blew my mind out of my ass. All I could think during the D's last stand was that it didn't have to be this hard. That's on MM. Throw your beleaguered D a friggin bone, man!

thepretzelhead's picture

I believe Matthews wollops Moss on the play as well.

dougie smooth's picture

That was by far my favorite hit of the game, even better than Clay tattooing Favre in the chest in the first half. The video only shows the beginning of the hit, but when Moss gave up (surprise) on chasing Bishop, Clay came flying in on headhunting mission. I wish I could find another angle on it because it looked like he absolutely cleaned his clock.

Pack Morris's picture

I was there, too, Aaron. It was incredible! Previously, my greatest experiences at Lambeau were in 2003: the season finale against the Broncos (when AZ upset MN to give us the division title), and the following week against the Seahawks (with Al Harris' overtime pick-6). But this entire game had the palpable electricity that those games achieved only at the end. What a treat it was to experience it.

To be sure, those purple fools did not deserve spots in our bleachers, though it did mean that we got to see them all ducking out early, or genuinely agonizing, or sheepishly making small talk with Packer fans after the game.

Packer_Pete's picture

I just heard that Favre has 2 Fractures in his ankle. He is wearing a walking boot.

Wiscokid's picture

And so ends the "streak"...right where it began.

nc packer backer's picture

Great play by Bishop.
How come no one is talking about how the Pack secondary shut down Moss. I felt his lack of big plays was the key to the Packers winning. Moss has owned the Packers.
Anyone else noticed the play of TJ Lang on defense??? My thoughts are he plays weak....I know its not his position, but please, it looked like he was not even making a effort.

Matt T.'s picture

I thought for sure your video would have been the Vikings TD that was badly overturned. Refs blowing calls is something everyone can agree on is horrible for the game.

Having said that, did you also lose your mind when Percy caught the supposed game-winning TD (rightly overturned)? What was it like at Lambeau then? Relief eventually, but could you hear a pin drop?

Vikings are behind the 8-ball at 2-4, but I'll take solace knowing that the Packers and Bears won't get to 11 wins, leaving the Vikings in position to steal the division with their soft schedule in final 9 games after New England. If the Vikings can get to Thanksgiving with 6 or fewer losses, they'll be in good position, which is unthinkable.

Chad's picture

Whatever helps you sleep at night, buddy.

(On a side note... did someone leave the lid off of the troll bait around here? Seriously.)

Matt T.'s picture

Since the division is worse than most thought, we can sleep. Whoever wins their game on the east cost next weekend wins the division. Bears are who we thought they were, & who knows what the hell has become of Rodgers.

He was an overturned TD & one toe out-of-bounds away from being the goat of Green Bay. An embarrassing final 3 quarters when GB should have put it away. They didn't, but the Vikings couldn't steal one.

Should go the other way on Nov. 21st.

Chad's picture

You still fail to mention Rodgers' second interception that shouldn't have been. There was clearly illegal contact on that route. Also, a player who steps out of bounds cannot be the first player to touch a thrown or kicked ball, as Walker did.

The referees made bad calls that helped both teams. We are all well aware of that.

Now stop blaming them for the loss and deal with it. Making excuses for your team is rather pathetic.

At least the writers on CheeseheadTV are willing to criticize their own team instead of blaming others.

Matt T.'s picture

Mentioning the overturned TD, as the league acknowledged, isn't blaming the refs for the loss, even though it's what you want me to do (plenty of other Vikings fans are, so your point isn't lost). What was lost by you, however, was me pointing out the Vikings couldn't capitalize on 3 quarters of poor Packers play.

You don't want to have any open debate here, so I will leave you alone, as you wish. You can revel in mediocrity, as well, wearing your green & gold glasses.

And Dougie, come on, man. Packers fans handling defeat well? Gotta get over yourself.
See ya in the playoffs.

Chad's picture

What exactly did you want to debate? You make some baseless claim about 11 wins taking the division, when in reality, it will probably be 9, maybe 10, wins the way things are going.

Your aging team has 10 straight games yet to play. The Packers get a Bye in that span of time. And if you didn't notice, there are quite a few back-up players in the defense that beat the Vikings offense.

I wouldn't count your chickens before they're hatched. Yes, the division winner is far from crowned, but you're making it sound like the 2-4 Vikings are the closest to taking it.

Take off the purple shades and then we can talk. My glasses are on the table.

dougie smooth's picture

No kidding. Either Matt==Todd, or Vikings fans have a weird propensity to search out opposing teams' blogs to whine about how they are still superior even though they lost.

Uh, ok guys. We'll take it under advisement that we might not as good as you think we are. Rest assured we know how to handle defeat a far sight better than you apparently do. Now will you please go away and let us savor this sweet, sweet victory meat? nom nom Favre nom! nom! nom!

SpiderPack's picture

Dude Matt(and for all my Pack-friends), I don't see you(Matt) initiating an open debate. The ball was hangin out of Shanc's hands when it/he hit the ground, the ground became part of the catch, it helped catch the ball. What are you suggesting? To have the refs remove the GROUND/TURF from the game? The ground is the most elemental part of the game, its the same as all the other trapping calls, a player has to catch the ball without the ground helping. Maybe in the future we can have a holographic playing field to allow Shiancoe extra space to finish catching the ball . . . yeah that's the ticket! Regardless, its the NFL, it was clearly questionable whether he had full control of the ball at ground impact, and you have to be able to win games in spite of these close referee judgment calls. We're all playing the same game sorry-loser Matt T. And Mike Pereira's feedback just shows he has sold out to his new media job--and that's REALLY sad!!

PackersRS's picture

This need to be a weekly thing, be it a great play or a bad play.

Chad's picture

Like it.

bierslayer's picture

Desmond owes C.J. Wilson a huge steak dinner because that was an extraordinary effort by Wilson to get up off of the ground after being cut down by the center and homing in on the QB to force an early throw. If C.J. doesn't get there, Favre (who saw a LB on Moss) pump fakes and lobs a pass over Bishop's head to Moss for a big gain. Tramon was cleared out by a receiver going deep down field on that side.

At first I though it was a boneheaded INT by Favre but now I think I see what he thought he had. And if C.J. doesn't pop right up off of the ground in one fluid motion as he did then we're probably wondering why the hell Bishop was on Moss.

JerseyPackFan's picture

I was at the game as well. I swear it was a 60/40 ratio of Packer/Queens fans. Disgusting!!! Got a nice close up of that play from where I was at in the stands. Woohoo!!!

Wiscokid's picture

Really? This IS disgusting.

WisconInExile's picture

I thought the same thing too, until the NBC cameras got a little closer, and then realized that every third "Viking" was a Packer fan wearing the new throwback jersey. Who knew it was so popular? The crowd noise backs that up. No way was that crowd 40% Viking. No. Way. : P

DAWG's picture

What is it that Murphy really dose?, visiting fans are not one of them.
I think TT brought him in to be a yes man, tell me one thing he's done to improve this team!

June's picture

I'm pretty sure Murphy brought TT in, not the other way around.

Nononsense's picture

I almost lost my mind when Rodgers threw his first red zone interception ever right to Jared Allen on the Packers first series.

I couldn't believe it, another great drive with zero points to show for it. I was sick to my stomach.

Then there had to be at least a half dozen more plays that had me teetering on the brink of insanity.

It was an exciting game but very frustrating at the same time.

As for Aarron Rodgers, check out the careers of many other good or great QBs and you will see quite a few of them struggled a bit in their 3rd year starting for some odd reason. Remember Holmgren talked about benching Favre in his 3rd season as a starter.

No reason to think Rodgers won't get over this little slump hes been in.

hoogus's picture

Agreed, nononsense. The one that got me was the INT to Allen. WTF?

Rodgers continues to regress. He got bailed out by a terrible performance from the Vikings & Chilly. He needs a kick in the ass. Maybe a benching.

packeraaron's picture

Bench Rodgers. You are out of your mind.

Matthew's picture


How about the Rope-a-Dope McCarthy played with the running game these past few weeks. You wrote a very insightful post last year (or 2 years ago) about how McCarthy set up that TD pass to Driver in 2007 NFCCG. How about him saving the barage of screen passes for this game. I thought a very well called game (save for the short yardage situations).

- Also...I've been with you since the Titan 2008 game as far as B-Jax is concerened

Anita's picture

This isn't even worth the energy to argue over. Bench Rodgers. Right. Eyeroll.

Asshalo's picture

Lol my favorite Brett Favre TD pass ever.

fish's picture
Anita's picture

What's the record for the amount of times you can watch that video? I think I may be hitting it. It doesn't get old.

juicelaw's picture

I'm in agreement on the most insane crowd ever. Far too many Viking fans, but it was probably more like 15 or 20%. The ones sitting around me were obnoxious, and many were forcibly removed.

But I feel a huge weight off of my shoulders for some reason.

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